Activism Angst

Sad old man

It is with great sadness that I have begun to observe the slow steady turn of fathers’ rights as the activism waters itself down with side issues of homosexual rights, not offending those who align with feminism, misandry, and banning politics in a political issue,.

These dichotomies within some of our own movement have caused me personal angst.

My realizations have come from soul searching questions of myself. These are but a few of my questions of me and the part I wish to play as a mangina saboteur and Quisling or as a father and man who attempts an honorable life because that is all that is being allowed me. Below are my self-searching questions born of my own angst.
Within our own movement, why cannot we talk about Joe Biden being the golden bad boy of VAWA because we might offend Democrats?

Is naming our enemy too political of an act for acceptance into our general movement of re-enfranchisement for men and children?

Why can’t we discuss the admitted misandrist and genderist foundational principles of Obama without being called racists by many in our own activism whose very children are being harmed by those policies?

We cannot clearly point to the lead ideologies of feminism, liberal/progressive politics, without offending one of our clearly stated and admitted enemies. Why?

We have begun to see exponential growth in the movement while the feminists and their liberal/progressive supporters are beginning to slink away. Yet, why do we self-sabotage and allow outside admitted liberal/progressive agitprop agents to censor and define what is offensive and what is political, at only their convenience?

Are we surrendering to prevent victory? Are we seeing a last ditch stand by the liberal/progressives and their Democratic party to implement one last great sabotage of men and fathers’ rights?

We are told in our discussion groups, not just one, but several in a building trend, that ‘politics is out’. But, isn’t this a movement against political oppression so how do we address those politics without political discussion?

We worry more about offending the saboteurs and Quislings amongst us than naming our enemies so that we can address these enemies and their politics. Why?

We allow the saboteurs and Quislings to dictate our own internal discussions. Why?

We are told: ‘we are here for all fathers’. But some fathers embrace the enemies’ ideology as firmly as any feminist judge. Are those fathers of greater weight than those openly and honestly addressing fact?

If we have men amongst us who are offended by the facts and the clear cut history of the origins of the abuse that destroys and even murders our children and good men, the liberal/progressive movement of the Democratic party and the pro-feminist stand of the liberal/progressivism, do we continue to sacrifice our children and less supported men to those enemy ideologues through our silence and allowing them to set the tone and direction of our efforts and discussions?

Are we to sacrifice the already victimized to these very saboteurs of our speech and ?

Are we fighting our enemy or joining them?

Are we not then our own abusers if we pander to and censor our speech and our actions to what the enemy wants?

Are we not silenced and conquered when we self-censor the same as if it is imposed from outside?

Many will point their finger to the silence of the Republicans or the RINOs such as my former Senator, Kay Bailey Hutchison, who helped Biden and the Clintons pass VAWA as saying the Republicans are just as bad. No, there are bad Republicans and some ‘Me Too’ Republicans attempting to jump on the dependency vote wagon, but the Democrats originated, designed, passed and implemented their self-proclaimed “Liberal/Progressive” agenda.

Do we self-censor because we might offend a Democrat by stating the obvious, observable, and even self-admissions of the official Democratic Party of fear of ‘offending’ the sensitivities of our abusers who would murder our children and us?

If I were murdering you and your children I would want you to shut up about it as well. Would you shut up? Haven’t you already?

Thank you for reading about my particularly personal angst over selling out to those who would abuse and destroy. I apologize for even considering pandering to the saboteurs. But, then, I am only a weak human. Bouncing these ideas around has helped me to firm up my directions and beliefs.

We are in a political war and to have one side not act or speak politically is not only ineffective, it borders upon insanity. Our enemies tell us to shut up and then we allow them inside our organizations to tell us the same from within as from outside. How much more crazy can we get?

Until we start naming and shaming the ideologies and politicians who would use, abuse, and allow the destruction of our children and our men, it will only get worse. By not jumping into the fray, we are only increasing the casualties, needlessly.

I am reminded of the old Marine Corps saying, “If you hesitate, you are dead.” We are hesitating, we are becoming confused and misdirected by the apologists and saboteurs among us who would pander to and bring our enemies into our house to abuse and misuse us.

I will speak out against the Quislings and saboteurs of our speech and of the politics of protection of our children and selves. I will risk membership in any group. I will risk not being considered popular. But, I will not risk acting on what I know is right and standing against what I know is wrong.

If my stance is outside of anyone’s area of acceptance, please let me know and I will voluntarily drop you from my circle of correspondences without rancor or issue.

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  1. Clarita

     /  April 4, 2014

    ——” Are we not then our own abusers if we pander to and censor our speech and our actions to what the enemy wants?

    Are we not silenced and conquered when we self-censor the same as if it is imposed from outside? ”
    PatriotDad ? THIS must get repeated,you must get copyright and SLAP it all over the pity party groups that simply piss,moan and POST their horrendous narrative reports and remain in fear of these bs courts.

    I know you must be well and truly BUSY but THIS SHOULD be out there and maybe they’ll wake up and fight back.

  2. Clarita

     /  April 4, 2014

    and yeah, i am banned from a national grOup de to my constant ranting at them for their FEAR of these attys,their judges etc and to simply write an affadavit of truth,”under threat of perjury,I AFFIRM:” and make the truth be known blow by blow right back at them and even MOCK THEM and their declarations of being UNFIT etc simply by posting the facts that THEY KNEW but lied repeatedly and then stick that certificate of service,get it timestamped and put on your court record,get a certified court copy and mail them ALL over the place from the sheriff dept to THEIR desks. HOW can anyone allow the defaming and libelous declarations associated with their names remain unchallenged ? it’s dangerous and these loiyuuhs don’t like it ,so all the more reason TO DO IT.

  3. clarita

     /  May 29, 2014

    PatriotDad–have you contacted the FBI in regard to the then child THEY wanted to give false testimony–u know there are multiple crimes within this from the state to the federal level–and even ourselves,we ARE also crime victims.
    I’m givin this a shot at too and definitely submitting violations under color of law,civil rights violations as in no due process,violations 1st on and on,filing false information etc

    sick and tired of n otifying all of them and BROKE from certified/retrn receipt and in here the LIES continue trying to figure out how my kid wound up in foster care WITHOUT a hearing,nothin–misappropriation of state funds for a start,abuse of power,etc and no one cares.

    • Spartacus

       /  January 4, 2015

      Google and consider 18 Title U.S.C. Section 4 – Misprision of a Felony

      • clarita

         /  January 10, 2015

        have it–and this “misprision”even went IN to bar assoc under their definition and code/verified and was DISMISSED.
        entire verified grievance was dismissed,appealed and then CASE CLOSED.
        of course we WILL now purSUE and on our own.
        we had been seeking for other victims out here and coming up EMPTY and I am literally EXCOMMUNICATED from the sob story blogs as I challenged THEM ALL on their inaction-
        yes their horrific narrations ARE TRUE and accurateBUT blogging them does not change a damn thing.
        Lurking lawyers most definitely DO SKIM through websites to see IF they have been called out and ARE laughing their arses off at the misery THEY PERSONALLY HAVE CAUSED and the victims FEAR OF THEM.
        this is insanity the same way as THEIR FIRM BELIEF THAT knocking on politicians doors,giving public testimony,signed petitions FOR DECADES changes things.

        anyway, THANK YOU for thinking and assisting me,
        and please,
        simply wish GODSPEED to us ALL .
        …………..still cannot understand WHY NO TAKERS for class action against TX BAR ASSOC.
        I KNOW I am not the ONLY ONE.

  4. need2hearfromU

     /  November 28, 2014

    Patriot Dad ? hoping you are still out here and really need to hear from you.
    ……..will say no more as you know “they” troll and scroll through websites,invade/hack accts etc.


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