The Child Abusing Judge Adams I Know

Judge William Adams of Rockport, Texas ruled that a homicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily medicated, suicidal person with whom the child is left with for prolonged periods by the father is not relevant to safety or Best Interest of the Child. I sat in the courtroom and watched this travesty transpire. All present, including the judge’s own staff seemed shocked and taken aback by this bizarre ruling. Is this the real meaning of Best Interest of the Child? Is this how jaded and immune our courts and media have become where real danger is minimized and false allegations lionized?

The visible arrogance of Judge Adams was comparable to the arrogance of the Medieval Italian Prince to whom Machiavelli was writing in the book by the same name, “The Prince”. The judge was exercising raw, unbridled power for which he has nearly absolute immunity. This is the life of a false sex allegation. Just ask Jennifer Mata in Rockport, Texas what it is like to be the target of a conspiracy to falsely accuse

I was in the courtroom that day.   I testified at that hearing.   I watched Judge Adams turn a child over to a woman diagnosed and regularly hospitalized by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation as a threat to the general public.   Judge Adams stated that one of the parents promise to leave this child with if they gained  custody, that parent was represented by a cohort of the judge’s personal attorney, William Dudley of Corpus Christi, Texas.    

William Dudley is helping the judge go for custody of another and much younger daughter than the one he beat in the recent viral video.

I was present in the courtroom when Judge Adams stated  that the child’s daycare provider of one of the parents, who claimed they would continue with this daycare,  being diagnosed as sometimes psychotic, hallucinatory, homicidal, suicidal, and drugged beyond the point of being able to drive was irrelevent to the custody issue.

That hearing was a year ago.   Since then the boy, now 7, has continued to be left the majority of the time with this dangerous daycare provider.   CPS has done nothing.

Neighbors of the psychotic woman video taped the young boy on his bicycle in the road in front of the psychotic’s home.  The road is the road to the Corpus Christi dump.  Heavy trucks race up and down the road continually.  The road is narrow with deep ditches on each side.   Texas CPS has refused to act on this neglect and criminal endangerment of this child.

This is a case where I testified to the pattern of false allegations by a set of independent attorneys who claim to be unofficial partners in abuse of parents in family court, a 6 year old child, boy referenced above, made an outcry to his mother that his father, his father’s adult, police sergeant uncle, his father’s attorney, a judge in this case, and the attorney for the father’s attorney met at the child’s favorite local restaurant and was told by the judge and others to lie and say his mother had touched him sexually and that he had watched his mother and her attorney have sex in bed.  The boy refused and then told his mother when he saw her next.

I have a copy of the boy’s recorded testimony to this restaurant meeting.   It is an audiovideo recording I will post when we have redacted the visible portions of the boys face and his name.

The mother’s attorney, Mr. David Sibley, interviewed the owner of the restaurant and received a copy of the ticket for the specific large group table the child stated the party had sat. The correct number of adults and one child was shown on the ticket. The two waiters who attended the table both knew the father and son but not the others. The two waiters confirmed, one with courtroom testimony and the other in a sworn affidavit, the father, son, and others dressed in business attire were at the table at the time the child indicated.

The child further stated the police officer relative drove the judge to child’s aunt’s house, where the other adults went as well. The child said the efforts to get the child to make false allegations by the adults continued at the Aunt’s house.

The young child stated the police officer later drove the judge, whom the child had met in a court appearance, back to the judge’s home in the officer’s patrol car.

Mr. Sibley subpoenaed the GPS records for the official patrol car the child stated the police officer was driving. The GPS records for that car were provided with a fifteen hour gap in the records for that car. The gap corresponds with the time the child stated the meeting was held. The GPS readings stopped at a location far removed from where they resumed almost exactly 15 hours later.

The child was taken to a well experienced pediatric psychologist who discussed the child’s statements with the child and found no cause to disbelieve the child.

The judge and others have refused to deny, on the record that there was a meeting at that restaurant on that date and time.

Police are not investigating this effort to influence a witness to make false allegations. The police are not investigating the use of a police sergeant and his vehicle in the crime of attempting to influence and intimidate a witness to falsely accuse his own mother of sex crimes. The media won’t touch it. And the three Bitchhood spin miesters claim no one is harmed by false allegations. This has been common fare for the past 20 + years in falsely accusing men.

Now for the Piece de resistance, the father states the mother is a good mother but the father wants the aunt, who participated in part of the effort to intimidate the child into making a false outcry against his mother, to be his son’s new mother now that the father and mother are divorced.

The aunt has a history of treatment by Texas State Mental Health and Mental Retardation psychiatrists for being homicidal, hallucinatory, occasionally psychotic, suicidal, suffering from Major Depressive disorder and extremely heavily medicated to control the mental issues. Or at least she is heavily medicated when she takes her prescriptions. The aunt is in denial that she has mental issues and was falsely denying, under oath, that she had been repeatedly hospitalized for her mental illnesses by the State to protect her and others.

How can it be explained away when  The Honorable William Adams of Aransas County, Texas, ruled that the medical condition and records of the father’s preferred care provider, the homocidal, hallucinating and sometimes psychotic caregiverfor his son and the father’s preferred new mother for the child, should he gain custody is not relevant. The judge had only moments before heard the father state that irrespective of medical records, he would ignore the diagnosis and continue to leave his son with this homicidal psychotic.


Fold-up Men and Quisling Fathers

Vidkun Quisling
Nazi Collaborator and
Traitor to Norway

A fellow activist sent me an article I found particularly poignant on the issue of children losing loving, protective fathers to out of control PC courts.   I couldn’t stop myself from responding (obviously I have issues with OCD but that is for another blog at a later date)

Subject: Re: [MichDads] Mandatory joint custody | A Family Court judge’s view

Thank you for the post.  Another thought on this same article to which you link; the statistics of men folding easily, points to the reason for the increased power of the feminist family law courts.  For each one of those men who listened to the feminist oriented attorneys with their threats of what the judge will do if the man actually fights for his children; for each one who abdicated his children for the sake of temporary peace and security, those men have made it ten times, no a hundred times harder and more expensive for those of us who will fight for our children’s safety and well being.

These men who fight know that their children are in harms way and are willing to do what matters.  The Quislings just set up the good men for a hard fall.

The children of the ‘fold-up’ men will become just some more of the children of single-mom statistics.  Just a few of those statistics:

95% of all men in prison in 1995, 100% of all women in prison in Texas  and the total volume of single mother raised men in prison has only grown in the years since.

80 – 95% of all rapists and child sex offenders (including the one who molested my 2 year old daughter),

the vast majority of prostitutes, drug addicts, etc…..

We have all seen women and children who need protection from evil men.  But we have seen even greater numbers of fathers and their children who receive no protection from evil women and self-serving attorneys, judges, and other officials.  The women who really need it have assistance.  The men and children just get more abuse from the system.  We see the general incapacity of single mothers to raise good citizens.  It has become axiomatic when we apply the law of large numbers.

It is not just the feminists who are destroying our children and country, it is those men who will give up liberty and rights for themselves and their children for the appearance of a little peace and security.  Those men more often than not end up with nothing, no children, no liberty, and no security.  And, many men innocent of everything except fighting for the rights of their children and themselves end up in jail as a result of the myriad of entraping laws men allow to stand against other men.

Harpy Feminists and Pathetic Papas, like the Nazis and their sympathizers, would justify supporting a system that destroys us all.

If those ‘fold-up’ men did not even stand up for their own children, why do we expect them to stand up for anything.   More innocent children and men will have to be destroyed and even murdered  (several researchers claim up to 30,000 men a year commit suicide as a result of the family law abuse and loss of their children) by this evil agenda of man hate before men realize they do not have to be led to slaughter like cattle.  They can dig in and fight.

If even 10 percent of the men who go to divorce court fought with all their resources and commitment with a willingness to be impoverished (temporary), jailed (temporary), and ridiculed (by those living in glass houses), the whole system would collapse.  As it is, we have a nearly 100% ‘fold-up rate’ within the first year, even with those who start out trying to protect their children in bad situations.

I know of a single man who has in his case had sanctioned an attorney, a court reporter, a judge removed from the case and the bench, a social worker sanctioned, and more.  He has fought 9 judges to a standstill in his case. He has accomplished even more. I have seen the documentation and sat in the court in that case.  He has done some of this pro se when he has been impoverished.  He was just a quiet little man with no big bank account and no big connections, but he loved his child with all his heart.  His ex-wife had even testified to her own severe abuse and endangerment of their child and was allowed to get and keep custody.  He never stopped.

I know of a man who dedicated his life, even though his children are essentially lost to him, to educating the public of this evil. and working to make legislative  and judicial changes.  He has set up and maintained his own tv programming out of his own middle class income and now reaches up to 40 million homes a month.

I know of another man who has repeatedly put together national class action law suits filed in every state, simultaneously.

There are many who have become journalists, authors, and attorneys just to fight this evil. But they are so few in number.  The numbers are growing.  The shame is that so many fold-up, sit on their asses, and cry in their beer.

These committed men are not men with money, major degrees, or family power connections, these were just a few good men, they could have been your neighbor or the guy who used to be little quiet kid who never talked in class.   They were simply men who will not abandon their children to the people who will destroy their children.  They are men who will commit.

How could a system stand in the face of those men, if only 10%, or even 5% would say,

“Here I stand and I will take on all comers, large or small, for the sake of my children, at all costs to myself.  I will stand and support others in their stand.”

Our evil and corrupt system could not stand up even in the face of 1% of the fathers who are ground up in the system in only one month.  In my county there are hundreds of divorces each month.  If ten fathers committed their lives to fighting this evil and working with others to help other fathers and their children, we would have no corrupt official in office in under two years.

How many men would rather have a beer and watch a ball game than fill out a complaint form on a judge, attorney, ad litem, case worker, etc…. and then actually put a stamp on it and mail it?   How many will even write a letter or email opposing new draconion legislation that is anti-father and child destructive?   Too damned few.  Most are too damn  scared.  I say to them, you deserve more abuse than you get and your children deserve a real father not you.

Nearly every single man who has been in family law court within the past two years has at least one legitimate grievance against a corrupt official, attorney, judge, or other professional, they can document and file in their own case.  Every one reading this can go sit in on someone else’s case and document abuses with affidavits to help that other person file complaints.  Your silence is evidence against your love for your children.  The corrupt individuals have become so secure and arrogant in their criminality they no longer even bother to attempt to hide their crimes and abuses.  They are easy to document and knock down, lawfully.

To those of you who do act in their own cases and to the even fewer who will stand up for others in their cases,  you are truly heros of national proportions and I thank you for what you have done to keep things from being even worse on my child and me.

Very sincerely,

Stan Rains

Darrick Scott-Farnsworth <> wrote:

From Traverse City , MI Attorney Jeanne Hannah:I had the distinct pleasure to meet Judge Jon Van Allsburg of Grand Haven, Michigan at the recent 6th Annual Family Law Institute in Plymouth , Michigan . Judge Van Allsburg had emailed an extremely informative post to the State Bar of Michigan’s Family Law Listserv on October 12th about the proposed HB 4564 dealing with a “presumption” of joint custody. I asked Judge Van Allsburg if I could share his message with the folks who read Updates in Michigan Family Law and he graciously agreed. I appreciate Judge Van Allsburg’s contribution and his wisdom. The following is Judge Van Allsburg’s message:

http://jeannehannah .typepad. com/blog_ jeanne_hannah_ traver/2007/ 11/mandatory- joint.html

Once you read the Judge¢s logic think about how it is that every FOC and Family Court judge has the ability to determine what¢s in the Best Interest of Our Children but they all seem to do it a little different? If the BIC evaluation system of assigning custody is so important then why is it not required in all cases even when parents agree to their own arraignment? Why is it that almost all cases have a custody evaluation initiated and most have one completed prior to their being a settlement on custody if most parents readily agree to have sole mother custody?