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As Tough As It Gets

Hello!  And, Welcome to my blog.  Who am I?  I am first and foremost a father of a beautiful daughter.  Beyond that I run out of words.  I used to be many things.  Now it is all I can do to just be a sometime father to my child.  The courts only let me be a sometime dad to my own daughter  It was a constant battle to be a part of my childs life before she turned 18. 

This is a struggle that tens of millions of other non-custodial parents battle with every day.  The vast majority of these parents, mostly men but increasing numbers of women, did nothing wrong.  They are victims of new income streams of Federal Money bribing States to destroy their own citizens.

Most of these parents were first victimized by ‘no fault’ divorce.  Then they were victimized by loss of ready access to their own children.  Followed by crushing child support debts that are enforced with guns and jail from a divorce where they were declared innocent of any fault.  This is only the beginning.  The abuses keep on building up.  After a while, all we can focus on is the simple and most important fact we are a parent and if we are to survive, all we can focus upon is that fact.  We are allowed nothing else and for some, we are not even allowed that. 

Now, I am only a loving father of a beautiful daughter.  I have to focus on that and my faith or I will lose my way in the battles and abuses and heavy hits.  This is what has helped me to survive 17 years of corrupt courts, unethical attorneys, and sold out mental health workers.

As a loving father, I believe I need to protect my child from the hazards today as well as to leave her hope for family, children and a life-long marriage.  To accomplish this it is necessary to address the many issues surrounding our runaway courts and the rabid misandry of our legislatures that has turned to abuse of all parents irrespective of gender.   

I would rather be with my daughter shopping for books, playing tennis, visiting college campuses, or taking her to Disneyworld or on ski trips.  Instead, I am left battling to keep her safe from convicted and admitted child abuser; be a part of her very important life; and still be able to eat and keep a roof over my head. 

The above sounds so trite and empty when I read it back.  But it has been the most difficult period of my life.  And there are tens of millions of us who understand one another as only survivors of a common battle or tragedy can understand one another without words.  

I hope my articles, expose’s, rants, and ramblings provide either support or useful information to those who struggle against the current abuses by our own courts and governments.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless

The Patriot Dad

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    Hi Fellow Travellers,

    Greetings to you from Down Under, I would like to wish you and your loved ones well, and hope that the New Year is good to you.

    My name is Peter van de Voorde, I am a reporter, co-presenter and researcher on a weekly radio program, DADS ON THE AIR, broadcasting from radio station 2GLF in Sydney, Australia. This program has been on air for more than 8 years now, and is the world’s longest running radio program dealing with Dads issues. During this time we have interviewed many leading social commentators from around the Globe, dealing with issues that impact on fathers and their children. Please visit our website at http://www.dadsontheair.net where you can listen to audio files of previous programs.

    There is much despondency around at this time of year, with many parents having little or no contact with their children and nothing in sight that will change anything for them in the foreseeable future.

    So I thought I would stir the pot a little and wrote this small piece yesterday. The Growth of a Societal Cancer

    I was wondering if you might like to post it on your website and/or forward it on via your mailing list????

    It is already appearing on a number of websites here, so perhaps it might be of some interest to your constituency also. Especially as this is very much a Global phenomena.

    I also have a lifetime background in the music and entertainment industry, and being a victim of the system myself, I obviously feel very passionate about this issue. I therefore, have recently produced an album of original songs titled “OUR STOLEN CHILDREN”. This album deals with various aspects of what non custodial parents and their children face following parental separation. The words of these songs describe my own experiences and feelings, and hopefully will help others to understand that they are not alone.

    It is my view that music is a powerful medium, which has been used many times throughout history, in the fight to overcome major injustices faced by humanity.

    I have enclosed a copy of my album, which is now available on our website as a free download, please feel free to use any of the songs in whichever way you feel may be helpful. If you wish to make this album available on your website as a free download I would be delighted. If one person can be helped through our music, it will all have been worth it.

    Working together, we can move mountains. Keep up the great work you are doing.

    Kind Regards
    Peter van de Voorde
    Mobile phone; 04286-48691

    Click on picture to listen


    By: Peter van de Voorde. Jan 2008

    The Family Justice System has become a societal cancer, a place to be avoided at all cost. Like any cancer, if left unchecked, it will continue to grow, gaining momentum and eventually destroying its host victims and subsequently the culture which supports and feeds this malignant growth. It has removed parental rights and replaced them with parental responsibilities. However without rights, parents are denied their human right and duty to responsibly protect and share the love and care of their own biological children.

    We are now looking at a 35 year old cancer that has been allowed to grow unchecked and is by far the most dangerous place for men, women and children, to come into contact with, in the event of relationship breakdown.

    It has become a law unto itself, a dictatorship within a democracy. Secret and seemingly untouchable, it has been allowed to grow into a multi billion dollar industry, with many poisonous tentacles which have gradually and unnoticeably crept into many of our institutions and bureaucracies. These in turn have each spawned their own agencies and pseudo expert organizations and bodies, who play host to a variety of so called professional expert specialist advisers, who keep feeding the cancer with a continuous supply of misinformation and dodgy statistical data, which flows into the system, thereby guaranteeing malignant growth.

    Each tentacle of this cancer is pushing its own immoral agenda, while at the same time comfortably feathering their nests with billions of dollars of taxpayer funded handouts, bolstered by the funds plundered from the hard earned family wealth of unsuspecting separating parents.

    All of this is made possible because society has unsuspectingly and unquestionably accepted the deliberately deceptive and misleading “Best Interest of the Child” principle. It is an obscene act of deception to suggest that the “Best Interest of a Child” is best served by giving children rights, when in fact they lack the autonomy and physical ability to enact those rights and while their young developing brains are so vulnerable to emotional, and psychological manipulation and control.

    Without question the most dangerous situation for a child to find itself in, is when its parents are coerced into entering the Family Court system. This ensures them being infected by this obnoxious Family Justice cancer, which in fact will guarantee that most of them will have their ties of kinship with many of their much loved biological family members severed.

    This cancerous industry, which hides behind the spurious “Best Interest of the Child” principle, in order to justify the removal of these vulnerable children from perfectly loving and responsible family members, is a curse on the health and wellbeing of our society. To remove those who wish to protect and play a part in the healthy physical and emotional development of their biological family, is universally unacceptable to a civil society.

    To allow this dangerous cancer to flourish will eventually destroy our society. We owe it to the children of today, who are the parents of tomorrow, to relieve them of the burden of being forcibly removed by this malignant societal cancer. If we fail to do so, history will judge us harshly. “Parental rebellion is not a crime, it is our obligation.”

  3. John Farley

     /  July 22, 2011

    Looking for Bruce Eden. We met and talked at the father’s rights groups in NYC back in the mid and late 1990’s. I’m in CA and still being hunted by NY and now CA.

    I am suing in Federal Court right now. No lawyer (after the pro bono lawyer quit) will help me out – not even consulting. The case is about PEONAGE and it’s as strong as it can be, but I need sounding boards for legal arguments. Any assistance out there? My case is a game changer.

  4. Ed

     /  August 16, 2013

    Haha, okay I now get it. You’re resentful if women because of your experience. It sounds like you need some counseling because you’re obviously angry that things didn’t go your way. Like I said before, let go of the hate.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  March 3, 2014

      Dear Ed (or is it Edwina the Femi-Troll), Have you ever stayed on topic or do you find that too uncomfortable because this topic hits too close to home? Your shade tree psychoanalytic efforts are certainly appreciated, but clearly not on topic. I am approving your statement merely to show samples of the illogic and nastiness that feminist pedophile will go to try to protect themselves from public scrutiny. Good Luck with that now that the police are becoming aware of female predatory behavior. Your jig is probably up.

      The Patriot Dad

  5. clarita

     /  April 1, 2014

    Patriot Dad ? is it OK if moms and dads both abused by these kangaroo courts RANT OUT HERE TOO ? our children also suffer from THEIR abuse of alleged power and in TX the joke’s on US ALL trying to fight back against THEIR judicial system-if you don’t want us on board that’s OK as IT IS YOUR domain and we understand.

  6. clarita

     /  April 1, 2014

    Patriot Dad ? is there any way you can get a hold of John Farley as I/m curious as to how the case went as I also am going IT propria persona on the federal level as collectively THEY are not getting away with their unconstittional actions and OF COURSE IN TEXAS not ONE authentic Constitutional defender can be found–and of course I will press that google bar and have a look too.

  7. john

     /  April 2, 2014

    Hi, feel free to contact me here: OPI_degree@yahoo.com
    In short, the government does everything possible, legal and illegal, to force NCP to pay their mafia. Feel free to contact me as I continue to search for remedies.
    John Farley

  8. Joni Faith Saloom

     /  June 12, 2014

    Sign Petition to Remove Judge Lisa Millard (310th Court, Harris County, Texas in Houston) from the Bench for Ordering Clifford Hall to Jail for Six Months for Overpaying Child Support and for Spending too Much Time with His Son. Please also forward to everyone you know who could be this judge’s next victim and ask them to post on their social media and send-out e-mails (20,000 votes are needed):


  9. John Farley, Jr.

     /  June 23, 2014

    Here is the book:The Satisfaction – A true story: A risqué romance leads to secret courts, rogue cops and a worldwide conspiracy that threatens the foundation of society” -This is the story of the family courts, child support and much more. Here is the kindle version. A print copy is also at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Satisfaction-worldwide-conspiracy-threatens-foundation-ebook/dp/B00KFL194A/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1403488988&sr=1-1&keywords=the+satisfaction+john+farley

  10. leona

     /  February 6, 2015

    PatriotDad –
    hope you are alright and STILL STANDING for the truth.
    damn,all i can uncover is more and more intertwining of state bars, corruption,state and federal connections up to the dOj-
    what can WE do ? there is an entire NATION SUFFERING and we still cannot come up w/”remedy” ?
    I find one name ONLY to then find out the tx bar has him disbarred on a mental issue–wonder IF HE also wound up w/texas court guardian as then he is REALLY taken OUT of circulation-and i know you don’t doubt this for 1 minute-THEY DECLARED HIM unfit,MENTAL DISABIITIES etc etc so why then didn’t THEY also declare him incapacitated and assign him a GAL ?
    searchin and will find Atty Ed Truncellito WHO HAD the balls to summons THEM on the grounds of conspiracy,FRAUD etc and make demand-so THEY DISBARRED HIM.
    where the hell are we residing ? cuba ? russia ?
    dunno IF this is till ACTIVE out here-maybe they’re all in JAIL



    and for the helluvit


    who is out here to help us ?
    no one.
    look at WHAT THEY DID to Atty Truncellito.

    TX bar and their “star chambers” operate 24/7.
    remember that sunset committee “”hearing”” conducted without the committee ALLOWED TO COMMENT and done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ?

  11. cecilia

     /  October 22, 2015

    I would really like to talk to u about jeanette cantu bazar she is my children’s ad litem and hasn’t done anything for them I also had a Cps caseworker lie under oath and because of his arrogance and lack of responsibility my children are suffering while this Cps caseworker is going about his life care free I want to ask u some questions as to how to approach this situation but also how to have jeanette cantu Bazar legally dismissed as my children’s ad litum if my children’s fate tests in her hands I am more than petrified that they will be lost to the state or even worse be placed fully in the care of somebody who not only physically and emotionally abuses them but also sexually


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