Feminism and the Economy: Failures of Fraud (Part 2)

I am going to be very brief on this portion. But, I am passing along some very heavy current events that discuss just how bad our economy (the whole world’s) has been abused and how low it is going to get. And, as I ended Part 1, WHO IS GOING TO FUND THE FEMINIST ENTITLEMENTS AND ENFORCEMENTS?

Here is that food for thought:

Asia: http://www.onenewsnow.com/vidPlayer.aspx?videoId=9918 (video)

Middle East: http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=29260 (article)

Europe- IMF warns of great Depression: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5h6Os57hYEifFkfS0_4tWaYPMVJxQ (article)

America-2008 in a nutshell: http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?sid=4&aid=14&dir=2008/December/Monday22 (article)

In Part 3, I will begin to provide some thoughts on surviving and caring for our children and families in the upcoming international economic collapse (and as the major network news has begun to announce “WE HAVEN’T SEEN THE TIP, YET.”)

The PatriotDad

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