National Debt and the Subtle Subversion of Truth

Our debt to China, alone, amassed in the past ten years, is at the $1.3 Trillion level.   In the past 10 years we have spent much more than that on the efforts to destroy families and incentivized single motherhood.  We have spent two to three times that amount and we will spend an even greater amount over the next 10 years, nearly all of it borrowed.  When we remove a man from his family and redistribute the accumulated household wealth to attorney, judges, court sycophants, and a portion to the woman, we destroy careers, small businesses, the man’s drive to build wealth for his family, and turn him into an impoverished wage slave.   We have all seen the co-worker, brother, or child-hood friend devastated and impoverished by a system gone wild.

But what are the costs of enriching attorneys, judges, and beauracrats while rewarding women for destroying their husbands and children?

It is estimated, using only a limited list of the massive resources dedicated to incentivising single motherhood, 13 of 72 identified single mother entitlements, America spends $112 Billion per year.  If the costs of incarcerating the children of single mothers is included, 80%+ of those incarcerated are single mother raised, we can include another $32 Billion of our current federal and states prison costs of $40 Billion.  We do not even begin to count the dollars spent at the county and city levels. 

it was announced that the U.S. has over 6 million citizens in prison.  Only 1.2 million were raised with fathers in their homes.  The other 4.8 million behind bars came from single mother homes.

One in 142 American citizens are behind bars.   Half of our population is men.  Women are imprisoned at only 1.5 percent the numbers of men.   That means that one in 70 men are behind bars in the U.S. at any one time.

These costs do not address the massive societal contribution of what these single mother raised men in prison, 4.8 million in 2011, would be contributing, instead of costing our society if they had been raised by fathers.

If we look at the increased costs of public schools facing the insurmountable tasks of trying to educate the feral and emotionally disturbed or needy children of single mothers has resulted in other $10’s of Billions.  

If we look at the costs of drug wars in our hemisphere and around the world funded almost exclusively by children of single mothers (95% of all addicts), we can add another $100 Billion a year in costs and outflow of dollars to foreign drug warlords each year.  

We only have 5% of the world’s population, yet we have 25%+ of the world’s prisoners.  Recently major media sources have stated the numbers exceed 7 million.   Stalin, at his peak, only had 5.5 million in his prisons at any one time and had three times the population we currently have in the U.S.

“The Greatest Generation That Ever Lived”, Americans who won World War II against better prepared and better funded world powers on two fronts, were raised with their fathers 98% of the time.  The majority of those raised without fathers did so because their fathers had died.   The children of widows do much better, statistically, than children of single mothers.  These men and women who had been raised by their fathers turned an agrarian nation, into an industrialized nation of immense capacity in under a decade.

Yet, we have squandered the wealth and have become the greatest debtor nation in history.   How did this happen?

We see the single-handed cause of our indebtedness.   We have had to borrow money because we have used up the wealth of our nation kicking the fathers out of home and subsidizing the faithless women who will buy  into the ideology of sloth and dole for women.

We have been doing this for 30 years. We have run our of our wealth and are running out of world credit.  We are selling our souls to our enemies, Red China.

Suddenly we begin to see the whole of our National Debt has been created by an ideology of unbridled feminism with women, even the most faithless and criminal of women having super entitlement to the incomes, property, and futures of those amongst us who are still allowed to work and produce.  

To impose such a system of creating and incentivizing single mother households, a whole string of myths about brutality of men in general towards all women and children, had to be created.  Fixing the false problem based on the myth of generalized male brutality and incest, became a national focus and a national fraud emptying the wealth of our country to the enrichment of a few elitists.    Below is a prime example of this propoganda of family man hate.

In the event of a divorce, for example, the stress that divorce and abandonment places on mothers, the feelings of loss that father absence places on children, the absence of emotional support from fathers, and the risks to the physical and emotional health of divorced fathers are examples of such costs. In the long run, children from single-mother families may feel anger or resentment towards their fathers, or may have weak adult relationships with their fathers. They are also more likely to have relationship difficulties as adults and get divorced. While a significant source of suffering, these negative effects do not carry a financial cost by themselves.”

In the middle of reading The Billion Dollar Man, the National Fatherhood Initiative’s main research publication, I ran across the above quote on page 9 of 18 pages.  The previous 9 pages had addressed the destruction of children, the growth of single motherhood both through divorce and by choice.   Yet, in the absence of any documentation on why these women were single or who was abandoning marriage and why, not a word is said.  It is an intentional misrepresentation of such magnitude as to be called a lie.   The sly little use of the words ‘for example’ (my emphasis) does not absolve the author of guilt in intentionally misdirecting the reader into a dead end train of thought that places blame not on the real culprits, blindly self-serving women and girls, but on the men who are aggressively kicked out of the home by women for Narcissistic reasons on orders of cash incentivized judges with the backing of law enforcements guns and jails.

It is always surprising how many unique and Olympian class verbal gymnastics can be used to blame fathers for harm they fight against at all costs, even to death.[i]

This simple but extremely devious verbal device has been used as one of the justifications for even greater wage enslavement of men for ever greater percentages of their incomes.  The result of this and a multitude of other lies and misrepresentations against men is part of a campaign to destroy the will and backbone of the American publice.

To boil this down.  Innocent men are kicked out of their homes by faithless women for personal reasons of boredom, desire for hotter sex on the other side of the fence, she has ‘outgrown’ her husband, so much that she will destroy her own children Medea style, etc…

Our courts and lawyer legislators (95% or more in the States’ legislatures and in Congress) are building a compliant, vote as directed, single mother dominated society that kills, murders, and destroys our children.  See my article Single Mothers: Gateway to Sex, Drugs, and Violence  for the facts and statistics on the facts that the judges and their lackey lawyer legislators don’t want you to know.   It is all a scam to steal our tax dollars by stealing our children.

The courts, police, State funds, and Federal funds will be used to support this faithlessness toward a man who in general has done no wrong (this is why the feminist’s No Fault Divorce was introduced from the old Soviet Union).  The courts then put onerous and impossible, in most cases, cash payments to the wife, on the man’s back.  The courts, through the Federal funding of Child Support being extorted and taxed from a man the same court adjudged innocent of any wrong, will profit from the Federal funding to the States and the States’ judicial retirement funding programs.   The local governments and sheriffs will profit even more greatly when the man can be incarcerated for child support violations of late payments.

No child support award can be retroactively reduced or erased, even where fraud or corruption is proven as the basis for an onerous award.  Courts refuse men’s requests for child support reduction on the average of 95% of the time, even when men are crippled and terminally ill.  The States’ Attorney Generals, not the States’ general funds, receive the cash payments from the Federal Government for Federally enforced Child Support Guidelines.  The States receive much larger amounts of money for each dollar not collected from a father in a given year than for those where the father was able to pay in full.   But, not one penny goes to any child made hungry or homeless in any divorce, including “No Fault” divorces by faithless and self-centered Meal Ticket Mommas.

The States’ Attorney Generals are  given this massive funding to use as they, not the citizens, wish.  The Federal Statutes state the money MUST go directly to the States’ A.G.s.  These massive funds go well beyond the needs to collect child support.  The States’ Attorney Generals can then disperse to the courts and other agencies.

This is completely outside of most States’ Constitutions and statutes for the proper accounting of public funds.  This is designed for corruption and self-promotion by the A.G.s

Essentially, these funds become political slush funds for the use of the Attorney Generals whose increase in power is directly correlated with the overcharging of child support well beyond what most fathers can consistently pay and still survive.  

The Salvation Army, the only consistent resource for homeless men, says that the majority of the men for whom they provide services are working fathers paying child support.  These men are so over-billed they have to rely on a privately funded charity organization for a roof, bed, and a meal or two each day.  Child support to faithless and child abusing Meal Ticket Mommas through No Fault divorce get the man’s paycheck.  Plus these faithless Meal Ticket Mommas get any number of tax breaks and free government subsidies.   

It appears the Magic Fountain is not magical after all, it is mainly Federal dollars that are borrowed from Red China. That all the rest of working America will get to pay back for generations to come.

What is not made public is that, according the Federal Child Support Enforcement Agency, the vast majority of men, 75 – 90%, who fall behind on their payments were themselves non-voluntarily impoverished by normal events in life, such as injury, illness, loss of job, etc…  There is no mass problem of men abandoning their families, financially or physically.  There is a mass problem of women and court profiteering off of the ejection of men from families and the taxing them for being an innocent but ejected father and husband.

When a mass murderer is given a 30 year prison sentence, every day he follows the rules, she can get 2 to 3 days off of the sentence.   When a father is ill or injured and unable to work, then falls behind on his child support, he will be sentenced to up to 6 months jail term at a time.  Many serve numerous of these 6 month jail terms back to back without ever being freed.  While in jail, the child support continues to accrue and if the man does not have a ‘Magic Fountain’[ii], he will stay in jail serving every day of his sentence for being an innocent father taxed for having had children with a faithless and child abusing woman.

With all facts known on the prognosis for children raised by a single mother, the mother who, by her own decision with no fault by the father, decides to kick the father out of the children’s lives is by numerous definitions of abuse and neglect, is abusing her children and increasing these children odds for physical and sexual abuse; and miserable, addicted, incarcerated, and shortened lives.

So much of the anguish of children losing their father, children abused, neglected, and impoverished by the loss of a father is completely avoidable by simply addressing honestly the primary source of fatherlessness, the incentivizing and funding of rampant single motherhood by our Federal Government.  Yet, this central document avoids addressing the true cause while pointing a finger at the majority of men who are innocent of abandonment or abuse that are ejected from their own homes and families.   This document falsely addresses men as the cause while using the deceitful and little noticed phrase, mid-sentence, of “for example” to avoid responsibility for anyone who does not read or recognize this tricky little device for what it is, an intentional misdirection and sell out to feminist mythology of the Dangerous Male.

As this report was published in 2008, the thirteen programs the researcher addresses out of the 72 means tested entitlement programs for women, the researcher’s stated annual figure for 2008 of the cost of fatherlessness in America was $99.8 Billion dollars.  The researchers 13 out of the 72 programs have expanded rapidly in expenditures since 2008.   All 72 have expanded.  However, we can safely assume that we are spending well over $1 trillion dollars every decade for these 13 direct expenditures selected by this researcher, without addressing the other 59 welfare programs directly supporting mainly single mothers.  This report also states they are excluding the expanded and increased ancillary costs of jails, courts, police, etc… that are the direct result of children raised in single mother households.  The report, further states, that it does not consider the lost taxes resulting from the impoverishment of single mothers by their own choice or of the lost tax income from the feral and non-productive children of these single mothers by choice.

We are in debt to China for approximately $1.3 Trillion.   It is safe to say that this complete debt and at least 50%, again, of that debt, can be directly attributable to the Federal government’s feminist policies and cash incentive programs to destroy men, children, and families by paying the most faithless and irresponsible of women to collaborate in this attack upon America and its families.

[i] : This website, in ever changing locations, documents that up to 20,000 men a year commit suicide as a result of ‘personal relations’.  This is an euphemism for loss of children, spouse, home, property, often times careers and businesses, while being demeaned, ridiculed, and even criminalized on blatantly false and paid for allegations of physical or sexual abuse of his divorcing/abandoning spouse.  Much has been written about the effects of Victims and Witness Assistance Fund abuses and of the performance grants versus block grants issues for the prosecution and convictions of men, only.  The draconian issues of States being provided a profit motive in how Child Support Enforcement is paid for by the Federal government in greater amounts when a father is over-billed in impossible to perform payment schedules over the payments for easily payable child support awards.

[ii] The term ‘Magic Fountain’ was first made public by an organization called The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges in a publication encouraging the over-billing of child support and subsequent jailing of men so that the “Magic Fountain” of money would be turned on.  This brochure stated the man’s parents, friends, family, second wife, boss, and church would provide the funds to get the man out of jail.   With time that concept has been so abused and so common place among courts that the community has become ‘tapped out’ for this type of funding and the fathers languish in jail.   But, there is no need for local tax payers to worry about the expense of mass father incarceration.  The Federal government provides jails a greater per diem allotment for the expenses of fathers jailed on child support awards so that jails show a profit based on how great a number of fathers the local judge can incarcerate out of the local community.   This is almost single-handedly the main reason that so many new jails, ‘Justice or Law Centers’ are being built in small counties across the country, usually in an out of the way area, out of sight of the general public.

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