Another Criminial Complaint To the Texas Rangers Against a Texas Judge

In this blog is a copy of a criminal complaint from August 2011 against Judge Adams.  As I have stated, repeatedly,   Judge Adams was not abusive in a vacuum and  he does not act alone.   He can only abuse with the tacit approval of other judges and various law enforcement agencies.   Any of them could have at least slowed the judge down on his path of destruction through a county in South Texas without removing him from the bench.  But none would hold him accountable.

It has been said that two judges from two surrounding counties once visited Judge Adams asking him to lay off of the abuse he heaped on a quadriplegic prosecutor in Aransas County.   Judge Adams ignored the two Texas District Judges.   Why does that not surprise anyone?

Mr. Sibley and a female client were targeted in a well documented alleged incidence of Judge Bobby Galvan and the attorneys for the father attempting to intimidate a young boy into making a sex abuse allegation that his mother had ‘touched him bad’ and that the boy had been made to watch Mr. Sibley and the boys mother have sex.

The child made an outcry to his mother of this event immediately afterward.  The child had met the judge previously and knew the judge.  Judge Galvan had been the first judge in the divorce custody case in which the mother was embroiled.   Judge Galvan had assigned his close personal friend to be a mediator who used his close relationship with the judge to intimidate the mother into a very disparate settlement giving away all property rights and minimizing any child support in exchange for keeping custody of her child.   Almost immediately after this settlement, the father and his attorneys went for custody arguing the mother’s poverty against her.  The intent was to have the father’s sister be the child’s ‘New Mother’.  That aunt had been making death threats to the mother and had been institutionalized repeatedly over recent years by the state for the safety of the aunt and the general public.  Judge Adams Rules Homicidal, Hallucinating, Psychotic Babysitter is OK for Custody

Following this paragraph is a copy of the complaint made to the Texas Rangers by David Sibley against Judge William Adams.   The complaint was made three months prior to my presenting it in this blog.   I have replaced the names of the two witnesses quoted in the complaint to X and Y to protect them from retaliation by the Judge and his cronies.  The complaint is about Judge Adams alleged efforts in an open courtroom, before numerous witnesses, to have an Aransas County Prosecutor ‘CREATE’ allegations against Mr. David Sibley.

Mr. Sibley, an attorney at law, has been attempting to draw attention to the judicial abuses committed by Judge Adams as he favors friends and ignores law.

There is great harm to innocent individuals and in the general public’s trust in our courts when a judge gone bad acts in an openly criminal and extremely arrogant manner in his courtroom.


David A. Sibley

Attorney At Law


Via  Texas Rangers

Re: Judge William Adams

County Court at Law Judge, Aransas County, Texas;.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a criminal complaint against Judge William Adams, County Court at Law, Aransas County, Texas. I have known about this crime for some time. However, I did not eye witness it, and I didn’t know whether the eye witness would be willing to talk in public.

The eye witness is an attorney who practices in Judge Adams’ Court. The eye witness obviously subjects himself to retaliation by giving his testimony. Judge Adams has a history of retaliation and dishonesty. He uses various state agencies to assist him in retaliation.

However, I ran across the witness at a restaurant last night. He was upset at Judge Adams because Judge Adams had been rude to him. Apparently, Judge Adams was impatient at getting a plea done. This witness was trying to explain the 4 sets of plea papers to his client who he had represented for only 1 day (it is of course the job of a lawyer to make sure the client understands plea papers). Judge Adams was impatient and rude among other things saying things like “just sign the papers.” Judge Adams is disrespectful of litigants.

I hate to get somebody involved because I know Judge Adams will retaliate, but I simply asked X if he would speak out about what he told me months ago. He said yes. He is a very stand up guy. His name is X. He is a lawyer with his office in Portland.

The background is last October Judge Adams was very abusive towards my client and myself. His actions went beyond a bad day or poor performance. His conduct amounted to abuse of my client, a child, and myself. He was retaliatory and dishonest. I complained about his behavior in a number of ways including the judicial conduct commission.

X knew nothing about those events and really still doesn’t. He knows very little still. I first learned about what X witnessed from a friend named Y. As I recall, X and Y somewhere were talking. X knows that Y  is my friend. X told Y that Judge Adams is trying to have David Sibley arrested and that David Sibley should be careful. Y told me this.

A short later I ran across X at the Butter Churn in Aransas Pass. I asked him about what Walter had said. X told me that Judge Adams was sitting on the bench in open court telling the County Attorney (or assistant county attorney) to charge me with a crime (I think disorderly conduct). Judge Adams was claiming to be scared of me or something. You will have to talk to X and the County Attorney (or assistant) to get the details. The fact is that I have done nothing to Judge Adams other than complain about  his corrupt and dishonest behavior in writing (which is not a crime).

Since these controversies have started, I have only seen Judge Adams once and that was in the hallway of the public courthouse with lots of people around. I wouldn’t be around him without witnesses because I know him to be dishonest and retaliatory. I also know him to have a family law mentality (which routinely involves false accusations and feigned “fear”). I know he made an accusation of violence or threat against another lawyer some years ago (Jeff Dietz). I don’t know whether that was true or false but I see a potential pattern here.

The fact is that there was no basis whatsoever for Judge Adams attempting to start a criminal charge against me. He was retaliating and he was filing a false report (both crimes). The County Attorney is law enforcement. He was making a false report to her (I believe it was a “her”). He was retaliating against me because I complained about his judicial behavior. His behavior amounts to things like 1) filing a false report, 2) official oppression, and 3) retaliation. You’ll need to get the details from X and the County Attorney (or assistant). I believe X, and I also know this is consistent with other things Judge Adams has done. He has been retaliating because I have complained about his judicial behavior. He retaliated against my client because my client reported crimes committed by some lawyers who are obviously his friends (these lawyers were trying to get a child to lie about his mother that his mother “touched” him among other devious lies). Thanks.


/s David A. Sibley

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  1. clarita

     /  April 28, 2014

    Can you contact me via the email provided when posting ?
    I most strongly believe we have to run an ad in craigs and other like publications asking for other victims of these judges and their kangaroo courts AND THEN THE TX BAR for their actions of dismissing or verifiable statements to STEP UP AND DON’T BE AFRAID — let’s get together and GET IT TOGETHER AND PRESENT LAWSUITS as there are mltiple violations of TX code,ehtics,professional conduct and Constitutional violations and these b@strds get away with it alland sanctioned by this state..
    —when all this 1st happened TO YOU ,individally and PERSONALLY,you most likely thought you’d get things corrected LOL and then all the rest of the RETALIATORY actions began.
    WE are going through the same and it IS DANGEROUS as “”they”” ALREADY attempted to disappear my disabled son–WHO THE HELL DO “THEY” THINK THEY ARE !
    POS maliciously and with INTENT falsified evidence,FILES FALSE EVIDENCE,i am NOT the guardian DUE TO HER and there is rampant backstamping of MOTIONS AND ORDERS throughout and the tx bar dismissed it–why WASTE MORE TIME WITH APPEALS as i went through this crap with ALL and any disability rights etc that ALSO WORK HAND IN HAND making appeal after APPEAL=i SHOuuLD HAVE CRACKED THE BOOKS on procedres and filed already– AS NO LAWYER GOES AGAINST THIS CREW except for this man and enos–and they’re not messing with atty enos YET.–think he persoanally took down 2 or 3 judges already
    I also find IT beyond belief that the political whores remain concerned with the RIGHTS of llegals and islamos in foreign lands.
    it’s time to fight back.
    The USC hasNO exceptions or EXEMPTIONS.
    please,contact me and let’s roll.
    did you HAVE due process ?
    your child had representation and due process ? DUMB QUESTION ! how many other violations ???
    was this atty temporarily disbarred ?

  2. clarita

     /  June 1, 2014

    have you tried to get in touch with this atty Enos ?
    he’s over your way and at least making the attempt to CLEAN OUT THESE COURTS.
    spin atty enos mongoose-he even publishes names and misdeeds of these esteemed judges and is still in BUSINESS,not blackballed etc.
    why the hell aren’t there more like him ?
    and more victims SCREAMING THIS IS WRONG AND ILLEGAL and getting domething DONE ?


  4. clarita

     /  August 17, 2014

    at the risk of being “excommunicated” and banned,Please PatriotDad ,let us ALL BE HEARD and get after the bar and BODA-maybe NOW someone in authority CAN connect the dots and raise hell with this drunken DA still “practicing” -why wasn’t she disbarred to begin WITH ? yeah WE KNOW WHY.
    Now would be a good time for all victimized to demand answers and take care of this cartel over in Austin.
    Perry and Abbott etc etc NEED TO CLEAN IT OUT .
    and WHY hasn’t she been disbarred and WHY DIDN’T THE BAR do it are the questions to ask them.


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