New Lawsuit against Judge Adams “He is a Liar”

Here is a TV newscast video of the Corpus Christi Area children’s and parents’ rights activist Attorney David Sibley, Esq.  laying into Judge William Adams and a set of lawyers, William Kelly, Lynette Joubert, and William Dudley (the attorney for Judge Adams).

Now that you have viewed the newscast about the current hot issues in the Judge Adams case,  below is a bit more background.   This article provides another aspect of how these colluding and predatory judges and attorneys collude to silence dissent and prevent exposure.   As I have written before, people like Judge Adams do not stay in power in a vacuum.   It takes a whole herd of racketeering and collaborating individuals to keep him and others like him in power.

At the instigation of Judge Adams and his co-conspirators, the Texas Bar is trying to remove David Sibley’s license to practice law.  The prime individuals involved in this effort are Judge Adams and his attorney,  William Dudley and another Judge involved with Adams, Nueces County Judge Tom Greenwell.   The person at the Bar pushing it through is, very apparently, James Ehler.

Judge Tom Greenwell appears to have assisted Galvan and Adams in their retaliation against David Sibley for exposing Galvan’s efforts to intimidate a child into making false allegations against Mr. Sibley and his client, the child’s mother. Some of the information on this is covered, further in another page on this blog:

James Ehler had a grievance filed against him when he, in his capacity as a part of the Bar’s Grievance Process allowed William Dudley to get off on a complaint against him.  David Sibley filed the grievance.

William Dudly lied to the Grievance Committee assembled to hear a complaint by a psychologist that William Dudley boasted of abusing my child.   Dudley walked into the grievance hearing and brazenly announced that the psychologist, Dr. Barbara Beckham had recanted her grievance.   That was the first 10 seconds he was before the grievance committee.

Dr. Beckham was outside the room.   James Ehler was in the room and heard Dudley’s pronouncement.  David Sibley stepped outside the closed hearing and brought in Dr. Barbara Beckham.

Dr. Beckham stated clearly and on the video that Ehler was making of the hearing that she had not recanted.

The Texas Bar Code of Ethics states clearly that an attorney is not to lie to any tribunal.   Dudley lied.    It was proven he lied.  This was all in the first 60 seconds of that particular Bar Grievance hearing against William Dudley.

James Ehler and the local Corpus Christi Bar Grievance Committee ruled that Dudley violated no ethics rules.

David Sibley then filed a grievance against the local Bar Committee and James Ehler.

James Ehler has been a crony and ‘fixer’ to help keep Dudley, Kelly, and Joubert from being accountable for all they have done to the local population and to discredit the local judiciary.

In just some of the scandals, a a direct result of their actions, they have caused, Judge Rose Vela great embarrasement as a District Judge, cause Judge Henry Schuble, now deceased,  to be pulled from any State Judicial Bench, they have caused great harm  and possible de-frocking of Judge Adams, and they are currently embarrasing Judge Bobby Galvan for his role in trying to intimidate a five year old boy into saying his “mommy touched me bad” and that the child had been made to watch David Sibley and his client have sex.

Dudley, Kelly and Joubert were at the meeting, of which I have written on other pages and is part of the complaint against Judge Adams, where the child was being intimidated (interfering with a witness).  Witnesses saw the meeting.   Physical evidence supported the meeting happened as described by a child.   Judge Adams tried to cover this up.    Judge Adams sanctioned Mr. Sibley and his client for exposing a serious criminal effort to create a false outcry by a child against Mr. Sibley and his client.   The Texas Bar is now trying to help cover up and punish Mr. Sibley for protecting the child, his client, and himself.  Where are the Texas Rangers?   They sure aren’t on this riot.

Waiters testified the child and his father were at the table on the day and time the child stated.   The child and father were weekly and sometimes daily customers well known in the restaurant.   The waiters testified to the correct number of ‘Suits’ sitting at the table with the father and child. The waiters did not know the others at the table other than calling them ‘suits’ for their obvious coat and tie style of business attire.  The table ticket verified the number of adults and one child present at the time of the child’s claim of the judge trying to intimidate him.  A pediatric forensic psychologist testified the child had all indications of telling the truth.

The psychologist testified.  The father and mother testified the child was very truthful.  The child was video taped being interviewed by another Judge to this event.   The child was video taped telling his  mother about the event.   The child was video taped when interviewed by the pediatric forensic psychologist.   The child was video taped showing where everyone sat at the restaurant.   The owner and waiter confirmed that is where the people were sitting and the chairs where the child and his father were sitting.

The full transcript of the hearing where all of this was presented by Mr. Sibley against William Dudley (Adams lawyer), William Kelly, Lynette Joubert, and Texas District Court Judge Bobby Galvan can be found on my blog page,

All of the above evidence was presented at the hearing where Judge Adams ruled the Homicidal and Psychotic Babysitter was irrelevent to the custody case before him.

Judge Adams sanctioned David Sibley and his client for presenting “no evidence”, when none of the alleged participants in this felonious attempt to intimidate and tamper with a witness ever denied or offered evidence to the contrary.   It was the other side that presented no evidence.

James Ehler, using his position and power in the Texas Bar,  is trying to silence Sibley.   Ehler and the Texas Bar Grievance process has an ax to grind with Sibley and has greatly embarrased itself by supporting Adams, Dudley, Kelly, and Joubert.

I managed to get Joubert sanctioned by the Bar for conflict of interest.  Joubert represented me and was paid.  Joubert consistently showed up representing my ex and others against me in the same case.   The third or fourth time I complained she was sanctioned, but not disbarred.   I am aware of 7 others whom she did the same, represent them then represent the opposition.    I also got her private visitation center shut down by a Federal Court.

Some of the abuse at Jouberts Center was documented in my internationally published article “Visitation Center Dracula”, which was quoted in Dr. Stephen Baskerville’s book, “Taken Into Custody”.   Also documented in that book was the gag order by Judge Henry Schuble protecting William Kelly’s run for local office by silencing me and ordering me to destroy 3,000 leaflets containing an affidavit from another attorney exposing William Kelly for using false allegations to wrongly deny me access or custody of my child.

Judge Schuble was removed from the bench when, in cooperation and in a corrupt manner, secretly made court appointments of individuals to prevent me from seeing my child or protecting my child from the pedophiles in my ex’s family.  One of whom was convicted of molesting my child and three other little girls.   The Nueces County file on this is Case #97-2091.  Judge Schuble was removed for all of the excesses of abuse of my child, me, and of his office at the instigation of Dudley, Kelly, and Joubert.

These three attorneys are at the heart of nearly every judicial scandal in the area for nearly two decades.    The Bar rewards them for destroying families and judges.

Judge Adams sanctioned Mr. Sibley for believing the child who was being intimidated by Judge Bobby Galvan.

David Sibley never heard back about his grievance against James Ehler and the racketeering grievance committee.   However, shortly thereafter, grievances quit being heard by the local Corpus Christi grievance committee against local attorneys and the process was transfered to a regional facility in San Antonio, Texas.

I would ask that you pass this email along to all of your friends and readers to contact the Texas Bar and ask why they are attempting to disBar David Sibley when Adams, Ehler, Kelly, Dudley, Joubert, and now Texas District Judge Bobby Galvan have been extremely unethical to the point of committing what they have never denied, a series of felony acts to discredit and possibly imprison an honest attorney and his innocent client.

Within the past few months two Texas Judges have been convicted of felonies,  isn’t it time for a few more?

Contact the State Bar of Texas, contact info below, and ask them why they are going after Mr. Sibley, and not the well evidenced criminals, Dudley, Kelly, Joubert, Judge Adams, and Judge Bobby Galvan.   You or I would already be in prison had the same evidence been against us as normal citizens.


If you need help logging in to this website, please email or call (800)204.2222 (ext. 6836).

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  1. clarita

     /  April 2, 2014

    wow. PatriotDad.i arrived here and if you ban me from posting ’cause i sure am replying–that’s OK as I am a mom as well but am living through hell brought on by those empowered who have and had absolutely no business interfering in our lives–they tried to “disappear” my son and make it stick via their BS courts. Now getting back to the HOW and WHYS-i submitted a detailed “grievance” to that bunch of malcreados the tx bar,court documents,TRANSCRIPT from the county clerk case no 9563 fully illustrating candor to the tribunal,false statements and even backstamping of motions etc etc and yeah, you got it–dismissed.Boy were they fast too–just went out about 10 days ago too. I was EXPECTING the same and really don’t know why i took the time to get it all together as a presentation as I did more work than the 2 freekin attys I went through did.
    so i googled TX bar sucks AND some how arrived here–no no no LOL there wasn’t a direct LINK bUt somehow i’m here.
    I want to thank you for all the time and expense it takes to run this thing and for letting me know that I AM NOT INSANE or the only 1 in TX fighting back on a lower level but fighting back the same and due to having submitted my “grievance” the atty was contacted and the BS has started with HER sending ME messages and where I am from,we don’t take kindly to hey -i gotta message for you from XX—my message back was the time old saying FU and tell HER to F off.
    NOW folks on another blog as we are dealing with the nasty bastards of the probate crew ,and that’s too good a word for them and theirs—are frantic that I told them to go and F themselves etc and that before the deadline I am filing violations of Constitutional rights==they are frantic and frightened==and this IS THE PROBLEM.
    YOU have given me courage and strength to FIGHT and fight hard-mygawd up against judges — and I told them on THAT blog/website that ALL PISSING AND MOANING about these BS kangaroo courts are nothing more than cowardly enablers and definitely my ISP has been banned on that national group to end guardian abuse ,as THEY REFUSE TO GO THE COURSE and fight back ON THE LEVEL of the enemy and yes they are the enemy. They don’t get it and this also applies to the well known kangaroo court,the family court but rest assured–probate IS THE SAME THING–liars,no due process etc. taking our kids away from us WITHOUT even charges or crimes,simply their bs unsubstantiated crap and then denying us the rights to see our kids and the adult aged disabled don’t know what the hell is going on and want to go home etc etc IT IS ABUSE and ALL NOT FIGHTING BACK ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
    It seems we are truly on our own and risk and possibly putting our kids at risk too/
    the mafia never even went this low–messing with the children.
    I am OBVIOUSLY not good at writing but know u understand the message of THANKS and prayers “up” for all fighting this corrupt system- that the Almighty gives the righteous the victory.
    TX only NEEDS ONE DAMN CASE to open up the floodgates of lawsuits and when the bleeding starts MONETARILY,they will end this crap.
    and please believe me and most likely the majority out here WERE the same,and yourself inclded–we were once a long suffering, PRIVATE,nonlitigational crew BUT AFTER going through the scenario of them removing my disabled son from his home,family and community WITHOUT charges.crimes or a hearing-and no one listening and winding up applying for guardianship/then being denied gardianship and MOST LIKELY BECAUSE WE REFUSED TO KISS THE ASS OF THE AD LITEM-i went OFF esp when no alleged protective group,disabilty rights.orgs would step up and get him OUT without a bs guardianship–they’re ALL FOS and frauds.
    As for the TX bar ? same thing,they won’t do their job and expect us to run and retain ANOTHER TX LOIYUUUH and sue for libel,malpractice etc–hell,I was EVEN TOLD BY THE DA that I need an atty to simply SEND OUT THE EVIDENCE OF BACKSTAMPING–this is ALL BS.

    I think you also know that the SAME AS CPS removing children,these bs probate courts can do the SAME via ex parte or simply showing up with a warrant with trumped up charges and taking our adult aged disabled and literally “disappearing” them–nice bunch out here in TX empowered to this degree and no one can get a case filed ?? simply on 42USC 1983 and a few other violations ? this applies to ALL that went to family court as both courts are the same bs as in nonconstitutional. EVERY SINGLE CASE HAS CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS.
    HOPEFULLY your journey is soon FINISHED and ends in total victory where even your daughter SUES THEM ALL and yes she can–when she turns 18.
    I’ll leave you and this website IN PEACE and that means I won’t comment anymore but simply visit here as it lets me know I’M NOT crazy and definitely NOT ALONE in fighting BACK at the abusers and definitely NOT crying about the legislators inaction etc–what are they all waiting for ? Lincoln freed the slaves.
    They FASCINATE ME WITH THAT CRAP–oooh we’re out here LOBBYING FOR DECADES and YOU just got here and YOU THINK YOU’RE GONNA CHANGE THINGS ? hell yeah as I refuse to live their way in FEAR of a jive ass court that violates rights in every case .
    Insanity IS doing the same thing over and over.getting the SAME RESULTS and thinking you will get a different RESULT next time…..SO keep lobbying guys instead of filing your cases.
    PatriotDad ? God bless YOU and yours.
    and thank YOU for letting me rant and run “with the big dawgs”.

  2. clarita

     /  April 16, 2014

    HOT DAMN–complaINTS DISMISSED -so now what is a person to do ?
    so WHO sits on top of them ? the supreme court ?
    I just left a message over at abbott’s office ASKING THE SAME.

    this crap has to end.

  3. I can’t believe how right I was. I always have said they did something illegal to take my kids. I am also suffering from this abuse.


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