FEMINIST CRAP: Women’s Institute for Secure Retirement

MAJOR HEADNOTE (7/23/2013):   Within months of my critique  being published in 2008, and the critiques of many others on the false information presented by The Wiser Institute, the relevant article containing solid lies, myths, and misinformation was pulled from their website.   However the myths presented by the Wiser Institute seem to have a life of their own with young feminist journalists who editorialize and plagiarize more than they investigate or truthfully report.   Even the older feminists like Barbara Walters and Megan Kelly are guilty of this journalistic evil.

The Wiser Institute for Women’s Secure Retirement has just made another big Feminist smelly. They couldn’t even do it in the toilet. At least all but the really psychotic men are potty trained.

“Whoa!” , you say. “You can’t attack women, even specific pedophile, child murdering women like the media attacks all men, indiscriminately. After all these Feminist Women are our sacred cows.”

You continue and begin to get angry as I look askance at your “Feminist Cow” statement. “When you attack pedophile, Feminist, child murdering women, you are attacking all women.” Your words rush out and you begin to get even more angry and red in the face when my simple but dumbfounded answer is merely a shocked:

“Say what?”

There is an elegance to automatic surprised utterances that often go un-noticed. But who could not notice that one.

After your last “Feminist Cow” statement leaves you sputtering in frustration because someone actually listened to you, I manage to get in some quick statements for which I will provide verifiable third party documentation. But first a disclaimer: The definition of “Feminist” does not and never has included women who work toward fairness and justice for both men and women which is the vast majority of women in this world. Feminism is a totalitarian political ideology which falsely wears a mantle of being supportive of equal rights. Attacking Feminism is attacking criminals who happen to usually be women but it is not attacking women.

So, after calming the decent women who have been brainwashed by the media into thinking Feminism has something positive to do with all women and any child, I will continue addressing the lies of the less-than Wiser Institute.

The less than “Wiser Institute” has the following data on their website
( http://www.wiserwomen.org/portal/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=0 )


WISER’s Top Five Retirement Challenges for Women

1. Three out of five working women earn less than $30,000 per year.
2. Three out of four working women earn less than $40,000 per year.
3. Half of all women work in traditionally female, relatively low paid jobs without pensions.
4. Women retirees receive only half the average pension benefits that men receive.
5. Women’s earnings average $.77 for every $1 earned by men – a lifetime loss of over $300,000.

In the first three points these Feminist Propagandists use twisted and related data comparisons as well as outright myths and lies. The less-than crowd does not provide the reader with any verifiable support or reference material. These points, even where initial raw data might indicate truthfulness are exposed for the intentionally misleading statements they really are. This exposure happens when income and low paying job data is adjusted for the decisions women make to take advantage of a supportive male allowing the woman to work only part-time or at low stress jobs. The data is so overwhelming on this as to no longer need to be referenced. (But, I will, anyway, further down this article)

So, Now I will address the last two points. Number 4 is blatantly and openly a lie ( One popular definition of ‘CRAP’ ). Below is pulled straight from Google referencing a continual source of Feminist Crap, MSNBC:

Women saving less than men for retirement – Cracked Nest Egg …
Jul 1, 2008 … While the same percentage of men and women contributed to retirement plans, women faced an 8 percent greater shortfall in savings. …

Then number 5 statement makes a surprising statement that when looked at has to come from a completely different study that negates the first three and indirectly attacks the number 4 statement. With so many women staying at home and being supported by either a man or by Uncle Sam, the Less-Thaners claim that all women on the average earn over their working lifetime an average of $.77 for every $1.00 earned by the average working man. I would work 33% less over my lifetime if I could take 18+ year sabbaticals to raise my child. And, thus, I would earn at least 40% less because I am a man the workplace market frowns on men not killing themselves to support others in luxury. But, that is a whole other article for a later date.

This $.77 statement indicates that these women, when they choose to work (a far greater percent of men than women do not work at all) are earning way more than the men when all factors are adjusted into the equation, including women choosing to not work and to work at part-time and low-paid (also low stress and low hazard) jobs, women are receiving an inordinately greater amount than men. This initial statement that women earn less has been debunked so many times, but Dr. Warren Farrell does it best in his book “Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap – and What Women Can Do About It.”

Of course, since the less-than “Wiser Institute” does not provide its source studies, no one can fully address anything they present to the public. But the preponderance of peer reviewed studies on these topics rebuff the claims by the less-than “Wiser Institute.” (where the less-than institute’s own statements don’t disavow themselves).

I have found the less-than “Wiser Institute’s” statements do everything but scream male hate quoted in otherwise conservative publications and web sites. This last false, misleading and apparently self-contradictory statement mentioned is accepted without question and passed around as established fact. Well, I am not from Missouri, but I still want them to ‘Show Me.” And, they still haven’t.

As a matter of fact, women live nearly 6 years longer not because of some superiority, but because men voluntarily work themselves to death to provide as much as possible to their children and wife, including as much luxury and stress reduction as possible. And, when the man with a retirement package dies early in retirement, his wife (read ‘women’ at this point) typically receives half or more of the continued packaged when she not only did not work those long hard hours causing the man’s early death, but, the wife will now enjoy 1/2 the labor of her husband who worked himself to an early death to provide her the luxury and relaxation he never got and that could have prolonged his life. Yes, In this limited instance, her retirement income is now half of his.

Further the less-than Wiser’s numbers appear to compare working women’s income (with conflicting but self-serving data) against all women’s retirement and then they compare the man’s pre-death retirement of only men who get a retirement pension against figures for all women in retirement.

American women are the most pampered and cared for group of people this large since the beginning of life on this planet. And, certain really Narcissistic ones (read Feminists at this point) want even more.

The less-than Institute seems to not be comparing apples to oranges, but apples to Lexus Sedans and making the Lexus Sedans look underprivileged. But, isn’t that the trade mark of the ever greedy Feminist.

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