Texas Family Judge Marching Orders

Domestic violence is criminal conduct. It is the result of a conscious choice made by one party to an intimate relationship (statistically, that party is usually male)” Hon. Diane Kiesel, Preface to Domestic Violence: Law, Policy, and Practice
Diane Kiesel

For Texas Fathers, forget all the family code and Constitutional arguments.  Here are the marching orders for judges. It is the new guidelines published on a stand alone basis. The hidden rules for judges is openly biased against men, it states this in the preface using false and a vague reference to ‘statistics’ as support for the misandry in the statement. The current peer reviewed work has shown that women are at least as culpable and violent as men in all forms of DV, but most especially they are the prime actors and participants in DV abuse of children.

These Family Law hidden rules were previously hidden in desk reference book for judges handling family law titled the Texas Bench Book.  That book of guidelines, for nearly all issues a judge would most likely experience in court, is only 442 pages. The Bench Book was bad enough against men. However the DV Bench Book turns judges against men before the case is ever heard using false and unsubstantiated vague ‘statistics’ reference by a known biased judge. The new book is extreme ex parte to the point of being openly and commercially evil.

The new book is paid for with VAWA funds. I will provide support for this statement further down this blog post.

aaa Angry Judge

To repeat myself for emphasis, this stand alone book of DV marching orders for judges in handling family cases even states its bias against men in the opening statements in the preface.

“Domestic violence is criminal conduct. It is the result of a conscious choice made by one party to an intimate relationship (statistically, that party is usually male)”

This is openly declared misandry.

In that original Texas Bench Book and the newly published 1033 page Texas Domestic Violence Bench Book are these hidden rules that are used to ambush and surprise fathers in the middle of protecting children from maternal abuse.  Have no hesitation, Domestic Violence is, also, maternal abuse of children. 

In the Texas Domestic Violence Bench Book you will find why hearing go so wrong in the face of evidence and even admissions by women of crimes against men and children. It will give you insight into the open hostility of judges to even decent fathers. The preface defines who the victims are (women) and who the perpetrators nearly always are (men). It is right down the NY radfem policy guidelines.
A Angry Judge

It only gets worse from there.  The above statement defines males as the ones with all the ‘dangerous’ qualities and women with none of them (except in the rare cases where a judge can not shift blame to a man).

We, now, have access to this codex of crime against fathers and children by the courts.  This codex of judicial crime against men and children can be found in The Texas Family Violence Bench Book.


These bench books for Texas Judges can be googled and found with the simple word clouds “Texas Bench Book” and “Texas Domestic Violence Bench Book”.

Every state will have a similar book. These books on Family Law with the hidden rules for judges decisions are created with special VAWA grants provided through the DOJ as is stated in the first paragraph of an opening letter from the Texas Chief Supreme Court Justice, Wallace B. Jefferson at the very front of the Texas Family Law Bench Book.

The Hon. Diane Kiesel is known as an extremely biased judge. Why would it surprise anyone that a quote is taken from a Municipal Court Judge in NYC as a statement of great import in the preface to the most important text to your children in the State of Texas.

Here is a quote on the opinion of Diane Kiesel:
“Kiesel is so openly pro prosecution, so astonishingly biased, and so relentlessly nasty that even assistant district attorneys quietly acknowledge it – and they use it, steering almost all of their cases before her toward bench rather than jury trials. When confronted by a touch case, or a recalcitrant witness, they simply “reduce the case.” That is, they cleanly and tactically lower the charges from class A misdemeanors to class B misdemeanors, depriving the defendant of a jury trial but not the possibility of a jail sentence.

Source: David Feige. Indefensible: One Lawyer’s Journey into the Inferno of American Justice. New York: Little, Brown, and Company. 2006. Excerpted from Chapter 10. Reprinted with permission.” The full article can be found here.

Here are additional Bench Books that are relevant to fathers and their battles with family courts:

http://texaschildrenscommission.gov/media/16497/BenchBook.pdf This bench book was made publically accessible on Dec. 20, 2013.


Grievance Against Galvan, Alcala, Adams

Following this brief prologue is a copy of the actual background narrative and grievance filed against Judge Bobby Galvan and others through the Texas Sunset Commission at it’s public hearing on review of the Judicial Conduct Commission (JCC).  The JCC is up for review and is under intense scrutiny for the rogue and tyrannical actions of Texas Judges without accountability.  

In regards to the grievant, at the mother’s request, I have not included the videos provided to the Sunset Commission showing her son testifying and being interviewed by professionals as the boy stands firm in his allegations that a judge, his father, and named attorneys tried to get him to make false sex abuse allegations.  The mother is concerned about the child’s safety and privacy.   That request is being honored. 

The request is honored, though the videos show the child’s consistency in statements and in the case of being intensely interrogated with leading and very authoritarian questions by one of the alleged conspirators, Lanette Joubert, the boy was unwavering.   Lanette Joubert, one of the ‘alleged’ conspirators, very firmly asks the 6 year old boy, “I WASN’T THERE WAS I?”  to which the little boy bravely answered, “Yes you were.”. 

The little boy has been unflappable in his contention that these conspirators were attempting to get him to lie about his mommy, even though he had no grasp of how destructive the lie about ‘bad touches’ and watching ‘mommy in bed with David’ (the mother’s attorney) could result in lengthy prison terms for mommy and David.  ‘Mommy and David’ would have been convicted on only the statements of a child under pressure from those present, Daddy, unethical attorneys, a powerful judge, and the boys police sargeant uncle in uniform.   My child at the age of 4 told me of being spanked for not saying ‘bad things about daddy’.   My daughter was regularly punished at a very early age for not helping her mother with her plots to falsely imprison me.  My daughter withstood secret interviews by at least two judges.  My daughther withstood Lanette’s employees efforts to extract a false allegation from my child in Lanette’s visitation center.  I eventually shut down her center in a Federal Civil Rights action in the Victoria, Texas Federal Court.  And later, as covered below, in another matter, obtained a sanction through the BAR against Lanette Joubert for unethical behavior to her own clients. It seems, as a matter of public record,  Ms. Joubert will burn her own clients as readily as her opponents in false allegations and schemes for profit.  Others have come forward with similar evidence against Ms. Joubert and two of her cronies.

I believe the child, the waiters, and the table ticket that corroborates the event the child describes.   From what my public record experiences are with Galvan and his good friend William Kelly, the opposition attorney, jailing me for paying ahead on child support; placing my child with a man-hating social worker who was used exclusively by the local prosecutor to create allegations against men in un-recorded interviews of children and whose stated goal was to have my daughter tell me that she did not want to continue visitation to improve my child’s confidence, while not addressing my ex continuing to place my child around her convicted molester; and watching as William Kelly forcefully screamed at Judge Galvan with complete impugnity for a good 5 minutes demanding the judge jail me even longer for having paid ahead on child support to his client.   I believe Judge Bobby Galvan to be quite capable of what the child has alleged and the witnesses and evidence indicates.

Below is the body of the grievance with links to some of the more direct evidence provided to the Sunset Review Commission.





Please find the following background and Judicial Complaint against Judge Bobby Galvan for his alleged collusion in witness tampering and child abuse (enticing a child to falsely accuse an innocent parent). 

Further neither Judge William Adams nor Judge Alcala, who have been presented more evidence than is used to put many men on death row, did not act for the safety of the child. 

Judge William Adams of Youtube child beating infamy and Judge Alcala, should they have not reported to the judicial review authorities, the actions of Judge Galvan as came into their knowledge, both violated judicial ethics rules and colluded with Judge Galvan to create false allegations against innocent parties for self-aggrandizing benefit.

This is a regular pattern and practice in the general Corpus Christi, central Gulf Coast area, determined by a Civil Trial Lawyers group to be the second most judicially corrupt area of the U.S, second only to Dade County, Florida.   Three attorneys seem to be at the heart of most of the more egregious abuses in Family Law in this area, regularly and openly colluding with certain judges in the area.

In the Jennifer Flores-Lamb case we have judges assisting cronies in activity that is not just unethical, but has felony criminal implications in the actions alleged of Judge Bobby Galvan, attorneys Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly.    We have a judge, Aransas County Court at Law Judge William Adams, who is ruling that it is not relevant that the father’s desired ‘New Mother’ for his child who will be caring for the child 5 to 6 days a week for over 12 hours a day is HOMOCIDAL, SUICIDAL, HALLUCINATORY, PART TIME PSYCHOTIC, REGULARLY HOSPITALIZED BY THE STATE AS A THREAT TO HERSELF AND OTHERS AND EXTREMELY HEAVILY MEDICATED WHEN NOT TRYING TO KILL HERSELF OR OTHERS. (author’s recent note for Blog readers: This testimony  begins on page 98 of the transcript at 20101011 Transcript Part 2.)

Followed, in the same hearing, were sanctions against the child’s mother and attorney for addressing this early exposed effort to create false sex abuse allegations.   This is a pattern that is well documented.  The attorney’s alleged at the meeting have done this to innumerable innocent parents over the past twenty years.  At this time there is another case of an attorney who is suing for having been knowingly falsely accused by one of these same attorneys with involvement by these same three attorneys in the Titus Mata case.

In the past 17 years of battling the same three attorneys, who have involved the three judges in this complaint, and other crony judges in an effort to protect my child from her convicted serial child abuser in my ex’s family and in defending myself from strategic false allegations against me by these unethical players, I have spent more time in court than most trial lawyers.   In 2003, alone, I spent 41 days in court when the court was only open a reported 162 days that year.  The allegations against me count into at least a thousand over 17 years.  The costs to my daughter, family, friends, State coffers, etc.    have been horrendous.  All for the edification and minor enrichment of the three attorney’s in the Titus Mata abuse allegations.

I have watched men sentenced to life and to long prison terms on less evidence and no child’s statement than what was presented by Jennifer Flores-Lamb and Mr. David Sibley on this effort to falsely accuse by Judge Galvan, Mr William Dudley, Mr. William Kelly, and Mrs. Lanette Joubert.

Attorneys and the process become extremely abusive and dangerous to the innocent when Judge’s are not held accountable for what they allow in their courts or what they themselves do.

I have been a victim of many of these same efforts to falsely criminalize me.   I am even working on a manuscript to track the common pattern of false allegations.  This corruption is where attorneys work in conjunction with cronies in the judiciary to knowingly assist in false allegations and even to make the allegations themselves.   It is only with a team effort that I and other(s) have survived.   We have several instances of this in my case and others we have observed an in which we have assisted.  

I have had judges ordering me to stop taping exchanges where I was protected by having the recordings of the dates and times of the false violence allegations and even false sexual assault allegations.  

I have had judges state I could be making child porn by taping exchanges of my child where my ex was calling the police on the average of every third time we had to meet to exchange our child.   More time was spent trying to find a time and date where I was not documented than in protecting my child from regular exposure to her molester and other child abusers, as testified by my ex, in her family.

I have had one judge removed from my case and reportedly from any State bench for two years.   Judge Henry Schuble was sanctioned for secret orders in my case while the vast majority of secret orders with secret hearings with no notice were and are completely ignored by the Judicial Review Process.    It was too little, too late.   My daughter was a teenager and three recent psychologists stated she had probably continued to be abused up into her current memory.   Her cousin was convicted of molesting her at her second birthday party.

I have a capias for my arrest that has been in my file for the last 10 years from a secret contempt hearing with no notice on file.   The capias has not been processed.  It was for not paying an ad litem, Jeanette Cantu-Bazar’s bill for what she had testified were false reports of sexual assault of my child that Jeanette had fabricated, along with claims to have interviewed witnesses with whom she had never actually talked.  Jeanette was the sister-in-law of William Kelly, my ex’s attorney. 

I have had Judge Rose Vela sign a fraudulent felony conviction order where no notice of hearing had been given, no hearing held, and no evidence given before her.  Yet, I have no felony on my record at this time.  The order is still sitting in my file, #97-2091 in the Nueces County Courthouse.   I complained to the judicial review commission and there was nothing done.

These are only two examples of the abuses committed by judges colluding with a particular group of three attorneys in the Corpus area.   I was being punished for not abandoning my child to my ex and her pedophile family members.   My ex testified that the molestation of our daughter at the age of two was both “humorous” and “appropriate” in the day before our divorce was final.  My ex had moved in with the family member convicted of serial pedophilia before the divorce was over.   I was given visitation over 50% of my child’s time, “To protect your child”, but my ex was given custody so I had no authority. 

This would not be done with accountability methods in place.

This family relationship was only recently discovered (between William Kelly and Jeanette Cantu-Bazar).   Jeanette made the false allegations against me while she was a Corpus Christi Municipal Court Judge, appointed through the efforts of city councilman William Kelly.   The judicial review system and the Bar both ignored the perjuries and frauds of Jeanette and the many other judges and same three attorneys, Kelly, Joubert, and Dudley,  that were documented through her own court room testimony and admissions.

On another occasion, I had a psychologist who was a friend and drinking buddy of Judge Henry Schuble, state he believed an allegation against me of sexual abuse of a child.  However, that psychologist stated to me and my attorney that he only did it for political reasons.  He wanted more business from the judge and William Kelly.   We got him to admit to this under oath.

I had Lanette Joubert sanctioned by the Bar for some of her egregious acts against me in relation to this false allegation and others.  Mrs. Joubert routinely represents first one party then the other and making false allegations against the first party she represented.  The Bar document notifying me of this is attached and labeled “Bar Notice….” .   The sanction was a $600 assessment for the Bar’s attorney and a requirement to take an ethics class.   Ms. Joubert was rewarded for her abuses by not having any real or lasting sanction to send others a message.   I have since witnessed Ms. Joubert use the exact same unethical behavior in another case and have obtained the transcript of her open court admissions of conflict of interest against a prior paying client, who was objecting.  Ms. Joubert was allowed to continue in her gross conflict of interest by this additional judge.

I have documented 8 others whose complaints for the exact same acts fell on deaf ears with the Bar and the local judges allow her to abuse litigants with impunity.   She destroys families.   This is done in collusion with various judges in the area who laughingly allow extreme abuses of the process and system.  If there were accountability for the judge’s, most of these victims may actually have a running chance.

William Dudley admitted to me, David Sibley, Dr. Beckham, and others that he was knowingly abusing my child and admitted this before Judge Henry Schuble who laughed and was entertained by this as Judge Henry Schuble

Included in the attached DVD is a campaign brochure,  with an attorney’s affidavit testifying to William Kelly’s efforts to remove me from my child’s life and hand my child over completely to my ex and her family members who had already been convicted of molesting my child and other children and alleged to have molested even my ex and her sister as children.   The brochure was in Mr. Kelly’s first election run for Corpus Christi City council.  

Mr. Kelly had Judge Henry Schuble order me gagged and to destroy my brochures.   I had to destroy 3,000 of them.  Kelly won by only 800 votes, the smallest margin in nearly two decades for council seat in Corpus.  The gag order on me is covered in a text book, “Taken Into Custody”  that was on best seller lists for nearly two years, written by a political science professor, Dr. Stephen Baskerville.  This is the same Mr. Kelly allegedly at the restaurant with Titus.

I understand the process and these particularly criminal attorneys and judges.

Titus Mata, a child, and Jennifer Flores-Lamb, the mother:

I wish to report through the Sunset Commission, evidence and testimony alleging a Texas District Judge  was actively participating in an effort to intimidate a child into making a false allegation against his mother and her attorney.   The judge was stated to have been acting in collusion with an attorney that all in the area acknowledge the judge provides preferential rulings and almost exclusive appointments of financially lucrative assignments.  The attorney is William Kelly, the stated close friend of Judge Galvan. 

I and others have witnessed Kelly screaming at Judge Galvan for several minutes in open court with complete impunity.    I believe the actions in the Titus Mata case are the common patterns and practices of the attorneys and Judges involved.

Mr. Kelly has been involved in the sanctioning of one judge, Henry Schuble and public embarrassment of other judges, yet, continues to insinuate himself into the graces of other judges, such as Galvan, to embarrass and endanger his career.

Ms. Flores-Lamb, Jennifer, has been punished and fined for stopping a false allegation from developing against her.  The false allegation process was discovered early.   Jennifer and her attorney made every effort to expose this criminal activity.  They were fined for their efforts but did not face the severe criminal charges for which they were being set-up.

I have watched and assisted in the defense of Ms. Flores-Lamb as the same three attorney’s, Kelly, Joubert, and Dudley, working with colluding judges have begun the process of criminalizing not just Ms. Florez-Lamb, but also, her attorney David Sibley.   I have lived through 14 known efforts to accuse me of child sexual assault.   I have survived thousands of false allegations of DV, stalking, harassment, etc.  by video and audio recording all interactions with my ex-wife and mother of my child.  She once testified to making 50 false allegations against me in one two week period of time to at least three different law enforcement agencies and the Texas CPS.   The judges were entertained, yet refused to protect my child from her convicted molester or me from the false allegations used to attempt to keep me from discovering the abuses and endangerments of my child.

A child’s testimony, just as in many sex offenses against children, was what exposed an alleged plot by several attorney’s, a sitting Texas District Judge, and the child’s father.   The plot was to have the child state that the child had been sexually touched by the mother and had been made to watch the child’s mother and attorney in bed.

On Saturday, September 18, 2010, Titus Mata was taken to his favorite restaurant, near his father’s home.  They went there to have lunch with a number of individuals.  The child, in his own words in the videos,  clearly states who was present.   In the video labeled “Titus on Seating Arrangement”, (at the mother’s request the videos showing her son are only available to the authorities concerned) the child, Titus Mata, son of Andrew Mata and Jennifer Flores-Lamb, explains who sat in what location at the table where Titus states Judge Bobby Galvan, Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly sat.   This video was taken Thursday, September 26, 2010.

Two waiters attended that particular table on the date and time Titus stated he and his father met with Judge Galvan, Lanette Joubert, William Kelly, William Dudley, and Titus’ Uncle, a Corpus Christi Police sergeant named ‘Junior’.   Both waiters recognized Titus.  One was out of town at the time of the October 11, 2010 hearing where this matter was first raised before the court.  The other testified at that hearing and his testimony is attached in the transcript provided titled 20101011_Transcript_Part_2(1).  This second waiter corroborated the child’s statement as to seating arrangements of the child and the other people at the table.   The waiter corroborated the correct number of people at that table.  The testifying waiter testified to recognizing the child and father as regulars at that restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant, Mandarin Gardens, in Corpus Christi, provided a copy of the table ticket for the exact date and time Titus stated the meeting was held where efforts were made to get him to make a false allegation against his mother and her attorney.  This ticket, which was admitted into evidence in the October 10, 2010 hearing is included in the DVD, and is titled Restaurant_Ticket[1]Mr. David Sibley, one of the targets of the alleged effort to create false allegations against Jennifer and himself, upon hearing of the child’s allegations against these adults recommended the employment of a forensic pediatric psychologist, Dr. Barbara Beckham.  Dr. Beckham interviewed Titus.  This interview is on the video labeled “Beckham_Interview”  provided in the CD with this report. 

Dr. Beckham testified in the October 11, 2010 hearing as to the determined truthfulness of Titus in his statements.   Dr. Beckham’s testimony can be found in (1) on pages 108  through page 121

Judge William Adams of the Youtube child beating infamy, was the judge sitting in this hearing.   He had sanctioned Mr. Sibley for subpoenaing records from attorney William Dudley and ordered Mr. Sibley to pay Mr. Dudley a considerable sum.   It was not disclosed at that time that Judge Adams had employed Mr. Dudley for the judge’s own custody case of a daughter who was younger than the M.S. afflicted child he was recorded beating.

Here are the judge’s own words, taken from  20101011_Transcript_Part_2(1)

“I find that the allegations in your motion,

most of them, Mr. Sibley, are baseless and groundless.

And I’m just rereading the supplemental motion that you

filed. And I didn’t hardly hear any evidence of

anything that you alleged in the motion. About the only

thing I did hear was the waiter from the restaurant

could identify the child, the child’s father at the

restaurant on that particular day. But he could not say

whether or not these other lawyers and a judge were

there. And I don’t have any evidence, whatsoever, that

they were there. And those are really, really strong

allegations for you to make without being able to back

them up.

I’m not going to grant your motion.

And I’m very tempted to go ahead and change the custody over

on a temporary basis. However, I’m going to keep the

status quo right now.”

Following the above hearing, after a series of legal efforts, Mr. Sibley managed to get Titus to be allowed to testify before Judge Alcala.   This public record, unsealed video, is included in the DVD under the title “Titus_Interview_with_Judge_Alcala_Present”.

 The testimony of the mother on the child’s utterances have sent many a man to prison for life, but if the alleged abuser is a judge, then the mother is fined and her child taken, where there is more than enough evidence to convict or to at least start a more serious criminal investigation by law enforcement.

 I have testified in the Titus Mata case as to pattern and practice and in impeachment of one of the witness/attorneys in this affair.   I can provide impeachment documentation and transcripts on all parties, including Judge Galvan.

I wish to file this as a grievance and as a witness statement.  I state that the information contained herein is as true and accurate as I am able to determine.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in this very important and very serious deliberation.


 Stanley A. Rains, Jr.

Where All the Good Men Are, And Kay Hymowitz Has No Clue.

A critique of “Where Have All the Good Men Gone” by Kay M. Hymowitz:

Dear MS. Kay M. Hymowitz,

In response to the Wall Street Journal article of  February 2011, The Good Men are avoiding you like the plague and the only men willing to court the feminist black widows are the men willing to risk being served up as a  life ending midnight knosh.  Ironically, the vast majority of women who destroy the fathers of their children end up as prey to the legal system and to their own offspring who suck the life from their own mother through the children’s life long bitterness, addictions, prostitution, violence, and worse.   One only has to research the prognosis of single mother children for addictions, prostitution, imprisonment, etc… What man wants to have children he will not be able to raise or see while they are growing up? What man wants to have children who are ten times more likely to prostitutes, drug addicts or sex offenders? And you wonder why men are walking away?

This tragedy of single mother raised children happens at all economic levels.   The very wealthy gold-digger’s children have the same tragic prognosis as the ghetto welfare mother’s children.  The futures of the children of  both are statistically very very bleak with the least of problems being serial relationships and marriages.

Kay Hymowitz is getting close for a feminist, but she still doesn’t get it.   She keeps laying the blame on the men even when she admits her sister feminists are beating up the men.    MS. Hymowitz seems to think her power mad sister feminists are equals to men in so many arenas.   She should research more carefully the entitlements of job preferences, education preferences, famliy law preferences, etc…, at the expense of taxpayer’s and individual men’s wallets is an acceptable proposition.    She can’t even get the foundation of her argument quite right. Women are not equal, they are propped up by massive infusions of governmental cash and quotas that must be met or subject employers, schools, professions to civil and criminal persecutions. And, after the fun wears off the elitist women who have destroyed so many resources for their empty image of professionalism just pack up and go home. Over half of them are back at home in under 12 years. What is the cost to industry, tax payors, and the men’s incomes that these entitled women wasted, spent and destroyed.  

In reference to Kay’s rather shallow and superficial approach to her work titled “Where Have All The Good Men Gone?”  and “Manning Up.” Has she stopped to look, critically, within when it comes to the men in her life?  

If I were to have a discussion with Kay on this topic, my points would go something like this:

You believe manning up is paying for some slick tramps bills for the rest of her life while he is lucky to get spam on Fridays, instead of his daily Ramen Noodles.   Is the feminist vagina so golden and his penis so dirty as to justify a man’s life-time enslavement to a once upon a time lover or ex-wife?   Why don’t you start telling your sisters to ‘WOMAN UP’ and be responsible for their own lives and bad decisions.

 How can you, as a feminist, hope for  anything but an emotionally armed truce for mutual transient needs when you are so hyper-critical of men and continuing to demand the many things that women want from men?  

If the courts and legislature mandated a woman provide for a man’s needs for life once she divorces or once she sleeps with him, how crazy would that sound to the feminists of Kay S. Hymowitz circles?   How loud would you and your puerile femi-sisters scream?   Yet they demand the courts and government provide that very enslavement of men to the entitled feminist.    Kay S. you are intellectually dishonest.

Misandry, as with misogyny is a form of self-loathing.   And, you reek of self-loathing in your attacks on the wisdom of men avoiding predatory, ungrateful, and faithless women.  You make men even more cautious around the large numbers of decent women who are still out there.    But, yet, we are boys for not charging, lemming like, over the cliffs of matrimony in to the unforgiving cold sea below or to be like male paramours of black widow spiders who become the after sex snack of a cold and uncaring mate who will herself be fed upon by her brood.   You, Kay Hymowitz, are emotionally dishonest.

You envy what the decent women have, a caring supportive and financially supporting man who loves the woman and the children he gives her.   But you want it without the entanglement of actually getting to know or respect a man.  You espouse wanting to take the man’s children, money, home, respect, family, and anything else you can steal and pry from his still live fingers and then wonder why men avoid you and your feminist sisters with whom you surround yourself?   You are dishonest and misleading to the vast majority of your own gender.

You surround yourself with man-haters, you write man-hate articles and books, and then you want men to worship you and decent men to flock to you for you to pick and chose amongst them for the one who you think will complete you the most?

Are you crazy?  

That was not rhetorical.   Anyone who has taken their college freshman liberal blinders off will tell you that you don’t attack victims by warning them of your scam ahead of time.   You don’t put up traffic signs to  inform “This Way to be Hijacked” , or “Roadside Piracy 2 Miles Ahead”.    I’m sorry, but you just did put up your roadsigns, didn’t you?

And you say these men are not ‘Manning Up’ because they do not take the Hijack or Piracy exits?  

You are crazy to think you deserve the fruits of someone else’s labor without quid pro quo.   You are crazy to think the smart and capable will buy into your plan to destroy them, their offspring (look at the prognosis for children raised by your single feminist sisters) and possibly end their life (15,000 men a year commit suicide from loss of family, children, home, etc.  in our family courts) just to fund your Narcissistic self-destructive life-styles.     And, men have become mere boys for not ‘Manning Up’ eagerly for your sadistic and torturous treatments.

How much arrogance can feminism contain?    Are all believing they are each and everyone a Helen of Troy when in statement and deed they are Medeas?

How can you ever be sure the very personal rejection your feminist compatriots sexual charms isn’t just a self-defense reaction from the men you attack?  Could it be that your physical sexual attributes that women like to over-value, do not overcome your advertising yourself as a female equivalent of a preying mantis ready to prey upon and feed upon the very father of her children?  

How can you not understand the basics of ‘Risk to Reward’ decision making process of men?  There are even mathmatical algorithms to minutely quantify this decision making process.   Yet you ignore the factor of self preservation.   

Why should any man, who is much more emotionally, financially, and psychologically self-contained, risk total and absolute destruction of himself and any children he gives a feminist when he can have a full and fun life without the heartaches and impoverishment feminism brings men, women, and children?  

You  have written and been published  in the context of racial social policy what single motherhood portends for the children and the duped single mothers in the Black ghetto.  Your racism shows through when you can not apply the same near objectivity  to your white middle-class feminist sisters.

It is not the men who have embraced a culturally new ideology of gender warfare, government whoredom of women with welfare, and enforced system entitlements, but the women who have built a world view based on feminist myth of all men as violent rapists and a demand for a total lack of personal accountability for the feminists’ own life decisions, violence, sex offenses against men and children, etc…. 

As the ideology of feminism is being rejected more and more by the larger number of women in this country, we see the die-hard feminists begin to moderate their statements of misandry and begin to speak of women as equals to men all things male, but maintain strict boundaries on all things female.

Feminism is the ultimate female movement for dependence and entitlement. It is a movement of slavers.

Feminist policy goals are to make someone else, a man, the government, society, anybody, responsible for their discontent and desired lifestyle level.

To be dependent for life is foremost and premier as the underlying dogma of all feminist effort.  This is true, whether a man is supposed to ‘man up’ and provide a woman her every need at her every whim or a government to pay a woman’s way while she looses count of the men’s shoes under her bed as she ‘sucks’ them in and then discards them like yesterday’s banana peel.  This demanded dependency is such that no woman is to be held accountable, only some man, even if he is a stranger, is supposed to “Man up”.

Sexual Promiscuity is a process that the feminist recruit has been told will ‘sexually liberate’ her,  especially if she experiments with homosexuality.   Yet these perverse, risky, and self-destructiveactions leave her with a feeling of degradation and self-loathing she transfers in a defensive reflex into blaming men.  Feminist avoid responsibility by blaming men for the feminists’ own bad decisions.   Accountability only counts for men.   

Feminists are so angry at men because when the feminist demands for ultimate and totally unaccountable female relationship and financial power became too heavy a trade-off, the men walked.  Slaves aren’t supposed to be able to walk, so they must be punished and demeaned. Women have been peripheral in men’s lives.

Kay Hymowitz is first and foremost among the more popular pseudo-intellectual who has made a career of demeaning men, accusing men of avoiding women after watching their fathers and grandfathers stripped of home, children, family, and wealth by some faithless woman.

Men have never needed a woman ‘to complete’ them, or we would not have adventurers, sailors, or early world trade caravans.  We would still be sitting in the savannah waiting for some predator to come and eat our slower members, the very young, elderly, or pregnant women. As women demand evermore enslavement of men, politically, culturally, socially, legally, emotionally and financially, men, as men in the ghettos have done, walk.

What sane man will build permanent ties with a woman who espouses man-hate, man-abuse, and man-enslavement. Hello? Any one home over there at the feminist encampment?  

When feminists become mothers and do not appreciate the gifts men bring, every thing the man does will cause the feminist to be angry no matter how supportive or enriching the man’s acts are towards the feminist..   As with any Narcissistic woman, she will be angry if the children get too much attention, the birthday gift was less than $10,000, not buy her the newest SUV or if he asks her to cut back on her twice a week day spa. The woman retaliates with divorce that forces wage slavery and punitive measures on a man who gave his all for giving his all. This will show him, it will destroy his career, create a tragic prognosis for the children’s adulthoods, and impoverish all. But, by God she showed him how mighty she is. Now, in a divorce, the courts will state that he must provide for the family and his ex as if he were still receiving all of the benefits of his marriage plus pay her attorneys who stole from the family as a whole, plus carry another home, plus pay for ‘visits’ with his own children, plus, plus, plus….. Just this one factor will drive many of the more intelligent and capable single young men away from marriage, commitment, and family.

Yet, we have so many more factors than those listed above to describe where Feminism, not women as a whole, has incentivized men to forego what they would like but do not have to have, a wife and children. Feminist have worked at detracting from the gifts a man brings to a relationship, not as another woman, but as an emotional counter weight to the realities of women’s hormonally driven emotions and to the economic support so that women can have the privilege of the financial, emotional, sexual and cultural security a man brings to a relationship. It is when a woman honors a man for what he provides of himself to her and any children that he gives of himself, completely. I do not hear Kay begin to honor men for what they bring to the table, she can only demean it.

Why should any man honor a woman with a lifelong commitment of support when she demeans him and his gender as well as the many gifts he brings. Feminists are such spoiled little children who have long ago lost all appreciation of others.

Ms Hymowitz, your self-professed feminism  is an ideology of Narcissism.  Feminists will breed themselves into non-existence (or it would be better stated they will not be bred into the future.) Feminism is an already dying ideology of personal tyranny.  How ironic and shallow that feminists call the men who rightfully avoid these feminists, Narcissists. 

You should look past the blind inconsistencies of feminism and then you will find what you really want, a partner and a friend who you can trust respect and to whom you are trustworthy and respectful.  You will be able to answer your former feminist sisters, “All The Good Men Are Hiding From You.”

Texas Rangers -Just One More Criminal Complaint against Judge Adams

In this blog is a copy of a criminal complaint from August 2011 against Judge Adams.  As I have stated, repeatedly,   Judge Adams was not abusive in a vacuum and  he does not act alone.   He can only abuse with the tacit approval of other judges and various law enforcement agencies.   Any of them could have at least slowed the judge down on his path of destruction through a county in South Texas without removing him from the bench.  But none would hold him accountable.  

It has been said that two judges from two surrounding counties once visited Judge Adams asking him to lay off of the abuse he heaped on a quadraplegic prosecutor in Aransas County.   Judge Adams ignored the two Texas District Judges.   Why does that not surprise anyone?

Following this paragraph is a copy of the complaint made to the Texas Rangers by David Sibley against Judge William Adams.   The complaint was made three months ago.   I have replaced the names of the two witnesses quoted in the complaint to X and Y to protect them from retaliation by the Judge and his cronies.  The complaint is about Judge Adams alleged efforts in an open courtroom, before numerous witnesses, to have an Aransas County Prosecuter ‘CREATE’ allegations against Mr. David Sibley. 

Mr. Sibley, an attorney at law, has been attempting to draw attention to the judicial abuses committed by Judge Adams as he favors friends and ignores law.  

There is great harm to innocent individuals and in the general public’s trust in our courts when a judge gone bad acts in an openly criminal and extremely arrogant manner in his courtroom.   


David A. Sibley

Attorney At Law


Via rangers@dps.texas.gov  Texas Rangers

Re: Judge William Adams

County Court at Law Judge, Aransas County, Texas;.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a criminal complaint against Judge William Adams, County Court at Law, Aransas County, Texas. I have known about this crime for some time. However, I did not eye witness it, and I didn’t know whether the eye witness would be willing to talk in public.

The eye witness is an attorney who practices in Judge Adams’ Court. The eye witness obviously subjects himself to retaliation by giving his testimony. Judge Adams has a history of retaliation and dishonesty. He uses various state agencies to assist him in retaliation.

However, I ran across the witness at a restaurant last night. He was upset at Judge Adams because Judge Adams had been rude to him. Apparently, Judge Adams was impatient at getting a plea done. This witness was trying to explain the 4 sets of plea papers to his client who he had represented for only 1 day (it is of course the job of a lawyer to make sure the client understands plea papers). Judge Adams was impatient and rude among other things saying things like “just sign the papers.” Judge Adams is disrespectful of litigants.

I hate to get somebody involved because I know Judge Adams will retaliate, but I simply asked X if he would speak out about what he told me months ago. He said yes. He is a very stand up guy. His name is X. He is a lawyer with his office in Portland.

The background is last October Judge Adams was very abusive towards my client and myself. His actions went beyond a bad day or poor performance. His conduct amounted to abuse of my client, a child, and myself. He was retaliatory and dishonest. I complained about his behavior in a number of ways including the judicial conduct commission.

X knew nothing about those events and really still doesn’t. He knows very little still. I first learned about what X witnessed from a friend named Y. As I recall, X and Y somewhere were talking. X knows that Y  is my friend. X told Y that Judge Adams is trying to have David Sibley arrested and that David Sibley should be careful. Y told me this.

A short later I ran across X at the Butter Churn in Aransas Pass. I asked him about what Walter had said. X told me that Judge Adams was sitting on the bench in open court telling the County Attorney (or assistant county attorney) to charge me with a crime (I think disorderly conduct). Judge Adams was claiming to be scared of me or something. You will have to talk to X and the County Attorney (or assistant) to get the details. The fact is that I have done nothing to Judge Adams other than complain about  his corrupt and dishonest behavior in writing (which is not a crime).

Since these controversies have started, I have only seen Judge Adams once and that was in the hallway of the public courthouse with lots of people around. I wouldn’t be around him without witnesses because I know him to be dishonest and retaliatory. I also know him to have a family law mentality (which routinely involves false accusations and feigned “fear”). I know he made an accusation of violence or threat against another lawyer some years ago (Jeff Dietz). I don’t know whether that was true or false but I see a potential pattern here.

The fact is that there was no basis whatsoever for Judge Adams attempting to start a criminal charge against me. He was retaliating and he was filing a false report (both crimes). The County Attorney is law enforcement. He was making a false report to her (I believe it was a “her”). He was retaliating against me because I complained about his judicial behavior. His behavior amounts to things like 1) filing a false report, 2) official oppression, and 3) retaliation. You’ll need to get the details from X and the County Attorney (or assistant). I believe X, and I also know this is consistent with other things Judge Adams has done. He has been retaliating because I have complained about his judicial behavior. He retaliated against my client because my client reported crimes committed by some lawyers who are obviously his friends (these lawyers were trying to get a child to lie about his mother that his mother “touched” him among other devious lies). Thanks.


/s David A. Sibley

Judge Adams – Homicidal, Hullucinating, Psychotic Babysitter Is OK.

Here is a link to a section of a transcript where Judge Adams, after reviewing a homicidal, hullucinating, psychotic babysitter’s medical records in chambers with both attorney’s was keeping the medical records out.   The father had repeatedly stated he was going to continue to have this babysitter watch his son up to 12 hours a day at least 6 days a week, no matter what the medical records showed.       (click on blue link to see the transcript) ->.    Judge Adams helps put a child in danger.

I have read and been present when the medical records of the homicidal babysitter were reviewed by the child’s psychologist.   The psychologist was very distressed that the judge had intentionally kept out records of a known life-threatening danger to a child.   In the transcript where it states “The Court:    I hope the child doesn’t get hurt.    No further questions.”   Was actually Mr. Sibley’s statement.   And at this point a certain small exchange was excluded by the court reporter.

Just before the quote above in this paragraph.   Mr. Sibley asked, “Your honor, you mean that the babysitter for this child being homicidal is not relevent?”.   In response, Judge Adams simply said, “Yep”.    I was there.    The court room was full.    Many others were there.   All were shocked.

State law and Judicial Canons required Judge Adams to protect the child from any hazard coming to his knowledge.  Judge Adams violated law, in this laymen’s opinion, when he refused to protect the child.   It, also, seems this typical Texas Family Law Judge became a party to criminal endangerment of this little 7 year old child.   Again, just my opinion, after 20 years of intense involvement in parents’ rights advocacy in Texas.

Court Reporters are the judge’s political appointees in Texas and most States in the U.s. Court reporters do not type the full and accurate transcription of what happens when court is in session.   I discovered that truth personally

Through a licensing board, I managed to get a court reporter sanctioned, Yvette Shurgart, of Victoria Texas by the Texas Court Reporter’s Certification Board.   I managed to get her sanctioned for embezzling money from me and destroying a transcript of my ex-wife testifying that her mother had prostituted my ex’s older sister on the streets of Corpus Christi when that sibling was as young as 9 to 11 years of age.   It was during the process of following through on my grievances, when I discovered in Texas, Court Reporters make very large incomes each year selling transcripts for rates of $1.50 to $7.50 U.S per page made with county supplies, while on county salaries, to litigants for appeal or documentation purposes, as personal income.

The transcript portion which is provided in the link above, left out considerable, but included enough to show Mr. Sibley and his client making every effort to protect a 7 year old child.

In the year since the transcripted hearing, the father was given custody of the child, the child has spent the majority of his awake hours, when not at school with  the homicidal, hallucinating, sometimes psychotic babysitter.   A neighbor of the homicidal babysitter video taped, as discussed in another blog entry, the boy on a busy, narrow commercial road riding his bicycle, unsupervised.

The part-time psychotic babysitter has stated she drives under the influence of extremely strong medications ranging from anti-psychotics and anti-depressants to anti-anxiety pills, since she is supposed to be taking her medications several times a day.   All of these various psychotropic drugs preclude her from driving legally.    I read the medical history and current list of medications while a psychologist explained what each  diagnosis and medication was and how they limited the capacity of anyone to care for young children or to drive.   Judge Adams was told of this in chambers with attorney’s for both parents present.   That conference was only minutes prior to the transcript provided above.   Judge Adams stated he did not want to see the records and he saw no relevence in presenting them in the custody case before him.    The little boy’s mother and her attorney tried to protect the child without the need for publicity on the extreme mental illness and open danger to the child left alone with his homicidal, hallucinatory, and drugged up Aunt.   The little boy’s Aunt had a medical record that read very similarly to what is known of Judge Adams mother, according to Hallie Adams, Judge Adams own wife.

In the case of the homicidal, part-time psychotic babysitter Judge Adams has forced the little boy’s mother and her attorney to put the Aunt’s medical history into the open public record in an effort to protect the child.   As of November 28, 2011, the little boy has been in the care of the homicidal, drugged. time-bomb of a baby sitter for 13 months.

Judge Adams went a step beyond the absurd in this case.   Judge Adams sanctioned the attorney and the mother for trying to protect a child the judge knew the judge was putting into danger.   The judge was giving this child up to a be with a homicidal, suicidal, part-time psychotic, and hallucinating babysitter who had been repeatedly hospitalized in the recent past for the safety of the general public.

This homicidal babysitter, drugged to the gills by the State of Texas for the safety of the public, drives the boy to and from school.  The boy’s school is a major portion of the distance across Corpus Christi.  Good Ole’ drugged up, homicidal, suicidal, hallucinating, sometimes psychotic babysitter ( a member of the father’s family) is driving the streets of Corpus twice a day during the school year with an innocent 7 year old in the car with her.

Judge Adams not only approved, but actively worked at doing this as a favor to the attorney , Lynette Joubert, a long time cohort and co-conspirator of William Dudley, good friend and attorney for Judge William Adams.

William Dudley is the attorney who wrote and sent out the press release for Judge Adams blaming the daughter for the beating she was given.   In a previous case, William Dudley has been documented loudly mocking Christianity in open court, turning chairs upside down on table while an opposition attorney was attempting to present evidence to a judge, and admitted to abusing a child to multiples of individuals including a senior pediatric forensic psychologist.  After the psychologist in that case repeatedly asked William Dudley if he understood what he was saying when he said “I helped abuse this child.” , the psychologist, Dr. Barbara Beckham, filed a grievance with the Texas Bar Association for ethics violations.   When the grievance was heard by the local Corpus Christi, Texas Bar grievance committee, Mr. Dudley walked into the administrative hearing and in the first 10 seconds announced that Dr. Beckham had recanted her complaint.   Dr. Beckham’s attorney was present in the hearing and immediately asked to call Dr. Beckham from the adjacent waiting room.   Dr. Beckham, within 60 seconds of the hearing being called stated clearly that she had definitely not recanted.    William Dudley, Judge Adams current attorney, probably set a new record for proving an ethics  violation against himself  within 60 seconds of the hearing being called.

The Texas Bar Representative present at that local Bar hearing was Mr. James Ehler.   The local Bar issued a ruling several days later that they found William Dudley had committed no violation of the Texas Bar Ethics rules for attorneys.    Dr. Beckham’s attorney, David Sibley, Esq.,  filed a grievance against the local Bar grievance committee, including Mr. James Ehler.   Mr. Ehler, in his governmental capacity has had a very apparent open vendetta against Mr. Sibley from the time of the filing against the grievance committee for ignoring the violation of ethics committed by Mr. William Dudley, during a hearing against Mr. Dudley.  The grievance committee also ignored the open boasting, admissions that William Dudley had been knowingly helping to abuse a child.   Mr. Dudley had made those admissions in front of four witnesses.  All of whom were present and willing to testify to the Bar grievance committee.   Only Dr. Beckham was called and she was ignored.

In the case of the homicidal babysitter, the father who got custody and turned his child over to the homicidal and hullucinating babysitter,  testified the mother was a good mother and other than documented effort by the father to make false sex abuse allegations against the mother, there were no criticisms of the mom.  (This is another well documented story about a second judge and William Dudley abusing another child)   But, Judge Adams, who could have ordered, at the very least, the child not be left with the this homicidal babysitter, did not even do that.   The judge must have believed that since he survived being raised by his mother, this little five year old boy could survive being raised by his hallucinating and part time psychotic Aunt.

Judge Adams, as a favor to his attorney friends, Lynette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly, gave a 7 year old over to a part-time psyschotic, full-time homicidal and drugged up babysitter.  All three had been party to the efforts to have the second judge intimidate a 5 year old boy into saying his mother touched him ‘bad’ and that he had been made to watch his mother and her attorney in bed.   The mother and attorney had no romantic relationship.  This was an attempt to create a false outcry by a child accusing the innocent mother and attorney of child sex abuse.

The second portion of the transcript exerpt gives a bit more information on these attorneys and another Judge in nearby Nueces County attempting to persuade and intimidate the 7 year old boy to falsely claim his mother touched him sexually and that the boy had been  made to watch the mother and her attorney have sex in bed together.  There is much more to this sordid story.   It is generally typical of what is done to fathers in Texas family courts, not mothers

This is how the State of Texas handles the “Best Interest of the Child” standard which the legislature has refused to define in any manner except to leave it open for the judges in Texas to enrich themselves and their good friends.

This author is talking to the mother and her attorney in an effort to be able to post the video of the little boy on the busy highway in front of the homicidal babysitter’s house, unsupervised.  The father’s babysitter for the child is nowhere in sight and often passed out on the couch while the boy wanders the street and neighborhood.  Remember, not even the father who now has custody has ever stated the mother did anything wrong in the care of the child.

These medical records of the babysitter were duly subpoenaed and delivered over and received in full compliance of both Federal and State Health Information Privacy statutes and rules.  These records have been filed with the Aransas County District Clerk.  They are a matter of public record and  in files available to the general public.

Unsealed divorce records are public accessible, except where the Aransas County District Clerk lies to the person requesting access to public files.  This has been done to help Judge Adams take money form Mr. Sibley in sanctions that would not have succeeded had Mr. Sibley had full knowledge of the public record.  Judge Adams has hidden from David Sibley and the mother in this case, the judge’s close personal and business ties to Lynette Joubert and William Dudley.  These are serious conflicts of interest.

This is an interesting and sinister story for another time of how the Aransas County District Clerk helped to hide the public record files of Judge Adams divorce from para-legals and from attorney David Sibley, the attorney for the mother of the child in the transcripted case referenced above.

It seems Mr. Sibley was unaware of the ongoing attorney-client relationship between Adams and Dudley when Adams sanctioned Sibley for attempting to subpoena a copy of a family law text written by Dudley and William Kelly.  The Aransas County District Clerk seems to have conspired with Judge Adams and William Dudley to enrich themselves with fines assessed against Mr. Sibley while denying him the public record to defend himself.   Neither Judge Adams nor Dudley revealed their personal and business relationships to Mr. Sibley or to the child’s mother.

Is this how Judge Adams pays his attorney, with the fines assessed to others?

Judge William Adams & Friends-Symptoms of Greater Ills

Rockport Texas Judge Adams, who is featured in a new viral child abuse video as a man who beats his disabled daughter in an extremely cruel and violent manner with strong sexual overtones, was first exposed for bizarre courtroom antics and turning a child over to a homicidal and suicidal woman over a sane stable mother in this blog.   I and others began our battle to hold this abusive judge accountable almost 13 months ago.

The new video is extremely hard to watch.  However, knowing the judge, the only surprise was that his daughter taped his violence and then distributed it.   Good for her!

But, the video has more impact than just the judge beating his daughter.  It now brings out how three of his good friend family law attorneys whom I watched him dramatically favor in a courtroom above and beyond reasonable judicial behavior had used this judge’s sanction against an attorney for a lawful and legitimate subpoena to make efforts to disbar the attorney representing the sane stable mother.

These are the same three attorneys involved in the abuse of the little 7 year old boy handed over to the homicidal, hallucinating, psychotic.  These attorneys have tried to use another Texas judge to tamper with the boy as a witness and convince the boy to lie that his mother had sexually touched him and that the boy had watched his mother and her attorney in bed having sex.

The three good friends of this sick and perverted Texas judge, no not the unnamed one trying to intimidate the 7 year old, but of the sick perverted Judge Adams, were the same ones to repeatedly use false allegations (admitted and proven false) against my child and me to keep me from protecting my child from a mother who testified the sexual abuse of our child at the age of two by a serial molester convicted of molesting three other little girls, was “humorous” and “appropriate”.   My ex continued to place my child around her convicted molester, sometimes completely alone with him.   These three attorney’s, good friends of William Adams, used a plethora of dirty tricks, including false sex abuse allegations to keep my child with their client, while their judge friends had me paying my ex’s attorney fees “in the Best Interest of the Child” for their false allegations against me.   I have watched them use these and other dirty tricks against others whom we have volunteered our time to assist as they, also, fought these three and their judge buddies.

One, of the three, I had sanctioned but not disbarred by the Texas Bar after she first represented me then represented my ex-wife (three times) and then a visitation center.  Eventually, in Federal Court, Lynette Joubert’s visitation center was shut down in my pro se Federal suit including these three attorneys and my ex-wife.  She was sanctioned after I complained on three separate instances of her coming back into the case against me, AND after helping at least three others make the almost exact same complaints in their own cases.   When I received notice that she was sanctioned in my case, the documents included a sanction for doing the same to a person I had not previously known.

Another of these three attorneys had admitted to abusing my child in front of me, my attorney, a paralegal and a senior forensic pediatric psychologist.    In a discussion of the false allegations attorney William Dudley not only admitted to abusing my child he stated that what he had done to me and my child was the very reason he had vasectomy and raised the step-children of his various wives.

When the local bar grievance committee held the hearing against that attorney, William Dudley, in the first ten seconds, before the hearing was called to order, Dudley proclaimed the witness, Dr. Barbara Beckham, had recanted.   Dr. Beckham was outside the door of the hearing room.  She was called into the hearing, asked if she recanted, and Dr. Beckham stated in no uncertain terms that she had not recanted.  In less than the first 60 seconds of that grievance hearing against Dudley he lied to the committee, then was proven to have lied to the committee with the testimony of the complainant, Dr. Beckham.

William Dudley lied to the grievance committee.  The Texas Bar Rules clearly state that a lawyer “Shall” not lie to any tribunal.   Dudley lied to the tribunal of the grievance committee.   The grievance committee ruled Dudley had done nothing to violate any Bar Rules, including lying to that very committee.  David Sibley filed a grievance against the committee for an obvious fraud in their behavior and ruling.   Nothing was ever heard of that grievance.   It was kept secret, even from Mr. Sibley, the complainant.

The third attorney in this Triad, William Kelly, had knowingly filed false and unfounded allegations against me as a tactic to keep his client from losing custody.  His client is the one who testified the molestation of my child at her second birthday party was ‘humorous’ and ‘appropriate’.   William Kelly’s sister in law was named Attorney ad Litem for my child.   We were not told of this close family relationship.   The attorney ad litem,  Jeannette Cantu-Bazar was caught lying under oath that she had interviewed witnesses who stated I was molesting my child in the playground area of a city park during daylight hours.   The ad litem had to admit she had never talked to the witnesses and when we finally got the names of the witnesses and got them on the stand, they stated the only person they had talked to was my ex-wife and had never talked to Cantu-Bazar.  Cantu-Bazar had submitted a false billing for these falsely claimed interviews.   With transcripts, documents, and witness statements, the local Bar stated there was no evidence against Janette Cantu-Bazar that she had done anything wrong.

An attorney, Sam Westergren, who witnessed William Kelly laughing and joking about keeping my child from me with false allegations, gave me an affidavit of that event.

When William Kelly ran for Corpus Christi city council, I used the affidavit in a campaign brochure against Kelly.  Kelly had Judge Henry Schuble call me into court and gag me.   Political scientist and associate professor at Howard University, Stephen Baskerville, documented this gross denial of civil rights and violation of Federal Law in his bestselling book ‘Taken Into Custody’.    I had distributed 1,000 of the brochures; I had to destroy three thousand just days before the election.   Kelly won by 800 votes.   This was the closest margin in over 15 years for anyone winning that seat on the Corpus City Council.

We eventually got the judge that helped William Kelly  in his campaign reportedly pulled off my case and off theTexas bench alltogether for two full years.  This was the now deceased Judge Henry Schuble.

And, there is so much more that we have carefully documented and maintained archived records on that we can spend years just writing of the abuses committed by several judges and these three attorneys in that on little area of Texas.

This is what Texas Justice is all about.

And, the question begging to be asked… “Where have the FBI and Texas Rangers been all this time?”

After asking for investigations into these two cases and others, I can answer with an age old South Texas saying… “Quien Sabe?”  (Who Knows?)


The Child Abusing Judge Adams I Know

Judge William Adams of Rockport, Texas ruled that a homicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily medicated, suicidal person with whom the child is left with for prolonged periods by the father is not relevant to safety or Best Interest of the Child. I sat in the courtroom and watched this travesty transpire. All present, including the judge’s own staff seemed shocked and taken aback by this bizarre ruling. Is this the real meaning of Best Interest of the Child? Is this how jaded and immune our courts and media have become where real danger is minimized and false allegations lionized?

The visible arrogance of Judge Adams was comparable to the arrogance of the Medieval Italian Prince to whom Machiavelli was writing in the book by the same name, “The Prince”. The judge was exercising raw, unbridled power for which he has nearly absolute immunity. This is the life of a false sex allegation. Just ask Jennifer Mata in Rockport, Texas what it is like to be the target of a conspiracy to falsely accuse

I was in the courtroom that day.   I testified at that hearing.   I watched Judge Adams turn a child over to a woman diagnosed and regularly hospitalized by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation as a threat to the general public.   Judge Adams stated that one of the parents promise to leave this child with if they gained  custody, that parent was represented by a cohort of the judge’s personal attorney, William Dudley of Corpus Christi, Texas.    

William Dudley is helping the judge go for custody of another and much younger daughter than the one he beat in the recent viral video.

I was present in the courtroom when Judge Adams stated  that the child’s daycare provider of one of the parents, who claimed they would continue with this daycare,  being diagnosed as sometimes psychotic, hallucinatory, homicidal, suicidal, and drugged beyond the point of being able to drive was irrelevent to the custody issue.

That hearing was a year ago.   Since then the boy, now 7, has continued to be left the majority of the time with this dangerous daycare provider.   CPS has done nothing.

Neighbors of the psychotic woman video taped the young boy on his bicycle in the road in front of the psychotic’s home.  The road is the road to the Corpus Christi dump.  Heavy trucks race up and down the road continually.  The road is narrow with deep ditches on each side.   Texas CPS has refused to act on this neglect and criminal endangerment of this child.

This is a case where I testified to the pattern of false allegations by a set of independent attorneys who claim to be unofficial partners in abuse of parents in family court, a 6 year old child, boy referenced above, made an outcry to his mother that his father, his father’s adult, police sergeant uncle, his father’s attorney, a judge in this case, and the attorney for the father’s attorney met at the child’s favorite local restaurant and was told by the judge and others to lie and say his mother had touched him sexually and that he had watched his mother and her attorney have sex in bed.  The boy refused and then told his mother when he saw her next.

I have a copy of the boy’s recorded testimony to this restaurant meeting.   It is an audiovideo recording I will post when we have redacted the visible portions of the boys face and his name.

The mother’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, interviewed the owner of the restaurant and received a copy of the ticket for the specific large group table the child stated the party had sat. The correct number of adults and one child was shown on the ticket. The two waiters who attended the table both knew the father and son but not the others. The two waiters confirmed, one with courtroom testimony and the other in a sworn affidavit, the father, son, and others dressed in business attire were at the table at the time the child indicated.

The child further stated the police officer relative drove the judge to child’s aunt’s house, where the other adults went as well. The child said the efforts to get the child to make false allegations by the adults continued at the Aunt’s house.

The young child stated the police officer later drove the judge, whom the child had met in a court appearance, back to the judge’s home in the officer’s patrol car.

Mr. Sibley subpoenaed the GPS records for the official patrol car the child stated the police officer was driving. The GPS records for that car were provided with a fifteen hour gap in the records for that car. The gap corresponds with the time the child stated the meeting was held. The GPS readings stopped at a location far removed from where they resumed almost exactly 15 hours later.

The child was taken to a well experienced pediatric psychologist who discussed the child’s statements with the child and found no cause to disbelieve the child.

The judge and others have refused to deny, on the record that there was a meeting at that restaurant on that date and time.

Police are not investigating this effort to influence a witness to make false allegations. The police are not investigating the use of a police sergeant and his vehicle in the crime of attempting to influence and intimidate a witness to falsely accuse his own mother of sex crimes. The media won’t touch it. And the three Bitchhood spin miesters claim no one is harmed by false allegations. This has been common fare for the past 20 + years in falsely accusing men.

Now for the Piece de resistance, the father states the mother is a good mother but the father wants the aunt, who participated in part of the effort to intimidate the child into making a false outcry against his mother, to be his son’s new mother now that the father and mother are divorced.

The aunt has a history of treatment by Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation psychiatrists for being homicidal, hallucinatory, occasionally psychotic, suicidal, suffering from Major Depressive disorder and extremely heavily medicated to control the mental issues. Or at least she is heavily medicated when she takes her prescriptions. The aunt is in denial that she has mental issues and was falsely denying, under oath, that she had been repeatedly hospitalized for her mental illnesses by the State to protect her and others.

How can it be explained away when  The Honorable William Adams of Aransas County, Texas, ruled that the medical condition and records of the father’s preferred care provider, the homocidal, hallucinating and sometimes psychotic caregiverfor his son and the father’s preferred new mother for the child, should he gain custody is not relevant. The judge had only moments before heard the father state that irrespective of medical records, he would ignore the diagnosis and continue to leave his son with this homicidal psychotic.

Domino’s Pizza Daddy Hate Ad Campaign of 2004


A Letter That Helped Stop a National Ad Campaign

(The content is as applicable today as it was in 2004)



Stan Rains wrote a letter to Dominos Pizza concerning its apparent sponsorship of a billboard contest for children which constitutes State Sponsored Parental Alienation Syndrome. It is with special permission from Mr. Rains that we publish it here on the Anti-Peonage Act Website:


From: “Stan Rains”


Subject: Dominoes Pizza Parental Alienation Ad Campaign


Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 16:02:27 -0500


 Dear Sad, Sick, Destroyers of Children.


I am writing you in reference to your web site http://www.paykids.com/ContestRules.asp .  On this page, you describe a contest rewarding children who can make their non-custodial father look the most hated and despicable.  What are you trying to do to all of those children?  That is a hate crime against the children first and their non-custodial parent second.


I have never and hope to never see again any campaign that would ask any child to find ways to make their parent appear as a criminal monster in a drawing.   Do you do that to children of drug dealers, mass murderers?  Would you have children draw pictures of how terrible their alienating, hateful, malicious, child-destroying mother looks to them when she is teaching them to hate their father? 

The father is half the child.  If you teach the child to hate either parent for any reason, you teach the child to hate himself.


 Did you know that women file 85 % of the divorces, knowing the devastation this will cause on their children?  The causes women filing divorce in this country for abuse and adultery are only present in about 6.5% of divorce at most.  Bad hair causes more women to file than abuse or unfaithfulness by the men.


Do you know that child support paying military personnel killed in action are listed on the States’ and Federal Government’s Deadbeat Lists.  Death is not an option when it comes to paying child support. Getting killed in Combat now gets heroes labeled “Deadbeat”. Now the children not only do not have a father, but their war hero dad is now a low-life scum deadbeat because he is dead.  And you wish to memorialize their dad dad with an ugly drawing on a billboard labeling him deadbeat, criminal and a loser?


Did you know that men who become ill or disabled cannot get child support reduced and then make the deadbeat list?


Did you know that reservists and National Guardsmen often times make less on active duty than they owe in Child support?  They do not have the time or money to request reductions before combat duty and come home deadbeat in amounts that they cannot catch up on.  They come home and are arrested for serving this nation in war.


Did you know that a hostage held in Lebanon for years was arrested when he came home on child support arrearages while he was a political hostage?  The arrest took place in Chicago.


Did you know child support paying fathers who died in 9/11 are on the deadbeat dad lists?  Did you know preachers who die of cancer (Rev. Dennis Austin) are now listed as deadbeats?  Death is not an option. Neither is illness, injury, or any other just cause.  Is that the plight of a married father with children of that marriage?  No.  Then why crucify innocent men for the insanity, even temporary, of a wife who finds a hotter lover, or wants to spend more on make-up?  Did you know that is exactly what is happening to more and more women?


Did you know that by all studies most of the so called Deadbeat fathers are actually beat down dead by family court systems assessing excessively high child support and failing to enforce visitation with their children after the children were kidnapped by a flighty mother? Most in arrearages are men from lower income categories.  The millionaire deadbeat is urban myth 99.99 % of the time.  There just aren’t enough millionaires, deadbeat or not to fill that claim.  So you have a man struggling to make ends meet and marginally employable and you wish to further disenfranchise and criminalize him, then heap indignity upon him by having his children make him look like a monster?


 Did you know that the tax advantages and tax free income, social services denied to men but provided to women, only, actually encourage divorce, the number one destroyer of today’s children?  

Did you know that in tax advantages alone, a woman leaving a man realizes an immediate $3,000. + a year advantage? 

Did you also know that she will have immediate access to all types of social services immediately upon divorce that are not accessible to any man?


 Have you ever done the math on child support?  If a man is making even as high as $40,000/year gross income.  He will be required to pay at least 20 % before taxes (20% of gross income).  His I.R.S. tax will be 28% of his gross income (20 + 28 = 48%).  Then he will be required to pay Social Security Tax of 15.3 of his gross (20% + 28% + 15.3% = 63.3%).  And then there is State Income tax of about 5% (63.3%+5% =68.3% of his gross income).  If he is or was self-employed, then he has upwards of 6-8% more of his gross he must pay out in taxes, which I will ignore at this point.


 Now we multiply the $40,000 times 68.3% and get $27,320.  Now we take $40,000. and subtract the $27,320 and we get what is left, $12,680. or 31.7% of his income is what he superficially gets to keep to actually live on. This is well below poverty level.  This does not take into account the requirement for a man who has gone from middle class to below poverty level to also provide health insurance for his child ($50-$100/mo at the least) and to pay for his wife’s attorney, any social workers and psychologist ($200-400/mo). Then, the father, if his wife allows him to see his children, must care for and entertain his children when he does have them at the whims and fancy of the abandoning wife.   His wife, whom the vast majority of the time abandoned the home and kidnapped the children for no reason other than chasing a pipe dream now claims head of household, is eligible for multiples of services ranging from welfare, to free legal counsel as a reward for divorcing a man who was innocent.  I will be glad to provide you with the links to various federal studies documenting these statements with peer-reviewed reports.


 Child support for this $40,000/year man was not just $8,000. The ex got the money tax-free. Tax-free means she got an amount to spend that would take anyone else upwards of $12,000. a year in gross to enjoy.  And that is what that cost the man, $12,000. because he paid the taxes.  He also paid the taxes on the health care, and on the payments to her lawyer, psychologist, etc. were assessed by the court as child support.  For a divorce he did not deserve, or want he is not allowed to live .


 If the man gets behind, he can loose professional licenses (Tim Emerson, M.D.  of San Angelo, TX.), drivers licenses, even hunting and fishing licenses so he is criminalized if he catches his own food since he is not allowed money to eat.


 Also, have you ever researched the destruction of a child and their adulthood from having been aggressively alienated from a parent as a child?  There are numerous web sites dealing with this issue, including groups of adults struggling with the aftermath of having been alienated from a loving parent.


 Child support is regularly used as a tool by unethical judges to imprison or to chase off a loving and dedicated father insisting on being a part of his child’s life.  That is not even disputed by Michigan’s A.G.  And, you wish to be a part of such fraud.  I would imagine whatever feminist sold you on this idea did not have you do any real or meaningful study on this course of action before taking it. This tragedy of stolen children and fraudulent child support awards has reached the levels that every family has been hit.  Every family has lost access to at least one child as a result of Parental Alienation. And you wish to encourage this destruction.


The greatest classification of suicide in the 18-35 age group is men who have lost their family, home, income, savings, livelihood and respect for nothing they did wrong.   We loose more men to this cause in two years than we did in two decades in Vietnam.


Have you looked into how child support is actually assessed and the formula that is used?  Of course not.  You are not really concerned about children but on jumping on a PC band wagon to sell Pizza.  What extreme feminist sold you on this very destructive ad campaign?   Every family has lost access to at least one child from Parental Alienation. And you want to formalize and praise further destruction of these children.


I will boycott your local stores until such time as you publicly apologize for intentionally encouraging custodial parents to brainwash their children against struggling non-custodial parents.  I will make copies of your PayKids.com website and pass them out to local veterans groups, pta groups, and in front of your stores with maps to your competitions stores and even your competitions menu’s and discount coupons where I can find them.  Why didn’t you offer second jobs to struggling dad that allowed them time off when the get their kids.  Or a contest where children draw the picture of the monster, criminal judge that keeps them from seeing and being with their loving father.  Let’s see you put that on a billboard.


By the way, my child was molested by my ex’s nephew at the age of 2.  My ex moved into the convicted molesters home.  He was also convicted of molesting three other little girls.  I have been bankrupted in the last ten years attempting to protect my child.  The courts have used child support as a tool to silence my objection to my child being in my wife’s custody  and to my demanding that at the very least the courts enforce it’s own  visitation orders.  After knowingly destroying my business and   declaring me indigent on his own accord, the judge in our case then, knowing I was now unemployed, at his orders, then doubled the child support payments.  This was a means to make me go away and quite attempting to actually expect my child to be protected.  These statements are a matter of public record.


If you do not remove this ad campaign page from your website and drop this campaign teaching children to hate their fathers and themselves, I will make sure that I cost you as many customers as I can and I will make your really abusive campaign the most expensive and ill-advised effort your Corporation has ever made.


Stanley A. Rains, Jr.







While reading this column, I would like for you to realized that 65% to 95% of ALL, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the  ills and expenses of our country, poverty, crime, welfare, runaway education and medical expenses, are all products of the rapidly growing number of voluntarily single mothers.   These are single mothers who are being bought and paid for to be Welfare voters with your tax dollars.

As I read the small Denison, Texas newspaper this morning, I was struck by a statement that I hadn’t heard in a while, “long slippery slope”. On the same page as that article was another about the Texas Budget for the next two years, a biennium. The three major concerns for the biennium in the expected budget shortfall of $27 billion dollars are:
1. Increased education costs for the 153,000 new public school students expected;
2. Medicare and Medicaid with our current spike in health care costs; and
3. Services to the poor.

We are now speeding rapidly towards the crash at the bottom of that long slope. Nearly all of our budget overruns have a single commonality, the government incentivizing and even forcing single motherhood upon our country. We can all point at the incentives. These numerous incentives account for the greatest increase in single motherhood in the past 40 years. However, single motherhood has become a trap of immense proportions.

We have an overwhelming number of single mothers who chose this condition actively as a lifestyle. There was never any causative abuse or adultery by any spouse. There is a small fraction of single mothers who are and always have been single out of various real life tragedies. And, of course, widows are widows and should not ever be mixed in single mother discussions with the voluntary single mothers.

Promoting single motherhood is promoting poverty of not just the voluntarily and singularly stupid single mothers, but of all of our country and to varying extents to which feminists have exported their onerous policies to the rest of the world, all of the inhabitants of this globe.

We are going to have to return personal accountability to women for their own actions, good or bad. This is as we have always done to men, in spite of the efforts of feminists to revise history to say that men and marriage is bad and rarely of any special benefit. Feminist have gone to great lengths to rewrite history to fit the myths upon which they base their political ideology of self-aggrandizement at the expense of children, other women, and all men. Feminism has been a popular ideology in some of our power elite circles as a means to make greater inroads into our personal liberties, freedoms, and, of course, our wealth.

Our politicians, while silencing any opposing opinions or real public discourse have charted a course where we reward and incentivize women to become Whores of the State. Gratefully, we still have a large number of women who have maintained personal integrity and have refused to fall into the easy money trap of welfare, poverty, abuse, and destruction of their own children. It is a trap that our media elites have conspired to help falsely sell with their massive propaganda machines churning out ‘entertainment’ fantasies of successful, have it all single women and of how marriage is only another name for abuse. The reality is a far cry from the message sent by our media and our politicians.

This course charted by politicians and power elites among our judiciary have only been able to do so with access to the public coffers. The coffers are running dry.

Since it is statistically likely that every extended family in America has experienced a “No Fault” divorce, we all recognize that in massively disproportionate numbers women are the ones who are destroying the American Families and it is not the men who are abandoning their family and children. If a woman files a ‘No Fault’ divorce she is more likely to be guaranteed control of the children and all, if not most, of the current assets of the union and the man’s future income, sometimes for decades to come. And, this foolishly filing woman is guaranteed to have the bills resulting from her failure of responsibility to be paid by all of the rest of us. This common and faithless woman is allowed to destroy her family and her children’s lives for transient ‘feelings’ with no real fault by her spouse. In fact, she is rewarded for doing just this.

It is relatively rare that a woman filing for “No Fault” divorce is given an equal or greater share of the debt. The innocent, “No Fault” husband, generally gets the lion’s share of the debt while being forced to subsidize the unwanted loss of his children to some boyfriend, lesbian lover, or a new stepdad. The faithful dad who was found by a court of law to have ‘No Fault’ is forced, through a wrong done by his spouse, not him, into poverty, is criminalized, and even jailed for not performing court ordered impossibilities at the behest of the woman. We have all seen this on an almost daily basis. It is becoming so blasé as to be considered a part of life for men such as puberty or male pattern baldness.   To lighten this message, here is a short and very entertaining video that accurately depicts what is done to our responsible to disincentivize marriage and responsible fatherhood.   It is a great study in Risk to Reward: 

The forcing of single motherhood has, thankfully, been so offensive that even the more radical liberals have shied away from the use of bizarrely defined abuse claims to force women to divorce or lose access to their own children. This can be seen in such extreme instances as considering a woman abused who is raising a child in home where the husband worked, earned the money, and kept the checkbook with the wife’s permission. The husband, without the wife objecting, keeping the checkbook was considered so abusive that a Mass. caseworker told the woman to divorce her husband or lose their child. The young couple was jailed when they refused to turn the child over to the State’s foster system after the faithful young mother refused to divorce or separate from her checkbook balancing, working husband. These ‘forced’ divorces are minimal in number. The very design behind these bizarre definitions of abuse and demands to remove the fathers was to be a stick to force divorce and single motherhood where the false carrot of child support and welfare did not work to destroy a family.

When one begins to breakdown the increased education expenses, it is found that smaller classrooms are needed (with the increase in teachers and buildings) because of the lack of discipline of the overwhelming percentage of children coming from single mother homes.  If there is any doubt these children are a problem, the statistics provided later in this article will answer that doubt.  From the increase in budget for the children in general, the special ‘prison’ campuses, campuses for serious offenders bringing weapons, drugs or violence onto campuses, create massive funding needs well beyond what is provided to children from stable two bio-parent homes.

The majority of single mother homes are those incentivized by tax funds and lending programs forced upon our financial industry to provide lifestyles to single mothers, these women cannot afford on their own, at the expense of the general market.  And, as shown with the single example of impact on schools and then extrapolate the continued problems into adulthood with increases police, court, and prison costs, we can begin to see the multiplication of costs to our society and economy in just this one tiny arena of all the massive arenas affected by the subsidizing of single mother homes.

A single mother can be guaranteed a home, income, health care, day care, food, utilities, and even a big screen TV, if she will either have a child out of wedlock or divorce the father of her children. Plus as an added incentive, the woman can use any number of programs to misuse, abuse, and essentially enslave a man for his wages with the backing of law enforcement guns and jails. A single mother can pull the strings on her new toy, the father of her children, while she steals the father from the children’s lives. Father presence is the singularly most important factor in children becoming healthy, happy, and productive citizens. The children’s futures and fortunes are being stolen by these feckless women.

It is these same faithless and unfit mothers who are the most vocal in their screams that the man step up to the plate and do his duty to support his children. Most of the support goes to mommy’s Narcissism or new sexual adventures either in clothes, flashy car, cosmetics, or direct payments to boyfriends for hot, temporary, transient sex. It has been repeatedly reported for decades that Section 8 housing administrators for welfare mothers tell the private landlords that the tenant single moms being subsidized by our tax dollars can have a “dozen pair of men’s shoes under the bed each night, but no man’s clothes in the closet”. Translated, this means she is subsidized as long as she is either a skank or a whore, but she will lose her benefits if she has a stable relationship with a single man or with the father of any of her children.

Section 8 is funded by our Social Security system. Most of the women abusing these Social Security programs have never worked or worked for such a minimal time as to be nothing more than pure leeches upon our economy. We are funding their perversions. The same politicians who ensure these payments for dependency voters are the ones who like to falsely claim that welfare was ‘fixed’ with the Clinton’s welfare reform package.   These dependency creating politicians would have the public believe it is the seniors who worked all their lives who are the ones at fault for the Social Security expense overruns.

All the Clinton’s welfare reform did was to shift the bookkeeping so that it showed the fathers of these welfare children were responsible for the mother’s benefits. This happens when the father was never allowed any say in the raising, care, or expense of his children. In fact, the father is charged these debts when the situation was forced upon him when he was more than ready willing and able to care for his children without government funding. Shifting tens and hundreds of billions of dollars of welfare debt to fathers who already earn below poverty wages was just a trick to fool the rest of us who still have to pay on this growing expense.   It was a bookkeeping trick putting the debt on those who cannot pay, while still writing the same or larger checks for the same problem that was not fixed.

There was never a problem of any serious proportion of fathers abandoning children and wives, until the government created the problem,  such that the government needed to intrude and force men to support families. The government tore the families and the men apart and then increased the expenses, called obligations, upon only the man while providing up to 72 different means tested welfare programs to single mothers and their children. These impoverished men only have the Salvation Army to turn to for food and shelter. The Salvation Army has limited capacity and many men receive no support at all, except for what they find under a bridge or overpass.

And, a little known fact is that the vast majority of fathers who are being charged for the welfare payments to the mother of their children are themselves living below poverty levels. If welfare was not so gender biased the majority of men the Federal government claims owes this money, would themselves be on welfare.

Single mothers raised 95% of all of those who are either in prison or receiving treatments for drug addiction. Single motherhood is single handedly funding the drug cartels and all of the narco wars around the world, including Afghanistan. And, our government incentivized more of these ‘drug addict factories’ we call single mothers.

A like figure of 95% single mother raised applies to women arrested for prostitution. It is expected this number is similar for male prostitutes.

Young women, generally obese, are regularly overheard in grocery store lines boasting of the many ways and scams they have used to turn welfare and children’s food benefits into money for their drugs, alcohol, boyfriends, and trips to the casinos.

Our mortgage industry collapsed under the weight of our lenders being forced (read taxed) into social lending to mainly single women for the purchase of grand homes well above the real purchase ability of these women. Women were given preference for sub-prime loans where a woman with a $30,000/ year income could buy a $300,000, $400,000 or even a $500,000 home. The monthly payments for the first few years would be less than the interest alone. The notes would quickly exceed the value of the home as un-charged, and un-paid interest was added to the principle. A $300,000 home in five years of $700 payments could increase the note principle to $320,000 or higher. At the end of the five years the payments suddenly jump from the $700 range to over $3,000 per month. That is greater than the $30,000 income the woman earned, not counting her tax free child support income she spends and daddy gets taxed on.

In early 2008, before the recognized financial crises and collapse of our mortgage markets, research showed the vast majority of all foreclosures were a direct result of divorce. The same commonality was found in our consumer credit industry. Well over 75% of the losses to our consumer credit industry were a direct result of divorce. Yet, both industries have remained unusually quiet on the bankrupting of their industries to help incentivize and support the growth of single motherhood. This shows that not only public tax monies, but forced private losses of income and profit were used to incentivize single motherhood.

Women were buying homes well beyond their means to give the appearance, at great societal costs, that women could have it all without a man. Ironically, most income tax is paid by men who create whole industries to keep others employed. We take from those most able to grow our economy and give the resources to those who would waste the wealth of others, voluntarily single mothers.

And the Family Law courts, in divorce, are knowingly encouraging and allowing the passing on of personal debt to the private companies by assigning nearly all debts, generally incurred by the wife, to the father. After Dad is bankrupted, then the companies raise rates and charges to recover the losses which are in effect another method of taxing all of the rest of us for the policy of incentivizing Narcissistic Divorce by women.

Our excesses in family policies have taken their toll. In every single category of public and private expense we can account for negative and unnecessary effects of our family destructive policies that have experimented and clearly failed with creation of ‘modern’ families. These modern families can only thrive with massive infusions of money from public and private coffers. We have run out of money and these tens of millions of families are still just as destroyed.

The singular heart of this grandiose new experiment in creating a dole dependent voting bloc, or, in the alternative felons with no voting rights at all, has been No Fault Divorce. The massive rise in welfare mom headed households (one of the categories of households now categorized as a ‘Modern Family’) accounts for 90+% of all welfare households.

Single mother households must, generally, be funded by mainly men. The majority of taxes from which our money flows from the population, to the coffers of government and on to the single mother homes are paid by men. Child support is a tax on men for having children if the woman wants to go play with someone else, irrespective of costs in money or the lives of their children.

A woman can chose to divorce and go on welfare over the objections of the man. He then becomes liable for her personal and financial choices while having to maintain a separate home. If he is unable to meet the obligations imposed on him through no fault or choice of his own, he is criminalized at great loss to our society and economy and greater expense to his children for generations to come and massively greater relative expense to our coffers. The man is no longer a productive citizen, supporting and caring for his own children in the environment most likely to create a new generation of good citizens, father raised children. He is now living in a jail at a greater monthly cost to our budgets than his child support obligation or the targeted taxation of a father for the welfare choices of a faithless and fickle woman.

Single mother households beget single mother households.

50% of single mothers are below the poverty line; their children are 6 times more likely to be in poverty than children with married parents. Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live”, Tyndale House.

85% of homeless families are single mother families. Barry H. Waldman and Stephen P. Perlman, “Homeless Children With Disabilities, “The Exceptional Parent, June 1, 2008 (American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers. Jason DeParle, “Raising Kevion”, New York Times, Aug. 22, 2004

There were 3 million single mothers in 1970 and 10 million in 2003. U.S. Census, Table FM-2, All Parent/Child Situations, by Type, Race, and Hispanic origin of Householder, 1970 to 2003

Single mothers begat feral (criminal) children as adults or dependent children with addictions and disorders that negatively impact our society.

Single mother dominated filings in our courts account for upwards of 85% of our judicial budget when their issues clog our courts with false allegations, divorces, custody, visitation, juvenile, and crimes un-proportionately committed by adult children of single mothers. Add to this list the many other issues revolving around stealing the fathers away from the their children when it has been shown the greatest commonality for negative impact on children as adults is being raised in a single mother house and the greatest commonality for constructive citizenship has been where the children are raised in bio-father home, with or without the mother.

Children of single mothers are a net negative on our society with lowered education and income levels and greatly increased chance of the daughters of these homes following in the faithless and leeching single mother who raised them and taught them dependency life values.

Single mothers turn their children into criminals who in turn clog our courts on the criminal side of our courts.

In March 2003 one Texas Judge reported that 85% of all Texans who see the court see them through Family Law.

About February, 2004, The Corpus Christi Caller Times had a front page story that declared a Texas Judiciary funded survey had found that 85% of all Texans, and 87% of the citizens of Corpus Christi believed the courts made decisions based on money, sex, politics, and friendship over facts, rules, and law. It seems that even the winners in Family Law are frightened of the corruption. But this is a topic for many other articles besides this one.

“The strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison, is that they were raised by a single parent”. C.C. Harper and S.S. McLanahan, “Father Absence and Youth Incarceration”, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Assoc., San Francisco, CA, 1998

In 1996, 70% of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long sentences, were raised by single mothers. Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, NO.6, June, 1997

72% of juvenile murderers and 60% of rapists came from SINGLE MOTHER HOMES. Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live?” Tyndale House , 2004, p.323

“After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.” Progressive Policy Institute, 1990, quoted by David Blankenhorn, “Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem,” New York, Harper Perennial, 1996, p.31

“(I)n a recent study by the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation. Comparing statistics for its Kids Count report, the organization reported that Detroit ranks No.1 in unmarried births among the nations’ 50 largest cities. Of the 16,729 babies born in Detroit in 1997, 13,574 were black, 1,679 were white and 817 were Hispanic. Seventy-one percent were born to unmarried mothers. This compared with a state average of 33 percent and a 50-city average of 43 percent.”

Detroit is the worst offender on our list of America’s most dangerous cities, thanks to a staggering rate of 1,220 violent crimes committed per 100,000. ”

“Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous, and more likely to end up divorced.” Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, No.6, June, 1997

70% of teen births occur to girls in single mother homes. David T. Lykken, “Reconstructing Fathers”, American Psychologist 55, 681,681, 2000

86% of American teen births are out of wedlock. Dr. David Popenoe, “The Future of Marriage In America”, Rutgers Univ., The National Marriage Project, 2007

“America has more than twice as many teenage births as other developed nations.” Isabel V.Sawhill, to House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, June 29, 1999

There are more than 400,000 teen births annually in the US, most of them to unmarried mothers on welfare.
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

The public cost of births to teens 17 and younger is estimated at $7.6 BILLION per year. The children are more likely to be in foster care, less likely to graduate from high school, daughters are more likely to have teen births themselves, and sons are more likely to be incarcerated. Saul Hoffman, Univ. of Delaware.

70% of drop-outs, and 70% of teen suicides come from single mother homes. Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents,” IMPRIMIS 26, N0. 6, June 1997

70% of runaways, 70% of juvenile delinquents, and 70% of Child murderers, come from single mother homes. Richard E. Redding, “It’s Really About Sex”, Duke Univ. Journal of Gender Law and Policy, Jan.1, 2008

63% of all youth suicides,
70% of all teen pregnancies,
71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,
80% of all prison inmates, and
90% of all homeless and runaway children, came from single mother homes.
Bob Ray Sanders, “Hey Y’all, Let’s Fill The Hall (Of Fame), Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Oct.28,2007
Mona Charen, “More Good News Than Bad?”, Washington Times, Mar.16, 2001 (citing Bill Bennett, “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators: American society at the end of the 20th Century., New York, Broadway Books, 1994)

Children brought up in single mother homes are:
5 times more likely to commit suicide,
9 times more likely to drop out of high school,
10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,
14 times more likely to commit rape,
20 times more likely to end up in prison,
32 times more likely to run away from home.
Chuck Eddy, “The Daddy Shady Show”, Village Voice, Dec. 31, 2002

600,000 out of wedlock births in 1979. Patrick Fagan and William H.G.Fitzgerald, “Why Serious Welfare Reform Must Include Serious Adoption Reform. Heritage Foundation Reports, July 27, 1995

In 2003, there were 1.5 Million unwed births, and less than 1% were put up for adoption. Fagan and Fitzgerald (above)

Less than 1% of children born to never married women were placed for adoption from 1989 to 1995. U.S. DHHS, Child Welfare Information Gateway, “Voluntary Relinquishment For Adoption, Numbers and trends, 2005

Only 4% of college graduates have illegitimate children, and only 16% of college graduates get divorced, compared to 46% of high school dropouts, who marry in smaller numbers to begin with. Dr. David Popenoe, “The Future Of Marriage In America; “The Frayed Knot – Marriage in America”, The Economist, May 26, 2007

50% of single mothers are below the poverty line, their children are 6 times more likely to be in poverty than children with married parents. Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live”, Tyndale House.

85% of homeless families are single mother families. Barry H. Waldman and Stephen P. Perlman, “Homeless Children With Disabilities, “ The Exceptional Parent, June 1, 2008 (American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

We can no longer afford the massive waste of funds to reward the bad women for the destruction of our children and our economy. As we see the funding disappear before our very eyes for this grand experiment in turning our voters into dependency voters we see the many un-Constitutional mechanisms used to remove fathers and destroy children are being turned upon women.

We will now begin to see laws that no longer reward irresponsible birthing. We will begin to see welfare models change from single mother advocacy to a dual bio-parent advocacy. Of course, the liberal feminist element will work at derailing this and sending us down very expensive dead end directions with ‘father-like’ two adult households where lesbian lovers and drug dealing boyfriends and paying johns become the temporary definition of ‘two parent’ households. But, as forced by economy, we will be pushed back to the most efficient, most stable, and most safe household of all time, a two bio-parent, married man and woman home. We will then return to raising strong and productive citizens, both men and women. We no longer have the cash to subsidize anything else. The liberals may continue to try to expand the destruction of the traditional family, but in times of trial and struggle, humanity always returns to the most efficient of lifestyles, a two biological parent household.

Heidi Jones False Sex Assault Report

Heidi Jones False Rape Report: This is an extremely heinous Dirty Trick. It embodies the very worst of human nature and is the beginning of a process, if not stopped, that results in mob lynching mentality and runaway gendercide and genocide. Heidi played upon a combination of the national concerns about illegal aliens from Latin America and the egregious myth of all men as sex monsters as portrayed by the various feminist media organs. This is the description of hate crime against someone’s gender and against an ethnic group.

December 16, 2010, the news broke that a well known New York City TV weather forecaster, Heidi Jones, made a false rape allegation. She stated she was stalked then eventually attacked in an attempted rape in Central Park in NY, NY. She was also a fill-in on Good Morning show receiving national attention. But that legitimate, positive, national attention was not enough for the self-centered and Narcissistic acts of cheap sex based thrills and attention getting of making false reports of rape.

Heidi is a sexist, racist, ignorant, shallow, entitled, and clearly stupid bitch. Heidi plays mythical stereotypes like others of her ilk play skin flutes for profit and career advancements like the cheap tramp in the Duke Lacrosse case selling herself as a cheap live porn act then doing a turn around and falsely screaming rape for additional entitlements, heaps of attention and cash from such misguided programs like the Victims Assistance Funds. The feminist were all to willing to assist in the strippers scam for profit, while shoddy politicians like Nifong persecute and prosecute innocent young men. How many different men’s semen did the doctors find on the Duke stripper (8 to 10 men from the stripper’s previous 24 hours hooking it?) and none of it from the young athletes she falsely accused?

Heidi is, also, similar to the two women in Sweden who accused Julian Assange of sexual molestation because, hours, days, or weeks, AFTER the mutually consensual sex acts, these two women were uncomfortable with having had sex without condoms or in one instance a crime is alleged because the condom broke. Both women clearly traveled to seek him out for sex and could be said to have stalked him at his presentations in Sweden. One of these women is said to have a website giving instructions on how to abuse and harm men. This is man-hating insanity upon insanity and Heidi dove right in with the most hate-filled. The real victims are all the innocent sons, brothers, husbands, uncles, nephews, and fathers whom these harpies would feed upon the carrion destroyed lives of these innocent loving and loved men falsely accused individually and as men.

Heidi Jones crime is bad enough that Heidi went to the police with her fantasy of having a stalker (many celebrities have one and get lots of sympathetic attention), having been sexually harassed (what lovely, entitled, feminist American princess of privilege can go through life without some histrionic and false claim of sexual harassment), and of being a victim (albeit frequently a false victim)

Now, the really abusive and insane events begin to unfold on this Today Show feminist panel with their facile and empty arguments. This stupid, prejudiced, perjurous (falsely filing a government report of a crime committed) bitch, Heidi Jones, is supported and her actions rationalized to allow her to be a victim and this false police report by a powerfully entitled and extravagantly pampered young woman was just an outcry stemming from her victimhood which included moving from a small town in the Midwest to a New York City TV station weather anchor position and filling in on the Good Morning Show with all the victimization of the perks of fame, wealth, meteoric career and more.

Heidi was a victim for what reason? Oh yes, the feminist pundits given 15 minutes of time to describe Heidi Jone’s victimhood did not quite get around to talking about specifics, only innuendo. There was a discussion of this issue of false reporting of sex crimes that was apologetic and there were many pleas to the public to keep this poor victim from jail for the crimes she confessed she readily committed. I guess feminists are so used to men getting convicted based on pure innuendo and supposition that the same forms of innuendo and supposition in reverse can absolve a guilty woman of her confessed crimes. Sounds like good Bitchhood logic to me.

Some man could have gone to prison. Innocent lives, his and his family’s, could have been destroyed. And all because she was using the stereotypes of her feminist surroundings in major media news/entertainment circles that self-reinforce their own blind and gender mythology based opinions and views.

Heidi Jones hates men and the type of man most likely in her mind to hate and stir up a mob to lynch would be a Hispanic male, preferably an illegal Hispanic male. It is common and passé to falsely accuse a White man, it is bad form for a liberal to accuse a Black man of rape, even when a Black man does rape, and the Asians have managed to just stay out of the way of the Gender/Race False Rape Wars, miraculously. But, a Hispanic is, as with the smallest bed in Goldilocks, just right to falsely accuse.

Heidi put thought into how to get lots of victimhood attention. She craved it. Financial success, career success, entitlement, privilege, none of this was enough; she needed the pinnacle of feminist success, “THE BIG RAPE LIE”. What else could have gotten this Narcissistic attention hound more press and sympathy? She could go on talk shows and be a brave little martyr. And, you didn’t like me calling her a Bitch. She certainly worked hard enough to attain the title.

On the Today show, a panel of two, a psychologist and an attorney, both female, were interviewed by a known feminist female journalist with no MRA view or representative participating. As I listened I made rough notes on the ridiculous presentations of the female anchor and the two clearly feminist panelists, a psychologist and an attorney.

“Cloudy claims” was the footnoted title on the screen of the pro-feminist discussion labeled as a news program. It was meant as a flippant and minimizing pun on the false claims of a popular weather news personality. There was nothing cloudy about this crime of false felony allegations being reported to local police except the bizarre contortions and backward flips the panelists went through to dismiss or even justify and martyr Heidi. Heidi’s action was a clear cut crime. The facts are:
1. Heidi made a detailed report to police of being stalked over a period of time by a Hispanic man and then at a recent date and time was attacked by him in an effort to rape her which she bravely and successfully fought off.
2. Heidi, when confronted by discrepancies in her report to police confessed to fabricating all aspects of this false report to the police.

To highlight the insane and crazy effort of this major network, NBC on the Today Show, to dismiss and minimize Heidi’s serious crimes these feminist apologists worked to build sympathy for Heidi’s very public self-gratifying act of emotional masturbation. Heidi is with a competing Network, but the desire of feminists to advance their agenda takes precedence over reporting ethics, responsibility to the public, or NBC’s stockholders. The following spin meisters’ misleading remarks made by these panelists are provided in quotation marks to the best of my memory. I typed their statements as they spoke them but the crazy remarks spoken as if sane and rational were coming so fast from these three apologist feminists that I could not keep up at my 45 words per minute.

“If this (sic: really) happened someone would rush to my aid.” “Reaction to anxiety or depression can cause someone to break their own (sic: Moral) code … and to hurt people.”

“Why cry rape?” This threesome Bitchhood then talked about women having thoughts about rape commonly, not an uncommon fantasy where someone would rush to your aid after sexual attacks. (This is apparently from the content of the discussion, a doubly satisfying fantasy of first being raped and then the attention and martyrdom after the fantasized rough sex fantasy of people rushing to give aid?) This sounds like the plot lines of a cheap Gothic Romance Novel being read in a deep hot bubble bath surrounded with candles and romantic music. They did everything but use a discussion of ‘vibrator masturbation in the privacy of her local police station’ as a description of this act of thrill seeking through false sex allegations by Heidi Jones.

“A False Cry of Rape would not have chilling effect on others” who were really raped and does not interfere with real outcries. The shallow fallacy of this statement is a statement of the mental capacity of the pseudo-intellect uttering such a truly stupid remark. After this Heidi false rape affair, how many women will have their stories of real rape diminished, minimized or so thoroughly questioned as to be a traumatized a second time.

“Jail is not going to do her or anyone else any good.” Are these feminist women crazy as well as stupid? Well, to answer my own rhetorical question, “Yes they are that stupid and crazy”. Or, do they have an agenda to attain at the expense of all of the rest of us. And, again I answer myself, “Resoundingly, Yes.” The feminist elites get money, attention, power, and the rest of the women, men, and children in our society get chaos, poverty, and profound sadness as the aftermath of the destruction of our families and society by these self-aggrandizing, false prophet, feminists.

How many hours of police time did this take up in my case? How many hours of police time did Heidi’s allegations take up in New York. Currently Long Island is looking for a possible serial killer dropping off decomposed women’s bodies wrapped in burlap and this sick self-interested bitch distracted from real work that could cost more innocent women their lives. It is believed these women were murdered in New York and dumped on Long Island. Heidi got more national attention in her false report than the six dead women on a short stretch of road on Long Island received. Now, do these three members of the feminist Bitchhood still want to talk about ‘No one was hurt by Heidi’s emotional sex fantasy masturbation in the local police station”?

How many little girls could have wrongly had their loving and protective Daddy ripped from their lives by this false report had it gone much further? Forget the little boys losing their fathers, these Bitches are only concerned about females and only within the context of their own superior opinion of what is in the best interest of other women’s lives because these other women, not the feminist elites, are taken to be too stupid for their own good.

“What if a line up or composite picture of this fictional Hispanic male caused someone to be targeted or even convicted?” This line of thought was quickly and immediately glossed over and the subject changed. That was misdirection in the effort to cover up and make Heidi’s crime less than the serious crimes that her false sex abuse allegations against men and Hispanics really are.

“What is Greater Moral Good?” (This off the wall question harks back to Clinton’s impeachment hearing response to being asked if he had sex with a White House intern in the Oval Office, “Define Sex.”).

“We are comfortable with untruth.” (Watching and hearing a feminist mouthing this statement all I could think of was, “Yes, you damn feminists are very comfortable with ‘untruths’ and just plain lies.)

“It is a bold move to confront the truth.” What the Hell was that feminist discussion member talking about? This statement was declared forcefully by this particular feminist with no follow up explanation as if it were a self-evident truth. Are they now attempting to claim this was Street Theatre addressing some duplicity or idiomatic eccentricity of our society and not some expensive deadly serious allegation falsely made against men and especially Heidi’s new monster under every woman’s bed a faceless EVERY HISPANIC MALE? Was this Street Theatre with lies that could cost family, freedom and eventually the life of one or more innocent men? If this is street theatre, then so is a suicide bomber in a busy marketplace. These feminist panelists are excusing a form of moral, ethical, genderist, and racist terrorism as mere street theatre. And, to think, we have let these crazies run our family and children policy agenda for thirty years. It is no wonder we incarcerate a higher percent of our men than any oppressive, totalitarian, or dictatorial government in the world?

All three of these feminists (a modern synonym for Narcissistic, hateful, entitled, and stupid Bitches) on this early December 2010 prime time morning TV show, minimized the racism, sexism, and serious false police reports; and made mindless excuses for Heidi. This set of three from the feminist Bitchhood made it relative to some undefined act that was much worse. What is worse, the effective gendercide this could have created had the story gained more legs before being exposed as an attention getting scam. And the Bitchhood stated there was no victim to this act, it should not be a crime and she should not go to jail. It was dismissed as a “disturbed act by a troubled young woman” and as such “she should not be punished”.

That last statement sounds just like the description of every young man who goes to prison for robbery to murder. If this Bitchhood threesome’s logic were carried forward using Gloria Steinam’s Reverse the Gender Rule, These are troubled young men who have been somehow vaguely victimized and should not be punished. Heidi’s actions could have robbed some falsely accused and possibly convicted man of property, family, freedom and even life with her irresponsible and Narcissistically driven criminal actions. It was only the actions of clearly non-ideological police investigation that exposed her discrepancies that lead to her confession. Why is she not in jail, at this time with a million dollar bail?

It has been the direction of our family policy that was handed over to these ‘wrong thinking’ and hate filled feminists that has created the vast majority of all of our serious social problems and much of our budget shortfalls .

These feminists efforts to attain ever more difficult standards of victimhood would turn Heidi Jones, this abuser of police; tax payers; real rape victims; men; and especially Hispanic males, into a victim for having been overly entitled and pampered into a parlor game of who can create the most ludicrous and Byzantine twists to validate some abusive woman’s false victimhood.

Is it not enough that the adult male children of studiously self-created single mothers are already filling our jails and prisons? Is it not enough that 95% of all of America’s drug addicts come from single mother households, the combined purchasing power of these “troubled young women” and men are singlehandedly funding all the major drug cartels and narco-revolutions in Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, and the Middle East? The best and brightest of the world are dying trying to protect us from the direct consequences of the Bitchhood’s policy of incentivizing single motherhood.

These crimes were clear acts of “Hate Crimes”. Just look up and read the statutes.

It seems as though the Heidi Jones Cheap Thrill Club has a lot of new members in her ‘Bitchhood’, at least on the Today Show.

Heidi Jones should be stripped to the waist, publicly flogged then imprisoned for the maximum term some innocent man might have received had this faceless EVERY HISPANIC MALE been convicted.

The physical exposure of this punishment is much less revealing than the morally depraved self satisfying exhibitionism and virtual sex fantasy public virtual masturbation of her false report. Heidi is one sexually perverted, man-hating, racist, freak. Now, no one will ask why she does not have a husband. Who the Hell could marry her and not worry about what false report poison she would use to retaliate for some imagined or unintended slight. One only has to look at the Tennessee preacher’s Black Widow wife to understand that a man can be shot in his sleep, his children forced to watch him die while begging for an ambulance as she unplugs the phone. The Tennessee Black Widow’s punishment included a very short stint in jail and a return of custody of the children she forced to watch their father bleed out after she shot him. Can you just imagine the nightmares and terror those children endure while living alone with their father’s cold blooded murderess? How tender are the eggshells upon which they must tread in their mother’s home? This sociopathic murderess was made out to be a victim because of a list of horrible things her husband had her do that justified his murder. That list of horrible abuses were:

1. He made her wear high heels during sex,
2. He asked her to wear a red wig during sex, and
3. He asked and she consented to experimenting once with anal sex.

I have not understood how the same liberals who work at promoting homosexual annal sex as OK to our school children somehow find one incidence of consensual experimentation with anal sex by a married couple justification for murder of the husband. Maybe it was the same retroactively withdrawn consent to have sex for which Julian Assange is now being charged with in Sweden by his two blonde stalkers.

The sheer mass of potential destruction of innocent lives this woman’s emotional public masturbation could have caused explains why burning at the stake and stoning has been used in the past to control this mindless and sociopathic destruction of innocents. Back then these blindly destroying women were called witches, adulteresses, infidels to explain the phenomenon of these women’s abuses of families, men, and even their own children.

Floggings, live imprisonment, castration and other odious and inhumane punishments are the types of suggested punishments many feminists are espousing for men, even innocent men, to “learn a lesson”.

The feminist Bitchhood’s demonization of men (Hispanic Men in this instance) pushed us down a very slippery slope that harms women as much as men and will hurt our children the most for generations to come. Public flogging would be too mild a punishment for the harm the Bitchhood does just to get a little more attention and personal luxury entitlement.

Did anyone check to see if Heidi Jones has a paid up, lifetime membership in hate group N.O.W.? That would explain a lot.

This desensitizing the public to false allegations by the Bitchhood has a nightmarish quality kickback. Now sick men and twisted attorneys, with judicial complicity, are beginning to do to innocent women, exactly what the Bitchhood has been doing to men, falsely accusing the women of sex crimes against children.

In a case where I recently testified to the pattern of false allegations by a set of independent attorneys who claim to be unofficial partners in abuse of parents in family court, a 6 year old child made an outcry to his mother that his father, his father’s adult, police sergeant nephew, his father’s attorney, a judge in this case, and the attorney for the father’s attorney met at the child’s favorite local restaurant and was told by the judge and others to lie and say his mother had touched him sexually.

The mother’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, interviewed the owner of the restaurant and received a copy of the ticket for the specific large group table the child stated the party had sat. The correct number of adults and one child was shown on the ticket. The two waiters who attended the table both knew the father and son but not the others. The two waiters confirmed, one with courtroom testimony and the other in a sworn affidavit, the father, son, and others dressed in business attire were at the table at the time the child indicated.

The child further stated the police officer relative drove the judge to child’s aunt’s house, where the other adults went as well. The child said the efforts to get the child to make false allegations by the adults continued at the Aunt’s house.

The young child stated the police officer later drove the judge, whom the child had met in a court appearance, back to the judge’s home in the officer’s patrol car.

Mr. Sibley subpoenaed the GPS records for the official patrol car the child stated the police officer was driving. The GPS records for that car were provided with a fifteen hour gap in the records for that car. The gap corresponds with the time the child stated the meeting was held. The GPS readings stopped at a location far removed from where they resumed almost exactly 15 hours later.

The child was taken to a well experienced pediatric psychologist who discussed the child’s statements with the child and found no cause to disbelieve the child.

The judge and others have refused to deny, on the record that there was a meeting at that restaurant on that date and time.

Police are not investigating this effort to influence a witness to make false allegations. The police are not investigating the use of a police sergeant and his vehicle in the crime of attempting to influence and intimidate a witness to falsely accuse his own mother of sex crimes. The media won’t touch it. And the three Bitchhood spin miesters claim no one is harmed by false allegations. This has been common fare for the past 20 + years in falsely accusing men.

Now for the Piece de resistance, the father states the mother is a good mother but the father wants the aunt, who participated in part of the effort to intimidate the child into making a false outcry against his mother, to be his son’s new mother now that the father and mother are divorced.

The aunt has a history of treatment by Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation psychiatrists for being homicidal, hallucinatory, occasionally psychotic, suicidal, suffering from Major Depressive disorder and extremely heavily medicated to control the mental issues. Or at least she is heavily medicated when she takes her prescriptions. The aunt is in denial that she has mental issues and was falsely denying, under oath, that she had been repeatedly hospitalized for her mental illnesses by the State to protect her and others.

A new judge, The Honorable William Adams of Aransas County, Texas, ruled that the medical condition and records of the father’s preferred care provider, the homocidal, hallucinating and sometimes psychotic  caregiverfor his son and the father’s preferred new mother for the child, should he gain custody is not relevant. The judge had only moments before heard the father state that irrespective of medical records, he would ignore the diagnosis and continue to leave his son with this homicidal psychotic.

This new judge, William Adams of Rockport, Texas ruled that a homicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily medicated, suicidal person with whom the child is left with for prolonged periods by the father is not relevant to safety or Best Interest of the Child. I sat in the courtroom and watched this travesty transpire. All present, including the judge’s own staff seemed shocked and taken aback by this bizarre ruling.   Is this the real meaning of Best Interest of the Child?  Is this how jaded and immune our courts and media have become where real danger is minimized and false allegations lionized?

The visible arrogance of Judge Adams was comparable to the arrogance of the Medieval Italian Prince to whom Machiavelli was writing in the book by the same name, “The Prince”. The judge was exercising raw, unbridled power for which he has nearly absolute immunity. This is the life of a false sex allegation. Just ask Jennifer Mata in Rockport, Texas what it is like to be the target of a conspiracy to falsely accuse.

And Heidi Jones wants a free ride on this same entitlement bandwagon to Hell for our families while the Bitchhood threesome validates Heidi’s right to prey on the rest of us, innocent men, women and children, who are not feminist elites.