America, The Feminist’s Gulag for Men

memorial-to-victims-gulag-moscow-russia-12886406Memorial to the victims of Gulag. Moscow, Russia. Editorial Photo

February 28, 2008, articles were in the news (both newspapers and on tv) about the rise in numbers of those imprisoned in the last 30 years.  We have 1 of every 100 Americans in jail, today.   It follows the rise of feminism.  In nearly all jurisdictions the majority of men incarcerated are from single mother homes.  The percentage of these father deprived men in jail has stayed steady at 95%.

Since nearly all those imprisoned in America are men, I thought I would extrapolate a little.  We have 350 million citizens. One percent is 3 1/2 million behind bars.
Roughly half of all our citizens are male and lets say that of the resulting 175 million males, 2/3 are adults which leaves 58 million men and of those 3.5 million are in prison.  That means we have 6% of all our men in prison at any one time.
It is not 1% of our men it is 6%.   The news articles applied the number of men in prison against the total population in general to get at the 1 in 100.  We jail very few women or children.
To be more truthful they should have said we imprison 6 out of every 100 men in America.  That means that ONE in every 16.6 men in America today is in prison, TODAY.
That means next year one of any 17 of your personal friends or acqaintances will be in prison.
We have over 25% of all people in prison in the world, imprisoned in America.  Those are nearly all men.
How many of these imprisoned men are fathers?
Further, the U.S. Justice Department does not count sentences of less than a year when counting those imprisoned.   Most fathers (30% or more in anyone county jail) are in for 6 month terms.  Most of these 6 month terms are for men who for whatever reason (illness, layoffs, Katrina, etc..) have fallen behind on child support.
Many of these men with 6 month sentences may have 2, 3, or even 10  – 6 month terms back to back.  But, these consecutive sentences are only counted as  6 month sentences.   These men are not included in this recent Justice Department release.  (You can ask the local sheriff about my county jail figures)  So if the 6 month sentencing were counted, we could be looking at as many as 1 in 12 American adult men are in prison TODAY!
And we are all silent.  The pulpits are quiet.  No wonder the men are leaving in droves.
There is extreme disparity in prosecuting and sentencing of men versus women.  But that still does not explain the full horror of what we are doing to our men.
Our government is now spending 59 billion dollars a year to imprison, at the very least, 1 out of every 16.6  of our men.   And we call ourselves civilized and a Christian nation.

Arlington Natl Cemetary Graves

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  1. Democratic forms of government in this newest iteration we experience here is a rather modern phenomena, but I hate to say it, where did you get the idea that this is a Christian nation or even civilized nation. Democracy as we see it here today in it’s historical tests were present in only one length of 30 years and one of 300 years. The religious have a notional or denominational value for their righteousness and their priests equally subservient to federal control.

    The difference between barbarism and civility is a fine line, especially when we have the state dictate what is ‘civil’, what is acceptable and what is not. We certainly enter into deep do do territory as to how far we will go to punish someone we declare an enemy of the state. Since the definition may be as it has become, expanded to new heights of state endorsed insurrection that I would not wish on my worst enemies, especially foreigners or should we term them aliens. Firstly just as the mythical columbus day is an ideological day rooted in some strange historical notions, so is the formation and forging of these nation states we call the US union. But wait, isn’t the US formed under revised international uniform commercial code, not christianity or any other religion, just as it is formed under administratorship with a history and pedigree that goes far beyond plantation management. I fear a lot miss the very essence of what America is and that it simply become a land of individual stakeholders by share, not by the defunct idea of ownership or any idea of allodial right howsoever you purport to have it.

    We talk of balkanisation or gulagism but the reality is we are developing mass HOA’s not to be mistaken for HMO’s, or individual insured values by which we truly are valued and as a component of the demographic move to the HOA or county that provides our level of service. I admire a lot of diehards who by a majority believe in some archaic wishful mental exercise of a delusional idea. That would be especially in the reincarnation of a variant Magna Carta also known as the bill of rights, that is simply fluff for the masses or the die hard patriot, until they meet it and then they go into denial But that right stands only by the instrument on which it is written, simple penmanship (dickensian Utopianism). It is a rather strange instrument in the many variations that has evolved into a massive industry where it seems, any fortuitous denizen who understands the power of it may seek lucrative employment by state affirmation. Of course offering the powers that be another revenue stream and increased control with a bonus of indirect taxation in lieu of more employment is nothing to be sniffed at. It would be a great idea. The bones of any state or their soveriegn purpose for the individual former state lie in the control of an administrative fiduciary stating with your county clearing house.

    We often call those persons most instrumental for this purpose or state actors not citizens but lawyers, whereas in truth they are administrative processors for a franchised corporation (by their proper name ‘attourners’ (state clerical administrator/processors( also State officers)) who present a packaged case in front of a tribunal or administrative judge acting under COLOR of law. To understand this we have to go back and review the origins of this court, and we find lo and behold a licensee business, that has no judicial seal of approval not anywhere to be found, and no authority to issue one, (we can test this theory by simply asking for a judicial seal for an adjudicated case), they have no jurisdiction to give one.

    In fact the very promise of this franchise aka ”County’court of ‘whatever name” they use, is actually a corporation with strange presidential powers. It’s mandate was that it would take the load or messiness of matrimonial affairs of the heart apart and take the vulnerability of children under those circustances off the real judicial systems table. To simply make more efficient and humane a very often messy business. Persons who place numbers and little understood pig latin on paper in lieu of a tidy sum that facilitate both the process, pricing and fixing of justice or some creative wealth by ownership or usury were welcome to join in the fray. Enter stage right our favorite attourner. Now that is American enterprize at it’s best, to actually ignore the fact that it has evolved into a monopoly is not only self treachery but sadly a great and sad reflection of the gullibility of the American citizen. It has become so well entrenched into the political and domestic fabric of daily life that many franchisees with an inherent interest would be unemployed forthwith without the very product or politics of this system. We may also test the historical development of the techniques used to obtain a divorce, ‘NO FAULT’ is an idea with good intentions for all parties concerned, and thus we can concentrate on making sure the children don’t suffer. The problem of course for the lawyers was that the cases were not profitable enough, so instead of findings that allowed a cooperative divorce and in place of the old way of getting a divorce. That historically was for one of the party to admit to adultery with cuckolder as witness in front of a judge, we evolve a factitious and plenary new disorder, wife beating and child molestation. Our attourners of judicial excellence will invest in all the mechanisms political, legislative, financial or otherwise to ensure a few extra pieces of silver will mold the bullet that is most effective against by a majority males of a divorce. Whether the results are fortuitous or purposeful, we know for the next generation things will not be so healthy or even easy, and the seeds of familial destruction were sown long ago.

    No JOINT CUSTODY in any shape or form is the standard fare, since we judicially opine that any male that is unable to keep his marriage together deserves the full wrath of factitious disorders, supported by some of the most perverse incentives ever presented in the history of this planet. For spartans males were villified and killed for cowardice by the mere accusation of the wife, for Romans equally not tough enough, for the medieavel not religious or pious enough for their landlords, and for us of course not manly enough that most cases presented to these courts are accelerated by an insinuation of some very bad sexual or wife beating habits often involving one’s own children. So much so that their are technically 111 million suspect child abusers on a specially kept private database.


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