The Child Abusing Judge Adams I Know

Judge William Adams of Rockport, Texas ruled that a homicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily medicated, suicidal person with whom the child is left with for prolonged periods by the father is not relevant to safety or Best Interest of the Child. I sat in the courtroom and watched this travesty transpire. All present, including the judge’s own staff seemed shocked and taken aback by this bizarre ruling. Is this the real meaning of Best Interest of the Child? Is this how jaded and immune our courts and media have become where real danger is minimized and false allegations lionized?

The visible arrogance of Judge Adams was comparable to the arrogance of the Medieval Italian Prince to whom Machiavelli was writing in the book by the same name, “The Prince”. The judge was exercising raw, unbridled power for which he has nearly absolute immunity. This is the life of a false sex allegation. Just ask Jennifer Mata in Rockport, Texas what it is like to be the target of a conspiracy to falsely accuse

I was in the courtroom that day.   I testified at that hearing.   I watched Judge Adams turn a child over to a woman diagnosed and regularly hospitalized by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation as a threat to the general public.   Judge Adams stated that one of the parents promise to leave this child with if they gained  custody, that parent was represented by a cohort of the judge’s personal attorney, William Dudley of Corpus Christi, Texas.    

William Dudley is helping the judge go for custody of another and much younger daughter than the one he beat in the recent viral video.

I was present in the courtroom when Judge Adams stated  that the child’s daycare provider of one of the parents, who claimed they would continue with this daycare,  being diagnosed as sometimes psychotic, hallucinatory, homicidal, suicidal, and drugged beyond the point of being able to drive was irrelevent to the custody issue.

That hearing was a year ago.   Since then the boy, now 7, has continued to be left the majority of the time with this dangerous daycare provider.   CPS has done nothing.

Neighbors of the psychotic woman video taped the young boy on his bicycle in the road in front of the psychotic’s home.  The road is the road to the Corpus Christi dump.  Heavy trucks race up and down the road continually.  The road is narrow with deep ditches on each side.   Texas CPS has refused to act on this neglect and criminal endangerment of this child.

This is a case where I testified to the pattern of false allegations by a set of independent attorneys who claim to be unofficial partners in abuse of parents in family court, a 6 year old child, boy referenced above, made an outcry to his mother that his father, his father’s adult, police sergeant uncle, his father’s attorney, a judge in this case, and the attorney for the father’s attorney met at the child’s favorite local restaurant and was told by the judge and others to lie and say his mother had touched him sexually and that he had watched his mother and her attorney have sex in bed.  The boy refused and then told his mother when he saw her next.

I have a copy of the boy’s recorded testimony to this restaurant meeting.   It is an audiovideo recording I will post when we have redacted the visible portions of the boys face and his name.

The mother’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, interviewed the owner of the restaurant and received a copy of the ticket for the specific large group table the child stated the party had sat. The correct number of adults and one child was shown on the ticket. The two waiters who attended the table both knew the father and son but not the others. The two waiters confirmed, one with courtroom testimony and the other in a sworn affidavit, the father, son, and others dressed in business attire were at the table at the time the child indicated.

The child further stated the police officer relative drove the judge to child’s aunt’s house, where the other adults went as well. The child said the efforts to get the child to make false allegations by the adults continued at the Aunt’s house.

The young child stated the police officer later drove the judge, whom the child had met in a court appearance, back to the judge’s home in the officer’s patrol car.

Mr. Sibley subpoenaed the GPS records for the official patrol car the child stated the police officer was driving. The GPS records for that car were provided with a fifteen hour gap in the records for that car. The gap corresponds with the time the child stated the meeting was held. The GPS readings stopped at a location far removed from where they resumed almost exactly 15 hours later.

The child was taken to a well experienced pediatric psychologist who discussed the child’s statements with the child and found no cause to disbelieve the child.

The judge and others have refused to deny, on the record that there was a meeting at that restaurant on that date and time.

Police are not investigating this effort to influence a witness to make false allegations. The police are not investigating the use of a police sergeant and his vehicle in the crime of attempting to influence and intimidate a witness to falsely accuse his own mother of sex crimes. The media won’t touch it. And the three Bitchhood spin miesters claim no one is harmed by false allegations. This has been common fare for the past 20 + years in falsely accusing men.

Now for the Piece de resistance, the father states the mother is a good mother but the father wants the aunt, who participated in part of the effort to intimidate the child into making a false outcry against his mother, to be his son’s new mother now that the father and mother are divorced.

The aunt has a history of treatment by Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation psychiatrists for being homicidal, hallucinatory, occasionally psychotic, suicidal, suffering from Major Depressive disorder and extremely heavily medicated to control the mental issues. Or at least she is heavily medicated when she takes her prescriptions. The aunt is in denial that she has mental issues and was falsely denying, under oath, that she had been repeatedly hospitalized for her mental illnesses by the State to protect her and others.

How can it be explained away when  The Honorable William Adams of Aransas County, Texas, ruled that the medical condition and records of the father’s preferred care provider, the homocidal, hallucinating and sometimes psychotic caregiverfor his son and the father’s preferred new mother for the child, should he gain custody is not relevant. The judge had only moments before heard the father state that irrespective of medical records, he would ignore the diagnosis and continue to leave his son with this homicidal psychotic.


Letter to Joe Pags: Stand Up Guy OR Empty Talking Head

Dear Joe, 

Earlier this year I happened to be watching early morning TV news and you appeared on a regular spot. The Texas AG, Gregg Abbot had just had one of his big child support enforcement drives in San Antonio.  You commented to the affect that these  targeted men were irresponsible deadbeats and deserved everything they received.  I dismissed those statements as just another un-informed talking head spouting PC myth on topics which he has not researched and was not qualified to speak.

However, I now see your picture all over the MensNewsDaily (MND) website.  Have you actually looked into the child support scam facts and developed an informed position or are you just advertising where you think you can drag a few more fans or viewers out of the brush. 

I would hope you did your research and developed an opinion based on fact, not on myths and lies and this new opinion is why you advertise on MND.  I continue to hope that you have began to agree at least in part to the values and activisms supported by MensNewsDaily’ s readers and contributors.

If you have not began to change your views, don’t you think it is hypocritical and mercenary to advertise on a web site dedicated to helping overcome the civil rights abuses committed on children and men by extreme feminist political agendas?  MND presents values that your statements indicate you oppose.

I am very interested in hearing from you on this as I am sure any number of my children’s and father’s rights friends will be wanting to hear your stance on child support and the wrongful jailing and removal of innocent men from the lives of their children by sending them to un-Constitutional debtors prisons or forcing them into hiding to maintain even a small bit of freedom and liberty.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I sincerely hope my first impressions of you  were completely wrong.  

I sincerely hope I will need to apologize for continuing to think you are as cruel towards children and beat down fathers as your statements on child support you made public on early morning television in San Antonio earlier this calendar year.  Have you ever stopped to consider how a roofing laborer with no high school education can run up a quarter of million dollars in ten years.  He doesn’t gross that much in 10 years. 

When you made that statement one of the men on Greg Abbot’s top ten most wanted list was that very roofing laborer.  He owed just under $250,000.  I volunteer as a court watcher and have seen the fraud on the court that creates these paper debts not based on any real income or ability.  The reasons are generally based on the political and monetary agendas of politicians like Gregg Abbot.  Gregg Abbot gets bounty money from the Federal Government for every dollar that gets assesed by courts (they get a cut too) and he gets more money for every dollar collected.  The jails get extra money for every day a father is jailed on child support and the list of payola continues.  These different payola devices are nothing more than bounty on the scalps of innocent men and the children will pay the debts.  Gregg Abbot funds the salaries for the Child Support courts.  How do you think they will always rule? 

I would hope your statements were based on the misinformation so many well-intentioned journalists have passed on as fact without review or question, not on any maliscious intent. 

The journalists who actually research and begin to tell the truth on these issue see their careers skyrocket.  Ask Glenn Sacks, Cathy Young, Kathleen Parker and others.   I would hope to see you get on board and have your career move forward even faster.  You look better when you are informed and when you speak out of turn, well, it does not help you at all.

Looking forward to hearing from you and having to apologize for the really bad impression I still have of you for those very callous and cruel remarks about those poor downtrodden men and their children who heard you demean them. 

Roger Gay and Stephen Baskerville, regular contributors to MND , knowing how helpful these two fine gentlemen are, would gladly provide you resources to help you begin researching and separating out the myth from fact on your own.

Glenn Sacks would, I am sure, be another very positive resource on this and related topics.