Mother Steals Child, Runs over Dad, Gets Custody

This is similar to what I went through as only one of hundreds of different extreme actions by my ex.   I am one of millions if not tens of millions who have gone through the same.   Instead of being hit with a vehicle, I was harassed, shoved around, insulted, arrested and kept in a patrol car for several hours in front of my daughter’s school while the female police officer, who later testified this was planned in conjunction with my ex, then tried to get the school personnel to make  false complaints against me.  

The below link is to a school security video and is of a woman who runs over a father in a school parking lot.   The father’s orders were to pick up his child at the school.  The mother shows up first takes the child and runs over the dad.  The Dad and his child are now denied access to one another by the judge in the case.   The mother was rewarded for multiples of crimes and violence.    The action begins about 10 minutes into the video, you may not want to watch the whole thing.   The mother is shown going in to the school early and leaving with the child.  This was one of the famous tricks of my ex with the full participation of the school district, have me drive 2 ½ hours to pick up my child while my ex shows up ten minutes early and hides out until late at night at friends houses to deny me visitation with my only child.   This happens tens to hundreds of thousands of times a week across our country.  This happens because no one will speak out against the selfish and destructive acts of misguided women and the abusive acts of schools, courts, and police.

Oelwein mother hits father with vehicle – Judge removes dads parenting time

In my case, all of the charges against me were either dropped or I was fully acquitted by a jury.  I was fortunate, David  Sibley, a parents rights activist attorney, helped for free.  I was broke and could not afford any other attorney and we  were fortunate to have had a few ethical people involved that made all the difference.   I have seen too many men destroyed by women and a system, that rationalizes that women are too nice to do such evil.  These men were destroyed only because they did not have the same resources available that came to me in a time of need.  God was very kind to me so very many times in these battles.  Otherwise, because of poverty and without the help of an attorney, I would be a wrongly convicted felon.   I have seen so many men imprisoned on clearly false and at times where the allegations were even admitted false by the accusers.   I firmly believe that we all need to help leaders in our community and pastors, in particular, to address the central evil of ignoring the damage by and to women who have been trained the world is to satisfy their most carnal wants and needs over children, marriage, husband, family, and society.

I realize that  most of us connect all women with the great ladies in our life,  mother, wife, and aunts.   I did the same.   However, I am now of the belief that women are just as bad as men and when rewarded for bad behavior become worse.    Just as  we have strongly exhorted men and boys to be good and faithful men, fathers, and husbands, the same exhortations should have been directed to women as well.   Politically and legally, the women have much greater discretion to abuse than men and in so many  more ways.   The women and girls should be made fully aware that bad acts by them are just as bad as if by men.

I fully laud the very serious and needed efforts to train our youth to not divorce, but, we need to also let the young ladies know that they are being more abusive of their children if they divorce without real violence or adultery  than mothers who beat or starve their children.

Until we can exhort women to be good Christian mothers and wives in the same ways we exhort men to be good Christian husbands and fathers we are barking up the wrong tree.    That is the same as is happening now that has helped judges and legislators to support blind feminism.   Until we begin to apply our morals and laws equally to men and women, we will only see a continued increase in female abuse of men, children, tax dollars, courts, etc…

We are teaching our girls and women that horrendous treatment of men and children is acceptable if they are the mother.  We need to step back, as a people and as Christians and recognize the evil and address it.   We need to hate the sins and crimes of mothers as we do of fathers.  We need to speak out about this politically encouraged evil by women and offer love and God’s grace with change.

Below is a quote from an open letter from a man who was a former mayor of a city and previously a successful and profitable businessman.   The whole letter outlines what has happened to him, the elements are common to my case and almost every family law case involving any man of any level of success, no matter how modest.   It, also, if read in full, documents the progression into poverty so that the former wife and the children become impoverished as well as the woman continues to allow attorneys to destroy all the assets over which she is fighting so that she, too ends up impoverished and bitter.

The full open letter to the courts and to his judge in particular can be found at:   .  It is obviously well written and on track to make it onto the National Writers Syndicate.    Drew Foster, the author, is also a very strong and good Christian father and husband.   His letter speaks to my own intent to call attention to and to expect accountability for the destruction of our families in bulk.

“What about the abuse that the system inflicts on women who are dragged to the depths of selfish human behavior by this system that encourages them to use the process to destroy their spouses, the fathers of their children, and promises them great financial awards by the court?  Has anyone studied the outcome from that abuse?  By acceding to this system, women destroy relationships with friends and extended family that will never be repaired.  And what about their consciences when they stop to realize the damage they have caused?

Husbands and fathers might be wrecked financially, but they can recover from that.  Children will be wounded, but with faith and love in their lives they can heal.  But for the wives and mothers who have destroyed multiple relationships, and who must carry in their consciences the deeds that they have done, how well do they fair after divorce?  I contend that in many divorce cases the women are the greatest victims, and all at the hand of their own lawyers.  The lawyers tell them, this is the way it has to be done.   
We have been brainwashed by the lawyers to believe that divorce is a private matter between a husband and wife and, as friends and family, we should hold our opinions and our counsel to ourselves.  That lie only allows the abuse.  That lie only allows the lawyers to control the entirety of the process.  That lie only allows the perpetuation of the highly profitable family court industry.

These stories need to be told.  The abuses and abusers need to be widely publicized. “ 
God Bless and give you strength to carry on our battles.

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  1. sarot

     /  January 10, 2012

    These women need to be told that God is no respecter of persons and when they meet Jesus they are going to have to pay for their sins just like men do. Even if the women get away with awful sins here on earth they aren’t going to get a reprieve from God so be careful ladies judgment day is coming and it isn’t going to be fun!


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