FOX’s “Bad Dad” Proposed Program

 (This article has been in the ‘works’ for so long that Fox has since dropped their plans for the pilot of “Bad Dad”.  This article was sent in a letter form to Fox at the beginning of the campaign to have this program dropped.  Belatedly, I, now present it in a public forum)
Fox may need to rethink their ‘deadbeat dad’ programming direction.  At one time I too felt a loathing for those labeled ‘deadbeat’ as being irresponsible, cold-hearted, vile, blah, blah, blah………..   Now I see things differently.  
After being hit with health insurance for my ex and her new affluent husband as back child support for an instant arrearage and a $6,000 attorney bill for her attorney to perpetrate this fraud, I have a different view.  In one single hearing, I was assessed over $10,000 in fraudulent bills as back child support and was an instant “DEADBEAT” and have even been jailed when paid ahead on that fraudulent bill.  
I believe those men who have killed themselves and not yet killed themselves as a result of the ‘scorched earth’ emotional and financial family policies exercised against them, to be ‘SACRIFICIAL FATHERS“.   They are being sacrificed on the alters of Feministic Matriarchy and the Divorce Industry Profiteers (such as the one Fox is attempting to promote in “BAD DADS”).  
An unbelievably small number of middle class, affluent or wealthy men, (microscopic percentage wise) intentionally leave their families and children and refuse to support them. 
It is the women who are unilaterally bailing out on their responsibilities as spouses and mothers using “No Fault” divorce to push their children into poverty, crime, and long-term emotional disorders (see the statistics on the U.S. Dept of H&HS website for prognosis of children in single mother homes).  It is the women who want someone else to pay for their faithlessness, lack of parental responsibility, and capricious foolishness.
Many men are beat down, emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically, and have had careers destroyed and sizable assets wasted by short-sighted vindictive ex-wives and their sociopathic attorneys and judges.  We are in a major financial crises precipitated by the collapse of the housing credit markets.  The ‘millionaire deadbeat dad’ is more myth than reality.  The “BAD MOMMY” is more of a reality than the willingly ‘deadbeat dad’.   The “BAD MOMMY” is much more reality than myth.
One of the two top reasons for foreclosures is divorce (the other is medical expenses).   A 10% reduction in foreclosures would have prevented this bubble prick that has burst this proverbial economic bubble for America.  
If we were not destroying families and homes on a wholesale scale we would not be currently imploding as an economy or as a country.   And, 75 -90% of all those financially destroyed families being foreclosed were destroyed by women on narcissistic and short sighted temper tantrums.  In the past society would work to control until those phases and tantrums passed.  That was part of one of the negatives women brought to the table of human relationships. It is a side affect of the wide hormonal changes women in their child bearing years experience in relatively short cycles and in larger cycles in varying degrees.  It is a side affect of one of the positives both genders bring to the table, our sexuality.  Only those with extreme political agendas would tell us otherwise.  It was that factor of wide ranging harmonally enduced emotions that men had traditionally been trained to stoicly endure while protecting the woman and other family members (especially the children) and even outsiders from those extremes.  Women murder their own children two to three times as often as men.
As to the sociopathic statements of legal professionals using the word “deadbeat”, in psychology there are tables of what are called “Normative Data” and these tables list professions and then the personality traits most common to those professions.  These tables track in very strong generalities career trends for personality traits, including pathologies.   District Attorneys, judges, and attorneys have more commonalities with many types of career criminals than they do with the common population.  Sociopathy is a common trait of attorneys, even more with judges and D.A.s, and with the more dangerous career criminals such as John Wayne Gacy.  
The term ‘DEADBEAT” was created by these sociopathic legal professionals for propaganda to vilify the most stable and financially productive  (generally) of the two parents in a household, the male.   It is done to raid families assets, including that of women and children.  Other distinctly male traits have been twisted to vilify men while even the negatives of women have been twisted to be somehow of saintly quality.  The man Fox wants to elevate in their proposed program, “Bad Dads” is just such a sociopath who falsely presents himself as a child support activist who makes millions putting innocent men in debtor’s prisons as a business enterprise while the children lose a father and protector.
Both genders bring something to the table in human relationships.  Both bring about equal positive and negative, that is why two parents are essential.  Not “parent-figures”, but true bio-parents.
Women in our society are gate-keepers of both sex and child-birth.  It is not the men.  Yet society will weigh heavily upon the man being “responsible” and decry a man for being “irresponsible” even in the face of paternity fraud.  Yet no one speaks of women ‘sucking it up’ and ‘being responsible’ with criminal penalties for birthing children they can not afford to support on their own earnings.  No one talks of the massive number of truly ‘deadbeat’ women who expect men and taxpayers to pay the bills they knowingly create with no intention of paying.  No one talks of the reality of ‘MEAL TICKET MOMMIES” That is the true meaning of being a DEADBEAT.  This is a supreme irony and illustration of another term used in psychology, “twisting”.  “Twisting” is where a guilty party accuses the victim or other innocent party of the deeds of the guilty party.
The very use of the term “deadbeat dads” in anything but an attack on that phrase by fathers is to  give aid and support to the enemies of humanity, the beliefs and legal systems now being used to destroy families by destroying men and fathers.
Remember, (1) if the woman birthed children and did not have a willingness to make every effort to support them on her own, especially (2) if she instigated a “No Fault” divorce, and then tries to emotionally remove daddy from his children,  then the “MEAL TICKET MOMMY” is the one morally and financially responsible.  She is responsible  for the extra debts of both parties and the costs of raising the children and should be criminally responsible for the acting out common to children whose fathers are removed by that irresponsible woman. 
When this fickle and faithless ‘no fault’ divorced woman’s daughter becomes a PROSTITUTE (over 95% from single mother homes) , mommy should go to jail.  When the son becomes a RAPIST OR PEDOPHILE (80% from single mothers), mommy should go to jail.  If this fickle, faithless, and child abusing mommy needs food stamps or other support for her foolishness then mommy should be forced to repay or go to jail.  If we do this to single fathers, then we should do it to married fathers and if we do it to anyone we should do it to all mothers, the true ‘gatekeepers of responsibility’
It is a simple concept Equality Under the Law.
By the way, if Fox goes ahead with this program, I believe Fox will see just how out of touch with “reality” theikr reality program happens to be.  Fox may also want to take into consideration the vast numbers of sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, second wives, girlfriends, and close women friends that most of these ‘BEAT-DEAD DADS’ have in their cor nor.  These women know the true story.  I do not think Fox’s advertisers will like the resulting boycotts and backlash. 
On the other hand, maybe Fox should put on this program so we can thoroughly trounce the foolish and shortsighted leadership at Fox’s network that is pushing for such a blatantly abusive program. 
This foolish programming decision can open up a national debate that has heard only one side, that of a self-aggrandizing extreme feminist minority.  
The Bad Dad program will open a firestorm of opposition and will force the other views to center stage.  Again, Fox’s advertisers will not like the boycotts and bad press. 
Fox may wish to research the efforts of Mike Cox the Michigan Attorney General and his “Pizza Party” plans to have children draw pictures of their terrible ‘deadbeat dads’ and win a pizza party.  90% of these ‘BEAT-DEAD” Dad earn less than $10,000/year and earned no better before the children came along. Child support awards were onerous and not based on reality.   
Mike Cox’s fiasco ended with Pizza Hut being very upset with Mike Cox.   Mike received some very bad press on this.
The good ship “Beat Up On Dads” has sailed.  Too many families in America have experienced the truth.
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