Where All the Good Men Are, Hiding From You.

A critique of “Where Have All the Good Men Gone” by Kay M. Hymowitz:

Chaos and Tornadic Destruction

Dear MS. Kay M. Hymowitz,

In response to the Wall Street Journal article of  February 2011, The Good Men are avoiding you and your feminist sisters like the plague and the only men willing to court the feminist black widows are the men willing to risk being served up as a  life ending midnight knosh.

Ironically, the vast majority of women who destroy the fathers of their children end up as prey to their own offspring who suck the life from their own mother through the children’s life long bitterness, addictions, prostitution, violence, and worse.   One only has to research the prognosis of single mother children for addictions, prostitution, imprisonment, etc…

You, the feminists, have attempted to lay claim to being the voice of American women, yet you account for only a small percentage of women.   The largest women’s political action group is The Concerned Women of America (CWFA).   These women are distinctly anti-feminist but pro-equality.   These women of the CWFA, and the majority of American women whom they represent, are distinctly not entitlement minded, man-hating feminists.   It is no surprise that most are married, or will be married shortly.  They give respect to men and in return receive it.   They work to remove incentives for women raising children out of wedlock.    They get what you, Kay, do not.

This tragedy of single mother raised children happens at all economic levels.   The very wealthy gold-digger’s children have the same prognosis as the ghetto welfare mother’s children.  The futures of the children of  both are statistically very very bleak.

Kay Hymowitz is getting close for a feminist, but she still doesn’t get it.   She keeps laying the blame on the men even when she admits her sister feminists are beating up the men.    MS. Hymowitz seems to think her power mad sister feminists are equals to men in so many arenas.   She should research more carefully the entitlements of job preferences, education preferences, famliy law preferences, etc…, at the expense of taxpayer’s and individual men’s wallets is an acceptable proposition.    She can’t even get the foundation of her argument quite right.

In reference to your superficial approach to your work titled “Where Have All The Good Men Gone?”, “Manning Up”, and an apolagetic article on why men are angry,  have you stopped to look within when it comes to the men in your life?    Maybe this video may give you a clue:

You believe manning up is paying for some slick tramps bills for the rest of her life while he is lucky to get spam on Fridays, instead of his daily Ramen Noodles.   Is the feminist vagina so golden and his penis so dirty as to justify a man’s life-time enslavement to a once upon a time lover or ex-wife?  If men are so loathsome, then why, Ms. Hymowitz, are you so desperate to own one?

How can you, as a feminist, hope for  anything more than an emotionally armed truce with a man for mutual transient needs when you are so hyper-critical of men and demanding of the many things that women want from them?

Have you even begun to consider Risk to Reward as a concept that men use as guidance to avoid the many pitfalls that are present and acknowledged by many educated women.  Here is one with some very adequate descriptions of why men do what men are starting to do.

If the courts and legislature mandated a woman provide for a man’s needs for life once she divorces or once she sleeps with him, how crazy would that sound to the feminists of Kay  Hymowitz circles?   How loud would they scream?   Yet they demand the courts and government provide that very enslavement of men to the entitled feminist.    Kay S. you are intellectually dishonest.

Misandry, as with misogyny is a form of self-loathing.   And, you reek of self-loathing in your attacks on the wisdom of men avoiding predatory, ungrateful, and faithless women.  You make men even more cautious around the large numbers of decent women who are still out there.    But, yet, we are boys for not charging, lemming like, over the cliffs of matrimony in to the unforgiving cold sea below.   You are emotionally dishonest, as well.

You envy what the decent women have, a caring supportive and financially supporting man who loves the woman and the children he gives her.    Yet, you espouse wanting to take the man’s children, money, home, respect, family, and anything else you can steal and pry from his still live fingers and then wonder why men avoid you and your feminist sisters with whom you surround yourself?   You are dishonest to the vast majority of your own gender.

You surround yourself with man-haters, you write man-hate articles and books, and then you want men to worship you and decent men to flock to you for you to pick and chose amongst them for the one who you think will complete you the most?

Are you crazy?

That was not rhetorical.   Anyone who has taken their college freshman liberal blinders off will tell you that you don’t attack victims by warning them of your scam ahead of time.   You don’t put up traffic signs to  inform “This Way to be Hijacked” , or “Roadside Piracy 2 Miles Ahead”.    I’m sorry, but you just did put up your roadsigns, didn’t you?

And you say these men are not ‘Manning Up’ because they do not take the Hijack or Piracy exits?

You are crazy to think you deserve the fruits of someone else’s labor without quid pro quo.   You are crazy to think the smart and capable will buy into your plan to destroy them, their offspring (look at the prognosis for children raised by your single feminist sisters) and possibly end their life (15,000 men a year commit suicide from loss of family, children, home, etc.  in our family courts) just to fund your Narcissistic self-destructive life-styles.     And, men have become mere boys for not ‘Manning Up’ eagerly for your sadistic and torturous treatments.

How much arrogance can feminism contain?    Are all believing they are each and everyone a Helen of Troy when in statement and deed they are Medeas?

How can you ever be sure the very personal rejection your feminist compatriots sexual charms isn’t just a self-defense reaction from the men you attack?  Could it be that your physical sexual attributes that women like to over-value, do not overcome your advertising yourself as a female equivalent of a preying mantis ready to prey upon and feed upon the very father of her children?

How can you not understand the basics of ‘Risk to Reward’ decision making process of men?  There are even mathmatical algorithms to minutely quantify this decision making process.   Yet you ignore the factor of self preservation.

Why should any man, who is much more emotionally, financially, and psychologically self-contained, risk total and absolute destruction of himself and any children he gives a feminist when he can have a full and fun life without the heartaches and impoverishment feminism brings men, women, and children?

You  have written and been published  in the context of racial social policy what single motherhood portends for the children and the duped single mothers in the Black ghetto.  Your racism shows through when you can not apply the same near objectivity  to your white middle-class feminist sisters.

It is not the men who have embraced a culturally new ideology of gender warfare, government whoredom of women with welfare, but the women who have built a world view based on feminist myth of all men as violent rapists and a demand for a total lack of personal accountability for the feminists’ own life decisions, violence, sex offenses against men and children, etc….

As the ideology of feminism is being rejected more and more by the larger number of women in this country, we see the die-hard feminists begin to moderate their statements of misandry and begin to speak of women as equals to men all things male, but maintain strict boundaries on all things female.

Feminism is the ultimate female movement for dependence and entitlement.

Feminist policy goals are to make someone else, a man, the government, society, anybody, responsible for their discontent and desired lifestyle level.

To be dependent for life is foremost and premier as the underlying dogma of all feminist effort.  This is true, whether a man is supposed to ‘man up’ and provide a woman her every need at her every whim or a government to pay a woman’s way while she looses count of the men’s shoes under her bed as she ‘sucks’ them in and then discards them like yesterday’s banana peel.  This demanded dependency is such that no woman is to be held accountable, only some man, even if he is a stranger, is supposed to “Man up”.

Sexual Promiscuity is a process that the feminist recruit has been told will ‘sexually liberate’ her,  especially if she experiments with homosexuality.   Yet these perverse, risky, and self-destructiveactions leave her with a feeling of degradation and self-loathing she transfers in a defensive reflex into blaming men.  Feminist avoid responsibility by blaming men for the feminists’ own bad decisions.   Accountability only counts for men.

Feminists are so angry at men because when the feminist demands for ultimate and totally unaccountable female relationship and financial power became too heavy a trade-off, the men walked.  Slaves aren’t supposed to be able to walk, so they must be punished and demeaned. Women have been peripheral in men’s lives.

Men have never needed a woman ‘to complete’ them, or we would not have adventurers, sailors, or early world trade caravans.  We would still be sitting in the savannah waiting for some predator to come and eat our slower members, the very young, elderly, or pregnant women. As women demand evermore enslavement of men, politically, culturally, socially, legally, emotionally and financially, men, as men in the ghettos have done, walk.

What sane man will build permanent ties with a woman who espouses man-hate, man-abuse, and man-enslavement. Hello? Any one home over there at the feminist encampment?

When feminists become mothers and do not appreciate the gifts men bring, every thing the man does will cause the feminist to be angry no matter how supportive or enriching the man’s acts are towards the feminist..   As with any Narcissistic woman, she will be angry if the children get too much attention, the birthday gift was less than $10,000, not buy her the newest SUV or if he asks her to cut back on her twice a week day spa. The woman retaliates with divorce that forces wage slavery and punitive measures on a man who gave his all for giving his all. This will show him, it will destroy his career, create a tragic prognosis for the children’s adulthoods, and impoverish all. But, by God she showed him how mighty she is. Now, in a divorce, the courts will state that he must provide for the family and his ex as if he were still receiving all of the benefits of his marriage plus pay her attorneys who stole from the family as a whole, plus carry another home, plus pay for ‘visits’ with his own children, plus, plus, plus….. Just this one factor will drive many of the more intelligent and capable single young men away from marriage, commitment, and family.

Yet, we have so many more factors than those listed above to describe where Feminism, not women as a whole, has incentivized men to forego what they would like but do not have to have, a wife and children. Feminist have worked at detracting from the gifts a man brings to a relationship, not as another woman, but as an emotional counter weight to the realities of women’s hormonally driven emotions and to the economic support so that women can have the privilege of the financial, emotional, sexual and cultural security a brings to a relationship. It is when a man honors a woman that he gives of himself.

Why should any man honor a woman with a lifelong commitment of support when she demeans him and his gender as well as the many gifts he brings. Feminists are such spoiled little children who have long ago lost all appreciation of others.

Ms Hymowitz, your self-professed feminism  is an ideology of Narcissism.  Feminists will breed themselves into non-existence (or it would be better stated they will not be bred into the future.) Feminism is an already dying ideology of personal tyranny.  How ironic and shallow that feminists call the men who rightfully avoid these feminists, Narcissists.

You should look past the blind inconsistencies of feminism and then you will find what you really want, a partner and a friend who you can trust respect and to whom you are trustworthy and respectful.  You will be able to answer your former feminist sisters, “All The Good Men Are Hiding From You.”

You should look past the blind inconsistencies of feminism and then you will find what you really want, a partner and a friend who you can trust and to whom you are trustworthy.

And dear Kay, if that does not explain in terms you can understand, here is a very easy to follow photo collage video with simple labeling of all the reasons men have rejected you and your Feminist American Princess friends:


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  1. FullyAwake

     /  November 6, 2013

    Once, I really cared for women and their concerns. Now, I couldn’t care less. Women are sick, soul crushing creatures. They want and want and want. They care not about the consequences of their actions. Blame men for everything that’s wrong, yet use men to the maximum extent possible. For these reasons, women disgust me. I’m a tall, white, moneyed, secure, heterosexual male and pray every day that I don’t have to deal with women on any level. I now see beneath the feminist skirt. Pump and dump, as disgusting as that is, is my new motto. Modern women suck.

  2. NoBS

     /  September 4, 2014

    You made a good argument. I even watched the video of the screaming girl.
    Here’s my rebuttal: All women are not like this. I have never been hysterical, even when I was married. In fact, being logical and independent seemed to infuriate men more than not.
    I did not want to have kids, etc., all the things your profess that women secretly plan to “do” or “steal” from their husband. I was ambitious and wanted my husband to be ambitious too. Since that never happened, I divorced him, started a new career and bought myself the things I needed and wanted. Real things…, a college degree, a 401K, a new car, a house. The only thing I did not buy was a mate-a real husband, a best friend- a mate for life. All I can figure is that I am not hot or hysterical enough. No matter what men say, they always do chase and marry these types. See the video. Men across the USA were asking the hot little jailbird in Florida whose mugshot was viral to marry them. Yeah…that’s real smart.
    Every guy I dated thereafter was just better at hiding the fact they too were Peter Pan men. Some of them faked it for a couple of years. But they are “Forever 21.” They work just enough to buy toys and invest just enough time in relationships to manipulate their family and friends. If there is nothing in it for them, they would sell their own mother in order to gain her house. Unbelievable.
    I am amazed that so many men have decided to continue the path of adolescence rather than grow up. Who will care for you when you are sick, old and dying? From what I’ve seen, for these types the end often arrives inside a hotel room with a younger, drug addicted female. What a waste of a life. I don’t have much, but at least I have medical insurance, a home, a pension and a support system. It’s too bad I haven’t found an honest, stable man who has similar interests and values, but at least I still have the freedom to enjoy my life without having to date date a screaming nut-job that needs to go to lake. Don’t complain, make better choices.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  September 4, 2014

      First, you divorced a man for not being ambitious enough, AFTER YOU MARRIED HIM. Isn’t it rather Narcissistic and ‘adolescent’ to mislead the man into believing you loved him for who he was, not just as defective raw material you needed to ‘fix’ or change? And you call men immature.

      And, the odds are that most of the insecure and flakey men you describe were met at bars or online dating services and the odds were at least three to one that they were raised by single mothers. I raise this point because you come across as the Narcissistic women who believe they don’t need any man to help raise their children, who become the flakey guys and drug addicted prostitutes you discuss.

      Do some research on what fatherlessness does. You do not respect or understand what men and fathers accomplish in family groups nor do you appreciate the many great gifts they bring in stability and imposing reality upon the wild and hormonal imaginings of the other members. Your attitude towards men tells me a lot about you and your own background.

      You took my writing personally, not as an indictment of the small percentage of truly entitled feminists, of which you sound like one. The majority of women when questioned about feminism are not feminists and disagree with the feminists real agendas, not the false flag of ‘equal’ pay for equal work otherwise women would get paid even less. I clearly delineated the vast majority of sane women from those twisted sisters who attempt to impose their own version of their personal Nirvana on the rest of the world. Does the word, “Moralistic” have any meaning for you?

      Your taking everything as if aimed at you. You and your personal life and situation argues very strongly for my premise that it has been allowing the deviant and more Narcissistic women in America to call the shots for all the sane ones being ignored that is chasing off all of the good men and leaving you with the manhood rejects to be picked over by the womanhood rejects who find the short term allure of profession as more ideal than the long-term of family and relationship.

      I would imagine after being married to you, your ex is enjoying the quiet and still of his bass boat, camper, or even hot rod that doesn’t nag, demean, or attempt to force him into rolls he didn’t want. And, it sounds like he may have even wanted what feminists hate, children and a loving family. So which is more immature, to become peaceful with self and life or to die young, as happens to men who allow women to ‘drive’ them and their careers to ambitious economic freedom for the woman.

      Men are not just the paycheck your writing shows is what you value in men so you can buy the things of your shallow and fake ‘needs’ and wants.

      Your inability to understand or to accept men as humans and for what they bring to the table tell me you were more than likely raised by a single mother. What you say about others and your attitude towards men as a whole, speaks volumes about you. You are incapable of viewing men as humans with varying degrees of flaws and even more telling, you seem to identify all women as the elite, privileged, and entitled being that you are.

      Best wishes to you and your cats, or should I say, future cats. I hope they remember you on your birthday and on Mother’s Day. Oh, I am sorry, I forgot, you don’t need anyone but the other half to your own imaginary power couple. That is why no one will be with you in the rocking chair future of your life.

      You made your bed now lay in it and quit making the rest of us miserable.

  3. Hopeless

     /  February 10, 2015

    I had a very rough upbringing. Abusive father. Very poor. Not always knowing where the next meal will come from. My mother was so gentle and loving. My father killed her slowly but surely. I could she how she changed year after year of the mental and physical abuse. Promised myself I will marry a man that loves me for me. I will marry someone with moral value. I never worried about money. As long as I got love and was cared for I would be happy in a tree house. I was raped, molested and it killed me to know that all my dreams were shattered. By ONE man who didn’t feel a flying …… about ME. Then I just stood up AGAIN! Like my mother taught me. Grew up over night but just kept going forward. Met the most caring and loving man. Got married. And here I am 16 years later. 36 years of age. Mentally abused to the point where I feel no hope. Exactly where my mother was when I promised myself….I will never allow anyone to hurt me like my father did to my mommy….
    So if you want to complain about what this man did or say or that woman said or did…remember that there is ALWAYS someone WORST off than you…that you have so much to be grateful for. That is one of the things that keeps me going and gives me the will to go on…

    • thepatriotdad

       /  February 11, 2015

      Have you considered the fact that you may only find the bad and abusive men attractive? It sounds like your mother taught you to look for and be ‘abused’. I would strongly suggest you go to a psychologist or assistance. I would not recommend ‘counselors’ or licensed social work ‘counselors’ they can be crazier than the craziest of people who go to them. We all need help with issues and we are all a bit crazy at times. Again, find a good psychologist. After getting out of the relationship with my ex, a diagnosed Narcissist, I went to one to look carefully at why I got involved with a woman who was that vicious, murderous, and downright mean.

  4. Tuna

     /  February 26, 2015

    I haven’t dated in 8 years. I’m a 28 year old hetero male. I have a job, a car, and a house. I’ve never been married, yet I am happy and content with my life. The decision to avoid relationships with women is the smartest thing I could have done for myself. In a world where divorce has financially devastated friends and family, I have remained safe and secure. Some friendly advice for young men today: stay far away from marriage, its a scam. Take care of yourselves and don’t sell yourself out as a paycheck/utility to your future ex-wives.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2015

      My greatest downfall was getting married, not once, but twice. At 63 the second wife, her attorneys, and her child molesting family with convictions with our own child had me broke and homeless as I tried to protect my daughter from the male and female pedophiles, one of who was convicted of molesting my child. The courts found it funny. Now at 67, my daughter is grown. I own a home free and clear. I own an older pickup free and clear. I take trips. I fish and hunt. I go visit out of state and out of country. I am shopping for a couple of rent homes to buy with cash. When married, the wives always had nicer and newer cars than I. The walk-in closets were full of their clothes. They saw no value in being debt free and cash heavy. My last wife, just as we were about to become truly affluent, found out I was paying everything off and went bonkers saying I was stealing from her…. I was paying off our house, I was paying off our business debts. I was paying off her car (I pay cash for my old pickups). I was paying for her clothes and make-up and she was wanting to go out to eat all the time. She quit cooking so I cooked to feed the kids and she would get pissed. She set up her family members with furniture and help with their rent and I had to work more hours. Then when one of her family members molests our daughter and she continued to leave our child with him I was the one with the problem when I got angry each time. No, until sanity returns to family law, men need to stay away. Save up for the Canadian bear hunt or that sailboat in the Caribbean, but do not get married.

  5. MGTOW all the way. Google “MGTOW” men and set yourselves free!

  6. MGTOW forever here!

  7. Peter H.

     /  September 12, 2015

    Very very good article.

    May I add :
    Men need women like hemorrhoids and parasites.
    A woman is a burden and it’s always been that way.
    A man is a gift from god for women, a halper, supporter, etc.
    Women getting more and more miserable, but group’thinkers’ that they are, they still dont get why.
    Given the fact and evidence, women should beg for men. Men should completely stop competing for women and women would turn beggars for men pretty fast. But since women are really really bad in facing reality, not-lying, thinking etc, it will need to get to those extremes till they realize, what they realy are missing to feel and live fulfilled in heart and mind : men.

    PLS excuse my bad english, im not a native speaker.

    • Josh

       /  April 22, 2016

      The invasion of muslim “refugees” should set western women straight pretty quick.

      • thepatriotdad

         /  July 4, 2016

        It will be a shocker for American women. European women are already realizing the reality of their liberal, leftist and what they see as ‘anti-patriarchal’ stand

  8. MGTOW — making feminism women’s problem.

  9. Peace

     /  September 25, 2015

    I enjoyed the article. I read the other one and it was filled with logical fallacies. It certainly struck a cord when you mentioned the sons of these narcissistic mother’s. I fit the description.

    Being raised under the influence of a self centered female has turned me off from them entirely. I only existed when she wanted something. The parallels between her behavior and my female peers are enlightening. I feel like some sort of machine around them.

    Now some women from other countries actually show reciprocity. They are more passive and polite. Even during rejection. Home grown female peers of mines will actually use you first then.. Well. Just look up narcissistic personality disorder.

    The greatest day of my life was during this week. I am happy for the first time in my life. I finally realized that I don’t need a female to be.

    I was actually gonna kill myself of this. Now that I think about it I can’t help but, laugh at myself. They are not better than me.

    They are like babies. So, dependent. They paint themselves like clowns because they are hiding and want attention. They are like sheep. Always following the heard no matter how ridiculous the actions are. Come on… Look at American women. The heard said it’s okay to be a slut so, they sleep around. Case closed.

  10. Women just aren’t worth the risk. Men, protect yourselves. Look into MGTOW and empower yourselves!

  11. Unfortunately – there are simply too many women – who while somewhat aware, and easily could become fully aware of men’s situation today – choose to hide, and stay quiet. The fact is – the lack of women like Christina Hoffs Summers and her ilk – who while still saying they believe in feminism – are clear they believe in equality-have chosen to be very clear in their opposition to the type of feminists – that paint men as the problem. She has been clear that the North American culture – has in effect declared “War on Boys” and yet – she as a woman – cannot be heard – because there are simply not enough other women speaking up. Of course few men – want to sign up – when a woman – who points out inequity for men – she is shouted down – by other women – and never given a chance to speak. Of course we are reticent to commit – when it would appear that the majority (at least the vocal portion) supports nearly violently silencing – dissent from other feminists – who believe where we are – is a step too far – along a road – that does not lead to equality.

  12. TheyReallyDid

     /  March 10, 2016

    Career women have really destroyed many of us Good single men because of their Greed and Selfishness today.

  13. Joe

     /  March 29, 2016

    Thank you for putting in plain tones exactly why I’ve become terrified of women.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  July 4, 2016

      Joe, I have been saddened by the sheer volume of men having to turn away from women because of the very harsh realities of family law and ‘special’ extra-judicial power and authority any woman on the street has over any random man. The consequences are going to be horrible on so many levels when the piper asks for his payment.

  14. Insidious_Sid

     /  May 24, 2016

    Men need marriage like a fish needs a hook. No, seriously. Do not marry a woman and take away her shot to prove how Strong and Independent ™ she is.

    Marriage is a trap, and has never been a worse deal for men than now.

  15. I'm not a scared a no wimmin!

     /  July 4, 2016

    SCARY WOMEN! Great band name!

  16. I'm not a scared a no wimmin!

     /  July 4, 2016


  17. Halie

     /  July 6, 2016

    I was a good wife. My husband and I met in high school, dated, and three years later got married. When we mutually decided we were ready for kids we started a family. We mutually decided he would work and I would be a housewife. I kept the house clean, had food on the table when he got home, made him breakfast before work, cared for our 2 kids, and we had (really good) sex at least 3 times a week. I was supportive in whatever he wanted to do, having a bunch of money neve mattered to me. Despite all that, ig his past caught up with him. He was raised in a home with drugs. When work got too hard or there wasn’t enough of it he ended up turning to what he knew as an escape despite the fact that he’d been clean since before we ever started dating. I did everything I could to help him get clean again so we could continue being a family. On top of this, he cheated twice during that time and due to his addiction he ended up leaving me with no way to pay bills or buy groceries. I thought I did everything a woman was supposed to do..? I ended up leaving him because he didn’t want to get clean and he became abusive to me so it was no longer a safe environment for our kids. One day I hope to find a man who will treat us (me and the kids) right and appreciate us. I believe men and women were created equal but different. We weren’t made to do the same things but should each be appreciated and treated with the same respect.

  18. AndThatIsTheRealTruth

     /  July 9, 2016

    OMG, those women in the picture above are very Horrible.

  19. Teknikid

     /  July 10, 2016

    It’s a pity that marriage has come to what it is today, but it is true that men should avoid it like the plague, and just live life. Divorce laws are stacked against men and can leave them destitute. Colleges consider men rapists the moment they set foot on campus. I read about one college which noticed the male demographic dropping off, so they took (what they thought was) action. They appealed to men’s baser notions to lure them into enrolling in college, but they did not address the root issues. I found it insulting.

  20. Scared To Get Married

     /  July 24, 2016

    Very dangerous to get married these days for many of us Good Single Men since many women are the real cause for Divorce which many of us will still Lose in court.

  21. when i hear “there are no good women out there” or “there are no good men out there” all i hear is a confession…. its a confession that the speaker has over rated their own fair market value and inflated their definition of what is “good”.

  22. ben

     /  August 20, 2016

    i thought i was smart. just cohabited like husband and wife, they screwed me through the taxation agency. even though i had no marriage contract, my ex had a good pay out at the end. so even cohabitation is not save anymore. the western world is no place for straight men anymore, i’m moving to thailand. i,m done here. mgtow for life.

  23. Bilbo Baggins

     /  December 19, 2016

    Well, I live in a community property state. I never paid alimony, or spousal support. When we divorced I got the house, my retirement, and all the bills. It was a great trade. Ultimately I also got custody of my daughter. Why? I found out what my rights were and followed the law. The judge was very old-fashioned, so we got shared custody even though I should have gotten primary custody. My daughter decided she liked her own room, clean clothes, a bedtime, getting places on time, and having a little money. Men tend to roll over is the real problem.


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