Another Way Feminism Hurts Innocent Women

In viewing the following excerpt from , take with you the information that 95% of all who have been jailed on drug charges, or whom have checked into any Drug Rehab program, were raised by single mothers.  The drug industry in America has made America the Mecca for those wanting to become the next drug dealer millionaire. It is one of the more destructive reasons for entering this country illegally. “One expert who studies sex crimes says about a hundred illegal sex offenders cross the border every day, leaving thousands of victims every year. More than 70 percent of their rapes, murders and child sex crimes are against Americans”  This crises of crime is funded by the children raised by single mothers. The data stands up and smacks you in the face with the reality of the costs of single motherhood to our children and our country.

Father absence is the key to raising feral children.   Father presence is the key to raising decent adults and good citizens

Funding single motherhood is the pebble causing a tsunami of destruction rippling around the world.

Thank America’s ever-growing number of government funded single mothers and their feral offspring for the rape of thousands of innocent Mexican and American women each year. But, don’t worry, the Cartels are coming here, soon, with their rape and murder to up the numbers

Thank America’s ever-expanding efforts to criminalize men judged to be innocent in No Fault divorce, again, funded through federally funded feminist programs, for the destruction of the men who protect wives and children.  Thank a feminist if you or a loved one are murdered and/or mutilated, and/or raped by one of the cartel members or by one of the feral children of a single mother.

We have incentivized single motherhood through welfare for women only policies and through family law statutes and courts that have made destroying families, children, men into local cottage industries for profit at the court houses.   There would be no massive Narco-wars, nor massive cartels and gangs who lawlessly murder and rape tens of thousands of innocent men, children, and women, without recourse, if fathers and first husbands had not been forcibly removed from their homes with the rulings of courts and the naked guns of law enforcement.

Courts and the States received major income streams for impoverishing and jailing men in numerous ways.  We have theStates and women who will falsely accuse in this for profit business.  Their acts range from excessive child support awards to victims assistance funds that are paid for false or recanted allegations without the women being prosecuted for false reports or made to pay back what they receive.

Witness and Victims Assistance funds are regularly paid in the tens of thousands of dollars to any single woman making a false allegation.  The accusers in the Kobe Bryant case and the Duke LaCrosse cases are prime examples.   The only reason the government’s ‘cash for false allegation’ program didn’t work in those cases was because in both instances the defendants had access to massive funding to fight.  How many of us have millions of dollars available for defense.

I know of a man who is a generational millionare in the Frisco, Texas area whose millions almost were not enough to keep from losing everything through lawless actions of a court and a very perverted and perverse ex-wife.

What happens to a man who has just had his accounts frozen, kicked out of his house, and at times his professional career destroyed and then the ex makes an allegation for these public funds and the prosecutor gets special bounty money for each prosecution?  At best, a professional will have his career and business destroyed.  There are millions of these stories.  At worst he will end up dead, either murdered by his ex and her hired (or screwed) hitman, or by his own hand as a result of the abuse and pain of what he must endure.

Most of us fit in the middle of this, somewhere, where at the worst end of those who have lived through this are people like Dr. Amir Sanjari, a former top nuclear physicist, and Tim Emerson M.D. who ran a low income medical clinic in San Angelo, Tx.  These two men were imprisoned for various other issues after being found innocent of the original family abuse allegations but then imprisoned for the struggles when legal impossibilities or bizarre and unConstitutional laws are imposed on these men who were never convicted of the original crimes.  These two men, like so many others have had false allegations of violence or sex abuse destroy their careers and income.  These allegations alone will cause someone’s security clearance to be pulled or their medical licenses to be suspended.  Even after the men are found innocent at the cost of all of their savings and property, the courts then refuse to reduce child support.  Or, during the pendancy of the efforts to prove innocence, punitive measures are imposed upon the innocent as if guilty until proven innocent.

The falsely accusing woman qualifies for big money.  Even if the woman recants or is proven to have made false allegations, they do not face prosecution and continue to keep the Victims assistance funds.

The man, after loosing his career and business fighting for his freedom and ability to see his children, falls behind in child support.  The State, in it’s pursuit of easy bounty money from the Feds, prosecute the innocent father for child support after he has used any last resources trying to see or protect his child, then imprisons these men who were once some of the most highly productive in our society so some woman can pick up a few extra dollars committing aggravated perjury sanctioned and paid for with our tax dollars.

And, is it any reason that so many men go off the grid or leave the country?

The court, in family law impoverished the man, the federal Victims Assistance program paid the woman up to $35,000 for a false allegation, and the prosecutor gets a large dollar funding from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Women authorized through VAWA.   If the woman claims a very young child was molested the child can get the $35,000 and the mother under the Witness Assistance Funding gets another $25,000.  The woman can get upwards of $60,000 of cash within a matter of one to two weeks for a false allegation and then, with a pocket full of hundreds is put at the top of the list for any of the 72 welfare entitlement programs designed to further incentivize single motherhood.   We have documented police even using the availability of these funds to entice women to make false allegations against husbands and boyfriends.  And, when the women refuse, the police threaten to turn these women over to Children’s Services implying that the women could be victimized with false allegations and lose their children if they do not  comply.

We have seen pure evil and tyranny.  It is in our own towns and states.  And, the media is dead silent.  The Presidential candidates are dead silent.   No one talks about it in public.  The dangers are too great to oppose and the rewards too high to stay silent.

Our justice system has been bought and paid for with our own tax dollars.   None of this is Constitutional, but all of it is for the power and profit of an elite group of feminists and a myriad of politicians getting welfare votes and beauracrats getting lots of hefty pay raises.

Evidence of massive number of rapes being committed along our porous border:
As the drug cartels have taken over the human smuggling business, the illegal journey into the United States has become even more dangerous. One expert who studies sex crimes says about a hundred illegal sex offenders cross the border every day, leaving thousands of victims every year. More than 70 percent of their rapes, murders and child sex crimes are against Americans.
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  1. Amanda

     /  October 10, 2013

    God the person who wrote this is an idiot. Feminism gets blamed for everything from the common cold to global warming. Amazes me how some ‘modern’ men still have the mentality of cavemen. Hate to say it but it will be great when alot of the older generation with this archaic mentality die off so we have more civilized progressive thinkers.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2014

      Dear Amanda, you are a misandrist, a man hater. You use insult and invective instead of logic, reason, or reference material from some one other than your feminist women’s studies professor. When you get real info and grow up a bit more then come back and try to debate then, but I think by then you will realize your feminist professor was duping you.

  2. Dawn

     /  June 22, 2016

    I heard the VAWA is now the leading cause of
    homicide against and suicide among women
    with young children. The gender war this act
    is causing is explained in the name of the act itself.

  3. bort

     /  January 23, 2017

    I dunno, the way this guy writes makes it sound like he is high on something, running amok on some hazy tirade…thinks that he is special because he is suffers from unconstitutional laws and and is a victim or something? Welcome to america. Everyone suffers from unconstitutional laws. As for feral children being a problem, he is right, but hey, let’s cut all funding for single parents, ban abortion and bring back orphanages and see how that improves on the feral child-turned-criminal situation. Trust me, it will be a utopia.


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