Judge William Adams & Friends-Symptoms of Greater Ills

Rockport Texas Judge Adams, who is featured in a new viral child abuse video as a man who beats his disabled daughter in an extremely cruel and violent manner with strong sexual overtones, was first exposed for bizarre courtroom antics and turning a child over to a homicidal and suicidal woman over a sane stable mother in this blog.   I and others began our battle to hold this abusive judge accountable almost 13 months ago.

The new video is extremely hard to watch.  However, knowing the judge, the only surprise was that his daughter taped his violence and then distributed it.   Good for her!

But, the video has more impact than just the judge beating his daughter.  It now brings out how three of his good friend family law attorneys whom I watched him dramatically favor in a courtroom above and beyond reasonable judicial behavior had used this judge’s sanction against an attorney for a lawful and legitimate subpoena to make efforts to disbar the attorney representing the sane stable mother.

These are the same three attorneys involved in the abuse of the little 7 year old boy handed over to the homicidal, hallucinating, psychotic.  These attorneys have tried to use another Texas judge to tamper with the boy as a witness and convince the boy to lie that his mother had sexually touched him and that the boy had watched his mother and her attorney in bed having sex.

The three good friends of this sick and perverted Texas judge, no not the unnamed one trying to intimidate the 7 year old, but of the sick perverted Judge Adams, were the same ones to repeatedly use false allegations (admitted and proven false) against my child and me to keep me from protecting my child from a mother who testified the sexual abuse of our child at the age of two by a serial molester convicted of molesting three other little girls, was “humorous” and “appropriate”.   My ex continued to place my child around her convicted molester, sometimes completely alone with him.   These three attorney’s, good friends of William Adams, used a plethora of dirty tricks, including false sex abuse allegations to keep my child with their client, while their judge friends had me paying my ex’s attorney fees “in the Best Interest of the Child” for their false allegations against me.   I have watched them use these and other dirty tricks against others whom we have volunteered our time to assist as they, also, fought these three and their judge buddies.

One, of the three, I had sanctioned but not disbarred by the Texas Bar after she first represented me then represented my ex-wife (three times) and then a visitation center.  Eventually, in Federal Court, Lynette Joubert’s visitation center was shut down in my pro se Federal suit including these three attorneys and my ex-wife.  She was sanctioned after I complained on three separate instances of her coming back into the case against me, AND after helping at least three others make the almost exact same complaints in their own cases.   When I received notice that she was sanctioned in my case, the documents included a sanction for doing the same to a person I had not previously known.

Another of these three attorneys had admitted to abusing my child in front of me, my attorney, a paralegal and a senior forensic pediatric psychologist.    In a discussion of the false allegations attorney William Dudley not only admitted to abusing my child he stated that what he had done to me and my child was the very reason he had vasectomy and raised the step-children of his various wives.

When the local bar grievance committee held the hearing against that attorney, William Dudley, in the first ten seconds, before the hearing was called to order, Dudley proclaimed the witness, Dr. Barbara Beckham, had recanted.   Dr. Beckham was outside the door of the hearing room.  She was called into the hearing, asked if she recanted, and Dr. Beckham stated in no uncertain terms that she had not recanted.  In less than the first 60 seconds of that grievance hearing against Dudley he lied to the committee, then was proven to have lied to the committee with the testimony of the complainant, Dr. Beckham.

William Dudley lied to the grievance committee.  The Texas Bar Rules clearly state that a lawyer “Shall” not lie to any tribunal.   Dudley lied to the tribunal of the grievance committee.   The grievance committee ruled Dudley had done nothing to violate any Bar Rules, including lying to that very committee.  David Sibley filed a grievance against the committee for an obvious fraud in their behavior and ruling.   Nothing was ever heard of that grievance.   It was kept secret, even from Mr. Sibley, the complainant.

The third attorney in this Triad, William Kelly, had knowingly filed false and unfounded allegations against me as a tactic to keep his client from losing custody.  His client is the one who testified the molestation of my child at her second birthday party was ‘humorous’ and ‘appropriate’.   William Kelly’s sister in law was named Attorney ad Litem for my child.   We were not told of this close family relationship.   The attorney ad litem,  Jeannette Cantu-Bazar was caught lying under oath that she had interviewed witnesses who stated I was molesting my child in the playground area of a city park during daylight hours.   The ad litem had to admit she had never talked to the witnesses and when we finally got the names of the witnesses and got them on the stand, they stated the only person they had talked to was my ex-wife and had never talked to Cantu-Bazar.  Cantu-Bazar had submitted a false billing for these falsely claimed interviews.   With transcripts, documents, and witness statements, the local Bar stated there was no evidence against Janette Cantu-Bazar that she had done anything wrong.

An attorney, Sam Westergren, who witnessed William Kelly laughing and joking about keeping my child from me with false allegations, gave me an affidavit of that event.

When William Kelly ran for Corpus Christi city council, I used the affidavit in a campaign brochure against Kelly.  Kelly had Judge Henry Schuble call me into court and gag me.   Political scientist and associate professor at Howard University, Stephen Baskerville, documented this gross denial of civil rights and violation of Federal Law in his bestselling book ‘Taken Into Custody’.    I had distributed 1,000 of the brochures; I had to destroy three thousand just days before the election.   Kelly won by 800 votes.   This was the closest margin in over 15 years for anyone winning that seat on the Corpus City Council.

We eventually got the judge that helped William Kelly  in his campaign reportedly pulled off my case and off theTexas bench alltogether for two full years.  This was the now deceased Judge Henry Schuble.

And, there is so much more that we have carefully documented and maintained archived records on that we can spend years just writing of the abuses committed by several judges and these three attorneys in that on little area of Texas.

This is what Texas Justice is all about.

And, the question begging to be asked… “Where have the FBI and Texas Rangers been all this time?”

After asking for investigations into these two cases and others, I can answer with an age old South Texas saying… “Quien Sabe?”  (Who Knows?)


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  1. Sharon

     /  December 20, 2011

    I appreciate the information that you are providing to the public. However, you play right into their hands as you divide good parents. There are good moms and good dads and bad moms and bad dads. Judge Thomas Greenwell awarded custody of a 3 month old breast feeding infant child to a man who was not adjudicated as the child’s parent. The case was not even assigned to judge Greewell but was assigned to judge Marisela Saldana who was present and in court the day of the hearing. Nueces County practices walk through defaults whereby attorneys walk to a judge and have them sign orders. These hearing are held without notice to the other party which was what happened in this case. This man walked into court with attorney Gregory Spivy and said the baby is his and the judge said ok and awarded him joint managing consurvator. The mother is my son’s wife. It was not disclosed to the judge that she was married to another man. The lawsuit was filed under her maiden name.

    Once the mother was made aware of the dirty order gained illegally, she filed a motion to vacate the order in the court the case was assigned. Judge Saldana, who was drunk and drinking on the bench, disregarded the rights of the breastfeeding infant child, the mother and Texas law as she slurred her words in open Court and stood on Greenwell’s order. Anthony Bolkenstyn testified in Saldana’s court that he had never even seen his child. He then took the order that was obtained illegally to the DA and claimed that the mother had the child on her scheduled visitation and did not return with her. Now obviously both these stories are not true. It would be impossible to have never seen his child and for him to have custody and her run with the child.

    Anthony Bolkenstyn is close personal friends with Officer Matthew Harmon and Officer Christus Mendez of the Corpus Christi Police Department. These three conspired to have three people arrested. They took the illegally obtained order and their lie and an arrest warrant was issued for the mother by the DA’s office. They came to my apartment and stormed in. I heard my daughter in law screaming in the bathroom and witnessed two cops trying to pry her arms apart as she was holding the infant. She was screaming to stop because she was going to drop the infant and a hard tile floor. I simply took the baby from her arms and handed her to my son. At that point, I was tacked by a large police officer. I was arrested and the mother was arrested. I was assaulted and dragged out of my home in my pajamas and held in jail for two days. My gun was removed from my kitchen drawer and the DA has refused to return it. The DA is currently prosecuting me for a bucks worth of weed that the cops claim they found in my apartment. I don’t believe there was any marijuana in my home. The DA is fully aware that Bolkenstyn committed a state jail felony by lying to the DA however, they are not prosecuting him, instead they are prosecuting me. I provided the hearing transcript to prove that Bolkenstyn lied to them when he alleged that she did not return the infant on her scheduled visitation. He told the truth to Judge Saldana when he said that he had been denied access to the infant. The DA is fully aware that Matthew Harmon testified in open court testimony that is contrary to the police report that he filed against me. The DA and the Chief of Police are fully aware of these lies and they are fully aware that I am a victim of their perjury and assault.

    So, please stop trying to turn us against each other. Let’s work together for justice for the sake of the children and for the sake of good parents. Let’s help each other and stand in solidarity to end corruption and abuse in our legal systems.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  September 9, 2012

      What the heck is this ‘divide good parents’ bull shit you write about? Where the hell did you come up with that crazy ass notion? Did you read what I wrote? Of course you didn’t. What is your case for stating I am trying to divide ‘good parents’ You give not a single example of why you are attacking me. This may be why the child was taken from your family and cruelly continues to be kept from you, terminal stupidity. You need to recognize friends as well as you do your enemies. I expect either evidence of where I work to ‘divide good parents’ or an apology. I expect neither from you. You are wasting a good resource by throwing shit on me that I do not deserve on words and efforts I did not do.

  2. no_dueprocess@aol.com

     /  June 13, 2014

    Patriot Dad ? hope you’re OK and still out here.
    anyway,came across this one


    family court fraud etc as someone was able to get things set up nationwide–of course we’re not alone.

    held on to this for ya :
    Charges filed against Executive Director, Commission on Judicial Conduct and Associated Director, WSBA0-
    ….both Callner and Reiko are alleged to have conspired, using their government office, to protect dishonest judges and lawyers from charges of various crimes and unethical conduct.

    alright this is the state of Washington, BUT they were up against that same wall swinging a hammer when a bulldozer was needed. They did it.

    we can too.

    freeekin BODA and friends ….


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