Does Judicial Training Teach Jim Crow Laws Against Men?



Do you ever wonder why good men are turned into deadbeats isolated from their families in the face of common sense and the needs of the children?Prejudicial instructions and training material for judges, against men, reminiscent of the Jim Crow days are commonly published IN SECRET. I have been excluded from lawfully attending and observing the training of judges and the policy instructions on handling family law as bought and paid for by VAWA grants.  One only has to look at the public budget records to see these Federal Funds being applied for and accepted.  Yet I, as a tax paying American Citizen am denied attendance, video observation, or even presentation outline of any of this secret and private training of our judiciary to destroy children and men.
Massive Judicial Ex Part: I have been trying to attend a Judicial Training Conference as an observer. I have recently discovered the prejudice imposed on men through the Judicial Bench Book instructions defining men as perpetrators of DV and women as victims. It turns out the group holding the meeting is a group with a non-profit charter, yet they are funded in the main part by state funds.
This group’s bylaws do not allow anyone other than a Texas Judge to attend. They are excluded from the Texas Open Meetings Act because the judiciary is not included in the definition of governmental agency.“The section 551.001(3)(A) definition of “governmental body” includes only entities within the executive and legislative departments of the state. It therefore excludes the judiciary from the Act.67″These training programs are what make the family law rulings homogenous across the state and the country and the public is excluded from what the real rules and laws are on families in this country. The legislated statutes and intent are apparently being bypassed by other groups, including the injustice bought and paid for by VAWA.   There is no transparency in the training and instructing of judges in Texas or in the numerous states where I have researched.  There may be some.  I have not checked all, but I doubt if there are any state judiciary training programs open to any public monitoring.
The implications for increasing judicial abuse and control is terrifying.
Children are murdered, abused, and molested; and men driven to suicide by these draconian, VAWA paid, marching orders to the judiciary.
All the while, all of the expected oversight provisions and safety net protections of citizens rights are being destroyed by the very branch that was established to balance all others.  Our judges are being given training and instructions that are detrimental to ourselves and our families and no one is allowed, outside of the judiciary and the VAWA funded Office of Women at the DOJ, to know what our judges are being taught that gives them such free-wheeling ability to ignore the basic rights, including due process, of men and their children in our courts.
We need change, serious change.
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