Male Suicide: Murderous Women’s Weapon of Choice (Gendercide of Males Explained)

Arlington Natl Cemetary Graves

We have lost more men and boys in the last 30 years from feminist policy than in all wars in the last 70 years. This is a major part of feminism’s war on your sons and children. In body count alone we are talking a half million men and if we include the boys murdered and aborted we are discussing inconceivable numbers approaching 30 million murdered males.

We dismiss the rantings of the feminists who publish works calling for the extinction or near extinction of all males. We have entered an era where gendercide has become not just figurative with the demeaning media programming, but literal in the silence as a mass slaughter of males has begun to quietly take place in the War Against Men, disguised as a false claim of a War Against Women. It was a very well done propaganda campaign to claim there is a War Against Women to hide the savagery and barbarism of feminism as it gains influence in our legislatures and courts.

65 men a day commit suicide, roughly 2/3’s, or 42, of those kill themselves over loss of children, home, family, and freedom in divorce. One third, or 22, of these men who kill themselves each day are Veterans. Half of the 56 million children murdered in the U.S. through the feminist’s pet program, abortion, were boys.

Suicide is the number two and three leading cause of death for young men aged 14 to 34 as reported by the CDC.

Yet our media is silent.

We are losing more men per year than we did in Viet Nam. We have lost, roughly, 500,000 men to divorce caused suicide in 30 years. But that is not the least of feminism’s slaughter of innocents. As an aside note, one of the top two or three most important issues supported and maintained by feminists is the use of abortion as birth control in a time when we have over 30 different methods and products for birth control. That has cost America 56 MILLION baby boys and girls in the last 30+ years since Roe v. Wade. Feminism spreads death as has Communism. And that is just the toll in America.

I am not advocating homosexuality for your sons, that is another type of tragic death sentence where the issues are kept out of the public eye as this sad life style choice’s hazards and pitfalls for the homosexuals as well as for the community where they live.

The emotional destruction and the driving to suicide of mass numbers of men has taken on a world wide view. We are seeing this same phenomenon world wide where feminism has worked to deny men and children any domestic or personal rights at all when it is convenient for a woman. Death and destruction is wide spread from feminism.

Feminism is an ideology that exploits our natural tendency of men and women to protect women from abuse and even from threatened or perceived abuse. That is a genetic drive in undamaged men, the protection of women and children. It is so ingrained that altruistic and esoteric concerns of perceived threats will send mass numbers of men off to war and death to protect their women and children from just the distant thought of a threat to those most precious to them, their women and children. This is not the mindset of slave masters or a species with a male dominant trait to prey upon females. Yet, it is the mindset of feral women toward men and our society and media even teaches women to see men as prey while falsely claiming victimhood.

Feminism poses a false world view that all the systems set up to protect and make life easier for women are only an effort at enslavement and abuse by men who only see women as cattle. Yes, there will always be one of the statistically almost non-existent males who can be pointed to as an example of that attitude, but it is not an example of all men as feminism would make it out.

If men had that attitude, then many long years ago we would have gone extinct as men would have let the lions and other predators eat the slower running pregnant women.

If men were enslaving of women, why is it that nearly every woman in marriage will have the nicer car, will have clothes in volumes of hundreds of times more dollar value than the man’s and will have luxuries and pampering provided the man never partakes.

Yet, in a heartbeat the woman will abandon and even work to destroy, murder, imprison, or intentionally drive to suicide, the man who has risked life and health to give the woman luxuries, fineries, time saving devices, the better car, the most time away from work, and allow her the most time at home.

What do the men get, cultural ridicule and virtual death sentences for their families, careers, and even lives.

Not even the men’s children can reliably be counted on as his children without DNA testing. The American Blood Bank has done DNA studies that determined 24% of those who donate are not children of the man who was the married partner of their mother at time of birth.

Similar findings were made as many states in an effort to detect possible genetic related issues mandated DNA testing at birth by statute. These findings were quickly made confidential as it became evident that 20% to upwards of 45%, in one New England state, of the children born in wedlock were not the husband’s child. That could indicate an even greater number of women were cheating with the ready availability and widespread use of female birth control.

Then we go to the courts where it is not uncommon for an HIV infected crack whore is allowed or given custody over a clean, sober father with a steady job. One only has to look at the opening of the instructional manual for Texas Judges to see what type of official anti-male prejudice is stated as expected of the courts against men and in favor of women.

30,000 men are committing suicide a year because of the abuse from women that is validated and made worse by courts, police. Even our mental health professionals and churches are providing validation of the abuse and abusers.

This is the greatest fraud and scam the world has seen since Communism. We are talking about feminism and its insinuation into our culture. As men are destroyed, so are the children and even adult women.

The loss of children, home, assets, future income, and even basic civil rights in No Fault divorce where he was declared innocent by a court is a life-time devastation to the man. Men appear to be more grounded in the long term needs of their children and more tightly tied to the well being of their children. Women commit vastly greater amounts of abuse and neglect of children even without counting the alienation of children from the father. Mental health professionals have stated that getting a child to alienate a good parent from their life is more destructive than long term child sexual abuse.

Do not forget that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services tracks the murders of children and mothers commit two thirds of the murder of children. And 2 out of 3 of these children murdered by women are boys.

Men are not allowed to recover in divorce and move on. They must struggle to pay 1/3 of their income to their ex’s while also paying full taxes on all their income. Then men are expected to pay all the health insurance and half of the deductibles and out of pocket. And this is before the man spends money to travel to see his kids, even if in the same town. He must maintain his own home and then provide all the entertainment and supplies for caring for his own children if or when he gets to see them.

If protective orders are in place, the man can go to prison for attempting to reconcile with an ex. A man can go to prison for sending his children Christmas cards. A man can go to prison for responding to a text from his wife about his children’s needs. The children will be used against him in a thousand and one ways.  And the courts will laugh and encourage ever greater abuse and enslavement of a man the same court ruled was innocent of any wrong doing in a No Fault divorce.

Strangers with no love for his children will be allowed to raise the man’s children, live in the man’s house, sleep with the man’s wife, spend the man’s money and all the while the court is calling this good man and father a ‘deadbeat’ and worse.

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  1. Mariana Pedroso

     /  June 5, 2015

    That dude really believes everything that happens after feminism, is “feminism’s fault”.
    But many good things happened after feminism as well… and feminism absolutely is to “blame” for tose things, too, now isn’t it?

    • thepatriotdad

       /  June 10, 2015

      There is no ‘good’ for anyone in feminism except for the elite in the movement. Women are less happy now than ever in America. They vast majority who make the life decisions that feminism demands of women end up emotionally and financially impoverished and bitter. There is no good in feminism that can justify the horrendous cost to children, men, and even more to women. If you research every single major ill of society it is a direct result of feminism. Convicts are over 70% from single mother homes, suicides, addicts, prostitutes, sex offenders, mentally ill, welfare recipients and on and on are all the product of single mother homes. Only the very ignorant, very immature, or the women who enjoy the abuse of others for their own agenda embrace feminism. Over 80% of women in America openly reject feminism and the feminist label. They have seen the evil.

    • thepatriotdad

       /  July 4, 2016

      I see the only good from feminism is for the feminist elites. Most women’s lives have become degraded. Women are becoming ever more unhappy as a group as fewer stay with their husbands and fathers of their children. You need to read my blog on Feral Children to understand what so many women have happen to their children which means their later years continue to be filled with drama, drugs, violence, imprisonment, and early death of their children. And, of the children who realize their mother stole the childhood years from the father and stole the children’s time with their bio-father. Those children often shut their mother out of their lives more and more as the children mature and realize the cruelty and selfishness of their mother.

      The media prints single-motherhood as something heroic and dumb bitches fall for it. The safest place for a woman is with a husband and the safest place for children is with their bio-father.

      Children in single mother homes can be thousands of times more likely to experience certain types of abuses and even death.

      Single mothers murder the vast majority of children killed in America.

      Pay attention to the world and facts, not your myth-spinning feminist prof.


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