Bad Dad Show to Target Leaders in Fathers Rights

My article, below,was a broadcast post on the issue of FOX Networks proposed reality show beating up on men and fathers.  Glenn Sacks recently announced in his newsletter that FOX has shelved this project, at least for now as a result of the public pressure.  This pressure was created in large part by the hard work, diligence, and very effective organizational infrastructure built and maintained by Glenn Sacks. 

Thank you, Glenn, from tens of thousands of us if not hundreds of thousands.

Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:24 am (PDT)

Dear Friends and Fellow Activists,

David Usher has done an excellent article on Fox networks proposed Bad Dad program . It can be found in its entirety at http://newsbyus. com/index. php/article/ 339 . It appears that Fox has taken up a political agenda and has decided to chunk any pretense of impartiality in its network.

As Mr. Usher writes, Private Child Collection Corporations are beginning to run into trouble. The very women they claim to be helping are complaining that these corporations are taking way more of their extorted money than they should. The political heat is turning up on these corporations from not just the fathers, but now also the mothers. David explains the importance of this show to those sick and twisted profiteering companies. I am sure the airing of this show will bring these multitudes of defrauded mothers public and line many of these women up for the first time since their divorces with the plights of their ex-husbands. This will be really fun to watch. I think the stupidity of Mr. Grogin’s ideas will in the long run help to reverse this terrible system of stealing children from men and then taking money from both parents and the children to support some private individual’s building a massive personal wealth. Even if aired, we can turn this into a public
relations disaster for Fox and a victory for Civil Rights in our country.

David Usher spoke to Scott Grogin at Fox. According to Mr. David Usher, the show is going to be used to target leaders in the Fathers Rights movement. They want to silence the opposition to horrendous family laws from which these sociopaths profit.

Mr. Usher presents a solid historical background on this issue and on the development of this program idea. My hat is off to Mr. Usher. Here is just a portion of a ‘must read’ article Mr.Usher has posted at the above web page:

” I called Scott Grogin, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for Fox Television to let him know that Fox was headed for a public relations nightmare if they pursue torture as a form of entertainment. Grogin was quite aware of the show, chortling cavalier excitement about it. He was entirely unreceptive to any criticism of the concept, and went so far as to accuse me of using foul language and threatening him (which I did not do), as an excuse to hang up on me.

Grogin is begging for his walking papers. Senior Vice Presidents of Corporate Communications are supposed to handle issues and prevent public relations disasters for the business, not create them and the light fires under them.

Phone calls to Fox President of Alternative Entertainment Mike Darnell were poorly fenced by his assistant, who first said he was on a local shoot, and later said he was out of town all week.

Email messages to Grogin’s superiors at Fox Television and NewsCorp went unanswered.

I am informed by a knowledgeable source who wishes to remain anonymous that “there will be no stopping this show and they want to target leaders of the fathers movement”. “It is starting with the child support issue and migrate to other issues.” This does appear likely given their attitude. ”

I agree with Mr. Usher, this will not only be a political disaster for Fox, it appears it will be a legal nightmare as well. I for one would like to have it aired on Fox about me having to pay health insurance premiums for my ex and her new husband as back child support and then having to pay her attorney $6,000 for committing the fraud. The judge was eventually sanctioned (from what we were told) and removed from the case by the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court without any pending motion (I do have that letter from the Honorable Jefferson B. Wallace). The judge was sanctioned for other abuses of office but not on the child support abuses. I guess child support has no rules except on fathers.

The rogue judge also, kept me in the courthouse until I lost a lucrative business. I was told day to day to wait outside the courtroom for 21 days until I was out of business, destitute, homeless, without transportation, etc… then he hit me with the increases in child support. My ex did not have to show up for any of this. The judge said she did not need to have her business harmed. But, obviously, the father’s much larger and more profitable business could be very purposefully destroyed as could the father.

The judge did this because I was raising to much stink about my child being kept from me by my ex and my child being put around her convicted molester (a nephew of my ex) and other people my ex testified to be child abusers and molesters. I have transcripts, police reports, conviction reports, and certified court documents to support all this and more. How do you threaten a man financially when he doesn’t even own his own furniture, it is loaned by his landlady.

Further, I have been recently jailed for being paid ahead because I did not pay ‘exactly’ as the AG wanted, I was paying much more. I was even starving myself to try to pay off this clearly fraudulent debt because I know what the AG’s meat grinder does to men. I guess the AG needed my payments budgeted to get their money from the Feds. If I pay off the debt too soon, it lowers the amounts received from the Feds by the AG. How does paying off too quickly hurt the “Best Interests of the Child”? It doesn’t, in a perverse twist, it hurts the State.

Yes, I would make an excellent target. I think the public would love to begin to hear just how these arrearages are created, even when it means the courts and AG intentionally destroying the mans businesses, jobs, and careers to get him behind on child support. It is also a great tool to help alienate the child from a father. It is a great tool for shutting up too vocal a father.

How could they keep out of their program the reason for my indebtedness, my intense legal and lobbying efforts with governors and legislators with both the State and Federal governments concerning the lack of protection for my child and the admitted and convicted pedophiles she is placed around. At one time Governor Bush received “thousands” of petition signatures to act on my child’s molester, a convicted serial pedophile, who was never jailed and continued to stalk my child and make death threats ot my elderly mother and me spray painted on sides of buildigs, my mother’s car, and screamed at us in front of disinterest third party witnesses. Within the past 6 months, Mike Ratcliff, the Sheriff of Victoria, Texas at the time this teenage male serial pedophile was most active has been indicted for using his badge, gun, and office to force young men into having sex with him, even in the jail, in exchange for special protections, private hospital rooms in jail and even
money for sex in jail with Mike. The young man who molested my 2 year old daughter was coated with Teflon and committed other crimes of violence, burglary, theft, id theft, car theft, etc… and never spent any real hard time for any of this. The D.A. from that period, who should be a material witness is now former sheriff Mike’s defense attorney. Yes, I would love for Scott to target me so I could begin to get some real publicity on the issues surrounding why I am and continue to be destitute and behind on child support. It also speaks to why I am so very active. My child was molested, stolen from me, continued to be put around her molester (and as admitted in court left alone with him in spite of court orders), kept from me, groomed by the mother to be sexually available to the mother’s family (the last two court appointed and approved psychologists say my child has continued to be molested into her current memory which means since the age of 7 to 9, she is now
16) and then have had child support used to shut me up.


The courts have assessed me fraudulent debts to shut me up and your program would allow me a major forum to address the misuse of Child Support for judges with other agendas. I have had my life threatened so many times I have lost count. The most memorable, however, was from a judge sitting on the bench when the court was not in session, but several others were present. Jail and death threats haven’t shut me up, my child is more important than my own life. And your show will actually help me reach a larger audience.

And, Fox wants to shut us up. Yeah Right, that was really well thought out. What else do I have to lose, my life. My greatest protection has been the publicity in my case. You will actually help me if you pick me for a program target.

The funny thing is that Scott Grogin, no matter what his sexual orientation, is probably going to end up in a similar or exact same spot as most of us. Don’t you just love the irony and all inclusiveness of family law for men. He will be tying his own financial and career noose around his own neck. Such is Karma

I would love to win the litigation lottery that targeting me for their show would open up for me.

He does not know that a side affect of poverty is that those of us who have survived have developed at least a few skills at representing themselves in court. In the past 13 years of trying to protect my child, When I had to be pro se because of poverty, I shut an abusive local visitation center down with a Federal action, pro se, had a judge sanctioned, attorney sanctioned, court reporter sanctioned, social workers sanctioned, and the list goes on.

And I am only a rank amateur when it comes to the pro se skills of some of our leadership. I would like to see one of the really good pro se fathers get hold of them and watch the budget for the corporate attorneys begin to match the national debt. The publicity would really be fun on that one. Better yet, I would like to see one of the still affluent fathers get hold of them with his assets and pepper their ‘hind ends’ with litigation rock salt.

Now that would make a truly entertaining reality show, Fox in a thousand lawsuits brought by angry, courtroom freedom fighting, competent pro se dads targeted by Fox’s poorly conceived program with a clear anti-family and anti-child political agenda. This will be a Father’s and Children’s Right Publicity Bonanza should Fox proceed. Others in our activism are already calling for a boycott of Fox’s advertisers products.

If you agree to my letter, please attach comments and forward it to the executives at Fox. Their email addresses are listed here:

scott.grogin@, teverett@newscorp. com, jhorner@newscorp. com, brian.lewis@, irena.briganti@, erica.keane@, brian.peterson@, Comments@foxnews. com

Just copy and paste, then forward it to them with any comments you may wish to add. A few more serious volunteer targets for their program may really help them decide what to do with this program.

I will offer my full support to anyone targeted, including amicus briefs and/or any small dollars I may have to help with a legal offensive against Fox.

God Bless and Keep up the good fight.

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  1. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

    Tim Ramsey

  2. persevere says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. depredatory says : I absolutely agree with this !


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