Feminism and the Economy: Failures of Fraud (Part 1)

How much more of the cost of Feminist Policies is the world willing to carry? Feminism is undoubtedly one of the worst and most costly totalitarian political ideologies to ever infect this old world. It is a Colonializing
form of Totalitarianism. The very basis of Feminism was a built upon lies, frauds, half-truths, and systemic abuse of basic civil rights of everyone not a Feminist, even children and non-wealthy women Feminists.

Governments letting go of Feminism will pass through a very predictable series of gateways along this path of de-constructing this political ideology as a driving policy.

We will see our governments first getting very, very tough on divorced fathers and these governments will begin to include more and more of the Feminist tribe into these travesties of justice.

Second, they will reverse themselves when they can no longer fund feminism. Then they will start being abusive, solely, to those who sucked the money out of our economy, the women who felt entitled to everyone else’s labor and wealth without creating anything except feral children.

Finally, there will be a return to a form of justice that supports equality and conforms to the Constitutional law of the land (at least until we rebuild our wealth, then our sociopathic political leaders and judges will return to full predatory mode.)

Within the next two to three years we will see a major reversal and families being returned to the care of good men, fathers and husbands. Divorce will be minimized both socially and through force of law in changes in divorce laws and drastic reduction in single mothers qualifying for the current levels of government entitlements. It is the cheapest, and the very best way to run a society. History
is on our side. And more important than even that, basic economics demands it.

When all the governments of the world are broke and as impoverished as an American Non-Custodial Father, who is supposed to pay for all of the expenses of “No Fault” divorce?

Who is to pay to keep all of the “feral’ adult children of “NO FAULT” locked up to keep them from killing us all?

Feminism was a costly and unbearably destructive political ideology based upon lies and myths. Feminism is being exposed by the waste it has left behind.

Where is the money coming from now to support entitlement women in the styles to which they would like to become accustomed? And, who is supposed to foot that bill? It sure “ain’t” the American Male who built the world’s modern economy only to have a few “Hillarys and Glorias” bleed it dry for more day spa treatments and the false image of wealth based on a debt economy.

With Feminists, someone else is always supposed to foot the bill. NOT ANYMORE. We are all going to be too damn broke and no other country is going to want or be able to foot our bills and pay our debts.

To go a little further on this last point about how we have burned our bridges, sailed on a sinking ship, and taken our rat friends on a ride (I enjoy mixing and abusing metaphors, one of my more serious fetishes), I provide the following current news articles:

This is an AP article that covers a study done to determine the direct expenses to the Fed of divorce sets the figure at 112 billion dollars.

This link is a DOJ page showing the 2003 cost of the Federal prison system at 25 billion dollars and I am still looking for the source of a figure I recall from a federal web site that stated the combined States outlay per yer in either 2006 or 2007 was 40 billion dollars.

We are rapidly approaching a cost per year of over a quarter of a trillion dollars per year. And, I believe that is only some of the more directly attributable costs at this time without the full cost projection of the next 50 years if it all stopped today.

These studies do not include the readily available data that one of the two top reasons for foreclosures is divorce, and the other is medical expenses. Increased mortgage payments, as the media likes to tell us is responsible for the current epidemic of foreclosures, is still not even in the top two as I write. Medical crises we can not help. It is the nature of life. Divorce we can stop.

Is this enough to help support my thesis as a starter packet?

Then top all of this off (as a very sweet and tasty cherry on top of an ice cream sundae) with the concerns in every courthouse in the nation about their DOJ and other federal entitlements, including Title IV (especially IV-D) funds disappearing before their very eyes. They can no longer fund Kangaroo Courts and mass incarcerations of our working men. And as we see, the replacement illegal aliens are just going back home. They aren’t going to hand around for the rough road ahead. We are seeing the beginning of change. Even the courts are going to need us all back on the streets and working without harassment.

Change in Family Policy will come not so much through our efforts as much as through the now empty wallet of the power mongers.

The next question to ask is: When men are re-enfranchised, will we be as abusive as the Feminists? Historically, not on broad scale. But, it is still an item we need to watch.

The PatriotDad

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  1. Joni Faith Saloom

     /  June 12, 2014

    http://www.change.org/petitions/austin-texas-supreme-court-remove-judge-lisa-millard-from-the-bench ; Sign Petition to Remove Judge Lisa Millard (310th Court) from the Bench for Ordering Clifford Hall of Houston, Texas (Harris County) for Overpaying Child Support and for Spending too Much Time with his Eleven Year Old Son!


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