80% of No Fault divorce is filed by women.   100% of all divorces filed under the new “NO FAULT” divorce laws are granted even though 4 out of 5 spouses on the receiving end of the divorce do not want the divorce.   This No Fault, No Defense, Unilateral Divorce gives the faithless partner, 80 % women, the majority of assets, children, home, and the future income of the innocent, throw away, other parent.

Over 30% of children born are to women, not teen girls, who make a conscious decision to have children without a father.   Single motherhood is mainly voluntary on many levels.   Less than 8% of all divorce has anything to do with abuse or adultery by either party.   This came from a government study of women self reporting, anonymously, 2 years after their divorces were finalized.

Single Motherhood murders children, men, and even the faithless single mothers.  As Mike McManus writes in the book, children of divorce live 4 years less than children from two parent households.  Children from divorce in their forties are three times more likely to die from all causes than adult children of married parents.

Teens are three times more likely to commit suicide if from divorced homes over a home with married biological parents.

Men are 4 to 5 times more likely to commit suicide in or after divorces where they lose marriage, home, family, children, money, assets and are put under extreme debt loads when they are only innocent victims of a faithless spouse when the wife files for ‘No Fault Divorce’.  In the courts the man is always presumed at fault, irrespective of what the statutes say.

When demographics are looked at carefully, we see that 95% of prostitutes on the streets today came from single mother homes.   How deeply do we need to delve into this issue to see the self-destruction and early death from violence, disease, and other self-destructive behaviors.

95% of drug addicts come from single mother households.  No one disputes that singlemotherhood is mainly a voluntary life choice by most single mothers.  But, do we make these voluntary single mothers responsible, even socially for the destruction they bring?   As we have already shown this particular result of single motherhood, creation of 95% of our drug addicts has greatly contributed to the world’s recent wars, especially the Mexico, Central American, and South American wars of the past 4 decades.   American drug addicts are the source of the funds for all types of wars and totalitarian movements, from Columbia’s FARQ to Mexico’s Zetas and Cartels.  All of these wars are funded by the addict children created by voluntary single mothers.  The drug funded wars account for tens of thousands of innocent dead every year in the affected countries.   Mexico loses upwards of 3,000 lives a year to drug violence funded by the single mother created drug addicts in America.  In 2013 we see the American media begin to admit the violence has bled over the border into the  U.S. and has become a major factor as far from the border as Chicago, the new distribution center for drugs from South of the Rio Grande.

We know the prognosis for the drug addicts with early death expected from overdose, AIDS, various strains of Hepatitis, drug related violence, and general health decline in poisoned and abused bodies.

We look at over 80% + of our Alcoholics come from voluntary single mothers and we see similar mortality information for these individuals as we do with the drug addicts only the alcoholics do not help fund wars that multiply their own deaths with the death of many innocent men, women, and children abroad caught up in the various drug wars.

We have 20,000+ men a year commit suicide compared to only about 5,000 to 7,000 women a year in this country.  Researchers have tied divorce, custody, and child support to 15,000 or more of the male suicide in this country.   As we have already documented, 80%+ of all single mothers are single for Narcissistic reasons, irrespective of harm to children, society, economy, family, and to the father of their children.   This is another form of murder by voluntary single mothers.

Our monetary and tax policies are determined by the expenses of paying for the incentivizing of single mothers and their ongoing support on the public’s dollar.

Subsidizing single motherhood in America has become a plague for the world.

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  1. single mothers is a deceptive lie where it concerns fatherless-defathered (lesbian) housholds which cannot be qualified as a normal family, dicorced-defathered children are as broken&incomplete as the household is, children&fathers and his family are disqualified as human beings asif nothing regarding natural fatherhood and normal familylife, ridiculizing-belittling-enslaving fathers into paying ‘responsible’ fundads/spermdonor, stop the dirty U$A-UN gender-sex-war against children&fathers, hetero’s and normal families, femini$$m destroys our world, femini$$m is a beast!


     /  July 15, 2013

    Ive recently learned a hard and expensive lesson on just exactly how the judicial system works in NUECES CTY. AND I wish i had hired Dudley before my opposition. There is only one way to win if the cards are this stacked snd that is to go with the flow.
    Thsnkfully. Lanette Joubert was available at the last change of out attorneys!! You should have been a little smarter from the start.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  July 15, 2013

      I believe you have responded to a different article than this one on single mothers.

      However, I am sorry to hear that anyone would contribute to the income of either William Dudley or Lanette Joubert. It is like playing with wild javelinas. There is no good ending for the children when these people are involved. At least you seem to recognize the corruption that destroys lives and faith in our justice system.


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