National Debt – The Past Due Note For Welfare Moms

As I have written recently in “National Debt and the Subtle Subversion of Truth” , our national debt is the sum total of expenditures to maintain the elitist Liberals’ Dependency Votes guaranteed by Welfare to Single Moms.

And as I have written in numerous articles, point to any single social ill and look for the greatest commonality and you will find that population will be overwhelmingly single mother raised.  And when we look at the combined stats of our own government on the cause of single motherhood we find that the greater majority of all cases are instances of the women abandoning the men for the women’s own self-centered reasons, irrespective of costs to children, loving husbands, or our society at large.  This is done when the women find they, based upon their gender, are super entitled to their children and most if not all of the assets of the man or of the marriage.  The insurance of welfare support and the guns of the sheriff to maintain the extortion of money in the name of the children stolen from the man helps to incentivize and subsidize the un-Holy destruction of our citizenry and our nation.    Not even the Spanish Flu caused as much death and destruction of the policies of feminism and extra-Constitutional rights for the least faithless of our nation’s women.

Now we see that Obama is buying more dependency votes and that under Obama we have seen the greatest increase in Welfare dependency, ever.   Not only has he increased Welfare (not to be confused with Social Security and Medicare for the elderly), but he has built himself an everexpanding voter block who do not realize that coming down from this high is going to be more of a downer than these dole surfers could ever have imagined.

Our expenditures in welfare (read ‘single mother entitlements’) ” “dependence programs” accounts for more than 70% of the federal budget.”

Then add in that in 2004 it was announced that over 50% of the employed people in America were government employees.  It was recently announced that the number of government employees has expanded dramatically in the past two years.  Within the past few months it was announced that the average Federal employee now makes over $127,000 in salary PLUS lucrative benefits.

Stack on top of this the tens of millions of men forced to live in poverty and jailed to reward Narcissistic and faithless women who divorce or abandon the fathers of their children and, as a result, destroy their own children.  We destroy our current and future workforce and turn our children into druggies, felons, hookers, and welfare moms. 


Dependency Index Surges 23% Under President Obama



The American public’s dependence on the federal government shot up 23% in just two years under President Obama, with 67 million now relying on some federal program, according to a newly released study by the Heritage Foundation.

The conservative think tank’s annual Index of Dependence on Government tracks money spent on housing, health, welfare, education subsidies and other federal programs that were “traditionally provided to needy people by local organizations and families.”

The two-year increase under Obama is the biggest two-year jump since Jimmy Carter was president, the data show.

The rise was driven mainly by increases in housing subsidies, an expansion in Medicaid and changes to the welfare system, along with a sharp rise in food stamps, the study found.

“You can’t get around the fact that policy decisions made over the past two years, on top of those made over the past several decades, are having a large effect on the pace of growth of the index,” said William Beach, who authored the Heritage study.

Government dependence has climbed steadily since 1962, when the index stood at 19. By 1980, the index had risen to 100. It stood at 294 in 2010, the last year for which the data are available. D.C.-based Heritage has produced the index for nine years.

The report also found that spending on “dependence programs” accounts for more than 70% of the federal budget. That, too, is up dramatically. In 1990, for example, the figure stood at 48.5%, and in 1962 just over a quarter of federal spending went to dependence programs.

At the same time, fewer Americans pay income taxes, the report notes. Almost half (49.5%) didn’t pay income taxes in 2009, the latest year for which the researchers have data. Back in the late 1960s, only 12% of Americans escaped the income tax burden.

Other findings:

The number of people dependent on the federal government shot up 7.5% in the past two years.

In 2010, for the first time ever, average spending on dependence programs per recipient exceeded the country’s per-capita disposable income.

The dependency index has dipped only seven times in the past 49 years, three of which were under President Reagan and two under President Clinton.

Some observers say the rise in dependence under Obama is merely a reflection of the deep and long recession.

But Beach says his team’s research shows that economic effects account for only one-fifth of the change in the index.

In addition, the index shot up 8% in 2010, a year when the economy grew by 3%.

Also, in the wake of the 1981-82 recession the dependence index climbed only 6%, then fell the very next year. That early-’80s slump was nearly as long as the so-called Great Recession (16 months vs. 18 months) and saw unemployment rise higher (peaking at 10.8% vs. 10%).

The lingering high jobless rate during the slow economic recovery under Obama could also explain dependency’s rise. It’s also possible that the growth in federal dependency programs is partly to blame for the ongoing jobs recession, not just the result of it.

As the chart above shows, the time it’s taken for employment to reach its pre-recession peak has climbed the past four decades, right along with the growth in federal dependency. The current jobs recession hit a post-World War II record of 48 months in January, with payrolls still 5.6 million below their January 2008 high.

Research seems to validate this connection. Various studies have shown that extending unemployment benefits can keep unemployment rates higher than they would otherwise have been.

Obama’s own former economic adviser, Larry Summers, noted in the 1999 Concise Encyclopedia of Economics that “government assistance programs contribute to long-term unemployment … by providing an incentive, and the means, not to work.”

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