PART II: WAR – Feminist Wars

“Single mothers raised 95% of all of those who are either in prison or receiving treatments for drug addiction. Single motherhood is single handedly funding the drug cartels and all of the narco wars around the world, including Afghanistan. And, our government incentivized more of these ‘drug addict factories’ we call single mothers.”

“Children brought up in single mother homes are:
5 times more likely to commit suicide,
9 times more likely to drop out of high school,
10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,
14 times more likely to commit rape,
20 times more likely to end up in prison,
32 times more likely to run away from home.”
Chuck Eddy, “The Daddy Shady Show”, Village Voice, Dec. 31, 2002

America is the greatest single market for illegal drugs. The marketing and sale of illegal drugs is funding the Narco-Wars of Mexico, Columbia, Afghanistan, and multiple of wars in Africa.

Every beheading in Mexico, every child murdered, every journalist gunned down, and every mass grave in Mexico is funded at least in very large part, by our current subsidizing of single motherhood.  Basic logic dictates that American Single mothers have single handedly created 95% of the American market for the illegal drugs purchased here.

Every American soldier killed in Afghanistan is killed in part by money  received from the heroin and hashish trades with America being one of the larger consumers.

Every innocent civilian murdered by South American revolutionaries was partially funded by the children raised by single mothers.

Nearly every gang member murdered was funded and most probably raised by a single mother.

Not only do single mothers raise and train their young to be the target market for the illegal drug trade, but single welfare mothers are notorious for using their welfare money and any child support they receive for the purchase of illegal drugs.

American children starve, not because their fathers abandoned them but their mothers have sold out the fathers and the government helps to chase them off with the guns and jails of law enforcement at all levels.   One only has to sit in a courthouse and watch divorce cases for a few days to see how fathers, and thus the children, are openly disenfranchised in our courts.

Children scavenge trash cans and steal food from neighbors and friends houses to eat while the States help hide the children from solid, employed and sane fathers. Children’s protective services continually work to keep fathers from finding, accessing, or caring for the children of these addicted and alcoholic women.

The stories of men searching for their children, while the various attorney generals and States’ children’s protective services refuse addresses not forbidden by law or court order, are legendary for these fathers efforts and dedication to find their children. Children’s services will claim the father has abandoned the children when the father is in the process of suing the service for access to children. Children will be put in temporary foster care and returned to a crack whore mother.   Gregory Romeo of Tulsa, Oklahoma is one such heroic figure who found his sons only after the self-admitted crack whore, HIV infected mother had turned the boys into drug using feral children.

Most Dads, if they are allowed any hope at all of saving their children, will spend every penny they have trying to find and then protect their children. The Dads will be road blocked by the same caseworkers and attorneys with the States A.G.s who are handling the abuses of their children by the crack whore mother.

Courts will not sanction the radical and extremely anti-child, pro-single mother actions of State employees leaving children with dangerous, abusive, and endangering mothers or for actively eliminating good fathers from the lives of these otherwise at risk children.

These are not isolated extreme cases. These are common cases in every community in America, no matter how large or how small.

It is the vast numbers of children very studiously isolated from their fathers by faithless mothers with the complicity of our biased courts that grow up to be the buyers of illegal drugs. It is the money from this illegal trade that funds so many wars across the globe. And, no one will talk about the true source of demand for these drugs on TV or in our newspapers. It is a rare instance where illegal drugs are forced on anyone.

America’s drug dealers’ customers go willingly to their drug dealers. These customers are overwhelmingly from single mother households. How many talk shows will address this simple, key, and crucial fact?

Our news media has all of this same information. Many of those in the media have experienced the excesses of family court and the children’s protective services in the various states. None of them will seriously devote as much time to these issues as they do to Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, or Brittany Spears.

The process of rewarding single motherhood, in part, is the process of destroying the men of America. Through American men’s efforts to be law abiding; in their desire to conform to the Hollywood created culture of lauding anything supportive of feminist ideology, including the feminists revised but mythical history of human relations; and in an effort to comply with the feminist desire to have men behave as women, only with penises, American men (and thus our military) is perceived as weak and feminine. This may be more true than we as Americans would like to think.

The perception of American men as feminine and weak drives much of the jihadi spirit of the Muslim world. As an American male and veteran, I will sadly have to agree with that Arab author, American men have been feminized to the point of being seen as soulless and weak.

To create single motherhood a man must be removed from his children. To remove a man from his children is to kill a large part of what makes him the protector and care provider for his family.

One way to eliminate fathers is the use of Section 8 housing as mentioned earlier in this series as a way to reward women for having very temporary and transient sexual activity with as many men as they want or can handle in a single night, while punishing these same women with loss of benefits if they bring a permanent man into their home to be a father to the woman’s children. This creates a whole culture where young boys grow up seeing themselves in these transient ‘johns’ their mother is continually bringing home.

Boys see no respectable role for themselves other than to aspire to be the neighborhood drug dealer wandering from one welfare mother’s bed to another with no attachment to the women or the children.

Much has been written about the worthlessness of these males, but little is ever discussed about the single greatest root cause and commonality for these feral men. Almost to a man, they were raised as sons of single mothers.

Another way to remove a man is through courts working to realize extreme feminist ideology. What other reason can be said for the 95% woman custody decisions of the courts. What else can explain the myriad of hoops through which a good man and father must jump just to see his children while the courts openly give children without restriction to women who have problems with drugs, serious mental disorders, violence, promiscuity, prostitution, etc…?

As you read through this series on Single Motherhood, keep in mind that as the courts develop the mechanisms to intrude into and violate men’s rights to father their own children and the children’s rights to the love, care, and protection of fathers, the courts are developing precedence to do this against mothers as well for the sole benefit of the government.

It will not be long before our government becomes unwilling to share even a small portion of the proceeds from the raiding and destruction of the family to the minor benefit of the women.

In other words, feminist and single mother women, through their own shortsighted foolishness, are destroying their own futures and becoming the next target for government abuse. We are already seeing our family courts more willingly attack innocent women as they have done to so many innocent men over the past three decades.

The more our family policies destroy our men and children of both sexes, the more weak we become financially and militarily. Our military is plagued by suicide.

The military is deeply concerned about the nearly unheard of explosion of combat suicide numbers, but not concerned enough to publicly address the root, family court abuses of our deployed combat military.

The increased military suicide increases are accounted for by family court excesses and abuses of men from paternity fraud, divorce while in combat where judges rule in default against the man in combat who loses all property and access to his children while being saddled with debt, child support and personal, that will keep him a virtual slave for decades at a time.

Men leave for war believing themselves happily married only to have divorce papers served to them in a combat zone. The men cannot return to defend themselves or their children. The men lose children and are assigned child support on the whim of a court with a monetary incentive to set child support unrealistically high.

One sad example of some of these excesses destroying men, in the creation of new dependency voting single mother, is what is done to our brave, volunteer, military men. The men in this process of divorce while combat deployed, if they return, often face jail as soon as they step off the plane coming home. They will be in arrearage of child support and called deadbeat for not paying money they never had.

Our young warriors caught up in feminist inspired “No Fault” divorce are criminalized by debts against which they were not allowed to defend themselves. These men, some of the best amongst us, are sent to debtors prisons because they did not make what their ex’s alleged in family court.

Divorce destroys careers. Divorce destroys companies and impacts major industries. We have all seen these tragedies play out with friends and family. What we do not look at is that divorce is a redistribution of working capital and wealth to those who will consume products with little or no long term utility to our society. It is a redistribution of wealth that harms all of us, and most especially the innocent children destroyed by “No Fault” divorce.

It is the rare woman who will build a factory, dig a mine or build a farm where true national and personal wealth is created. But it is a common theme for the women to obtain a portion of the equity, after complete sell off of some man’s business so that she can then live well for a time without him.

The women who destroy men, careers, businesses, and industries are never addressed about the destruction they have wrought. At one time we openly called the women who were faithless to the fathers of their children for fun and profit exactly what they are, whores and gold-diggers.

Neither these women nor the courts will have a single thought about the lost jobs, the incremental loss to our nation’s debts and trade balances being played out thousands of times a day across our country.

Even the wealthy and middle class single mothers by choice weaken our nation and their children are just as prone to becoming whores and addicts as with the children of the welfare single moms. But no one wants to risk hurting the feelings of these women who are destroying children, men, our nation, and even themselves through faithlessness to the fathers of their children.

We treat the most abusive women in family court as if they were the most abused. Statistically, real, non-reciprocal violence by male on female partner abuse is the same as female on male.

“(M)ore than 200 survey-based studies show that domestic violence is just as likely to strike men as women. In fact, the overwhelming mass of evidence indicates that half of all domestic violence cases involve an exchange of blows and the remaining 50% is evenly split between men and women who are brutalized by their partners.” A Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence Against Men Is a Growing Problem, By BRUCE WATSON 01/30/10 Healthcare . Abused men fare no better than abusive men in our family courts.

All of the above either funds war around the world or encourages war and war’s eventual encroachment into our country and not contained to just across our borders. We are weakened financially, morally, and militarily while at the same time building up those same resources of our enemies.

Battles within sight and sound of Texas and even in the middle of international bridges have been fought with automatic weapons, rifle grenades, and shoulder fired rockets.

2010, El Paso, Texas Courthouse has been hit by rounds fired from Mexico.

In 2010, the drug cartels began to use car-bombs on public streets.

In December, 2010, a Texas border city newspaper reported that Middle Eastern men were in the sister city across the Rio Grande teaching bomb making skills to the drug cartels. The funding for the cartels is directly tied to America’s single mothers and their children.

Early January, 2011, the U.S. government announced that only 45% of America’s school children lived with both biological parents.

January 9, 2011, news articles covered the discovery of 14 headless victims of the drug wars in Mexico.

January 14, 2011, a back page news article covered a story about road workers in Texas being shot at from across the border.

Hundreds if not thousands of tons of illegal drugs poor across our borders and land on our coastlines virtually unchecked by our own military and border patrol.

The encroachment of intense drug wars will soon cross over into our own country. With the continued subsidizing and promotion of voluntary single motherhood and their jaw dropping affect on the ever increasing illegal drug trade, we will continue to reap what we have sown.

Our country will continue to be knee-capped by federally funded and subsidized programs to grow Poverty, War, Pestilence, Death, and Destruction by subsidizing and growing the ranks of single mothers and their shocking incidence of putting feral adult, not good citizens, out on our streets.

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