My Testimony on Judicial Ethics to the Texas Sunset Committee

On April 10, 2012, I attended a Sunset Commissions public meeting on the Texas Judicial Conduct Commission.  

I was awestruck.  I went to testify but before I was called to testify on Judicial Corruption I heard the Sunset Commission firmly address and challenge the arrogance and falsely claimed power of the Judicial Conduct Commission to be immune from full review by the Sunset Commission.  I heard men representing civil and criminal attorney groups representing thousands of Texas attorneys, officially complaining of rampant and uncontrolled judicial corruption.   By the time I was called, all of my material and thunder had been taken by others outside of my prior knowledge.

I was humbled at the  major movement towards ethics in court, as stated by the Sunset Commission, especially in family law court.  This is more positive action than I have ever seen in one hearing than in nearly 20 years of on and off lobbying in Austin as the legal battles allowed.  

The first time I went to the Capital in 1995, after calling on two legislators, I was told that something must be wrong with me because the things of which I was complaining could not be happening and that why would any woman say those things if they were not  true (money, property, and lucrative  business, for three).   I was then escorted by DPS officers out of the Capital Building. 

The last time I was there before April 10, 2012, I was video taping interviews with legislators discussing equal parenting legislation with a parent’s group from Dallas.  The legislators were begging for us to come back.  They wanted input from someone other than the family bar and the shelter movement.  It was said ‘They came to us with dirty hands and things are worse now than ever.’  Some of the legislators told of personal divorces or brothers who were destroyed in no fault divorce and children lost to the whole family forever.

I returned to Corpus Christi and I was arrested the next day on an emergency arrest warrant for child support violations.   I was not paying on time.  I was paid ahead, three months ahead.  It cost me nearly $10,000 and a total of 11 days in jail to be paid ahead.

I keep going back to Austin, anyway.  In the last three years I saw the legislature beginning to attack the feminist courts, policies and laws in recognition of the mass destruction caused to children, men, and even women.

This past Tuesday I saw an open conflict with angry words between the Sunset Commission who monitors all other State Agencies, and the Judicial Conduct Commission which had been allowing and covering up the massively pervasive denial of the most basic of protections for men and children on the whims of women, that perversely is now turning on women as I predicted nearly 20 years ago. 

The emotion of that experience had me as misty eyed as a thirteen year old girl watching “Gone With The Wind” for the first time.  

I knew that change was coming, but I did not expect to see such a forceful challenge to out of control judges stealing men’s children, homes, future incomes, liberty, and even lives.

For my testimony, all I did was present another grievance to the Judicial Conduct Commission through the Sunset Commission on a judge who was alleged and evidence indicated had attempted to intimidate a child into making a false sex abuse allegation against his mother and her attorney.   What I had was small and anti-climactic after what others before had to present.  I was, however the only one to present the concept that all findings can be appealed through the appellate process by either party, the complainant or the judge, if the decision was contested.   This means the complainant must be notified.  I was not noticed of anything on the two occasions we belive we had judges sanctioned.  We had to find out through courthouse staff either telling us or leaving a document in front of us while they left the room.   I could have challenged the findings on those grievances not found in my favor through the appeals process.

Friends in D.C. have been telling me of similar stories as they attend meetings and hearings at the Federal level.  

A very active group in Ohio is making legislative history (led by a very determined dad and dedicated equal parenting advocate, Ray Lautenshlauger).  VAWA funding is being reduced and open discussion of complete defunding is getting serious discussion as are the various child support enforcement laws and funding.  Even Obama, the recipient of massive feminist funds in his first campaign, is beginning to turn on the feminists ever so slightly and they are beginning to scream.  But who can they turn to?   They have attacked Ann Romney and even Obama said that was going too far.  The Republicans see the feminists as enemies, the Democrats are seeing the feminists as the albatross around their necks and an embarrasment to the party.

We may not see these changes within the next few years, but the inexorable is happening.  It is too late for me and my child’s childhood, but I may, yet, live to see this evil that destroys children and takes lives, ended.

Family Law corruption was not the focus at that Sunset hearing, however, as so many in the legal community have observed and admitted, the excesses of the courts were perfected in family law.  The courts allowed great abuses in the name of feminism which eroded the rights of all and all but eliminated the active support of due process.  This was in favor of the loud screeching of the false activists of feminism.  

There is great profit for the legal community when a families wealth and future income is opened up for the pillaging by the attorneys and courts.   That banditry bled over into real estate law, commercial law, insurance law, and every other area of law with the possible exception of Maritime commercial law.   It even tainted criminal law so that men were always considered guilty in any allegation involving women or children, irrespective of facts.

In the Corpus Christi area, in every instance of past proven, alleged,  and recently evidenced instances of judicial corruption and abuse of office have involved three particular attorneys.  These three attorneys have been key in every instance of major corruption either experienced or brought to our awareness in the Nueces County area.  These three attorneys have key players in the downfall or embarrassment of numerous judges before the Judicial Conduct Commission and the Texas legislaure.   Judges do not act corruptly on their own.  They commit their abuses in conjunction with other attorneys.   The three who seem to so frequently get the judiciary into hot water are Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly.   I have recorded an 8 to 12 year history of all three in only some of their more abusive patterns and practices.  These statements are well documented with public record.

It is only with the Grace of God that I have survived.  The statistical probability for what I have survived is infinitely small beyond comprehension.   I assist others out of gratitude for the mercy God has shown me.


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  1. clarita

     /  April 1, 2014

    omg….how do we get in touch with the author ?
    Listen,we ALL have to join together and fight back.
    are you aware that the probate system is the same as the fAmily court for judicial abuse and DOES THE SAME with our disabled audlt aged children as the kangaroo court AKA the family court ? liars,no due process etc and our kids LITERALLY DISAPPEAR and sure this is legal under their bs statutes.
    and grievances spelled out to the tx bar are dismissed with no explanation ? so it’s perfectly LEGAL and legit for ad litems and GAL’s to practice LIBel ,bust into the disabled SSi acct etc ? bar you from contact WITHOUT crimes or charges ? BS.
    THANK YOU for the name of the Sunset Commission and it will get passed around.
    feel free to contact me as well

  2. clarita

     /  April 17, 2014

    I came across this pearl of wisdom and Patriot Dad ,an wondering if it means what I think it does-
    Government Code Sec. 81.014. SUITS. The state bar may sue and be sued in its own name.
    Added by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 148, Sec. 3.01, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.
    LOL would this mean that thee state bar can be SUED ? hell,there mst be enough out here to get a class action going. They don’t even abide by their own !%^@m rules.

    • clarita

       /  April 20, 2014

      Patriot Dad,I’m not kidding here-verifiable information is submitted ,on top of the fact that we are NOT even paralegals,we must exhibit grievance by searching it all out UNDER THEIR CODE they don’t do sheis as in US simply giving notarized / under threat of perjury afadavit and simply stating SO AND SO LIED,see here and there and make note i am stating this UNDER THREAT OF PERJURY–IT DOES NOT mean a thing.
      false statements,filng false info–FELONY charges apply.altering court/GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS–felony,withholding information deliberately–on and on and they do nothing.
      I think it’s time we get together and sue them as that’s what they understand.
      wtH does complaining do ?
      I TRULY BELIEVE THEY LAUGH AT the DOCUMENTED OFFENSES AND US being dumb enough to expose OURSELVES as retribution follows.

      and even when taking apart THEIR BS CODES–how many times is the word KNOWINGLY used ? it’s all about THEM and without the assistance of another LAWYER,it goes nowhere.
      I was even TOLD by the DA that I NEEDED A LOIYUUUH to present the verifiable issues of backstamping in my case–and yeah I WENT OFF AS IT’S ALL A TROIKA OF SELF PROTECTING THIEVES AND CRIMINALS from the lowest ambulance chasin POS to this suPreme counsel.
      and the backstamping/backdating went nowhere the same–no one gives a damn.–from abbotts office on down to the local court where it took place–
      they most definitely know what their doing and MADE THEIR RULES to protect THEM and their bs artists known as loiyuuuhs.

      they all need to be sued but NOT HERE IN TEXAS–federal level in DC .

  3. Stan, feel free to read my story and dance on my grave, and possibly my son’s. Your twenty (20) years of lobbying have really paid off. The government, like politics, is no substitute for a mother’s or a father’s love–and don’t even get me started on stepparents who, with the rare exception, will by their very nature of being STEP parents, can not possibly love a child like their own natural child. I’m sorry for what happened with your son, though.


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