Do Women Molest Children More Than Men?

Allison Hargrave, M.D. – Convicted Pedophile

We have seen an era where sex abuse allegations against women have been ignored or ridiculed. Yet, we begin to see that women may not only molest children as much as men, but even more than men. If women commit 3/4 of all child abuse and neglect, murder 2/3 of all children killed, why is it that popular cultural theory of women as abusers can not accept that women commit more than 1% to 5% of the sexual abuse. A well reviewed nationwide study of youth guards by the U.S. D.O.J. turns that number upside down.
What’s shocking, is that 34% of the molestations were homosexual.” The DCFS information shows that 69% of sexual abuse by mothers was of their foster or subsidized-adoptive daughters. In contrast, 14% of the sexual abuse by fathers was of their foster or subsidized-adoptive sons.

Feminism has sold the Western World on the most improbable of concepts that women commit sex offenses only because they are forced to by some man or that some man has exerted some as yet defined ‘mind control’ over perfectly sane and intelligent women to commit atrocious acts against children. Neither of those myths has any base in reality when the mass of child molestations by women is reviewed.

I was one of the duped and unable to comprehend and accept that women molested. I now know I was wrong. If women abuse children three to four times more often than men and murder children at three times the rate that men murder children, then what inhibition or un-crossable boundary exists for women to NOT molest children? This information on child abuse can be found at a Federal Government website. Since the feds continue to play with their web addresses, you can Google: U.S. Dept of H&HS Child Abuse Statistics by Perpetrator.

Personal involvement in one family case where there was testimony and personal interviews of a generational group of women who preyed upon their daughters and occasionally sons, for five generations, used false allegations of abuse against husbands or boyfriends after those men fell out of favor.

The wall of silence protecting female molesters of innocent children is beginning to fall. The volume of data is becoming overwhelming to the nay sayers. At times the data is a surprise and incidental to the core study, such as a national study on the treatment of juveniles in facilities across the country, discussed in other areas of this paper.

The feminist movement has been central in fighting to keep the reality of female paedophiles under wraps. In the following video Michelle Elliot, Author and Director of “Kidscape” a that assists those who have been sexually abused, addresses the prevalence of female molesters and rapists of children as well as the well organized efforts to silence any public discussion of women as sexual predators of children.

We are seeing any number of online organizations working to overcome the culture blind spot when it comes to women abusing our most innocent citizens, children. Here is one such bibliography available for those who are beginning to inquire:

We are now hearing from professionals over the self-interested clamor of the extreme feminists in the media that women molest for the same reason as men and are probably more prevalent than male offenders only because the women offenders are not taken off the streets.   Children’s outcries are ignored by police, Children’s Services, and courts. Our very culture has become so gynocentric as to make it beyond the conceptualization of many in law enforcement, children’s protective services, the judiciary, and correctional systems.

The same group that has provided the bibliography of current studies, also, provides a bibliography of the study of women predators that is continually growing as others provide new studies. This comprehensive bibliography is by year and begins with it’s oldest study from 1857: .

In the vein of the feminist canard that alleged abusers of women also abuse their pets, it seems that not even the pets are safe from some women.   An Oklahoma woman admitted to police that she had sex with her cat.

<br /><br />
	Oklahoma City cops arrested Kristina Michelle Brown following her bizarre confrontation Monday afternoon with 72-year-old Elmer Morrison.The 23-year-old Brown was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, a felony, and booked into jail, where she is being held in lieu of $5000 bail.<br /><br />

Photo provided by Oklahoma City Police Department

Mary Kay Letourneau – Convicted Pedophile

It is a widely known fact that children in single mother homes are more likely and more susceptible to molestation.   Many of these women pedophiles, as with the male molesters, prey upon the sad, lonely, and confused children of single mothers.   I call this the ‘Sandusky Method’ in dishonor of the football coach who horrifically abused so many young boys.

There are many commonalities of female child sex predators that mimic those who are male. There are studies that indicate women who engage in homosexual activity may be inordinately more highly represented as predators of children than heterosexual women. “These new Illinois findings also suggest that a child’s risk of being molested is considerably higher when their parent engages in homosexuality,” This is taken from a study that can be found at which was done by the Illinois Dept. of Children’s Services and reported in 2005. The study showed that women molested their foster daughters at much higher rates than men who molested their foster sons. Only 2% of the population is categorized as homosexual based upon their sexual activities yet constitute between 20% in one study to upwards of 75% in studies of sex criminals incarcerated in State facilities.

A conservative website is maintaining a list of convicted female predators at The Huff Post Live recently did a very informative and inciteful piece on the topic of male victims of women predators at

Just within the past year, 2011, another study was released by the D.O.J  on the 2008-2009 reporting period showing that children incarcerated in juvenile facilities were sexually molested by women slightly more than 95% of the time while male staff accounted for only 4.6% of the sexual molestation of the minors incarcerated who reported sexual abuse. The study is in pdf format and can be downloaded from . (This website address has changed at least three times since this story was originally published and this latest location for this information was updated April, 2013)

The higHlights of this study of sexual abuse in all states in this National Study of Youth Detention Centers are:

“This report presents findings from the first National Survey of
Youth in Custody (NSYC), representing approximately 26,550
adjudicated youth held nationwide in state operated and large
locally or privately operated juvenile facilities. Overall, 91% of
youth in these facilities were male; 9% were female.

• Approximately 95% of all youth reporting staff sexual misconduct
said they had been victimized by female staff. In 2008,
42% of staff in state juvenile facilities were female.

• Thirteen facilities were identified as “high rate” based on the
lower bound of the 95%-confidence interval of at least 35%
higher than the average rate among facilities by type of consent.
Six facilities had victimization rates of 30% or more; 4
had rates between 25% and 30%; and 3 had rates between 20%
and 25%.

• Rates of reported sexual victimization varied among youth:
– 10.8% of males and 4.7% of females reported sexual
activity with facility staff.”

If women constitute only 42% of the staff of these facilities as stated further in this report, yet commit 95% of the sexual abuse, coast to coast, in these facilities, then we have a very frightening scenario for our nations children. I will repeat this question again, “If women committ 3/4 of all child abuse and neglect, murder 2/3 of all children killed, why is it that popular cultural theory of women as abusers can not accept that women commit more than 1% to 5% of the sexual abuse. The nationwide study of youth guards turns that number upside down.

Over the past 20 years since I began to hear of a multi-generational female on female incest from my ex wife in regards to her family.  In those 20 years of attempting to protect my child, I was in the courthouses more and more and began to observe incidental cases involving both women and men molesters.   The men were pilloried with long sentences.  The women, when judges did not dismiss the cases outright,  invariably got suspended sentences or probation .

I have begun to ask mental health professionals, children’s services investigators, and law enforcement about the numbers of people complaining of sexual abuse of children by females. I have heard any number dismiss my questions as saying there must have been some other agenda and they did not believe any of the allegations they had heard of women molesting. On the other hand almost all of the numerous counselors and psychologists questioned stated that they heard more legitimate adult outcries, long after statutes of limitations had run, of people who had been molested by women over the number claimed molested by men. Initially, I, too, was disbelieving of this. I saw my ex’s family as aberrant and way outside the norm even for incestuous families. Of note, the ones who claimed women never molested were either with the Children’s Protective Services or were self admitted extreme feminists who espoused the concept that a woman’s feeling had more substance than fact, even video taped fact. This attitude of accepting a woman’s feelings over the rights and due process of any she accuses is indeed a very slippery slope.

Melissa Mcbee – Convicted Pedophile

Child molestation is an aberration, sick, and criminal. Yet we have these abusers among us.

We have made it profitable with bounty money to prosecutors for each prosecution of a man for child molestation, but not for women. This can skew conviction rates dramatically. It then makes for sensational press. But, it hides half the three quarters of the problem, women predators, and incarcerates many innocent men. The bounty money on men, only, is special grant funding provided through the Department of Justice’s Office of Women. This bounty money is funded through VAWA. It is similar to the old bounty on Indian scalps paid by various local and state governments where even blonde and red headed children’s scalps were turned in and paid. Clearly not Native American Scalps. The same destruction of the innocent is happening with the DOJ grants.

The DOJ pays the same to the prosecutor’s office for a plea bargain with a father who has just had all of his assets frozen or handed over to a soon to be ex in divorce and is unable to pay for a criminal attorney after scraping up his last change for a divorce attorney. These innocent fathers are forced to plea bargain for their liberty. Not only does the woman win all assets and money in this ploy, but she gets the children and the father is lucky to get a couple of hours a month with his own children, if he ever gets to see them at all. Additional incentive for women to help build statistics against men, but mainly fathers is the large cash awards paid to mothers for their claims their childiren were molested or abused, up to $35,000. and then the mother gets an award of up to $25,000 in Witness Assistance funds. The net received for the mother, $60,0000.; full ownership of the children and all property, money, assets, and businesses of the husband and family. The father, even with a plea bargain, loses children, home, future (convicted of either DV or SA of children eliminates most better paying jobs), and future income.

Judges are much more lenient to women than men.  In Pennsylvania a judge reduced a woman’s sentence for child molestation dramatically because the woman claimed she could not control her sexual urges, did this judge release her on her guarantee she would offend again?   What would happen to a man with the same type admission?    Here is an excerpt of that article from the New York Daily News:

— In May, former schoolteacher Kathleen Cawthorne, 33, of Rustburg, Va., successfully negotiated a reduction in her 11-year sentence for having sex with an underage student. Cawthorne’s punishment was set at only four months in prison when she presented the judge with a clinical diagnosis of “hypersexuality,” supposedly showing that she had little ability to control her desire to seduce the boy. [New York Daily News, 5-24-2013]

Cathleen Cawthorn

Convicted Pedophile

Victims Assistance and Witness Assistance programs give large cash bounties to women who claim they or their children were sexually abused. This money is not recovered if the woman recants or the allegation is proven false. Neither is the woman prosecuted for perjury. It is free money with a “Go Home without Going to Jail” pass card. If we want to minimize child sexual abuse, we are going to have to raise public awareness and we are going to have to insist on equal prosecution and sentencing. The best examples are the Duke LaCrosse accuser and Kobe Bryant’s accuser. The two women received Victims Assistance Funds and were not required to repay after recanting.

Even with billions of dollars in VAWA funding, the percentage of child abuse confirmed as being committed by women, continues to be multipliers of what men do, even with the extreme efforts to falsely skew the results.

A private foundation has been tracking the women school teachers who have been convicted of molesting children and provides a list of hundreds with a short synopsis of the sex offenses for which they were caught and convicted.   How many more did just this one list of women molest and destroy.    Children molested by women have the same prognosis, sometimes worse, then those molested by men.  The prognosis is worse because the victims of women are most frequently not believed.

Marla Haskins – Pedophile

A Mayo Clinic research paper, in part, discusses this inequality of reporting,  prosecutions, and convictions as contributing to the disparity of convictions upon which the studies numbers were based.

“In general, most individuals who engage in pedophilia or paraphilias are male.2-7,9,10 There was a time when it was believed that females could not be pedophiles because of their lack of long-term sexual urges unless they had a primary psychotic disorder.4,22 When women were studied for sexually inappropriate behavior directed toward children, these behaviors were classified as “sexual abuse” or “molestation” but not pedophilia.6,7,27 From federal data on sexual crimes, females were reported to be the “molester” in 6% of all juvenile cases.2 The study by Abel and Harlow of 4007 “child molesters” found 1% to be female, but the authors believed this number was low because of the systematic underreporting of women for molestation.15,27 One reason why acts of pedophilia committed by women are underreported is that many acts are not recognized because they occur during the course of regular “nurturing or care-giving activities,” such as when bathing and dressing children.22,27 Another reason is that when adult women engage in sexual acts with adolescent boys, others do not perceive this activity as abuse but rather a fortunate rite of passage.27 The law sees it otherwise.”

Pedophilic women tend to be young (22-33 years old); have poor coping skills; may meet criteria for the presence of a psychiatric disorder, particularly depression or substance abuse; and frequently also meet criteria for being personality disordered (antisocial, borderline, narcissistic, dependent)27 (Table 1). In incidents in which women are identified as being involved in sexually inappropriate acts with children, there is an increased chance of a male pedophile being involved as well.7 When a male co-offender is involved, usually more than 1 child is involved. Molested children tend to be both male and female and are more likely to be related to the offender. In these cases, the female offender is also likely to have committed a nonsexual offense and a sexual offense.28 Cases that involve a male codefendant rightfully or wrongfully often do not result in the woman being charged.27 Unless specifically stated, the rest of this article deals with male pedophiles because most studies are based on male offenders.”

Research Brief No. 7, January 2008 “Protectors or Perpetrators?” which can be found at , addresses many of the commonalites found where abuse of children is present in elevated numbers.   It clearly identifies mothers and their boyfriends and current husbands as the abusers of children in two thirds of the documented cases.

This research brief states:

One study by David Finkelhor of the University of New Hampshire and his colleagues found that “children currently living in single parent and stepfamilies had significantly greater lifetime exposure than those living with two biological or adoptive parents” to five different forms of victimization—sexual assault, child maltreatment, assault by peers or siblings, being a victim of a crime, or witnessing violence.14 Other studies have found that children are markedly more likely to be killed or sexually abused by stepfathers, compared to children living in an intact, married household.

Information is beginning to surface that would dramatically change the perceptions of professionals on the numbers of women pedophiles.  It is possible women match or outnumber the male pedophiles in numbers so astounding as to be incredulous to the previously un-informed.   We should be asking these questions more in our research and surveys.  It is amazing, considering the PC gender pressures, that any of the studies mentioned above received any funding or approval for publishing.”

Yet, the statistics are skewed against biological fathers when the CPS reports include men other than the biological father as ‘fathers’ then hides the information that ‘father’ unlike mother, is not a bio-parent label but the ‘male-like’ figure in the house when the abuse occurs.   I first located this aberration in the statistics about 2003 and reported it to several organizations devoted to accuracy in government reporting and accuracy in reporting family related statistics. The inclusion of stepfathers was designed to intentionally misrepresent the safety of children with their biological father.   The brief “Protectors or Perpetrators?” also documents and addresses this fact.  “(Sic) Federal data derived from CPS reports in 2005 indicate that mothers were involved in 64 percent of child maltreatment cases, whereas fathers (including stepfathers and other ‘father-like’ figures) were involved in 36.7 percent of such cases”. 

Later in this same research brief, the stepfather vs father issue is addressed further “Other studies have found that children are markedly more likely to be killed or sexually abused by stepfathers, compared to children living in an intact, married household.”

The data is overwhelming.  Children are safest with their biological fathers and most in danger in a single mother’s home from direct abuse by the mother, including sexual abuse.

It is, also, quite evident that the safety of children with fathers is an ideologically uncomfortable subject and a target for misrepresentation.   The data on biological fathers as abusers is dramatically pumped up by including one of the larger categories of abusers, stepfathers, in the mis-labeled ‘Fathers’ classification.   More could be written about other pumping up of ‘Father Abuse’ statistics when they were defined as ‘Father-like’ which included such diverse categories as any masculine acting figure in the presence of the child in a ‘relationship’ with the mother.  This included boyfriends, paying johns, and lesbian lovers as ‘Father’ figures to the children.  The real data on just how safe children are with their biological father is still hidden.  But even pumped up with inclusion of “stepfathers’,  biological fathers are clearly the safest person for children to live.  And, when the biological father is present, the sexual abuse of abusive mothers and the strange men a single woman will offer her children up to are kept at bay

The damage done by a woman pedophile to a child is just as devastating to children as that done by a male. Maybe, it is even more damaging, because many find it humorous and deny the molested male child any support or assistance. A recent statistic from a group called Male Survivors states that 1 in 6 men was molested as a child by either male or female predators. Where is the help for male victims that is made availabe for female victims? And, why are we allowing any of our children to be ‘free bait’ to women?

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  1. Russ Yeatman

     /  January 24, 2011

    Right on dude! Keep up the good work!


  3. Jan Smith

     /  November 10, 2011

    A significant portion of lesbians were molested or raped. Being molested or raped while growing up results in few or no sexual boundaries.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  September 9, 2012

      A far greater number, I would speculate at over 85%, are single mother raised. The percentages of abuse and molestation for children of single mothers is in some categories, horrifically, thousands of times greater. The greatest commonality for all those with phallic disorders (gender identity, homosexual, and bizarre fetishists) is they were raised by single mothers. The majority, vast majority, of single mothers are that way for selfish reasons with no abuse or adultery in their lives other than what they themselves commit. If you are a tragically sad and lonely lesbian, thank your single mother for deciding her playtime was more important than your happiness and well being. The ongoing tragedy of the daughter of Sonny Bono and the destructive influence of Cher speaks volumes to the ‘general’ commonality of lesbians than is PC to discuss in today’s ostrich society.

      There are almost no protections for children in today’s misandrist family policy. If mama wants to use her daughter’s youth to keep a bad boy in at least one of the family beds, even if it is the bed of a young daughter then so be it. Or, if momma wants to loan her 9 year old daughter out for weekend sex-overs with momma’s lesbian lover, then so be it. That is the gist of family policy in our courts today

  4. Paul Clements

     /  February 2, 2012

    In spite of this, the domestic violence industry still opposes shared custody because of the danger from abusive/molesting fathers.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 10, 2012

      Women murder their own children at nearly twice the rate of men. Women murder their male children twice as often as they do their female children. This is the same gendercide as was claimed of mothers in India and China murdering daughters because they were too expensive and sons were the mother’s retirement programs.

      • chin

         /  July 6, 2013

        female infanticide was practised in india and china because of a misogynistic and male-dominated society. They murdered their daughters because their husbands and in-laws shamed and abused them for bearing daughters. Their neighbours and relatives ridiculed them just the same way. baby girls brought shame to the family. if preserved, they will be raised in shame. they were useless, good for nothings. they will be married young, traded off like slaves, that’s why they were killed. the gender of the killer had nothing in it. sometimes the father did it, sometimes he force the mother to do it. it was an act dictated by society. i really think you should get your facts right.

      • thepatriotdad

         /  July 6, 2013

        Are you trying to say that my argument about the widespread sexual molestation of children by women being ignored by the courts in Western countries is somehow disproven because some Eastern and Middle-Eastern cultures have practiced female infanticide, historically? That old feminist ‘Distraction to Discredit’ argument is a dead give-away that you are a fanatic feminist who can not see the destruction done by feminism to children, men, and even women.

        This article is about the levels of sexual abuse of children by women, not of the massive slaughter of babies by women, which is a topic in other of my articles. My article is mostly about the U.S. and the U.K. countries that have allowed the ideology of feminism to overtake the general sense of humanity and justice. My article is about the current barbarism, the ignoring of the horrendous levels of sexual molestation by women while our system works to falsely pump up the appearance of men as the only serious source of child sexual abuse. This widespread abuse of children by women in countries that have been taken over by feminists is being ignored in the courts and by law enforcement in the Western countries.

        Infanticide is horrendous no matter who perpetrates it. My article does not attempt to address cultures where infanticide by gender was practiced openly. In the Western countries, historically, infanticide has always been seen as a crime and children of both sexes were nurtured and cared for as a whole. There have always been the criminal and individual exceptions. Bizarrely, the Western countries that have embraced feminism have begun to accept and encourage infanticide and the murder of unborn baby girls is considerably higher in the feminized countries than in many Eastern cultures where infanticide of baby girls was accepted. Feminism and one of its major parts, abortion, has led to pre-birth gender selection in the Western countries. It is truly ironic that feminism has caused women to abort their girl children. The gender selection is completely by the women, and most especially by the women who decide to have children as a single mother or by the lesbian women buying sperm. The old argument that gender selection forced abortion by men has shown itself to be as bogus the violent male myths of feminism in the western countries.

        Good luck as you wander in the fog of distraction, myth, and misdirection of feminism. It is a dangerous place, the dichotomies will eat you alive.

  5. WHY in hell has it taken over 40 years and we are STILL at square one? Pissing our pants and not getting anywhere?

    As long as we mill about, complacent and outright stupid in our actions, WE WILL NEVER EXPOSE THESE ATROCITIES! We must file individual claims for damages in the courts. once these claims are filed they become a matter of PUBLIC RECORD. By filing these claims AS A PRO SE LITIGANT and by filing a PAUPEROUS AFFIDAVIT indicating THAT YOU ARE BROKE, as a PAUPER, (Because you are broke) IT DOES NOT COST YOU! NOTHING,

    ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING in the United States will even be considered as noteworthy UNLESS YOU GO FOR A LARGE AMOUNT OF DAMAGES! You get 100,000 Fathers filing these claims against the FRAUD committed in your particular case, one by one they creep through the court system.

    You can spew SHARED-PARENTING, JOINT CUSTODY and all the other politically correct keywords and YOU AIN’T GONNA DO SHIT! Now, DEMAND EQUAL, AND YOU HAVE MOVED MOUNTAINS. Either DO IT RIGHT, or just toss your hands up and turn GAY!

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 10, 2012

      Well said. I have been told that judges hate pro-se filings because they are so much work. That is pure out-of-control arrogance. It is their job to hear and fairly decide on the grievances of citizens. The family law abuse could not stand if only one in ten fathers studied and fought in the courts and legislatures. We have forgotten how to keep a true Democracy going and that is to jump into the water. Voting for candidates selected for us by a select few wealthy and thus powerful individuals is not a Democracy, it is a Tyranny. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The lazy and politically slothful will destroy us all.

      How many corrupt judges have you taken to their review boards?

      How many crooked attorneys have you fought in court or in the BAR grievance committees?

      How many times have you just walked away instead of standing firm for your children and your beliefs?

      Your answers will tell you what you need to do to prevent from being more fully enslaved, in your own lifetime.

  6. John

     /  March 13, 2013

    My 9 year old son just told me that my ex wife came into his bed, stuck her hand in his underwear and fondled him while she was very intoxicated. When he told her the next day, she said that she thought he was someone else. Her father molested her sister when she was 8 years old. Her parents divorced and she was raised by her mother who was bi polar. My ex wife shows signs of by polar and alcoholism. Out of the blue, she cheated on me about 3 years ago and ended our marriage. She seems overly sexually active and blackout when she becomes intoxicated. Anyway, my son doesn’t seem effected by it. I don’t know what to do. I do not want to tell someone and make it worse for him but I feel horrible she is doing this to him. Any suggestions? He says she never did this before but has rubbed herself on him.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 13, 2013

      John, Call your attorney and then call me at the private number I have sent you be email. You need someone on your son’s and your side, immediately, who will help protect your son. Start with your attorney, NOW.

      You will make it much worse for your son by not acting and you could end up in prison for delaying. Your ex wife has started something that can drag you into jail as well if you hesitate to protect your young son. He will need you, not some juvenile home. With your son’s age it will come out sooner or later. The longer you wait the more your son and you will be destroyed. That is the reality. Too much damage has already been done to both of you by this abusive criminal. Stop the damage, now.

      Without help your son will start to act out. When he begins to act out the school would send him to their counselors. This would have been found out then, if your son had not told you. He is telling you so you can be the parent and protect him when the ex is just using him as a sex toy. She does not love him or respect him. She is a predator. Your son know this is wrong. He is begging you to provide stability and security in the quicksand into which his mother has shoved him.

      In my state, I am required by law to report this outcry of child abuse. I will have to report it. It will be best for your son, if you and your attorney beat me to the report, TODAY. I will not wait because that would endanger me and my ability to look after my own family. What your ex did is like the ebola virus, it can destroy everyone it touches, even on the other side of the planet. What she did is destructive in multipliers. What she has done to your son she is willing to do to other children, if she hasn’t already.

      Keeping A BIG SECRET of child sex abuse is argueably as bad as the predation. Your son needs you, now. No excuses, none.

      The law does not take into account the fact that this is just as traumatizing and confusing to a parent when this happens as a terrorist bomb blast. You are disoriented and the whole world suddenly seems alien. This is very traumatic. The trauma of a parent discovering the abuse of a child is horrific for the parent. But the trauma for your son is worse, if not now, then over the years. The traumatic stress is exactly as that resulting from a terrorist strike and in one sense it is a terrorists strike against your son. Your son needs you now more than ever. You need to be decisive and act now. Call your attorney then call me for additional resources.

      In other posts in my blogs I cover how sexual abuse of a boy by a woman is just as, if not more devastating to a boy, than to a girl by a man. This is because many will take it as funny or natural for the boy, leaving him untreated, where the girl receives professional attention and help from the first day the abuse is discovered. The abused boys need the same mental health care. That attitude that the boy ‘got lucky’ complicates the process to get help and protection from the police and courts. He is definitely not ‘getting lucky’. It is just the opposite.

      We can help you find the professionals who will help keep things on track for your son and you. You will need help of all kinds getting through this, just as your son will need different kinds of help. The prognosis for life-long issues is horrendous, especially if your son does not receive the proper help and guidance. You will need to know how to do that.


      If you do not act to protect your son, it can destroy both your lives and even get him killed. Sooner or later your ex, to protect herself will harm him or make false allegations against you. Expect it sooner if she get your son to tell her if he has told anyone. And she will do that. Call your attorney then me. I can not over stress that you do both. I am not an attorney or mental health professional I am just one of a number of activists who assist the parents of abused children to protect their children. We do not charge anything, but we can help direct to resources that you would not normally have available.

      I and others have been through this and know many of the pitfalls that can harm your child and you. We have decades of experience in protecting our own children and others.

      ACT NOW.

      The Patriot Dad

      • tyrantkid02

         /  April 2, 2013

        I was molested by my mother since i was six to twelve and left me really confused . I thought everyone mother did this to them, i Feel like im damaged .and when i was kid I had this fear of girls and women and up to this day i have a hard time being alone with older women

      • thepatriotdad

         /  April 3, 2013

        I would suggest you go to counselor to at least visit more about this. It may, also, be a good idea to call around to several counseling centers to ask who works with individuals who were molested by their mother or a woman. There are those who have been trained in feminist theory that it only could have been done by a man and you are in denial or that your mother was forced by some man. These feminist counselors who work more on ideology than empathy are the ones to avoid. Thankfully, there are fewer and fewer of these quacks around every year. You may also start by asking your pastor for referrals to a counselor who recognizes that women do molest. It seems that pastors are the ones to hear the most about this issue because the police and feminist shelters and counselors they work with (there is big government money in pushing feminism) try to deny that women molest. You need to be able to talk to an understanding professional who can help you understand how this may have affected much more than just a distrust of older women. I wish you the very best and if you need help finding someone who is understanding, drop me another note and I will respond privately with area resources for you of ethical, licensed, mental health practitioners who deal with this issue with regularity.



    • Dan

       /  July 10, 2013

      John, I had a friend growing up who was molested by his mom. It definitely took a toll on him later on. I would act on it if I were you!

    • NotFondOfWomen

       /  September 25, 2013

      Sorry to here about that…..

  7. You are full of shit

  8. Jean

     /  April 11, 2013

    That’s a bold faced lie. Why are you all trying to out men’s sins on women. You all know that it’s men who molest.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  April 11, 2013

      Thank you for making your comment. It has been a couple of years since I heard some blindered and deaf feminist try to claim this extremely well documented myth that is mainly men who abuse and are domestically violent. The real truth has been slowly and steadily coming out that feminist scholars have not only been liars only interested in their own enrichment, but they have roadblocked and sabotaged balanced research as much as possible. Please change therapists, go talk to your pastor, get online and begin to review data on the feminist run “U.S. Dept of H.&H.S. statistics on child abuse by perpetrator relationship” through Google and read that data.

      You obviously haven’t been in a women’s study college program lately, not even the core of elitist feminists believe that garbage anymore. I am completely surprised you didn’t come out with that really unbelievable and psychotic claim “there are ways men abuse women that we still haven’t discovered, yet.” That is one of the more bizarre fantasies of the feminists Marxist-socialist claims to victimhood for acts no one has ever thought of before that men have been doing for all history to women. That is similar to believing we are being controlled by radio waves from Mars and our tin-foil hats protect us. Just check your own current feminist leadership on this. You have really missed the boat the last few years as feminist theory has been collapsing as more and more women find out how completely feminism was lying to them.

      And, worse, feminists, to protect their own theory of superiority, placed children even below men as to their value and importance. To feminists children are the property of women and if they ‘feel’ like they want to kill them in the womb or out, that it is OK. So, sex abuse of a child is OK if done by a mother or woman in the eyes of the feminists.

      Which it seems you are arguing that women can not be sexually abusive, thus when they have sex with children it is not sex abuse. That is the type of argument from the very sick group of men who belong to NAMBLA. Sadly our media actually supports women who promote sex between women and youngsters. Look at the LeTournou crimes that were called a ‘Love Story’ by the media. Tell me what news outlet would dare call a 40 year old man impregnating a 13 year old girl ‘A Love Story’ and allow them to marry after he got out of prison on a two year term. That is how sick you are and how much in denial you are.

      Again, thank you for allowing my readers to see the stupidity of the feminist fake theory that all evil is male and all that is female is pure.

    • l

       /  August 6, 2013

      It is not. I am a female who was molested by a female teenager. Why is it do hard to believe? Women get away with this perverse behavior and it’s about time they pay for all the damage, hurt, pain, and shamed this monsters have caused.

      • thepatriotdad

         /  August 6, 2013

        I am always heart heavy when I hear of anyone who was molested. We have both male and female pedophiles. The males are hunted down and imprisoned, the complaints about female pedophiles is ignored and victims continued to be placed with their molesters. The destruction is life long and sometimes generational. I hope you have been visiting with your counselor or pastor. You have my prayers and thank you for sharing. Not many people are willing to believe and few of the victims are willing or able to come forward.

        God Bless,

        the Patriotdad

  9. Jean

     /  April 11, 2013

    To thepatriot dad: That’s okay if you find it necessary to attack me, call me names, and say rude phrases to me. A true, respectful man, would not comment that way. Again I am sorry that you feel the need to comment that way. Do you do this to all women who write in to support their gender?
    Also, you do not know what educational credentials I carry, and I could go on and tell you where I attended school and what my degrees are, but that’s really not necessary, because I get the message that you do just plain don’t like females.. I could attack you, but I am bigger than that, so have at it.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  April 12, 2013


      For a change, why don’t you do a little research and try to find the studies that either validate or invalidate what I presented. Maybe a discussion of facts might be better than you opening the discussion about your bigotry, prejudice, and misandry.

      You are a bigot and prejudiced, a true misandrist, and in other words a ‘man-hater’ who demeans men for being merely men, yet very bizarrely you still feel entitled to some type of chivalrous treatment as one would a small child. You are looking to me, the hated man, for ‘protection’ of your entitlement to be really rude and insulting to me. That shows you are also hypocritical Your argument that I should be respectful of you shows your whole premise of men as the root of all evil is B.S.

      If you are adult enough to start a dialogue by telling me I am wrong, can I not do the same to you, or is there some special female entitlement that men should only be punished with no defense when attacked by a hate-filled and spoiled woman?

      Isn’t the definition of a dialogue a two way dialogue? But, as a feminist you only want a monologue to continue to be able to advance your false victimhood for control, power, and most especially, more entitlement money.

      Jean, you attacked my presentation of data and research along with indicators in our daily news of a fact that has long been taboo to discuss, the mass volume of sexual abuse of children committed by women, and you said you ‘felt’ I was wrong for discussing this because it took away from all the horrendous and terrible things men did to women that women did not even yet realize men were doing to abuse women. You offered no facts only this heavily propagandized and myth based theory upon which you based your feelings that I should not try to protect the mass numbers of children being destroyed because some women see these children as prey and personal sex toys. Then you are insulted that I do not agree with your stupidity? You think your ‘feelings’ that I might distract from the witch hunt of men, innocent and guilty alike, as monsters because they are male over you personal part in the witch hunt of men might be somehow minimized by trying to convict pedophiles who may not happen to be men. That is pure stupidity and cupidity on its face.

      You do not understand the depth of the insults and extreme abuse of children, men, and even women that feminism and the spoiled, pampered, entitlement minded women like you have committed on our world. You believe you are entitled to say women are great and only men commit the evil in our families. By doing that you say you are too holy and men are too evil to be in any discussion. You believe your ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ should take precedence over the safety and well-being of children, men, and women who do not think as you. Do you understand how ‘truly evil’ and sociopathic that concept, of your feelings over life and death for others, happens to be?

      I don’t believe you understand the evil to which you are admitting in your very simple letters. You are espousing that murder, rape, and violence by women is somehow OK and elevated above the level of criminal behavior. You state that there is a ‘special’ class who deserves no punishment or attention to their crimes no matter how guilty because it is more important to focus punishment on a hated group, men, as guilty whether innocent or not. But you do not see the logic of your own simplistic, yet very psychopathic statements that your ‘feelings’ trump the very life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of those you do not like and you do not like them because of gender, race, hair-color, age, religion, or national origin.

      You feel that because you are a woman, I am to overlook your stupidity and stated man-hate to let myself, my neighbors, all our children, and our very country be run by your selfish, Narcissistic and sociopathic ‘feelings’ that to you are so superior anyone questioning them or exposing you for what you are is ‘bad’ and insulting to a ‘lady’ ? Pull up your big girl panties and look beyond yourself and the lies taught you in your last women’s study program. Research the exposure of those lies. Use your brain for a change and not your need for Narcissistic supply.

      You do not see the dichotomy and hypocrisy of that statement. And, you do not even see how crazy your statements are, because you are a feminist and taught there is no other valid view than your Marxist-socialist world view. You do not care about the mass numbers of children being abused and murdered by women. You only want to protect the victims of those men who are criminal while saying that some men are evil makes all men evil. Isn’t that true about women if women also are criminal if you carried out your own logic in an honest manner? Is that your problem, you do not want to be exposed for the evil you have within?

    • Bernard

       /  June 25, 2013

      Written in reply to Jean:
      Playing the victim card and being upset about how he confronted you doesn’t erase the fact that no claims you’ve made or true, nor are they back up by anything substantial, or anything at all for that matter. Which means, you can be dismissed without any care whatsoever.

  10. Patriot Dad, this forum is a little too right wing for me. I will agree that feminist sophistry has skewed the facts about under-reporting of female sex abusers; I will even concede that the numbers may match or surpass the true figures for male abusers; but you lose your case when you attempt to say that female on male child sexual abuse is more devastating than male on female. That is not only tendentious and subjective, but almost seems to endorse one over against the other. No thinking person without an agenda will ever concede that; nor should they. In fact, females have proven to be far more devastated by these abuses for physiological reasons. Girls as young as 9 have been impregnated by these miscreants. Having a baby (or an abortion) by the man who raped you is many times more devastating than being molested by a women as a child. I cannot fathom how you can overlook this obvious impasse, not to mention other psychological and physiological damages sustained from disproportionate vaginal penetration. To be sure, the feminists ARE extreme, but are you not their opposite EXTREME? They’re not altogether wrong.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  June 7, 2013

      It is odd how you identify as too right wing an article that attempts to address the extreme Marxist-Socialist gender prejudice against men. You seem all too willing to ignore the decades of research that says premature sexual experiences with adults result in the same prognosis for both boy and girl victims, irrespective of the gender of the abuser. You are one of those sociopathic ideologues who can justify harming any group to which you do not belong. Harming any child by using them as a disposable sex toy, by any adult is a crime and very serious child abuse. Your rationale that I am extreme for presenting third party peer reviewed studies to counter the admitted extreme lies of feminism tells me that you are one of the old school feminists, you know, the ones that lied about men being more abusive than women and that men abused children more than women do. You are a bigot and obvious man-hater, where as I am only addressing the excess criminality of those women who are criminal. When we excuse women who commit against children we are lowering all good, faithful, and decent women to the level of child molesting scum. That is what the feminists do with their false ‘Abuse Excuse’ for murdering men and children or their, ‘she was upset’ as justification for child murder, or worse, the Le Tourneau excuse of a woman in her thirties having sex with a 12 year old because ‘I am in love with him’. Just let some 30 year old man say that about his sex affair with a 12 year old girl and he wouldn’t be getting special appearances on Oprah or a movie about the great love affair.

      The examples you gave are the extreme and very rare examples that when discovered are treated with ultimate revulsion by the courts, public opinion, and media. You show a willingness to be blind to all except your own personal and extremely radical gender views based upon hate of men and of a feeling that men are inferior. You expose yourself through your words.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  June 7, 2013

      You should watch this from the Huffington Post, the most radically feminist news media on the internet. Even they disagree with your extremist feminist attitude that women don’t commit sex abuse of children and that somehow sex abuse of boys by women is somehow less traumatic to boys than girls.

    • Bernard

       /  June 25, 2013

      Written as a response to G. Erste’s comment:
      So because its supposedly more traumatic on a female, that means that boys molested or raped don’t matter as much? Get fucked, good sir. :)

      • thepatriotdad

         /  July 10, 2013

        Bernard, I think that G. Erste is a woman. Not quite sure but the bizarre logic and typical feminist style arguments are clear.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  July 6, 2013

      Your comment was written with the spirit of a true feminist. There are no support services for male rape victims. They are told it was ‘good’ for them. Our whole society, media, and mental health services are geared to find abuse of females even where it doesn’t exist, but males are denied any services.

      You use relatively rare and extremely emotive examples by one gender (male perpetrators) as an attempt to nullify the argument that female on child (of any gender) is somehow negated. Have you been smoking too much weed in your lesbi-fem professor’s bedroom. Because to think that your bizarre use of rare examples of abuse by criminal men proves women do not molest children in greater numbers than do men borders on the hallucinatory.

      Your argument using the example of a horrendously impregnated 9 year old only proves that a few sick individuals have impregnated innocent child victims.

      If a women pedophile gets pregnant by a 12 or 13 year old boy, the boy or his family must pay child support to the woman pedophile. The boy and his family are essentially raped over and over again, every month for the next 18 years as they make the monthly child support payments.

      You negated nothing except any validity of your own argument. You proved up your inability to think using any semblance of logic when it comes to your misandry. Maybe you should have taken a few courses on logic before getting so lost in the dead-end ideology of feminism and its mythologies.

      • I never denied that a sexist double standard exists. Your child support example is a case in point. But courts have the discretion to depart from that legal stipulation (predicated, as it is, on the presumption of consensual relationship). That pales, however, beside the trauma of bringing your rapist’s baby to term: The guilt…the rage…the anxiety of either aborting it, giving it up for adoption, or even keeping it (though it reminds you of the father)! How can you even compare the two? Mind you, you compared a 13 or 14 y.o. father to a 9 y.o. pregnancy, and I’M the irrational one? And how is one not able to see that rape of a female by a male is far easier than the reverse? It is logically and physically easier to stick a phallux into a hole than the reverse, especially since the “hole” here (i.e., vagina) doesn’t have to be erect for actual coitus to occur. This does not mean, of course, that the latter doesn’t happen (especially where a child is involved), but it does point up the fact that the dynamics are indisputably different and form the basis for the bias. In addition, you downplay the patriarchal role male dominance has played in many rape cases of the past.

      • thepatriotdad

         /  August 8, 2013

        Dear G. Erste,
        You are either still very traumatized from a tragic event in your life or you have some very serious mental issues, most rabid feminists do. Either way, you need mental health assistance that I am not qualified to provide. You are a bit irrational and claim statements that were not made in my article. I wish you the best, I will not publish any further responses from you. I am publishing this current comment from you as an example of the rabid hate that prevents you from seeing that there are women out there as evil as the male pedophiles, but the victims, male and female, of the woman pedophiles are denied justice or mental health assistance. You have one very cold, dead heart, again as with most feminists.

        The Patriotdad

  11. Ed

     /  August 16, 2013

    I can’t believe you’re spreading these kinda of lies.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  September 21, 2013

      Dear Ed (or is it Edwina),
      You are a woman and you are one of the regular feminist trolls who attempt to discredit the truth. You would attempt to discredit peer reviewed research with slander, insult, invective, insinuation, and false allegations. I quote you, “you’re spreading these kinda lies”, but you do not address a single issue where you think I am lying. You are the fraud and fake. I approved your statements so that the general public can see the ignorance of the feminist movement with the media protection stripped away.

      Good bye Edwina,


      the patriot dad

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2014

      Dear Ed, you really need to try to disprove my documentation if you can instead of just insulting. You only expose yourself as a bigot and hater of humanity.

  12. NotFondOfWomen

     /  September 25, 2013

    Great article we need more men like yourself exposing the TRUTH

  13. Boyles

     /  November 29, 2013

    Your claim that boys are more traumatized is used by lesbian and male heterosexual pedophiles as a carte blanche license for sexual abuse of girls. Girl asks, “does anyone care about girl kids?”
    How is it worse for boys when girl victims of males have been raped to death? We know of no such cases for boy victims of female rape. Adult male rape of girls is emotionally and physically more devastating than adult female rape of boys for the following reasons (among others): 1) vaginal damage; 2) uterus, and otherwise internal, injury; 3) death due to latter; 4) subsequent childbirth; 5) C-sections in girls/early teens; 6) child raising a child; 7) fistula; 8) victim anorexia nervosa; 9) sodomy, and 10) girls see male adults as stronger authority figures, compounding duress and coercion. Rather than banning me (as you do to all who challenge you, betraying your insecurity; while those who insult them get a free pass), try addressing each point logically, citing evidence. You try to make dissenters and feminists look bad, yet fail to realize how bad it makes YOU look when you use an argument that facilitates the abuse of girls.

  14. Boyles

     /  November 29, 2013

    Corrected version: original citation wrong:
    Your claim that boys are more traumatized is used by lesbian and male heterosexual pedophiles as a carte blanche license for sexual abuse of girls. Girl asks, “does anyone care about girl kids?”
    How is it worse for boys when girl victims of males have been raped to death? We know of no such cases for boy victims of female rape. Adult male rape of girls is emotionally and physically more devastating than adult female rape of boys for the following reasons (among others): 1) vaginal damage; 2) uterus, and otherwise internal, injury; 3) death due to latter; 4) subsequent childbirth; 5) C-sections in girls/early teens; 6) child raising a child; 7) fistula; 8) victim anorexia nervosa; 9) sodomy, and 10) girls see male adults as stronger authority figures, compounding duress and coercion. Rather than banning me (as you do to all who challenge you, betraying your insecurity; while those who insult them get a free pass), try addressing each point logically, citing evidence. You try to make dissenters and feminists look bad, yet fail to realize how bad it makes YOU look when you use an argument that facilitates the abuse of girls.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2014

      Boyles, Of course you have no data because you ignore it and only listen to your women’s studies professors, such as the infamous and unbelievably corrupt and myth spinning researcher, Dr. Lenore Walker. Boys are raped to death as well. Two were raped to death this week alone, by one mother and another mother who called her boyfriend to come over and rape a two month old to death. You obviously are a feminist and only want attention for girls who are raped and wish to dismiss harm to children irrespective of gender. Shame on you.

      • Boyles

         /  March 27, 2014

        “You…only want attention for girls…” I find these words ironic, since one might say the same of you: you apparently “only want attention for boys.” Besides your near exclusive reference to boy victims, there is this farcical argument of yours that boys are more traumatized vy sexual abuse. There is not a shred of proof for such a claim. (One of your examples is a teen who was so “traumatized,” he married his “victimizer.”) The physical evidence (cited by me in the 10 points above) argues for the exact opposite case (girls are generally more traumatized); yet you have opted to address none of these points, with the single exception of point 3 (“death due to [internal damage]”). For this, you cite an example where two women are accomplices and the anal rapist is a man. In doing so, you’re only making my point that it is nearly impossible for a woman to vaginally rape a boy to death, whereas death by vaginal rape for female victims of men or male teens is far from unheard of. I know of at least four cases offhand. Besides the overwhelming physical evidence, there is also the psychological evidence. Psychologists have demonstrated that children, in particular girls, tend to submit more readily to a male authority figure than to a female authority. This implies that girls would be more emotionally vulnerable and submissive in the event that the perpetrator were a male; more so than if the gender roles were reversed. I accessed this psychological study from conservative sources, not feminists. Conservatives like yourself freely admit this universal submission of children to male figures because it seemingly affirms the efficacy and legitimacy of male authority. (There is the element of power advantage: people, especially children, naturally intuit that men have stronger sway than females, because of voice, strength and size factors.) But then you conveniently “overlook” such factors in the case of sexual abuse.
        I also find your statement, “You…only want attention for girls,” to be ironic because the girl in my link was making the same case against arguments such as yours: she points out that those who use your argument here seem to care more about boys than girls. After citing statistics which seem to indicate that there are more female, than male, victims of sexual abuse, she cites numerous examples in her own life where girls have fallen prey to such abuse at the hands of both females and males. She then pointed out that your argument that boys are more traumatized by such abuse has commonly been used to make light of these abuses, if not actaully justify them. I cried when I read this, because it is the inevitable consequences of such erroneous views as yours, and those of your supporters.
        Because of the dearth of evidence for your position (“boys are more traumatized by such abuse”), you have adopted the strategy of repitition: If you just say a view long enough, and pretend that it’s true, eventually people will begin to believe it. It’s an old political trick which you have obviously adopted from your enemies. But cite direct evidence, and let’s see how tenable your case really is. I am game. Are you?

      • thepatriotdad

         /  March 28, 2014

        Boyles, The article is about abuses of women upon children, mainly boys, so why would it not be ‘about boys’? There is a media monologue that it is only girls who are molested; only men who molest; and it is only girls who need attention, help, and support after abuse. I am stating that the boys need help and support as well and that they make up a proportion of abused children that is not trivial by any means. I am reading your responses as you do not want to provide boys services after abuse or you want to deny them only, left over or minimal services? Is that your position: if there are any resources the boys can have the left-overs? You come across as a very cruel, un-empathetic individual and those are indicative of sociopathy.

  15. Mr. D

     /  January 9, 2014

    I find this article very interesting and gives some support to my own personal suspicions of women abusers. However, Based on what I understood the article to say, I would like bring to question as to the better care giver. I do agree that the abuses of women are under reported. As far as to suggest they worse than that of men, I can’t help to question the situations of these family units. Who deals with the children the most? Though there might a father, is this person active in the child’s life in a significant way or is he out working long hours to insure financial stability and otherwise recluse in the home? I personally think the statistics would swing ether way depending on societal standers and expectations. As far as the percentages of the different kinds of abuse, I can not estimate.

  16. Trevor

     /  February 17, 2014

    the U.S. and u.k. regions have been considerably too lenient to women in any sortof criminal action this is not much of a surprise to tell the truth but it is still a shocking description of how lenient we truly are.

  17. Trevor

     /  February 17, 2014

    the U.S. and u.k. regions have been considerably too lenient to women in any sortof criminal action this is not much of a surprise to tell the truth but it is still a shocking description of how lenient we truly are.
    therefore this nation requires a change of which we must all embrace that change is being less lenient towards women in legal issues

  18. **********************************************************************************************************

    18 January 2014
    Women who sexually abuse our children – why aren’t ALL child sex abusers being prosecuted?

    OPEN LETTER to Sir Stephen House, QPM, Chief Constable of Police Scotland

    Dear Sir,

    Sadly, I find it necessary to address this Open Letter to you only after my own MP has written to you directly and repeatedly over an eight month period, by asking for action on Child Sex Abuse.
    Despite these representations, neither a meaningful response nor action have been forthcoming.

    Our concern is that despite senior officers of Police Scotland formally claiming that all child sex abuse reports are taken “very seriously indeed”, the facts don’t support this assertion.

    As an example, with respect to one incident, Police Scotland and yourself were made aware of a formal report in January 2013, and a formal complaint made in March 2013, yet despite evidence including a viable formal Witness Statement and Expert Psychological support documentation, the female suspect has been neither questioned nor interviewed.

    This is clearly not an isolated incident. Research findings by prestigious child protection organisations such as NSPCC/Childline/The Lucy Faithfull Foundation/Kidscape, together with findings reported in numerous academic journals, confirm that in between 5 – 20% of all occurrences of child sex abuse, the abusers are women. (1)
    In a paper published in 1984, Petrovich & Templer reported that 59% of incarcerated (male) rapists had been sexually abused when they were children, by one or more women.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that these research conclusions are accurate, and that the criminal justice system treats women who sexually abuse children very leniently compared with men who sexually abuse children.
    This is entirely consistent with my own research and personal experience.

    Within the past reported twelve months, it’s been confirmed that in my local policing area alone that there were NO instances of women been convicted of any of the 27 possible categories of sexual abuse of children. In the same area, over the same period, 78 men were convicted of such offences. The political party Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them) is taking an increasing interest in the topic of women committing sexual abuse of children, and the reluctance of the police to prosecute them. (2)

    My recent Freedom of Information requests (FOI 2013-1171 & 2013-1447) via Police Scotland for statistics and data across all Scottish regions, and nationally, over three years, also confirms that convictions of female perpetrators of child sex abuse are insignificant.

    Not only is this a possible infringement of the Scottish Equality Act 2010, it’s also inconsistent with the public claim that Police Scotland take all child sex abuse offences “very seriously indeed”.

    (1) Bibliography of Female Child Sex Abusers

    Name and Address Supplied


    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2014

      Alan, Thank you for your contribution. I am glad to see the work that is being done in Scotland in an effort to educate the police and to give child victims of women a possible chance for justice. It has taken quite a few independent activists scattered around the U.S. to begin to overcome the hesitation of police, prosecutors, and courts to at least review the outcries of children when against women.

      Again, Thank you.

      Patriot Dad

  19. I trust Boyles noticed this…
    or this? …..
    Both just this week.
    I’ve taken the time to locate information from my own police force which confirms the national position that female child abusers outnumber male child abusers in roughly 2:1.
    If anyone would like to contact NSPCC or Victim Support they will confirm that male victims of rape or serious sexual assault are AS damaged or MORE so than female ones.
    Is that an acceptable “shred” of evidence?
    The fact remains that the most dangerous place in the Western world for infants at threat of willful damage from a human is whilst he or she is in his or her own home with their own mother whilst their natural father is not there to defend them.
    For that “shred” of evidence please contact your own police department for confirmation.

    • Sir I hate to say this but ! When you present facts to zealots ! You are spinning your wheels. Zealots don’t care about facts that don’t support their positions. If they did ? You wouldn’t have Islamists killing each other and destroying each others holy sites. You wouldn’t have feminazi’s cheering the murder of the unborn. This is radical mindset in over drive. This is the need for an enemy to hold your movement to gather. This is the need to keep a belief that their whole life has been focused on ! To change and evolve beyond that. Would bring their world crashing down a round them.

  20. Joni Faith Saloom

     /  June 12, 2014

    Sign Petition to Remove Judge Lisa Millard (310th Court, Harris County, Texas, in Houston, TX) from the Bench for Ordering Clifford Hall to go to Jail for Six Months for Overpaying Child Support and Spending too Much Time with His Eleven Year Old son:

  21. rahul 91

     /  July 20, 2014

    @chin , who the heck are you ? i am indian , let me tell u that in india married men commit suicide at very high rate due to wife’s abuse & alimony . Men are used as ATM machine & also charged as rape if husband seeks sex with his wife .Indian women are very arrogant . Now in modern india , husbands & his parents never beats wives & daughters . KEpp in the mind that stories you hear in media are mostly fake & are always exaggerated to defame indian men’s status in the whole world .all laws supports these indians= bitches & thats ‘s man suffer silently in the society , these bitches to extort money raised non senses compliant against their husband & his parents to blacken him & impotent indian feminists organisation support them to complete their jobs. Every yr 65000+ indian married men commit suicide , get emotionally hurted , falsely convicted ….etc due dumb indain woman licking courts

  22. There are obviously more men. Just ask anyone who has been molested. We know the truth.

    • Men rape children constantly. Women have no need to do so.

      • thepatriotdad

         /  September 10, 2014

        The serious studies of women who molest show they molest for the exact same reasons as men who molest. People lost in the rage of their own molestation often act out on children, women act out on children as they were acted upon, this is just one of the reasons that men and women who molest have in common. Even the radical feminists groups are beginning to admit that women molest children more frequently than they previously thought. Please get counseling from a serious clinic, not a feminist shelter system that will play upon your rage and use you.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  September 10, 2014

      ANONYMOUS, sadly, you only know you and you need to get support and help from a stable therapist, not a shelter system ideologue. It is your blindly uninformed view that makes it so easy for women molesters to operate for lifetimes, molesting untold numbers of children. A child molested by either sex is still a molested child. Don’t slam the door closed for help in the face of children who were molested because their molester is female.

  23. Alyssa

     /  October 13, 2014

    I am confused. The second sentence of the entire article suggests that women molest MORE than men, but then there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. There is only one example (the juvenile incarceration center), where this allegation is confirmed, but a single study in a very specific environment is hardly proof for such a bold claim. I do not argue with the facts; I know women DO molest, and I know they are responsible for more “abuse” and “neglect” than men, but I fail to see any evidence in the article that suggests that women molest as much as or more than men. The fact that molestation by women is under-reported is undoubtedly true, but that is the nature of molestation, regardless of which gender committed the crime. Maybe I missed some information here, but I would really appreciate it if someone would enlighten me.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  October 13, 2014

      Yes, Alyssa, you are confused. You admit the article starts off with a very powerful study yet write there was no support for the central point of my article. You would not have seen a dozen support references, your mind is fixed on ‘man bad – woman good’ simplistic mythology.

      We have been in an era where the common thought was that women could not molest or rape. We still see a majority of mental health care workers and law enforcement who still believe that myth of the ‘innocent woman’ where women are incapable of such crimes. Also, for the past 40 years we have seen directed studies and outcome oriented ‘research’ by feminist groups where women could do no evil. As to the feminist control of research funds and even publication approval, one only has to look as far as the problems of the riots and death threats toward Christina Hoff Sommers or Erin Prizzey to see how the efforts to silence anyone who looks at the reality of women being as or more culpable as men in sex and violence crimes will take all forms, including threats toward family members.

      Until recently we could get attention to the fact that women abuse and neglect children or that women were the greater problem when it came to domestic violence. Now, we are attempting to gain attention to the fact that women are just as capable of being sexual predators and are actually encouraged to abuse by the lack of enforcement or the lack of strong sentencing of women predators.

      The very study you first say is and then isn’t present in my article, gives voice to an underlying problem where objectivity is needed and points to a very serious issue ‘ACROSS THE WHOLE NATION, not just one state or one dysfunctional facility. I have visited with any number of women mental health professionals who openly state they have more men and women coming to them over molestation as children by women than molestation by men. It is more severe when the molestation is by a woman because most people will treat the victim as crazy or a liar because ‘women can’t molest or rape’. That is pure BS.

      I provided any number of convicted female predators as examples in this article, and one of the additional issues in the feminist highlighting of this bias against men while ignoring massive crime by women is the disparity of sentencing. What will get a man life, will get a woman parole and a small fine. However the damage to the children is just as great if not greater when women molest. And, the women are generally free to continue to molest for decades, damaging and destroying the lives of untold thousands if not millions in this country. You Alyssa are a bigot whether you realize it or not.

      • Alyssa

         /  October 13, 2014

        What a rude response. I did not argue with the data you presented or insist in any way whatsoever that women molesting children is in any way accetable.

  24. Alyssa

     /  October 13, 2014

    (I apologize for the partial comment above; my phone glitched an submitted before I could finish posting. Now then…)

    What a rude response. First of all, I am in no way, shape, or form a feminist; you made an assumption. I did not argue with the data you presented or insist in any way whatsoever that women molesting children is in any way acceptable. I even acknowledge that women molesting children definitely does happen, and it IS a problem. I do not discount the cases that you present, but only one of them supports the difficult to believe claim that women do it more than men. Any time you make a claim that most people will find difficult to believe, you should back it up with sufficient evidence. A single study is hardly grounds for such a serious allegation; that is not how any field of science works. You need study after study proving the same thing, which you do not provide in the article. Nowhere in my comment do I say that this is not a serious issue, or that women are not “capable or rape or molestation” as you suggest. I simply ask for more evidence for the first major claim you make as there is nothing sufficient in your article to support it. Noting a few cases of women molesting children only proves that it does in fact happen (which I do not in any way condone or deny), but it in no way proves that women molest more than men. I came here legitimately looking to further my knowledge on this subject and enlighten myself, but you immediately resorted to juvenile tactics of name-calling, and deemed my thinking “simplistic” because I questioned your article.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  October 25, 2014

      Thank you for your response, you just proved my points for me.

    • Alyssa, don’t take it too personally. If you will read over this forum, you’ll find that he is rude to everyone who dissents from his agenda of making males out to be greater victims of abuse than females. He has not produced a shred of hard evidence to reinforce his outlandish claim that males suffer greater trauma at the hands of female predators than females at the hands of male predators. Even if we allow for the possibility that the numbers of female abusers are far larger than is supposed (a credible claim, given the propensity of many to downplay female abuse of males), this notion that it is far more traumatizing for males seems to be the fiction of our “patriotic” (I almost said patronizing) host. And he also doesn’t talk about female victims of females (of which there are also more than is commonly assumed), or for that matter, female victims of males. He seems intent on making female victims the new “invisible victim.” There is already a disturbing trend to normalize male attractions to female teens, while vilifying the same attraction to teen males.
      This, coupled with the false and fallacious claim that males are somehow more traumatized by these events, seems to be a toxic recipe for more female victims. Traditionally, females have been viewed as the more vulnerable sex. This newfangled view that males are the true victims instead spells death for chivalry and for the respect for females. The answer should be mutual respect between the sexes, but I’m afraid our misogynistic host will have none of it. He’s busy blackening the character of anyone who would suggest he moderate his extreme position. Notice that he uses the term “sociopath” (an extreme psychological condition which a smaller number of people have) as if it characterized anyone who believes differently from himself.

  25. eric blazedell

     /  October 23, 2014

    my mom sister and cousin molested me but my feminist family ignores it and judges me for my mistakes

    • thepatriotdad

       /  October 25, 2014

      It is a very rocky road addressing childhood abuse and an even rockier road when you try to bring the skeletons out of a dysfunctional family’s closet. When you pull the skeletons out of the closet, they all turn on you, even the victims. Silence is the rule and is even greater than their self-preservation. Stay strong, pal.

  26. I was molested by a male family friend. My father and uncles found out about it and took the law into their own hands. They beat the guy near to death. I grew up in the slums of Chicago and this type of street justice is the norm, the police are seen as much as the enemy as the person committing the crime.

    I was also molested by my Grandfather’s live-in girlfriend after my father’s suicide. She was incredibly brutal, more so than the male that molested me. She would sit me in the bathtub and rape me with a sex toy and laugh when I cried. She would slap me or twist my ears if I cried too loud. After a while I got used to it. My Grandfather walked in on us during my “bath-time” and saw what happened. Nothing was done. I lived that hell until my mother stopped using drugs and took me away. My female abuser lived without ever being held responsible for what she had done to me. She died of cancer a few years back. I wanted to be happy that she died slowly and painfully, but I am not. I think she is now free of her sins in death and I am left to live this tormented life.

    I feel like society does not care about male victims of abuse, especially if the abuser is female. I am going through therapy trying to move on from this. In both cases I feel like justice was not given to me. The male that molested me was beaten but went on with his life, the female didn’t get so much as a frown and went on with hers. For 25 years, a quarter of a century I have lived with the fact that no one ever gave a s***, now I see that I was wrong. I’m trying not to cry right now but thank you for shedding light on truth. I am not a survivor, my abusers intent was not to kill me, I am a former victim that wishes ALL offenders be punished by law no matter their gender. From the bottom of my slowly regenerating heart I thank you, There are no words to express how close this subject is to me and how deep the wounds have been. Thank you thepatriotdad. There will be people who don’t want to hear the truth. Let them live in lies and be exposed for what they are, hate filled bigots and rape apologists.

  27. mensrightsamerica

     /  November 10, 2014

    well done piece.

  28. Enigma

     /  November 13, 2014

    I went to a special school in the 1990’s where most of the female teachers clearly had paedophillic tendences. They even had the toilet cubicle doors cut down in size so they could perve – bare in mind this school was graffiti free, not even pencil scrawled on walls.
    On a trip out, there was an outdoor swimming pool in a park. They had everyone take off their entire clothes and swim naked. However, embarrassed, I kept my underwear on. But even though it got wet (so keeping clothes dry excuse cannot be used) they still kept insisting I take it off.
    They made comments about my body they shouldn’t have even noticed.
    There was much more too, worse.
    Anyway, I hear women say the age of consent should be 14 often. Usually when there us a teen they fancy.

    Take two similar cases:

    Although slightly over the age of consent:

    Daniel Radcliffe starred in a show aged 17 where he had to bare his entire body plus have an erection. No outcry from women, instead they flock to see the show.

    Ella Rose Corby poses nude aged 16 on the cover of Stab Magazine. Howevee, her legs and arms are covering her breasts and genital area. Nothing can be seen, no more showing than many bikinis. Yet mass outcry.

  29. Leo

     /  February 23, 2015

    Why on earth is it necessary to point fingers? Why can’t you just say “child molestors” instead of shifting the blame onto women nearly completly. You honestly sound like some butt hurt dude who lost custody of his children for being an asshole and your trying to justify your fatherly rights by making women out to be unfit to even rule themselves. Stay away from my daughters…and all males with our mindset! A true man takes responsibility for what’s in his power and doesn’t play the blame game when things don’t go how he thinks they should.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2015

      And, Leo, your real name is Brenna Brand. You are a woman. You write like a woman, you lack logic and have the arrogance to think you are smarter than any man, when we all see through you so easily

      Brenna, you sound like a female who molests children and doesn’t want the spotlight of reality on you. You love it when a pervert male is off the streets because it reduces your competition. Women have even more evil in their hearts than men, because they aren’t punished or aren’t punished as severely. And, Speaking of ‘Butt Hurt’ are you one of those faithless predator women who abuses children and steals men’s children, lives, and fortunes? You are a feminist, an evil, bigoted, and hateful FEMALE feminist. And you have spent considerable time on my blog, you have totaled 68 views. Thank you for reading my blog, but why do I get the feeling you only read it to try and find something to hurt me or to shut me up? You really are a troubled stalker.

  30. thepatriotdad

     /  May 2, 2013

    Thanks for the link. I have begun to read through your blog. After a number of years in the Marines in the 60’s and 70’s, I saw the separate track for women beginning to develop back then. It was clear then that women could not carry the physical loads that we all did, routinely. I know there are a very few women who can both carry the load and to carry it as long and as fast as a lot of men, but I would bet you find them at the rate of 1/250,000, at best. I don’t know of many women who could carry all their personal gear and an 80 lb mortar base for more than a couple of hundred yards at best. I believe it is the feminists who continue to sell the particular brand of snake oil which you discuss. Feminism kills. It kills unborn babies. It kills men. It even kills other women. Feminism is a murderous and generationally destructive ideology.

  1. Women’s War on Sanity: The Military — 6. A Less Macho Future | The Karamazov Idea

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