Paternity Fraud or WOAI’s BRIAN COLLISTER versus JOE PAGS

San Antonio’s WOAI TV channel 4 has redeemed itself with Brian Collister’s recent video and news article on Paternity Fraud in Texas.  Brian has addressed the culpability of the Texas Attorney General in perpetrating a known fraud on the citizens of our State.  Brian’s solid journalism exposing one area of fraud in the child support scam used to destroy families and extend welfare to the middle class is first rate.  His video and a link to the print article on this can be found at

For the millions of non-custodial fathers in Texas, we are more than aware of the abuses and crimes against our children and non-custodial fathers as committed by the A.G. and his staff.  It is a ‘for profit’ business that brings in unbelievable volumes of money to the State from the Federal Government (using our Social Security funds up at an alarming rate, but that is another article in the making)

Brian Collister and WOAI very couragously produced this news video article and went head on with the A.G.  The A.G. backed down with a rather bland public statement mumbling something about ‘following the law’.  “Yeah, right”, as my teenage daughter would sarcastically state when faced with a big pile of baloney.

By contrast, Joe Pags public statements on this same issue of child support sounded like something straight out of the mouth of N.O.W., the openly man-hating organization that sponsored the laws abusing children and men.   Joe Pags supported the publicity stunts of the Texas A.G. who for political reasons stages ‘dead-beat dad round-ups ‘ throughout the state.  These men’s names, faces, and arrests are posted and reported on nightly news for the children of these impoverished men to see.   These men who are ruthlessly demeaned are being criminalized for being fathers and poor.  It seems that is such a serious crime in America that men who have been injured, crippled, ill, or who are not even the father of a child can be put in jail for their health induced poverty.

The A.G. claims they are working in the ‘best interest of the children’.  If that is so why have mental health and children’s activists across the nation come forward to denounce the public embarassment of these children and to denounce the official stamp of approval on the alienation of one parent over the other.  Yet, the A.G. loses money, the A.G. works to overcharge men on child supporot, the A.G. does not equally enforce payments by non-custodial mothers, the A.G. encourages paternity fraud, the A.G. criminally involves itself in lobbying for or against legislation (check Federal Statutes on this topic, a quick Google search will suffice).

And throughout all this Joe Pags can not question how a 30+ year old roofing laborer ($8.00/hour?) can run up a child support bill of over $230,000, as was the case of one man upon whom Joe claimed on public TV, needed to go to jail.  The man has probably not made that much money in his whole life.  The poor laborer’s child may never see her father because of the A.G.s fraud and efforts to criminalize the poor laborer.

Great Job Joe.  When you see your daughters tonight, think of the pain this poor laborer must feel never able to see his precious children again because of child support fraud.  Think about the 100’s of thousands of children, no, the millions of children who lost their fathers and whose fathers are in jail because of one of the greatest civil rights abuses in all of our country’s checkered civil rights history.

Joe Pags is one of three things on this issue:  (1) He is completely ignorant and proud of his own ignorance; (2) He knows the truth but has sold out to what he considers will continue to make him a popular media personality; or (3) He has a cold and inhumane interior over the facade of a warm and likeable party guy.   In any of these probabilities, Joe does not come off looking too terribly brilliant.

The first probability for Joe is just plain old planned stupidity.

The second is that Joe will do whatever it takes and whoever it hurts in whatever volumes of people, just to look good on TV and make a buck for the moment.  Sounds like the national policy that has brought America to the brink of financial and moral disaster.  Or;

We have the third option of the cold and inhumane streak.  This one would take a very calculating and deeply manipulative person.  It would take a level of intelligence that I do not believe Joe has, or at least if he does he is still lost in the teenage, junior-high, popularity contest of his life.

It is a surprise to me that Glenn Beck, a ‘let it all hang-out’ type of guy, would put up with the emptiness of Joe Pags for very long.  But, go figure.  That is Glenn’s decision.  Maybe he likes Joe filling in on Glenn’s show because Glenn knows Joe Pags could never be as ‘in your face’ with even half the insight of Glenn.  Not that I agree with Glenn on every point, but he at least does a little homework on his issues before he opens his mouth.   That is 100% more than Joe Pags has done on his public statements on Child Support and the Texas A.G.’s collection methods.

Brian Collister, without even breaking a sweat, has shamed Joe Pags.  Brian Collister was probably completely unaware that he was exposing Joe Pags when Brian exposed this one aspect of child support fraud.  Joe Pags could not even look at or attempt to comprehend Paternity Fraud.  Joe Pags needs to be shamed.  If Joe is going to publicly make a stand on any issue, Joe needs to be sure Joe is not doing damage to innocent people and helping frauds, thiefs, and criminals.

Of the three options for Joe’s uninformed statements on child support, planned stupidity makes the most sense.

My hat is off to Brian Collister.   I turn my back in disgust to Joe Pags.  I believe that Joe Pags works at being just plain old stupid in his quest to have his empty personality ‘liked’ by everyone.

Newflash, Joe, you will not be liked by everyone, but it is best to be approved by those who work towards honest and informed opinions.  That is the secret of Glenn Beck.  Glenn Stumbles on issues, but Glenn picks himself up, corrects his errors, admits to them and comes off like a real and solid person.  Real people can respect Glenn’s effort to maintain a personal honesty even when they do not agree with Glenn’s opinions.

Joe Pags should learn from Glenn Beck.  Joe should grow up a little bit more.  Joe should be more like Brian Collister.  Brian won and did not even know there was a fight.

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  1. Piss Off 2nd Wife

     /  August 31, 2008

    My husband just found out his 24 year old daughter is not his base on a DNA test taken in GA. His ex wife refuse to stop child support. My husband & I cannot afford a lawyer..please advise


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