Judge William Adams Suing for Custody of ‘Other’ Daughter

The Corpus Christi Caller Times, this morning, 11/3/11, in a front page article states that Judge Adams is using attorney William Dudley to sue Mrs. Adams,  for custody of their younger ‘other’ daughter.

If Dudley is involved you can expect false sex abuse allegations against Mrs. Adams and everyone on her side.  This includes opposition attorneys and will possibly involve other judges participating in and colluding with Dudley on making false allegations.   

I will be posting a redacted video of the deposition of a 7 year old boy describing a meeting where the boy’s father took this child to a restaurant meeting with a Texas District Judge,  attorney Lynette Joubert and the description of William Dudley and Dudley’s very unique, possibly one of a kind cowboy boots featuring the profiles in bright green of reclining cowgirls.   The child calls them ‘Girlie Boots” for very good reason.

We can expect more South Texas Color in this custody case than when the Duke of Duval County, just South of Corpus, had the local cemetery vote for Lyndon Johnson with the swing votes that got good ole’ Lyndon the U.S. Senate Seat.

You can always count on South Texas for ironic and sometimes downright macabre humor.  Unless of course you have to live there with the crooked and the all too often life destroying psychopathic acting judiciary creating these bizarre and unlikely stories.

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  1. This post is perhaps off the subeject, but I would be interested in knowing if William Dudley and William Adams are bisexual or gay? Is there is any talk or knowledge among the Rockport community of any association of these two and others in a gay lifestyle or being seen in gay bars?



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