Heidi Jones False Sex Assault Report

Heidi Jones False Rape Report: This is an extremely heinous Dirty Trick. It embodies the very worst of human nature and is the beginning of a process, if not stopped, that results in mob lynching mentality and runaway gendercide and genocide. Heidi played upon a combination of the national concerns about illegal aliens from Latin America and the egregious myth of all men as sex monsters as portrayed by the various feminist media organs. This is the description of hate crime against someone’s gender and against an ethnic group.

December 16, 2010, the news broke that a well known New York City TV weather forecaster, Heidi Jones, made a false rape allegation. She stated she was stalked then eventually attacked in an attempted rape in Central Park in NY, NY. She was also a fill-in on Good Morning show receiving national attention. But that legitimate, positive, national attention was not enough for the self-centered and Narcissistic acts of cheap sex based thrills and attention getting of making false reports of rape.

Heidi is a sexist, racist, ignorant, shallow, entitled, and clearly stupid bitch. Heidi plays mythical stereotypes like others of her ilk play skin flutes for profit and career advancements like the cheap tramp in the Duke Lacrosse case selling herself as a cheap live porn act then doing a turn around and falsely screaming rape for additional entitlements, heaps of attention and cash from such misguided programs like the Victims Assistance Funds. The feminist were all to willing to assist in the strippers scam for profit, while shoddy politicians like Nifong persecute and prosecute innocent young men. How many different men’s semen did the doctors find on the Duke stripper (8 to 10 men from the stripper’s previous 24 hours hooking it?) and none of it from the young athletes she falsely accused?

Heidi is, also, similar to the two women in Sweden who accused Julian Assange of sexual molestation because, hours, days, or weeks, AFTER the mutually consensual sex acts, these two women were uncomfortable with having had sex without condoms or in one instance a crime is alleged because the condom broke. Both women clearly traveled to seek him out for sex and could be said to have stalked him at his presentations in Sweden. One of these women is said to have a website giving instructions on how to abuse and harm men. This is man-hating insanity upon insanity and Heidi dove right in with the most hate-filled. The real victims are all the innocent sons, brothers, husbands, uncles, nephews, and fathers whom these harpies would feed upon the carrion destroyed lives of these innocent loving and loved men falsely accused individually and as men.

Heidi Jones crime is bad enough that Heidi went to the police with her fantasy of having a stalker (many celebrities have one and get lots of sympathetic attention), having been sexually harassed (what lovely, entitled, feminist American princess of privilege can go through life without some histrionic and false claim of sexual harassment), and of being a victim (albeit frequently a false victim)

Now, the really abusive and insane events begin to unfold on this Today Show feminist panel with their facile and empty arguments. This stupid, prejudiced, perjurous (falsely filing a government report of a crime committed) bitch, Heidi Jones, is supported and her actions rationalized to allow her to be a victim and this false police report by a powerfully entitled and extravagantly pampered young woman was just an outcry stemming from her victimhood which included moving from a small town in the Midwest to a New York City TV station weather anchor position and filling in on the Good Morning Show with all the victimization of the perks of fame, wealth, meteoric career and more.

Heidi was a victim for what reason? Oh yes, the feminist pundits given 15 minutes of time to describe Heidi Jone’s victimhood did not quite get around to talking about specifics, only innuendo. There was a discussion of this issue of false reporting of sex crimes that was apologetic and there were many pleas to the public to keep this poor victim from jail for the crimes she confessed she readily committed. I guess feminists are so used to men getting convicted based on pure innuendo and supposition that the same forms of innuendo and supposition in reverse can absolve a guilty woman of her confessed crimes. Sounds like good Bitchhood logic to me.

Some man could have gone to prison. Innocent lives, his and his family’s, could have been destroyed. And all because she was using the stereotypes of her feminist surroundings in major media news/entertainment circles that self-reinforce their own blind and gender mythology based opinions and views.

Heidi Jones hates men and the type of man most likely in her mind to hate and stir up a mob to lynch would be a Hispanic male, preferably an illegal Hispanic male. It is common and passé to falsely accuse a White man, it is bad form for a liberal to accuse a Black man of rape, even when a Black man does rape, and the Asians have managed to just stay out of the way of the Gender/Race False Rape Wars, miraculously. But, a Hispanic is, as with the smallest bed in Goldilocks, just right to falsely accuse.

Heidi put thought into how to get lots of victimhood attention. She craved it. Financial success, career success, entitlement, privilege, none of this was enough; she needed the pinnacle of feminist success, “THE BIG RAPE LIE”. What else could have gotten this Narcissistic attention hound more press and sympathy? She could go on talk shows and be a brave little martyr. And, you didn’t like me calling her a Bitch. She certainly worked hard enough to attain the title.

On the Today show, a panel of two, a psychologist and an attorney, both female, were interviewed by a known feminist female journalist with no MRA view or representative participating. As I listened I made rough notes on the ridiculous presentations of the female anchor and the two clearly feminist panelists, a psychologist and an attorney.

“Cloudy claims” was the footnoted title on the screen of the pro-feminist discussion labeled as a news program. It was meant as a flippant and minimizing pun on the false claims of a popular weather news personality. There was nothing cloudy about this crime of false felony allegations being reported to local police except the bizarre contortions and backward flips the panelists went through to dismiss or even justify and martyr Heidi. Heidi’s action was a clear cut crime. The facts are:
1. Heidi made a detailed report to police of being stalked over a period of time by a Hispanic man and then at a recent date and time was attacked by him in an effort to rape her which she bravely and successfully fought off.
2. Heidi, when confronted by discrepancies in her report to police confessed to fabricating all aspects of this false report to the police.

To highlight the insane and crazy effort of this major network, NBC on the Today Show, to dismiss and minimize Heidi’s serious crimes these feminist apologists worked to build sympathy for Heidi’s very public self-gratifying act of emotional masturbation. Heidi is with a competing Network, but the desire of feminists to advance their agenda takes precedence over reporting ethics, responsibility to the public, or NBC’s stockholders. The following spin meisters’ misleading remarks made by these panelists are provided in quotation marks to the best of my memory. I typed their statements as they spoke them but the crazy remarks spoken as if sane and rational were coming so fast from these three apologist feminists that I could not keep up at my 45 words per minute.

“If this (sic: really) happened someone would rush to my aid.” “Reaction to anxiety or depression can cause someone to break their own (sic: Moral) code … and to hurt people.”

“Why cry rape?” This threesome Bitchhood then talked about women having thoughts about rape commonly, not an uncommon fantasy where someone would rush to your aid after sexual attacks. (This is apparently from the content of the discussion, a doubly satisfying fantasy of first being raped and then the attention and martyrdom after the fantasized rough sex fantasy of people rushing to give aid?) This sounds like the plot lines of a cheap Gothic Romance Novel being read in a deep hot bubble bath surrounded with candles and romantic music. They did everything but use a discussion of ‘vibrator masturbation in the privacy of her local police station’ as a description of this act of thrill seeking through false sex allegations by Heidi Jones.

“A False Cry of Rape would not have chilling effect on others” who were really raped and does not interfere with real outcries. The shallow fallacy of this statement is a statement of the mental capacity of the pseudo-intellect uttering such a truly stupid remark. After this Heidi false rape affair, how many women will have their stories of real rape diminished, minimized or so thoroughly questioned as to be a traumatized a second time.

“Jail is not going to do her or anyone else any good.” Are these feminist women crazy as well as stupid? Well, to answer my own rhetorical question, “Yes they are that stupid and crazy”. Or, do they have an agenda to attain at the expense of all of the rest of us. And, again I answer myself, “Resoundingly, Yes.” The feminist elites get money, attention, power, and the rest of the women, men, and children in our society get chaos, poverty, and profound sadness as the aftermath of the destruction of our families and society by these self-aggrandizing, false prophet, feminists.

How many hours of police time did this take up in my case? How many hours of police time did Heidi’s allegations take up in New York. Currently Long Island is looking for a possible serial killer dropping off decomposed women’s bodies wrapped in burlap and this sick self-interested bitch distracted from real work that could cost more innocent women their lives. It is believed these women were murdered in New York and dumped on Long Island. Heidi got more national attention in her false report than the six dead women on a short stretch of road on Long Island received. Now, do these three members of the feminist Bitchhood still want to talk about ‘No one was hurt by Heidi’s emotional sex fantasy masturbation in the local police station”?

How many little girls could have wrongly had their loving and protective Daddy ripped from their lives by this false report had it gone much further? Forget the little boys losing their fathers, these Bitches are only concerned about females and only within the context of their own superior opinion of what is in the best interest of other women’s lives because these other women, not the feminist elites, are taken to be too stupid for their own good.

“What if a line up or composite picture of this fictional Hispanic male caused someone to be targeted or even convicted?” This line of thought was quickly and immediately glossed over and the subject changed. That was misdirection in the effort to cover up and make Heidi’s crime less than the serious crimes that her false sex abuse allegations against men and Hispanics really are.

“What is Greater Moral Good?” (This off the wall question harks back to Clinton’s impeachment hearing response to being asked if he had sex with a White House intern in the Oval Office, “Define Sex.”).

“We are comfortable with untruth.” (Watching and hearing a feminist mouthing this statement all I could think of was, “Yes, you damn feminists are very comfortable with ‘untruths’ and just plain lies.)

“It is a bold move to confront the truth.” What the Hell was that feminist discussion member talking about? This statement was declared forcefully by this particular feminist with no follow up explanation as if it were a self-evident truth. Are they now attempting to claim this was Street Theatre addressing some duplicity or idiomatic eccentricity of our society and not some expensive deadly serious allegation falsely made against men and especially Heidi’s new monster under every woman’s bed a faceless EVERY HISPANIC MALE? Was this Street Theatre with lies that could cost family, freedom and eventually the life of one or more innocent men? If this is street theatre, then so is a suicide bomber in a busy marketplace. These feminist panelists are excusing a form of moral, ethical, genderist, and racist terrorism as mere street theatre. And, to think, we have let these crazies run our family and children policy agenda for thirty years. It is no wonder we incarcerate a higher percent of our men than any oppressive, totalitarian, or dictatorial government in the world?

All three of these feminists (a modern synonym for Narcissistic, hateful, entitled, and stupid Bitches) on this early December 2010 prime time morning TV show, minimized the racism, sexism, and serious false police reports; and made mindless excuses for Heidi. This set of three from the feminist Bitchhood made it relative to some undefined act that was much worse. What is worse, the effective gendercide this could have created had the story gained more legs before being exposed as an attention getting scam. And the Bitchhood stated there was no victim to this act, it should not be a crime and she should not go to jail. It was dismissed as a “disturbed act by a troubled young woman” and as such “she should not be punished”.

That last statement sounds just like the description of every young man who goes to prison for robbery to murder. If this Bitchhood threesome’s logic were carried forward using Gloria Steinam’s Reverse the Gender Rule, These are troubled young men who have been somehow vaguely victimized and should not be punished. Heidi’s actions could have robbed some falsely accused and possibly convicted man of property, family, freedom and even life with her irresponsible and Narcissistically driven criminal actions. It was only the actions of clearly non-ideological police investigation that exposed her discrepancies that lead to her confession. Why is she not in jail, at this time with a million dollar bail?

It has been the direction of our family policy that was handed over to these ‘wrong thinking’ and hate filled feminists that has created the vast majority of all of our serious social problems and much of our budget shortfalls .

These feminists efforts to attain ever more difficult standards of victimhood would turn Heidi Jones, this abuser of police; tax payers; real rape victims; men; and especially Hispanic males, into a victim for having been overly entitled and pampered into a parlor game of who can create the most ludicrous and Byzantine twists to validate some abusive woman’s false victimhood.

Is it not enough that the adult male children of studiously self-created single mothers are already filling our jails and prisons? Is it not enough that 95% of all of America’s drug addicts come from single mother households, the combined purchasing power of these “troubled young women” and men are singlehandedly funding all the major drug cartels and narco-revolutions in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East? The best and brightest of the world are dying trying to protect us from the direct consequences of the Bitchhood’s policy of incentivizing single motherhood.

These crimes were clear acts of “Hate Crimes”. Just look up and read the statutes.

It seems as though the Heidi Jones Cheap Thrill Club has a lot of new members in her ‘Bitchhood’, at least on the Today Show.

Heidi Jones should be stripped to the waist, publicly flogged then imprisoned for the maximum term some innocent man might have received had this faceless EVERY HISPANIC MALE been convicted.

The physical exposure of this punishment is much less revealing than the morally depraved self satisfying exhibitionism and virtual sex fantasy public virtual masturbation of her false report. Heidi is one sexually perverted, man-hating, racist, freak. Now, no one will ask why she does not have a husband. Who the Hell could marry her and not worry about what false report poison she would use to retaliate for some imagined or unintended slight. One only has to look at the Tennessee preacher’s Black Widow wife to understand that a man can be shot in his sleep, his children forced to watch him die while begging for an ambulance as she unplugs the phone. The Tennessee Black Widow’s punishment included a very short stint in jail and a return of custody of the children she forced to watch their father bleed out after she shot him. Can you just imagine the nightmares and terror those children endure while living alone with their father’s cold blooded murderess? How tender are the eggshells upon which they must tread in their mother’s home? This sociopathic murderess was made out to be a victim because of a list of horrible things her husband had her do that justified his murder. That list of horrible abuses were:

1. He made her wear high heels during sex,
2. He asked her to wear a red wig during sex, and
3. He asked and she consented to experimenting once with anal sex.

I have not understood how the same liberals who work at promoting homosexual annal sex as OK to our school children somehow find one incidence of consensual experimentation with anal sex by a married couple justification for murder of the husband. Maybe it was the same retroactively withdrawn consent to have sex for which Julian Assange is now being charged with in Sweden by his two blonde stalkers.

The sheer mass of potential destruction of innocent lives this woman’s emotional public masturbation could have caused explains why burning at the stake and stoning has been used in the past to control this mindless and sociopathic destruction of innocents. Back then these blindly destroying women were called witches, adulteresses, infidels to explain the phenomenon of these women’s abuses of families, men, and even their own children.

Floggings, live imprisonment, castration and other odious and inhumane punishments are the types of suggested punishments many feminists are espousing for men, even innocent men, to “learn a lesson”.

The feminist Bitchhood’s demonization of men (Hispanic Men in this instance) pushed us down a very slippery slope that harms women as much as men and will hurt our children the most for generations to come. Public flogging would be too mild a punishment for the harm the Bitchhood does just to get a little more attention and personal luxury entitlement.

Did anyone check to see if Heidi Jones has a paid up, lifetime membership in hate group N.O.W.? That would explain a lot.

This desensitizing the public to false allegations by the Bitchhood has a nightmarish quality kickback. Now sick men and twisted attorneys, with judicial complicity, are beginning to do to innocent women, exactly what the Bitchhood has been doing to men, falsely accusing the women of sex crimes against children.

In a case where I recently testified to the pattern of false allegations by a set of independent attorneys who claim to be unofficial partners in abuse of parents in family court, a 6 year old child made an outcry to his mother that his father, his father’s adult, police sergeant nephew, his father’s attorney, a judge in this case, and the attorney for the father’s attorney met at the child’s favorite local restaurant and was told by the judge and others to lie and say his mother had touched him sexually.

The mother’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, interviewed the owner of the restaurant and received a copy of the ticket for the specific large group table the child stated the party had sat. The correct number of adults and one child was shown on the ticket. The two waiters who attended the table both knew the father and son but not the others. The two waiters confirmed, one with courtroom testimony and the other in a sworn affidavit, the father, son, and others dressed in business attire were at the table at the time the child indicated.

The child further stated the police officer relative drove the judge to child’s aunt’s house, where the other adults went as well. The child said the efforts to get the child to make false allegations by the adults continued at the Aunt’s house.

The young child stated the police officer later drove the judge, whom the child had met in a court appearance, back to the judge’s home in the officer’s patrol car.

Mr. Sibley subpoenaed the GPS records for the official patrol car the child stated the police officer was driving. The GPS records for that car were provided with a fifteen hour gap in the records for that car. The gap corresponds with the time the child stated the meeting was held. The GPS readings stopped at a location far removed from where they resumed almost exactly 15 hours later.

The child was taken to a well experienced pediatric psychologist who discussed the child’s statements with the child and found no cause to disbelieve the child.

The judge and others have refused to deny, on the record that there was a meeting at that restaurant on that date and time.

Police are not investigating this effort to influence a witness to make false allegations. The police are not investigating the use of a police sergeant and his vehicle in the crime of attempting to influence and intimidate a witness to falsely accuse his own mother of sex crimes. The media won’t touch it. And the three Bitchhood spin miesters claim no one is harmed by false allegations. This has been common fare for the past 20 + years in falsely accusing men.

Now for the Piece de resistance, the father states the mother is a good mother but the father wants the aunt, who participated in part of the effort to intimidate the child into making a false outcry against his mother, to be his son’s new mother now that the father and mother are divorced.

The aunt has a history of treatment by Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation psychiatrists for being homicidal, hallucinatory, occasionally psychotic, suicidal, suffering from Major Depressive disorder and extremely heavily medicated to control the mental issues. Or at least she is heavily medicated when she takes her prescriptions. The aunt is in denial that she has mental issues and was falsely denying, under oath, that she had been repeatedly hospitalized for her mental illnesses by the State to protect her and others.

A new judge, The Honorable William Adams of Aransas County, Texas, ruled that the medical condition and records of the father’s preferred care provider, the homocidal, hallucinating and sometimes psychotic  caregiverfor his son and the father’s preferred new mother for the child, should he gain custody is not relevant. The judge had only moments before heard the father state that irrespective of medical records, he would ignore the diagnosis and continue to leave his son with this homicidal psychotic.

This new judge, William Adams of Rockport, Texas ruled that a homicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily medicated, suicidal person with whom the child is left with for prolonged periods by the father is not relevant to safety or Best Interest of the Child. I sat in the courtroom and watched this travesty transpire. All present, including the judge’s own staff seemed shocked and taken aback by this bizarre ruling.   Is this the real meaning of Best Interest of the Child?  Is this how jaded and immune our courts and media have become where real danger is minimized and false allegations lionized?

The visible arrogance of Judge Adams was comparable to the arrogance of the Medieval Italian Prince to whom Machiavelli was writing in the book by the same name, “The Prince”. The judge was exercising raw, unbridled power for which he has nearly absolute immunity. This is the life of a false sex allegation. Just ask Jennifer Mata in Rockport, Texas what it is like to be the target of a conspiracy to falsely accuse.

And Heidi Jones wants a free ride on this same entitlement bandwagon to Hell for our families while the Bitchhood threesome validates Heidi’s right to prey on the rest of us, innocent men, women and children, who are not feminist elites.

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  1. robert korn

     /  January 7, 2011

    than you for shedding some light on this fema nazi man hating witch hunt

  2. J. Bach

     /  April 26, 2011

    Look, buddy, who are you to judge a judge? Did you go to law school? Did you go to judge school? Are you a child psychologist?

    I am sure that the Honorable Judge William Adams made the wisest of decisions. You just aren’t capable of understanding.

    How do you know that this child is better off living? It could very well be that the child’s best interest is served by being dead.

    Did you every think of that, wise guy? Unless you are able to think things all the way through, just shut your mouth about my favorite judge.

    I have known Judge Adams for many years every since we used to kill and torture cats together back in the day.

  3. Friend of a Friend

     /  November 1, 2011

    Update on good ole’ Judge William Adams; here’s video of his viciously beating his daughter:


  4. David Sibley

     /  November 8, 2011

    Texas Board Certified Family Lawyers represent themselves as high quality. The truth is that they are conspiracy of unethical lawyers who fabricate evidence, corrupt judges, lie, and bully. This is true in the Corpus Christi area.

    They vote on who will be a member, and in smaller communities like Corpus Christi you have to be part of their corruption to join.

    The prime examples would be Lanette Joubert, William Dudley (Super Lawyer), and William Kelly.

    You do not want to hire these lawyers. They will run up expenses. They make deals among themselves. They do not decide cases based on law or facts rather corruption.

    They routinely make false and fabricated allegations of sexual misconduct. You might think this is cool while you are in the middle of an angry divorce, but even if your spouse not you are victimized it will ultimately hurt you and your children.

    These lawyers have a notorious lack of concern for the welfare of children. They had one child subjected for years to the individual who was convicted of molesting her. They fought to allow the convicted pedophile access to the child while falsely accusing her innocent parent of misconduct and keeping the protective innocent parent away.

    Lanette Joubert lied stating that a child care provider was completely OK. She fought to avoid discovery on the care provider’s condition. Even after the truth came out, she fought to exclude the truth. The truth is that the care provider was professionally diagnosed as homicidal, suicidal, psychotic, hullucinatory, major depressive disorder, etc. The care provider had slit her wrists, been hospitalized in the mental hospital multiple times among other things. According to Lanette Joubert, this was irrelevant. Do you want your child subjected to this kind of insanity? Stay away. Hiring one of these lawyers might feel good short term but they cause great harm. Even if you hire one, they might sell you out.

    William Dudley and Lanette Joubert with others asked a child to lie that his mother “touched” him among other things. The meeting was confirmed by waiters at the restaurant at issue. The child stated his testimony several times including to the child psychologist (recorded on video). The child psychologist believed the child. These lawyers argued that all children are fantasizers and the child should not be believed. Judge William Adams is William Dudley’s physical affection partner. William Dudley is Judge Adams’ lawyer. This child was not heard at all. Judge William Adams signed a dishonest frivolous order stating that there was no evidence of what the child said (in other words the child’s statements were ignored by the Judge to protect his buddy William Dudley — further those who believed the child were punished). Judge William Adams gave his buddy William Dudley a substantial amount of money. According to Judge William Adams, William Dudley is somehow above subpeonas. The child said William Dudley committed a crime (soliciting perjury) yet William Dudley could not be subpeoned about this. Total corruption.

    There are hundreds of instances of false allegations of sexual abuse involving about 5 people willing to talk by these lawyers.

    These lawyers bring garbage, sleaze, and destruction of lives everywhere they go. You don’t want them in your lives.

    Larry Adams is not board certified but he is buddies with them. He stole a child recently by fraud. He wrote a false order. The father who lives roughly 2,000 miles from his child was told by the Judge he could see his child once in the next 60 days. Larry Adams changed the order when he drafted it so the father had to see his child twice in the next 60 days (in addition to the hearing). This means the father would need to make 3 trips of 4,000 miles roundtrip each within 60 days. The father didn’t receive the order until near the end of the 60 days (nobody would send it to him including his own lawyer so he had to request it from the District Clerk by mail). He did not know he had to make 2 additional trips within the 60 days until near the end of the 60 days. This father of modest means had to save for a year or two to hire a lawyer again and make the trip again. When this father hired a lawyer to fix the corrupt order drafted by Larry Adams, Larry Adams threatened him with sanctions saying among other things that his motion to modify the corrupt order was frivolous, made various false accusations against him, attempted to subject him to false hurdles not even in the corrupted order, etc. The bottom line is Larry Adams successfully stole this father’s child for roughly 2 years and attempted to steal the child forever.

    You don’t want these lawyers in your lives. They are board certified family law fiends. William Dudley is a super lawyer fiend.

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