Single Mother

It has long been held that the key to a successful movie or book is to have the three thrillers of Sex, Drugs, and Violence as keynotes.  

If that is true then this list of references related to Single Motherhood in America, should win a Pulitzer.  This is a list of references sent to me by a good friend and long time fellow parents’ rights activist, Paul Clements.   It is a list that I believe Ann Coulter could have used to write her chapter on women who play the entitlement system at the cost of their children and our society. 

This list could have been a major source of the reference material in the second chapter of Ann’s popular book “Guilty” that addresses the abuses committed by and in the name of single motherhood that created such a panic and furor among radical feminists, including those on “The View”, a very radical morning show presented as main stream female opinion.  The research done by Ms. Coulter, or anyone writing honestly on this topic, would arrive at very similar findings.   It is only amazing that the mainstream media can find remote and discredited research to support feminism but can not find the U.S. Department of H&HS website’s massive online databank.

This is the rare list that would be boring as all Hell if it were not both so frightening to most and perversly titilating for the eugenicists among us.



70% of divorces are filed for women.  A surprisingly small number of divorces are actually filed for reasons of violence or adultery, by either man or woman.  85% + of all divorced women get custody of the children.  41 % of new births are to girls and women who intended to have children outside of marriage.   The numbers on single women who had a child they did not want were infinitesmally small.   Abortion took its toll.

It is not the men who are abandoning their children, it is the women who are stealing them from fathers.  Fathers are forced to give up their daily involvement with their own children at the point of the sheriff’s gun or the orders of the court.

37.8% of single mothers are divorced, 41% never married, and only 6.5% widows.            Brookings Institute, “Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Single Mothers”, Part 2, 3/22/04

“The strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison, is that they were raised by a single parent”.   C.C. Harper and  S.S. McLanahan, “Father Absence and Youth Incarceration”, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Assoc., San Francisco, CA, 1998

In 1996, 70% of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long sentences, were raised by single mothers. Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, NO.6, June, 1997

72% of juvenile murderers, and 60% of rapists came from single mother homes.  Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live?” Tyndale House , 2004, p.323

“After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.” Progressive Policy Institute, 1990, quoted by David Blankenhorn, “Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem,” New York, Harper Perennial, 1996, p.31

“(I)n a recent study by the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation. Comparing statistics for its Kids Count report, the organization reported that Detroit ranks No.1 in unmarried births among the nations’ 50 largest cities. Of the 16,729 babies born in Detroit in 1997, 13,574 were black, 1,679 were white and 817 were Hispanic. Seventy-one percent were born to unmarried mothers. This compared with a state average of 33 percent and a 50-city average of 43 percent.”

Detroit is the worst offender on our list of America’s most dangerous cities, thanks to a staggering rate of 1,220 violent crimes committed per 100,000. “

“Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous, and more likely to end up divorced.” Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, No.6, June, 1997

70% of teen births occur to girls in single mother homes.  David T. Lykken, “Reconstructing Fathers”, American Psychologist 55, 681,681, 2000

86% of American teen births are out of wedlock. Dr. David Popenoe, “The Future of Marriage In America”, Rutgers Univ., The National Marriage Project, 2007

“America has more than twice as many teenage births as other developed nations.” Isabel V.Sawhill, to House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, June 29, 1999

There are more than 400,000 teen births annually in the US, most of them to unmarried mothers on welfare.

National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

The public cost of births to teens 17 and younger is estimated at $7.6 BILLION per year. The children are more likely to be in foster care, less likely to graduate from high school, daughters are more likely to have teen births themselves, and sons are more likely to be incarcerated.  Saul Hoffman, Univ. of Delaware.

70% of drop-outs, and 70% of teen suicides come from single mother homes.  Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents,” IMPRIMIS 26, N0. 6, June 1997

70% of runaways, 70% of juvenile delinquents, and 70% of Child murderers, come from single mother homes.  Richard E. Redding, “It’s Really About Sex”, Duke Univ. Journal of Gender Law and Policy, Jan.1, 2008

63% of all youth suicides,

70% of all teen pregnancies,

71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,

80% of all prison inmates,  and

90% of all homeless and runaway children, came from single mother homes.

Bob Ray Sanders, “Hey Y’all, Let’s Fill The Hall (Of Fame), Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Oct.28,2007

Mona Charen, “More Good News Than Bad?”, Washington Times, Mar.16, 2001 (citing Bill Bennett, “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators: American society at the end of the 20th Century., New York, Broadway Books, 1994)

Children brought up in single mother homes are:

5 times more likely to commit suicide,

9 times more likely to drop out of high school,

10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,

14 times more likely to commit rape,

20 times more likely to end up in prison,

32 times more likely to run away from home.

Chuck Eddy, “The Daddy Shady Show”, Village Voice, Dec. 31, 2002

600,000 out of wedlock births in 1979. Patrick Fagan and William H.G.Fitzgerald, “Why Serious Welfare Reform Must Include Serious Adoption Reform. Heritage Foundation Reports, July 27, 1995

In 2003, there were 1.5 Million unwed births, and less than 1% were put up for adoption. Fagan and Fitzgerald (above)

Less than 1% of children born to never married women were placed for adoption from 1989 to 1995.  U.S. DHHS, Child Welfare Information Gateway, “Voluntary Relinquishment For Adoption, Numbers and trends, 2005

Only 4% of college graduates have illegitimate children, and only 16% of college graduates get divorced, compared to 46% of high school dropouts, who marry in smaller numbers to begin with. Dr. David Popenoe, “The Future Of Marriage In America;   “The Frayed Knot – Marriage in America”, The Economist, May 26, 2007

50% of single mothers are below the poverty line, their children are 6 times more likely to be in poverty than children with married parents. Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live”, Tyndale House.

85% of homeless families are single mother families. Barry H. Waldman and Stephen P. Perlman, “Homeless Children With Disabilities, “  The Exceptional Parent, June 1, 2008 (American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers. Jason DeParle, “Raising Kevion”, New York Times, Aug. 22, 2004

There were 3 million single mothers in 1970 and 10 million in 2003. U.S. Census, Table FM-2, All Parent/Child Situations, by Type, Race, and Hispanic origin of Householder, 1970 to 2003

The illegitimacy rate went up more than 300% since 1970. House Ways and Means Committee, Nonmarital Births to Adults and Teenagers and Federal Strategies to Reduce Nonmarital Pregnancies, appendix “M”, 2003

The long-term health effects of broken families were often devastating. Parental divorce during childhood emerged as the single strongest predictor of early death in adulthood. The grown children of divorced parents died almost five years earlier, on average, than children from intact families. The causes of death ranged from accidents and violence to cancer, heart attack and stroke. Parental break-ups remain, the authors say, among the most traumatic and harmful events for children.

The Longevity Project ,By Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin
(Hudson Street Press)

A 2008 study led by Georgia State University economist Benjamin Scafidi conservatively estimated that single mothers cost the U.S. taxpayer $112 billion every year.

This means that by 2018 we will have spent at least 1.12 Trillion on the costs of incentivizing single motherhood through tax dollars

But in fact, Scafidi underestimated single mothers’ burden to society by excluding additional costs of single mothers to poverty programs such as the Earned Income Tax Credit.

That makes his estimates very low: Single mothers are six times more likely to be in poverty than married families. More than 80 percent of homeless families are single mothers.

Scafidi’s study also did not consider the burden single mothers place on law enforcement because of their higher likelihood to neglect or kill their children.

And in closing, I would like to present an email  from James D Carmine, PhDas he describes very succinctly current family law policy in courts and legislatures:

Date: Mar 25, 2006 5:34 PM

Subject: FATHER your own? No!  Foster parent someone elses? Sure!

The sickest problem is, I can legally raise someone else’s kids and get paid

for it by the state (as a foster parent), but I am not allowed to see my own child for more than

4 days a month.  Of course I can also live with some other father’s kids,

as well as spend most of his money, so long as I am shacking up with his

ex.  Thank you Liberal lunatics.  Seems I can raise anyone’s kids but the

ones I really love.   MY OWN.

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     /  April 11, 2013

    Thats right, its about time to stand united against this growing disease.The domestic violence problem that is being slammed down on young men who have been beaten burned murdered by these undocumented single mothers.Many of whom create the abusive males that will one day threaten the lifes of your future daughters.You see them everywhere,hanging out all night smoking, drinking, with the child unborn or in a stroller.The man that we tell to (BE A MAN),who robbed,murdered,beaten some women senseless.Where once the children raised by the single mothers.My girlfriend said your not a real man if you beat a women.I replyed ,your not a real women if beat a child.She paused to wonder what was that supposed to mean.If a women can receive battered syndrome from continues assault.Can’t the same thing happen to a young boy.Many children cannot speak up until 3-5 yrs old.5yrs of beatings, second hand smoke,drugs and god knows.Then the so called people who are paid to protect children, d.s.s.Half of them where once drug addicts domestic violence victims aka single mothers.and give there co conspirators the red carpet treatment.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  April 11, 2013

      It is not just the ‘undocumented’ mothers. It is all mothers who are voluntarily single and not living with the father of their children. Children need their fathers to become solid and well rounded adults and citizens. However, having both biological parents is the most optimal of all child rearing situations. We have out government offering women incentives to make themselves impoverished and miserable by telling them the grass is greener on the other side and offering petty rewards for being faithless.

      You are very right about our children’s protective service. Children in the care of the State experience more abuse and death than those who are in violent homes and ignored. That is a terrible thing to happen to any child. And, many of the women in the various child protective services are sexual predators. Who has more power over the children and who would be least suspected. Female guards in youth facilities commit 95% of all sexual abuse of both male and female youth in lockdown facilities according to a very thorough study by the federal government.

      It is horrible what is happening to our children in the name of feminist theory of ‘women good, men bad’ simplistic victimhood as part of their socialist-Marxist control efforts on our society. Our children are their toys.

  2. I told one woman when she was thinking of leaving her husband about the average of 5 years less to her kids life spans, and she still left her husband.

    Even being told of the damage it would do, she did it anyway.

  3. Victoria

     /  January 18, 2016

    I think it is disgraceful that you would focus on the negative and small percent of outcomes from a child being raised by a single mother or parent. You don’t know anyone’s situation, you have never had to sacrifice your health for a child and go without for your child. So yes, when some single parents have to reach out to government help it does take a toll on our taxes but you have no right to be so demeaning and so hateful. Your blog is called the patriot dad, but you act nothing like a patriot.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  January 19, 2016

      No child of divorce comes out unscathed. Yet, women rationalize divorce and turn a blind eye to the fact they are destroying their own children and impoverishing those children’s lives by denying them a family experience with all the grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles of the father’s side. And, they grow up never knowing the safety and security of having both bio parents loving them and with them every day.

      It is a very negative, traumatic, and destructive event in a child’s life when a faithless mother (one government study evidenced over 95% of divorced women stating they orchestrated their divorce even where filed by the husbands). Stupid women ignore all the data, because if mama wants it mama gets and everyone else can suffer and die. Also, you didn’t read much of my blog, I have struggled and starved in an effort to protect my child from an abusive mother and a feminist court.

      You need to be self-sufficient and stop being a drain on society and stealing the money from hard working men. Get two or three jobs, or better yet, let the Daddy back into the house if he can put up with your bad attitude, ignorance, and mean heart. Unless you chose a total jerk, druggy, alcoholic, or all three to father your children, the majority of men would gladly take their children to protect them from the likes of you. You can make excuses and not accept your own responsibility for your own situation. You did it to yourself and your children, what a loser.

      You are still leaching off men. The majority of the taxes that pay your welfare and the majority of the money that your boss earns to pay you comes from the money men make. You sound very much like a sociopath, a person who can only see the world in the perspective of their own tiny awareness, typical of American women who believe they are entitled to all types of things from sole child custody, welfare, job preference, child support for a child most fathers would gladly raise for free, while the women have an ever more disgusting string of men pass through the house for the children to see just how trampy mother is. You refuse to show respect to the very men who support you. They you wonder why men do not respect you.

      You expect lights, water, a safe home, transportation, and protection from police and firefighters. All that is done by men, the very men who you refuse to respect, yet you demand that all of us (men) support you and the child you so thoughtlessly and selfishly brought into the world so that you could destroy that poor child’s life and have them turn out faithless like you if a girl or become a convict if the poor child is a boy, especially with a man hating momma.

      You do realize that those are almost all exclusively male and where women are in that job, just ask yourself, would you want a man or a woman firefighter to drag you and your child out of a fire, would you want a man or a woman cop to show up and do battle to protect you and your child when there is a violent rapist in your home? You want the strength and ability of men, yet you could not stay faithful to the man who was willing to give you a child, or you chose a really sorry loser, which would make you a sorry loser as well, most probably a man who had been raised by a single mother.

      You have placed your own self and your own martyrdom over the true well being of your child. Shame on you. Your plight and the destruction of your own children are on you.
      Your attitude and your actions are destroying and hurting your children, ask any psychologist. My bets are you are refusing to let the children see their father, or you picked a really rotten bad boy and now you are angry because the bad boy didn’t turn out to be Mr Richey Rich with prestige, class, and money. It is almost guaranteed that you are still shagging bad boys for the cheap thrill and not caring what that, too, is doing to the child.

  4. Mike Whitney

     /  January 19, 2016

    Good info that sheds a small bit of light on how & why a fatherless society is an unsustainable society.


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