Texas Rangers -Just One More Criminal Complaint against Judge Adams

In this blog is a copy of a criminal complaint from August 2011 against Judge Adams.  As I have stated, repeatedly,   Judge Adams was not abusive in a vacuum and  he does not act alone.   He can only abuse with the tacit approval of other judges and various law enforcement agencies.   Any of them could have at least slowed the judge down on his path of destruction through a county in South Texas without removing him from the bench.  But none would hold him accountable.  

It has been said that two judges from two surrounding counties once visited Judge Adams asking him to lay off of the abuse he heaped on a quadraplegic prosecutor in Aransas County.   Judge Adams ignored the two Texas District Judges.   Why does that not surprise anyone?

Following this paragraph is a copy of the complaint made to the Texas Rangers by David Sibley against Judge William Adams.   The complaint was made three months ago.   I have replaced the names of the two witnesses quoted in the complaint to X and Y to protect them from retaliation by the Judge and his cronies.  The complaint is about Judge Adams alleged efforts in an open courtroom, before numerous witnesses, to have an Aransas County Prosecuter ‘CREATE’ allegations against Mr. David Sibley. 

Mr. Sibley, an attorney at law, has been attempting to draw attention to the judicial abuses committed by Judge Adams as he favors friends and ignores law.  

There is great harm to innocent individuals and in the general public’s trust in our courts when a judge gone bad acts in an openly criminal and extremely arrogant manner in his courtroom.   


David A. Sibley

Attorney At Law


Via rangers@dps.texas.gov  Texas Rangers

Re: Judge William Adams

County Court at Law Judge, Aransas County, Texas;.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is a criminal complaint against Judge William Adams, County Court at Law, Aransas County, Texas. I have known about this crime for some time. However, I did not eye witness it, and I didn’t know whether the eye witness would be willing to talk in public.

The eye witness is an attorney who practices in Judge Adams’ Court. The eye witness obviously subjects himself to retaliation by giving his testimony. Judge Adams has a history of retaliation and dishonesty. He uses various state agencies to assist him in retaliation.

However, I ran across the witness at a restaurant last night. He was upset at Judge Adams because Judge Adams had been rude to him. Apparently, Judge Adams was impatient at getting a plea done. This witness was trying to explain the 4 sets of plea papers to his client who he had represented for only 1 day (it is of course the job of a lawyer to make sure the client understands plea papers). Judge Adams was impatient and rude among other things saying things like “just sign the papers.” Judge Adams is disrespectful of litigants.

I hate to get somebody involved because I know Judge Adams will retaliate, but I simply asked X if he would speak out about what he told me months ago. He said yes. He is a very stand up guy. His name is X. He is a lawyer with his office in Portland.

The background is last October Judge Adams was very abusive towards my client and myself. His actions went beyond a bad day or poor performance. His conduct amounted to abuse of my client, a child, and myself. He was retaliatory and dishonest. I complained about his behavior in a number of ways including the judicial conduct commission.

X knew nothing about those events and really still doesn’t. He knows very little still. I first learned about what X witnessed from a friend named Y. As I recall, X and Y somewhere were talking. X knows that Y  is my friend. X told Y that Judge Adams is trying to have David Sibley arrested and that David Sibley should be careful. Y told me this.

A short later I ran across X at the Butter Churn in Aransas Pass. I asked him about what Walter had said. X told me that Judge Adams was sitting on the bench in open court telling the County Attorney (or assistant county attorney) to charge me with a crime (I think disorderly conduct). Judge Adams was claiming to be scared of me or something. You will have to talk to X and the County Attorney (or assistant) to get the details. The fact is that I have done nothing to Judge Adams other than complain about  his corrupt and dishonest behavior in writing (which is not a crime).

Since these controversies have started, I have only seen Judge Adams once and that was in the hallway of the public courthouse with lots of people around. I wouldn’t be around him without witnesses because I know him to be dishonest and retaliatory. I also know him to have a family law mentality (which routinely involves false accusations and feigned “fear”). I know he made an accusation of violence or threat against another lawyer some years ago (Jeff Dietz). I don’t know whether that was true or false but I see a potential pattern here.

The fact is that there was no basis whatsoever for Judge Adams attempting to start a criminal charge against me. He was retaliating and he was filing a false report (both crimes). The County Attorney is law enforcement. He was making a false report to her (I believe it was a “her”). He was retaliating against me because I complained about his judicial behavior. His behavior amounts to things like 1) filing a false report, 2) official oppression, and 3) retaliation. You’ll need to get the details from X and the County Attorney (or assistant). I believe X, and I also know this is consistent with other things Judge Adams has done. He has been retaliating because I have complained about his judicial behavior. He retaliated against my client because my client reported crimes committed by some lawyers who are obviously his friends (these lawyers were trying to get a child to lie about his mother that his mother “touched” him among other devious lies). Thanks.


/s David A. Sibley


Fold-up Men and Quisling Fathers

Vidkun Quisling
Nazi Collaborator and
Traitor to Norway

A fellow activist sent me an article I found particularly poignant on the issue of children losing loving, protective fathers to out of control PC courts.   I couldn’t stop myself from responding (obviously I have issues with OCD but that is for another blog at a later date)

Subject: Re: [MichDads] Mandatory joint custody | A Family Court judge’s view

Thank you for the post.  Another thought on this same article to which you link; the statistics of men folding easily, points to the reason for the increased power of the feminist family law courts.  For each one of those men who listened to the feminist oriented attorneys with their threats of what the judge will do if the man actually fights for his children; for each one who abdicated his children for the sake of temporary peace and security, those men have made it ten times, no a hundred times harder and more expensive for those of us who will fight for our children’s safety and well being.

These men who fight know that their children are in harms way and are willing to do what matters.  The Quislings just set up the good men for a hard fall.

The children of the ‘fold-up’ men will become just some more of the children of single-mom statistics.  Just a few of those statistics:

95% of all men in prison in 1995, 100% of all women in prison in Texas  and the total volume of single mother raised men in prison has only grown in the years since.

80 – 95% of all rapists and child sex offenders (including the one who molested my 2 year old daughter),

the vast majority of prostitutes, drug addicts, etc…..

We have all seen women and children who need protection from evil men.  But we have seen even greater numbers of fathers and their children who receive no protection from evil women and self-serving attorneys, judges, and other officials.  The women who really need it have assistance.  The men and children just get more abuse from the system.  We see the general incapacity of single mothers to raise good citizens.  It has become axiomatic when we apply the law of large numbers.

It is not just the feminists who are destroying our children and country, it is those men who will give up liberty and rights for themselves and their children for the appearance of a little peace and security.  Those men more often than not end up with nothing, no children, no liberty, and no security.  And, many men innocent of everything except fighting for the rights of their children and themselves end up in jail as a result of the myriad of entraping laws men allow to stand against other men.

Harpy Feminists and Pathetic Papas, like the Nazis and their sympathizers, would justify supporting a system that destroys us all.

If those ‘fold-up’ men did not even stand up for their own children, why do we expect them to stand up for anything.   More innocent children and men will have to be destroyed and even murdered  (several researchers claim up to 30,000 men a year commit suicide as a result of the family law abuse and loss of their children) by this evil agenda of man hate before men realize they do not have to be led to slaughter like cattle.  They can dig in and fight.

If even 10 percent of the men who go to divorce court fought with all their resources and commitment with a willingness to be impoverished (temporary), jailed (temporary), and ridiculed (by those living in glass houses), the whole system would collapse.  As it is, we have a nearly 100% ‘fold-up rate’ within the first year, even with those who start out trying to protect their children in bad situations.

I know of a single man who has in his case had sanctioned an attorney, a court reporter, a judge removed from the case and the bench, a social worker sanctioned, and more.  He has fought 9 judges to a standstill in his case. He has accomplished even more. I have seen the documentation and sat in the court in that case.  He has done some of this pro se when he has been impoverished.  He was just a quiet little man with no big bank account and no big connections, but he loved his child with all his heart.  His ex-wife had even testified to her own severe abuse and endangerment of their child and was allowed to get and keep custody.  He never stopped.

I know of a man who dedicated his life, even though his children are essentially lost to him, to educating the public of this evil. and working to make legislative  and judicial changes.  He has set up and maintained his own tv programming out of his own middle class income and now reaches up to 40 million homes a month.

I know of another man who has repeatedly put together national class action law suits filed in every state, simultaneously.

There are many who have become journalists, authors, and attorneys just to fight this evil. But they are so few in number.  The numbers are growing.  The shame is that so many fold-up, sit on their asses, and cry in their beer.

These committed men are not men with money, major degrees, or family power connections, these were just a few good men, they could have been your neighbor or the guy who used to be little quiet kid who never talked in class.   They were simply men who will not abandon their children to the people who will destroy their children.  They are men who will commit.

How could a system stand in the face of those men, if only 10%, or even 5% would say,

“Here I stand and I will take on all comers, large or small, for the sake of my children, at all costs to myself.  I will stand and support others in their stand.”

Our evil and corrupt system could not stand up even in the face of 1% of the fathers who are ground up in the system in only one month.  In my county there are hundreds of divorces each month.  If ten fathers committed their lives to fighting this evil and working with others to help other fathers and their children, we would have no corrupt official in office in under two years.

How many men would rather have a beer and watch a ball game than fill out a complaint form on a judge, attorney, ad litem, case worker, etc…. and then actually put a stamp on it and mail it?   How many will even write a letter or email opposing new draconion legislation that is anti-father and child destructive?   Too damned few.  Most are too damn  scared.  I say to them, you deserve more abuse than you get and your children deserve a real father not you.

Nearly every single man who has been in family law court within the past two years has at least one legitimate grievance against a corrupt official, attorney, judge, or other professional, they can document and file in their own case.  Every one reading this can go sit in on someone else’s case and document abuses with affidavits to help that other person file complaints.  Your silence is evidence against your love for your children.  The corrupt individuals have become so secure and arrogant in their criminality they no longer even bother to attempt to hide their crimes and abuses.  They are easy to document and knock down, lawfully.

To those of you who do act in their own cases and to the even fewer who will stand up for others in their cases,  you are truly heros of national proportions and I thank you for what you have done to keep things from being even worse on my child and me.

Very sincerely,

Stan Rains

Darrick Scott-Farnsworth <darricksf@achildsright.net> wrote:

From Traverse City , MI Attorney Jeanne Hannah:I had the distinct pleasure to meet Judge Jon Van Allsburg of Grand Haven, Michigan at the recent 6th Annual Family Law Institute in Plymouth , Michigan . Judge Van Allsburg had emailed an extremely informative post to the State Bar of Michigan’s Family Law Listserv on October 12th about the proposed HB 4564 dealing with a “presumption” of joint custody. I asked Judge Van Allsburg if I could share his message with the folks who read Updates in Michigan Family Law and he graciously agreed. I appreciate Judge Van Allsburg’s contribution and his wisdom. The following is Judge Van Allsburg’s message:

http://jeannehannah .typepad. com/blog_ jeanne_hannah_ traver/2007/ 11/mandatory- joint.html

Once you read the Judge¢s logic think about how it is that every FOC and Family Court judge has the ability to determine what¢s in the Best Interest of Our Children but they all seem to do it a little different? If the BIC evaluation system of assigning custody is so important then why is it not required in all cases even when parents agree to their own arraignment? Why is it that almost all cases have a custody evaluation initiated and most have one completed prior to their being a settlement on custody if most parents readily agree to have sole mother custody?

Visitation Center Dracula


(First published in Fathermag.com, August 2000) 

by Stan Rains

Federal funding for supervised visitation programs is supposed to be based on substantiated child abuse, not some crap about “best interests of the child.” Federal law 42 U.S.C. 2000 h-7 and 2000(d)(2) holds that if a state receives federal funding for any program, it waives sovereign immunity to be sued if it discriminates and violates the Equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. –Bruce Eden, Divorce Reform Coalition of NJ.

If false sex abuse allegations are the “atomic bomb” of custody battles, then supervised visitation is the Dracula. For a father to visit his children at a supervised visitation center in my part of the world, it can cost upward of $300. or more a month. The money is a major drain, but the worst blood letting is the formalized Parental Alienation efforts of the visitation centers.

Falling under the maxim that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” visitation centers subject their “client children” and “visiting” parents to a gamut of demeaning and disruptive bites to the jugular vein. Children are acutely aware of the ever present, note taking case workers and of the cameras located every 10 feet along the walls.

I have seen a parent and child cling to one another and stare back at the narrow eyed, stern visages of several caseworkers studying this parent and child clinging to one another in terror and desperation. They reminded me of two neurotic and traumatized research monkeys reacting to the observations of white frocked researchers, conditioned to the fact that these white coated observers had the power to inflict pain, anguish and even death. With this parent child pair, their desperate, mutual clinging to one another seemed to be viewed negatively by the case workers. The parent and child have not been back to the center since. Was that the death of a parent/child relationship? What crime did that child commit to be subjected to such cruel torture?

Visitation Centers often contract out with State Child Welfare Agencies. These agencies are concerned with creating cases for the Fed’s bounty money on child abuse cases ‘created’ in each state. Child Welfare Supervisors receive pay proportionate to the number of case workers beneath them. The number of case workers for an area are determined by the number of cases ‘created.’ Child Welfare agencies are known to work with the contractors who assist in validating ‘created’ cases and who can create new cases. That is a major cause of the intrusive scrutiny at the visitation centers. Are these contract centers concerned with the children or the funding? Money and power have an odd affect on many people.

The demeaning of the “visiting” parent is readily visible from the minute that a person enters the “secured facility” with armed guards, officious case workers with their clipboards and arrogant, domineering managers with business backgrounds–not child development, psychology, or even social work training. The child’s impression is that all of these authority figures see Daddy as a serious and dangerous threat. The only time a child sees this type of security is on TV showing prisons filled with bad people. It leaves a child with an impression that their love for Daddy is dangerous and bad, and so is Daddy. And to take it a step further into reality, the natural progression of a child’s self worth is that if “Daddy is bad and I love Daddy, then I am Bad”. And they wonder why children of “throw away” dads are prone to so many destructive behaviors.

The center’s management sets rules to ‘train’ parents in proper parenting time at the visitation center. This forced, but very unofficial parent training, is based on a business manager’s personal experience and idealism, not on the recommendations of any professional knowledgeable in parent/child needs or interactions. The intrusion cuts into the spontaneity and naturalness of a parent/child interaction.

An even greater stressor on the parent/child interaction is the knowledge that a poor review by a case worker, who has no formal training, essentially puts the case worker in the position of complainant, witness, prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner of the ability of a parent and child to see each other. Caseworkers, often young, childless, and generally with little or no formal education, correct parents and children alike, openly, for all to hear with their corrections based on personal bias, unresolved issues and idealism. Caseworkers who dislike a parent will let everyone in the facility know by broadcasting through glares, tone, stance, and attitude. Children are very attuned to these things especially from authority figures. Many times the case workers disapproval is rooted in other than professional reasons–appearance and social skills seems to be a major factor.

Intense note taking by the case workers is done to develop negative issues, no matter whether the issues are grounded in reality. These notes are cumulative. So is the effect.

Judges use visitation centers to avoid responsibility. Judges and attorneys use visitation centers to ameliorate their guilt at taking a child’s daddy away from the child. Judges, attorneys and Child Welfare use visitation centers to validate their personal agendas more often than the centers are used for the best interest of a child. The child is the last factor of the equation.

How long can a parent or child withstand this steady, relational bloodletting to maintain any kind of healthy relationship? Brad Ingram wrote of his concern that children may loose interest under such pressure and end up with memories of rubber stamp visits instead of a childhood of meaningful memories and experiences with Dad. How long do we have to wait for our children to be allowed to feel they have two parents, not just one parent and a “visitor” with no anchoring relationship? Is it any wonder that America has more police per capita than any other country in the world? Is it any wonder that America has a per capita prison population comparable to the former Soviet Union and its infamous Gulag Archipelago? Stephen Baskerville regularly puts forth the concept that indirectly, and sometimes directly, Fatherhood is a crime in America. If you are a father, you are already a criminal. You just may not have begun your punishment, yet.

The parent/child pair mentioned above in this letter were a mother and her daughter. Did parent/child gender change your view or feelings of that picture? Why? Did gender make it more or less shameful or justifiable? Should any child or parent, male or female, be subject to this kind of cruel and unusual punishment without any conviction of wrong doing? Is motherhood next to be criminalized?